Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 76: Star bomb

Feitian’s subordinates have all rushed into the depths of the star field, and it is too late for them to withdraw temporarily after the time difference. Tu Lang adjusted his protective gear: “Brothers, I’m ready, I’m going out.” “Brother be careful!”

Feng Feitian raised his eyebrows suddenly, and just turned one side, he saw a brilliant light jetting out of the flame spinner, shooting towards him from hundreds of thousands of meters away. Such a distance is only one step away in the interstellar space. Several soldiers shouted loudly: “Be careful, general.” They rushed forward desperately.

Slaughter Wolf possesses the strength of rank eight and rank six, which is also one of the reasons why he can always stand tall in the holy realm. This time, I made my full effort, and the power should not be underestimated! Feng Feitian stretched out his hand and pushed the soldiers aside: “Don’t worry.” The other hand clenched a powder fist, turned into a misty nebula, and blasted it out with one punch.

Feng Feitian was in the immortal realm back then, but she had the title of a witch in colorful clothes. His moves were vicious and vicious. Compared with her, Tu Lang was naturally far behind. However, one intentional sneak attack and the other hastily challenged. The power of the two touched in the interstellar space. Lucky and the tail of the light swayed together, and a group of cyan shock waves that could be seen by the naked eye spread out with a rush, rushing to the side. Several soldiers fell out of tens of meters with a tumble.

The two of them were evenly matched, and Feng Feitian had already seen the people coming, and was immediately overjoyed: “Tu Lang, so you are here! Since you are here, let’s leave it to this general!” She shook her figure and shouted. Hu rolled up like a big flag, and grabbed his hands under his sleeves, as if Yunlong went out to sea.

Tu Lang felt the five forces buckle from a few hundred meters away. If she was buckled by one of her claws, he really couldn’t get out of it. Tu Lang was taken aback and cursed in his heart: This lady is so amazing, why didn’t Bai Ru remind me? The last time Bai Ru saw Feng Feitian, she hadn’t been so good, but Juesheng’s physique was far superior to ordinary people, plus Luo Dadong’s “big tonic”. Needles inserted through common seams. To help Feng Feitian increase his skill, he can be said to be the first person in the holy world to advance quickly.

At the critical juncture, Tu Lang did not dare to neglect, his body inflated like an inflated balloon, Feng Feitian grabbed it with one claw, and Tu Lang’s huge body turned into flying ash with a “poof”, and he himself had long since disappeared. Feng Feitian searched, sneered: “I want to run!”

She flashed out of the sky. People are chasing. It has been shot with a palm. Five finger marks of 600 meters long were drawn from the top down. Sure enough, under this move, Tu Lang appeared, the helmets of the first bandits in the dignified sacred world were knocked out, and they fled frantically in embarrassment.

Feng Feitian chased him, and the next few soldiers followed suit despite the danger. Tu Lang is in front, Feng Feitian is behind. Although he was three levels worse than Feng Feitian, after all, everyone was a rank eight saint. In fact, the gap is not as big as it seems. Tu Lang tried to escape for his life, and Feng Feitian couldn’t catch him for a while.

This chase and escape. Soon it was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. This little distance. But the distance from the earth to the moon is really nothing in the interstellar world. But it’s such a distance. Feng Feitian has *closed to a star. On the other side of the star, Tu Lang’s brothers threw the hammer-like thing towards the star. Then they smashed a rune stone together, turned into a piece of broken three stars and disappeared into the starry sky.

“Hahaha…” Tu Lang laughed loudly, and opened his arms floating in the starry sky like a cross. Feng Feitian had realized that something was wrong, but it was already here. As Tu Lang’s body turned into a mass of scattered stars and disappeared into the starry sky, Feng Feitian suddenly felt a dazzling light coming from his side. She turned her head and saw that a star swelled rapidly and quickly exceeded the standard size. The light quickly turned from golden to blood red, and the surrounding area was suddenly dimmed. The extremely quiet time was a short ten thousandth of a second, and then it was huge. The red planet exploded with a “boom”!

