Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 75: Online game

Basmo didn’t expect that Luo Qian had other things to “seduce” him.

“What is this?” The master looked at the blue stone over and over in his hand, frowning and said: “Memory storage function? Strange, it seems that there are other mysteries. Well, it can wash away the storage. Emotions, only the most basic message is left. Why is this? Huh, there is also a very weird magic circle, this is interesting…”

Needless to say, Luo Qianduo, Master Basmo is worthy of being the number one alchemist in the Holy Realm, and he quickly figured it out. Luo Qian laughed: “Master, take your time to study, I’ll leave first.” Basmo devoted himself to the study, and naturally didn’t have time to pay attention to him, waved his hand casually, and dismissed Luo Qian.

Luo Qian came out from Master Bussmore’s planet, touched his chin, and suddenly remembered: Homer’s world can be regarded as a “network”, although the magic network is not the same as the network on the earth, but as long as you make good use of it , You can also make big money with online games…

Then, transplant Homer World’s network to the Holy Realm, God Realm, Immortal Realm, and Demon Realm… Behave, it’s amazing, I can also play a “legendary miracle” and engage in the slogan of giving money. “Giant Network”. In the human world, the Internet is the most miraculous place.

The business outside the territory has been handed over to Nangong Jue. In addition to transporting sacred stones outside the territory, this kid has actually taken advantage of his duties to hunt for treasure outside the territory. Of course, he must drag Li Shu, the big bodyguard, or he will have to dig into the treasure. Was robbed. Luo Qian returned to Feng Feitian’s planet, but he was taken aback. He pulled Nangong Jue aside and asked in a low voice, “Why is she here?” Nangong Jue spread his hands together: “You can’t see how she is against Li. It means that the tree root means that she has to come along. She is the daughter of a big customer, and I can’t beat her. What can I do?”

Luo Qian shook his head and looked at Wu Xiu’er, who was following Li Shu like a stalker, and suddenly said, “Dare to pursue the happiness you want. Such a girl is also a good girl, but Li Shu is incomprehensible. “Nangong looked at him weirdly: “Boss, are you interested in Wu Xiu’er? I have to advise you. The big boss lady is beautiful, she is obedient to you, and has a bright future. You can Don’t make it…” “Shut up! The dog can’t vomit ivory.” Luo Qian said in annoyance.

“Well, I shut up, but I have to discuss something with you. I’m really too busy to come, you have to find someone to help me.” He is now the chief director of the Roche Sacred World, two He is responsible for the mining of the sacred stone mine and the transactions with foreign countries, and he can’t bear it.

Luo Qian looked at him: “I knew what you were going to **** as soon as your boy pouted. To be honest, do you already have a candidate?” Nangong Juehe smiled, “I have been communicating with Die Jue more recently. I found that although he is aloof. But he is still a very thoughtful person…” Luo Qian interrupted him: “The most important thing is that he also has a beautiful sister!” “Hey.” Nangong sneered: “How about . Do you agree or not?”

Luo Qian had a little opinion on the candidate: the boy Die Jue had delusions of persecution, and he always felt that Luo Qian was unruly towards his sister. Nangong Jue did not guard against the big pervert who was in front of him. Luo Qian didn’t want to find someone to find himself awkward. He paid for himself, and that person wears his own shoes all day long, which is a bit unhappy.

Nangong Jue saw that Luo Qian did not agree so readily but did not immediately refuse, and quickly persuaded: “Actually, you can rest assured. I will make it clear to him so that he will not dare to point fingers at you again.” Luo Qian thought again. There are also elves in Homer’s world, absorbing butterfly brothers and sisters. It will be possible to take them to Homer’s world, and it can also play a role. He reluctantly agreed: “Well then, go and tell him clearly.”

Nangong Jue smiled: “I’ve made it clear to him a long time ago that their brothers and sisters are on the planet.” Luo Qian scolded: “You kid dare to count me!”

Nangong Jue went to call Die Jue. Obviously, Nangong Jue had already reached agreement with him beforehand. When Die Jue saw Luo Qian, she said first: “Now I am not your buddy. I have to make some things clear. Anyway, I won’t allow you to have any relationship with my sister.” Luo Qian frowned and asked curiously: “The guy behind you definitely looks at your sister more than me. Why do you always stare at me? , Instead let that fly buzz around your sister all day?”

