Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

: Stone 3: recommended "A little stone into gold"

Hand ~ fight ~ small ~ say, hand ~ fight ~ version ~ novel, text ~ character ~ version ~ novel, all in

The work of an unscrupulous author in the vest, I promise, he is far more lustful than Shi San…

ISBN: 156555

[brief introduction]

Drink cold water to stuff your teeth, fart and hit your heels. This is the true portrayal of my life for more than 20 years, bad!

There are ten people who have unsatisfactory life. Life isn’t going well, it’s not that you can get rid of adversity and turn the tide by singing Liu Huan’s all over again.

Just when I thought I was going to spend my life in bad luck, luck came! With a thunderbolt, the serfs who turned over were liberated, and I was born again!

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I’m all reborn, what else is there to say? Make money? It’s as easy as playing! When we have money, we want to buy mistresses, want to play celebrities, play celebrities, think about unspoken rules…wait! We are not like that!

Rebirth, we must be happy in life! Live a chic! Live a happy life! Live it out and show it to yourself! Not much nonsense, it is useful to open the book, the book has its own wonderful, look at it!

Anti-collection paragraphs: Noun explanation Hand-printed novels Because most of the current novel chapters are in the form of pictures, and the excessive watermarks make people uncomfortable when reading. To meet everyone’s needs, hand-printed novels are provided, all chapters The content is full text, not only can be read online, but also TXT novels can be downloaded, not only can be conveniently opened on the computer, but also can be downloaded to MP3 and mobile phones, and you can enjoy reading anytime, anywhere.

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