Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

: Shi 3: recommended "Yan Fu"

Author: Ten years Canmeng

You know it’s lewd just by looking at the name…

According to rumor, it is only rumor that this book was written for ten years to raise illegitimate children. The court has already ruled that all the proceeds from this book must be used to raise children for ten years…

[brief introduction]

Thousands of years ago, the master possessed a pure boy, and the romantic master and ordinary boy combined, what kind of legend will appear…

Hand ~ fight ~ small ~ say, hand ~ fight ~ version ~ novel, text ~ character ~ version ~ novel, all in

Yanfu, the boundless Yanfu, the gentle nurse’s flower, the glamorous ancient Wu Jiao girl, the bright-eyed sister flower, the quirky sister, the charming Xiaojiabiyu, all the beautiful women join forces to create the boundless Yanfu.

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At the same time, a magnificent world was unveiled, brilliant and colorful martial arts, secret skills, magical transformation of talent abilities, lost for thousands of years to reproduce the magic of the sky, unpredictable, mysterious and abnormal genius, mysterious Bizarre golden needle skills, unbelievable eternal love.

Under the magnificent background, a realistic legend was born…

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