Nangong was absolutely dissatisfied: “Boss, when you say that to me, I feel hurt in my heart.” No one paid any attention to his feelings, Die Jue decided to sprinkle salt on his wounds: “Because that fly was not washed at all. I know my sister, she wouldn’t like such a superficial person. But you…” Die Jue glared at him: “You are a dangerous man!” Luo Qian laughed: “Hahaha…well, I will treat you as flattery.” Nangong Jue has hurt the deepest part of his heart, lying on a chair to recuperate, unable to make any rebuttals.

Dieling brothers and sisters formally joined the Roche Sacred World Semicolon.

The rear is stable and Luo Qian can devote himself to the development of new markets. Unlike the last time he left Homer’s world, this time Luo Qian came here with the belief that he would win. Luo Qian is always not a person who does everything by himself. Almost all his business has been left to his own hands. What he has to do is to constantly open up new markets and constantly find new growth points. The success of online games in the human world has shown that this kind of investment is bound to obtain huge returns beyond imagination. Regardless of the reputation of this industry, the value it creates cannot be ignored. On the other hand, the high-level world should not be charged with tempting children to not concentrate on their studies.

This time when he came to Homer’s World, Luo Qian felt a completely different atmosphere. How to say it, it is a feeling, it seems that some solemn elements have been added to the air of this world. On the billboards on the street, more advertisements about weapons, protective gear, and magic books were added, and the shop windows were occupied by various exquisite and powerful weapons. It seems that this world has entered a state of preparation overnight.

The weapons here are of course different from those on the earth. It is impossible on the earth to sell weapons of mass destruction, such as missiles and howitzers, in stores, but here it is.

Take a look at the manual: The Sorrow of the Red Flame, the four series of fire, thunder, wind, and electricity twelve-level magic devices can be used

The twelve-level magic of oneness has a destruction value of 3,600 points.

Luo Qian had also taken a Philosopher’s Stone anyway, and already had a lot of understanding of this world. The destruction value is a measure of the power of a weapon in this world, roughly equivalent to the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the earth. 3,600 points of destruction value. It shows that the power of this magic sword is already equivalent to the Tomahawk cruise missile on earth.

Luo Qian was not surprised. This world is highly developed. Although it is a magical civilization, it is not inferior to the mechanical civilization on earth. If you open a channel between the two worlds, it would be hard to say who will win the two worlds. People on earth have nuclear bombs, and they are superstitious about the power of nuclear bombs, but Luo Qian also learned from the Philosopher’s Stone that Homer’s world has meteorite magic—this kind of meteorite magic does not create some burning stones out of thin air and still fall from the sky. This is the real call for asteroids to hit the ground, and its power is no weaker than a nuclear bomb.

If Luo Qian wants to play online games in this world, he can’t do it without his own team. But he didn’t know anyone in this world, which reminded him of the Nadu boy Yu Tuo, but he quickly denied the idea: that boy was too ambitious, and he was afraid that he could not control him after returning. Forget it, choose some people from this world.

He suddenly thought of God’s Eye: Use this thing to find practitioners in the low-level world. Those practitioners have lived in this world for a long time. He knows the world very well and is easy to be controlled by himself. It is the best person to form the team.

Luo Qian smiled and took out the eyes of God.

George picked up the book and prepared to leave class. He wears old-fashioned clothes and has an even more ordinary hairstyle. There are thousands of students like him in Ruore Higher Magic Academy. No one cares about people like him at all. In fact, no one knows that George has been in this world for more than 1,200 years, and he has attended more than 30 universities. If you talk about the profound knowledge, even Mr. Chairman of the Higher Magic Academy Alliance is not as good as George.

It’s such a person, holding books to class every day, and then holding the books into the crowd of people after class. When they graduate, all the students will find their place in society. Only George will disappear like the previous thirty times. All the sorority and alumni gatherings will not find him.

But today, someone seems to have noticed the unremarkable George.

If the other party is a beauty, then this is a French-directed male version of Cinderella romantic romance. If the opponent is a man in black, then this is a Hollywood action thriller. If the other party is an old woman professor, then this is a heavy-tasting and alternative AV drama created by a strong weathered industrial chain in an island country.