Countless cosmic particles shot randomly, and the craze swept across the entire star field. If a star can glow for billions or billions of years in a normal state, and detonate such a huge energy in an instant, everyone can imagine how amazing it is.

The explosion brought huge interstellar storms, countless meteorites, fragmented asteroids, and the corpses of interstellar behemoths, wrapped in six interstellar chaos, scraping through one star field, every time it passes through a star field. , Destroying a planet, further increasing the power of the interstellar storm.

At the moment when the star exploded, Feng Feitian wanted to get away and leave too late. She secretly hated the repeated victory and paralyzed herself, but she didn’t expect the gangster to have this hand. In a ten-thousandth of a second, she had already made a decision, gave up her sacred body, condensed all the strength into one point, wrapped her little spiritual sense and fled away.

Even such a bit of spiritual consciousness was quickly destroyed in the violent air current of the star explosion, and it was scattered into dozens of pieces of ground…

Ling Xianxian stood out of the planet in embarrassment, and his old servant stood faithfully behind him. From the starry sky, the planet of Fengfeitiandi was azure green, and the beautiful black jade was inlaid like an emerald. Ling Xing first sighed. He originally thought that Bai Ru could be hit with the power of Absolute Sage, and he also fought for his own faction in the three factions wrestling. He did not expect such a fiasco this time. Feng Feitian was dead, and three thousand elite soldiers were killed in a stellar storm. Even the Holy Lord was furious at the loss, and immediately ordered the seizure of Feng Feitian’s property. This planet will naturally be taken back.

Ling Xing asked for this errand himself. Feng Feitian was his subordinate. It was really unkind to check her family property immediately after Feng Feitian died, but Ling Xing first understands that doing it by himself can be more peaceful. , If it is handed over to Bai Ru, or someone from the other two factions to carry out this order, I am afraid Luo Qian will suffer.

The news of the defeat of the Holy Court has not spread in the Holy Realm, and Luo Qian should not know yet. Just how do I talk to him? The old servant behind him seemed to understand the master’s feelings, and comforted him: “Patriarch, sooner or later he will know…” Ling Xing reacted dullly before nodding his head after a long time: “Nevertheless, let’s go down. “

Luo Qian received an order from outside the territory today to purchase a large number of holy stones. Luo Qian is naturally very happy when big business comes to the door, but he is a little surprised, why are foreign forces asking for more supply? Luo Qian is not a fool, and vaguely guessed that something big must have happened in the Saint Court.

Luo Qian thought for a while and thought it would be better to make things clear. “Lei

Go and find Wu Xiu’er. “Li Shu agreed. The body sank: The tree is this planet. This planet is Li Shu. The phrase he uses now is the external incarnation. It is the body of the undead tree spirit warrior, and the attributes and the body do not conflict. , You can merge the two together at any time.

Outside Wu Xiu’er’s room, Li Shu emerged from the ground again. He patted the door: “Miss Wu.” There was no response inside, and Li Shu shouted twice. There was still no response inside, but Li Shu clearly felt that Wu Xiu’er was inside. Could it be that she was in any danger? Li Shu raised his eyebrows and was about to break into the ban. The door suddenly opened. Wu Xiu’er stood behind the door, her expression a little gloomy.

“I’ve heard you talk about it. The chief of the Holy Court suppression bandit is Luo Qian’s wife?” After all, Wu Xiu’er is an outsider. Li Shu and Nangong Jue sometimes avoid her when chatting, but after all, we live together. , Sometimes she heard some messages.

When Wu Xiu’er first heard the news, he didn’t take it to heart. The suppression of bandits was only a matter of the inner region. If the Holy Court had such great courage, it would have cleared the outer region. Nor will it wait until today.

So when Wu Xiu’er received information from her father, her first reaction did not remember that the person who died was Luo Qian’s wife. After she thought Luo Qian had placed an order to increase supply, she was on her way back to her room. It suddenly occurred to me.