If that person holds a steamed bun in his hand and claims to be full of gods…

Fortunately, nothing is. Luo Qian slowly rooted behind George, watching the performance of the guy in front. He is obviously talented in acting, he looks very nervous, nervous, like a thief being found. But Luo Qian could see through his heart at a glance. His heart beats smoothly, his mental strength is steady, and he doesn’t panic at all.

He is acting. That’s right, George is acting. It was not the first time he encountered such a thing. The world has developed to this day, and naturally there are many organizations in the dark. It was not the first time George met him, but every time, he escaped with * his superb acting skills and outstanding strength. This time, there will be no exception.

George rented an apartment next to the college. Few people care about him, so few people know that an ordinary student like George lives in a high-end apartment, which is four times more expensive than an ordinary student apartment!

Luo Qian is curious: It seems that people from the low-level world have a common problem, and they especially value the enjoyment of life. This may be because the conditions in the world they came from are extremely difficult, so in the high-level world, they naturally have to enjoy it.

Luo Qian followed George into his apartment. In front of the magic elevator, George pressed a few times, but the elevator never came down. George underestimated a few words, turned around holding the book and pushed the door of the stairwell. Luo Qian naturally followed in.

“Huh!” An arm came out across the air and hit Luo Qian’s neck accurately. George showed a sneer: The people who came this time were too weak, but it’s a pity that his studies in the Magic Academy have not yet understood a few esoteric theories…

“Huh…” The blow that was obviously a tenable one fell through! The stalker’s neck disappeared from George as if it didn’t exist. When George’s arm passed, the part above his shoulder under his head did it grow back again.

George was taken aback, sweating profusely in an instant: He knew that this time he had encountered a rival!

“Don’t be nervous, I’m just here to talk to you…” Luo Qian said calmly. But the other party didn’t believe it, one move was faster than the other, obviously adding magic elements to the martial arts. The damage is greatly increased. But this was a piece of cake for Luo Qian. He patted him a few times, hitting his hands and ankle joints with a few accurate “papas”, and removed his joints. With a grunt, George fell to the ground.

Luo Qian spread his hands together: “I don’t want to hurt you, but you’d better not find yourself unhappy.” George stared at Luo Qian in disbelief. He was confident in his own strength, even if he was not the best in the world. , At least can also be ranked in the top ten. But the facts were in front of him, and he was defeated so easily by this man.

“Chuck…” There was a sound from the joints, and Luo Qian frowned, “Healing magic.” He patted his hand and sealed the magic power of Joji’s whole body. At this point Joji was completely helpless.

“You are the Great Demon!” George suddenly understood that only the recently rumored Great Demon can do this.

Luo Qian took this sentence as a curse or a slander, and did not attract his attention. He carried George: “Come on. I will take you home to keep you cooperating in order to accommodate you. I am wronged for the time being.” George thought Luo Qian was going to send him upstairs, but he did not expect Luo Qian to take out a honeycomb-like ground Something comes. Then it went black…

When the light descended again, George was stunned. There was a warm and soft light everywhere in this world, and the light had no beginning and no end. Nothing can be seen in this world except light.

The world of light, is this your world? Well, it’s really special. “Sentence is not nutritious. George has not come back for two hundred years, and now he understands the true meaning of Luo Qian’s “send you home”.

“You, how did you do it?” George asked in surprise. Luo Qian smiled faintly. In the light, it was as dazzling as a golden Buddha: “Then you are willing to cooperate now?” George nodded strenuously: “There is no doubt…”

Luo Qian now has more important things to do, so let’s put things aside for looking for resources. He took George and returned to Homer’s World: “Okay, now take me to your home in this world, we need to talk.” He eased the restrictions on George.

George’s apartment is large and comfortably furnished. His attitude has taken a 180-degree turn from just now. He is respectful of Luo Qian and will answer all questions. However, even with George’s profound knowledge, when Luo Qian talked to him about the concept of online games, he still exhausted his tongue without letting him figure it out. Luo Qian shook his head, it seems that this method still doesn’t work.

Luo Qian’s eyes rolled, another poisonous trick…the trick came to his mind.

There were three other people who encountered the same situation as George, and Luo Qian gathered them all together. The four people stood up, and Luo Qian sat on the chair, slowly taking out the realm god’s nest: “I tell you, you just don’t understand. Forget it, I’ll take you to a place, and you can do it yourself. Understand. As for how much you can learn, it depends on your own understanding.”