She knew what Li Shu came to do. But before she tells the bad news, she still has to ask.

Li Shu is an honest person, absolutely honest and honest. So he will not lie. In addition, he has never had as many minds as Nangong Jue. He was always on guard against Wu Xiu’er, and after a little consideration, he told the truth: “Yes. She is the lady boss who Nangong Jue often talks about.”

“My big brother…” Before Li Shu finished speaking, Wu Xiu’er interrupted him: “I want to see Luo Qian!” Li Shuxin said that was just right.

Luo Qian was sitting at the coffee table, pouring tea into a purple tea cup the size of a wine cup. He saw the two walking in and joked: “You two are really good for walking together.” He and Nangongjue often tease them like this. Li Shu was heartless and could not hear anything, but Wu Xiu’er always showed a shy and happy appearance. But this time, Wu Xiu’er frowned and her face was a little dark.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Qian had an ominous premonition in his heart. Wu Xiu’er slowly walked to him, lowered her head and thought for a while, finally raised her head bravely, and said slowly: “The reason why we increased the demand is because of the recent defeat of the Holy Court, and the death of three thousand armored warriors, including They are in command.”

Luo Qian’s hand shook visibly. The Holy Court is now singing and dancing, and there is no war except the soldier and horse led by Feng Feitian. And Feng Feitian’s subordinates happened to be three thousand people.

He reluctantly smiled and said, “Don’t tell me that those three thousand people are the three thousand people who are the bandits. There is no such a coincidence in the world, right?” It is not a coincidence, on the contrary, it is very unfortunate.

Wu Xiu’er showed a very embarrassed look: “Sorry, I just learned that she is your wife…”

“Cuckoo…” Luo Qian looked as usual, as if he hadn’t heard Wu Xiu’er’s words at all, the purple clay pot in his hand was kept at an angle, and a clear yellow-green tea kept flowing out, and it was soon filled with it. After making a small cup, the fragrant tea came out, running around on the tea tray, wantonly expanding his territory.

“What did you say!” It was not Luo Qian who roared out, but Li Shu. Li Shu picked up Wu Xiu’er: “What you said is true!” Wu Xiu’er was frightened by his rudeness, her neck tightened and she felt very uncomfortable, but for Li Shu, she understood very well: “Of course it’s true. Otherwise, why are the outsiders stepping up to reserve holy stones? I actually don’t want to say…” Wu Xiuer glanced at Luo Qian.

The teapot was not big, and a pot of tea was quickly poured out. He remained in that posture, just like a statue.

“How is it possible? How could those gangsters be the opponents of my sister-in-law!” Li Shu refused to believe it. Wu Xiu’er said: “From the information we have obtained, the other party knows all about Feng Feitian’s military deployment, and… also blew up a star. This military force should not be controlled by a gangster.”

Li Shu’s eyes stared: “You mean the sister-in-law was murdered by an adulterer!” Wu Xiu’er stopped talking.

“Big brother!” Li Shu hugged Luo Qian’s arm that was hanging in the air and cried out in pain, tears in his eyes rolling around, and he could not stop falling.

Luo Qian turned his head mechanically, but his eyes were empty, without a trace of anger.

Luo Qian’s thoughts were no longer in his body, the moment he heard the news. His thoughts floated out of his body like a balloon. Flying higher and higher. Fly farther and farther. Floating, floating, drifting to a place surrounded by colorful clouds and fragrant flowers. There, the past of him and Feng Fei Tiandi are being broadcasted scene by scene. Luo Qian himself is the leading actor, and this play has abandoned all supporting roles. Including Pei Sefei, Xie Tang, and many, many people. They are all gone. When they played, their faces were blurred like a layer of veil. Only Luo Qian and Feng Feitian have clear faces.

This story is based on the two of them, and everything unfolds around them. This is their story, this is their world.

Luo Qian was obsessed with this world and refused to leave.

The story always has an ending, and the play will eventually come to a close. In this sea of ​​happy clouds and flowers, Luo Qian step by step relived the two people from tit-for-tat, to ambiguous eyes, to love forever without distinction between you and me. Finally returned to the scene in reality according to memory, a vague person told himself. Feng Feitian is dead. Luo Qian suddenly shuddered and woke up: Feng Feitian is dead, impossible. If something happens to Feitian, I will definitely feel it. But why don’t you feel it at all? My heart didn’t accelerate suddenly, and I didn’t notice the slightest discomfort in my body, how could something happen to Feitian? If something happens to her, she must feel it.

“Big Brother!” Li Shu couldn’t help it finally. Two hot tears fell on the tea tray, mixed with the tea in the tea tray, and made a double click.

Luo Qian reacted to his call this time. He stretched out his hand to support Li Shu, and taught: “What are you crying? Your sister-in-law is fine.” Li Shu was taken aback, and Wu Xiu’er shook her head sympathetically. Luo Qian saw her little movements, and smiled: “Do you think I’ve been sadly insane?” “Ah…no, no.” Wu Xiu’er stammered in reply. In fact, this was indeed what she had in her heart just now. .

Luo Qian patted Li Shu on the shoulder: “Although your sister-in-law is okay, I am very satisfied with what you just showed. Hehe.” Wu Xiu’er frowned and couldn’t help asking: “Luo Dongjia, are you really okay? “Luo Qian patted his body up and down with both hands: “Do you think I look like something happened?” Wu Xiu’er looked at Li Shu, and both felt that Luo Qian really looked like something happened.

Wu Xiu’er said: “Luo Dongjia, my news is true, so just accept the reality…” Luo Qian smiled heartily, “It’s not that I don’t accept it. If something happens to the sky, I will definitely feel the ground. But I I have eaten soundly and slept steadily these days, and there is no strange feeling at all. Feitian must be fine for her. Don’t worry.”

It’s hard for Wu Xiu’er to understand that Luo Qian is so confident: “Luo Dadongjia, do you think your reasons are credible?” Luo Qian looked at her weirdly: “Little girl, you haven’t even tasted the sweetness of love. How can you understand the rapport between two people who love each other unforgettable?”

“But, this, anyway…” Wu Xiu’er halted, still unable to say anything. Li Shu is very confident in Luo Qian: “Big brother, I believe you, since you said that your sister-in-law is okay, then it must be okay!” His expression changed: “But Ms. Wu said that this time someone was murdering his sister-in-law, whether that guy is Who, we must not let him go!”

Luo Qian sneered: “Don’t worry, we will soon know who is behind the ghost!” Luo Qian is now rich in financial resources, and he has not just arrived in the sacred world. In the human world, I have seen a lot and listened a lot. Naturally, I understand how to maximize the role of money. Even if the opponent is strong enough to discuss the old age, wouldn’t there be two other people discussing the old? Money can make ghosts push the ghosts, and if you use them well, money can make the ghosts push the ghosts! This thing is a lever, the key is to find the fulcrum.

“My boss, there is an old man outside who claims to be the twelfth deacon of the Holy Court. Please go out and meet him.” Just at this time, a servant came to inform him. Luo Qian showed a smirk: “Bai Ru! It really is you…”

After he came out, he was surprised: “Ling Lao, why are you here.” Luo Qian muttered in his heart: Did I guess wrong? It was not Bai Ru’s black hand behind his back? He thought about it, and only Bai Ru in the holy court would count on Feng Feitian. Only he can count on Feng Feitian. If Bai Ru came to make a violent questioning at this time, then Luo Qian could already be sure that this matter was done by Bai Ru, and immediately set up a revenge plan against Bai Ru.