There have been countless traversers in history, but it is the first time for them to conduct “cross-border investigation” with the attitude of “learning and communicating” like the four Georges.

Luo Qian threw the four of them to Chen Baozi, but only asked Chen Baozi to meet all their requirements, and then let go. After spending a few months in this world, I can definitely figure out what online games are.

Luo Qian contacted Mirona. The latter was extremely efficient. After so many days, he had found the two people. Luo Qian went to Italy again, sent the two people back to their original world, and then brought back a large amount of raw materials. Now Luo Qian feels a bit of a “temporal police”, no matter who he caught, he throws them back into their original world.

After handling these things, Luo Dadong’s family temporarily returned to the Holy Realm, waiting for the four Georges to figure out what is called an online game from Chen Baozi.

Holy Realm, on the planet of Bai Ru.

“Master,” the butler held a box and placed it carefully in front of Bai Ru. Lord Bai’s face was very ugly, he knew exactly what was inside the box.

A few months ago, the Association of Private Professionals suddenly had an auction, and an IOU marked the sky-high price. At first sight, everyone who saw the price was shocked, thinking that there was something wrong with the seller’s head, but when they clicked it, they understood that it was Deacon White’s IOU! Although it is marked that the arrears have been cleared, this IOU can still explain some problems. Immediately, speculators bought it at a high price and notified Bai Ru.

There are indeed not many people who dare to blackmail Bai Ru in the Holy Realm, but since there is Luo Qian in front, there will be people in the back. The other party made a very thorough arrangement. Bai Ru exhausted his mind, and in the end he had to pay a huge amount of sacred stone to redeem the IOU that had already been paid off. Bai Ru was so angry that Luo Qian was completely hated in his heart. The faint resentment is like a deep-seated woman.

Inside the box is the IOU.

“Master.” The butler said cautiously: “Tu Lang has already come, and I have been waiting outside for a long time.” Bai Ru put down the box, relaxed a little knuckles that were a little whitish because of holding the box hard, revealing a spring breeze. Smile like: “Let him in.”

Feng Feitian’s army of suppression bandits has reached 3,000 people. With such a force, she has an absolute advantage even in the face of the holy world’s first bandit and slaying wolf. With the help of Luo Qian’s stone slaves, she step by step, destroying one gang after another, the ultimate goal finally points to the wolf.

But Slaughter Wolf can become the number one bandit in the Holy Realm, of course he is not a fool. He knows that where there is politics, there is darkness, and now that woman is in the limelight, and she is stronger than herself. His power has room for survival only if it shelters in the darkness of politics.

After Tu Lang inquired in many ways, he locked his target on Bai Ru. Sure enough, the two parties hit it off.

The holiness is vast and boundless, even within the domain, there are countless remote star domains. And this star field occupied by Tu Lang is just one of the unremarkable areas. The location of this star field is remote, which is not conducive to the raids to attack and looting, so no one would have thought that the dignified first raids would set up their nest here.

Feng Feitian was wearing a fiery red armor, behind which was a black soldier. She looked at the star field and waved her hand. Behind her are three warriors, each led a team of soldiers, turned into a black stream and smashed into the star field ~ ~ Slaughter Wolf’s defensive strategy is to guard the periphery and deploy the center. The core of this star field is the three twin planets. There is the base camp of the wolf slaughter. Feng Feitian divides his forces into three ways. Naturally, he wants to destroy them one by one and catch them all at once.

“General…” Feng Feitian’s soldiers stepped forward: “It is only a few of us to protect you, isn’t it too dangerous?” Feng Feitian is now an eighth-level and ninth-level saint, only one step away from the ninth-level. As long as you have a star core, you can progress smoothly and become a powerful ninth-order saint.

Danger, unless he encounters a rank nine powerhouse, Feng Feitian feels that he will not be in danger.

Tu Lang did not intend to head-to-head with Feng Feitian’s army horses. His two thousand brothers had been killed with him. Each one was a treasure, and he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

After receiving the news from Bai Ru, he had already quietly transferred his subordinates, and Bai Ru had fully informed him of Feng Feitian’s battle plan. Tu Lang was now hiding under the shadow of the planet not far away, with a few brothers beside him.

“Brother, is this thing really so powerful?” asked a subordinate who fiddled with something like a hammer. Tu Lang showed a cruel smile: “Master Bai Ru still needs us, he will not deceive us. Hehehe!”

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