Although Luo Qian never actively provokes anyone, if someone dares to provoke himself, especially if he hurts the people around him, Luo Qian is unceremonious. Even bankruptcy is at no cost. Not to mention how many political enemies Bai Ru has in the Holy Court, how many enemies he has forged over the years. These can be used. Even if it takes 10,000 steps back. Bai Ru can be resolved by all means. Luo Qian and Tier 10 super master Li Shu can always do it when he rushes into the White Mansion and cuts his head.

It’s just that killing a person is the simplest and most ineffective method of revenge, and Luo Qian wouldn’t be so untechnical.

Ling Xing took off his hat first. The look was bleak. Luo Qian already knows his intentions, but in order not to expose his connection with the outside world, on the surface, he still has to act out enough. “Ling Lao, you are a distinguished guest. Come here. Hurry up and prepare the feast, I want to entertain Ling Lao…” Luo Qian hurriedly “greeted”. Ling Xing grabbed him quietly. The voice said in a low voice: “No, I’ll just say a few words. I’ll leave after speaking.”

“Then how do you do it, you finally came here…” Luo Qian said “enthusiastically”. Ling Xingxian feels that he is committing a crime: such a good husband at home looking forward to his wife’s return; such a good husband who can earn money and support his wife’s career; he is still happy now, and when he says that, I’m afraid he will immediately Fall into hell. Such a huge contrast. It’s simply not something people can afford. Ling Xingxian felt severe guilt.

“No need.” He pulled Luo Qian, bowed his head and fell silent. Luo Qian was stunned: “Ling Lao. Do you have anything to do?” Ling Xing nodded first, and Luo Qian patted his chest boldly: “If you have anything to do, please don’t say anything else. We have a lot of holy stones. If you are in trouble, Luo Qian will give you my full support.”

Ling Xingxian said in his heart: What a nice person. I thought I was here to borrow money, so I expressed my opinion first…He felt even more guilty.

“Luo Qian. The old man can’t help you husband and wife…” Ling Xing hadn’t cried for thousands of years before, and today finally couldn’t help the old tears: “General Feng, she went. He led the army to encircle and suppress the wolf. The result is in. The enemy lay in ambush, sigh… I am so old and incompetent, I am ashamed of your husband and wife…” Ling Xing first cried. Speaking out in one breath.

Luo Qian was petrified for the second time. On the surface, he was stunned, but he was emotional: This old man is kind, much better than Bai Ru. Butcher wolf. Humph, your Lord Luo remembers you!

“My nephew, my nephew…” Ling Xing received the tears and patted Luo Qian who was still in the petrochemical industry: “Sorrow and change. Don’t worry, I will urge the holy palace as soon as possible. Send an army to completely wipe out the wolf and avenge General Feng!”

Luo Qian slowly woke up under his slap, looking at Ling Xian with dementia, the old man couldn’t help but feel sad again. Luo Qian suddenly hugged Ling Xingxian and burst into tears.

Before Ling Xing patted his shoulder: “Cry, cry, just cry out…”

Luo Qian was crying so much that his throat hurts in order to play a trick, and then he mourned his tears. Ling Xingxian secretly said in his heart: The first hurdle has passed, and there is still a second hurdle!

“Nephew…” This time it was even more difficult for Ling Xingxian to speak up. Thinking of what Luo Qian had just said to him, Ling Xing gritted his teeth abruptly: “Nephew, General Feng was defeated. According to the Holy Court’s law, he wanted to hack his house for investigation. Ink, but you can rest assured that if I hold on to it, you will never be troubled. You are here to wait for good news, and I will definitely help you win this planet!” Ling Xing stood up abruptly and walked out. Without waiting for Luo Qianduo to say, he has left with the old servant. Luo Qian was dumbfounded, and he felt guilty: When he was doing a show for a while, he actually pushed the old man into the fire pit. In addition to notifying himself of Feng Feitian’s “death” this time, Ling Xingxian probably also shoulders the important task of “copying his home”. Unexpectedly, after hearing a few joking words of his own, he actually took the responsibility and wanted to block the punishment of copying the house…

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