Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 77: Clues (below)

Please sit down. “The old man was very kind, and the two chairs slid beside them. It’s strange, this person is very kind, isn’t it the same person as Randy’s mouth? The old man said happily: “You are anxious to know where the wolf is. I’m also very busy; so let’s not bluff around, just say it. I am the only one who is not afraid of slaughtering the wolf, which means that only I can tell you where the slaughter wolf is. Randy is as timid as a mouse. He can match you up, which shows that you have paid a lot of money. I told you this news, I also have to take a lot of risk, to see what you can move me. “

Luo Qian pondered: “How much do you want?” The old man smiled: “Money? I’m afraid it’s not less than you.” Luo Qian said flatly: “Then I have nothing to give you.” The old man’s expression changed, but Luo Qian He said: “I’m the best reward for you when I kill Slaughter Wolf!” The old man couldn’t help laughing. Luo Qian looked at him confidently, and the old man asked again: “Why should I believe you can kill Slaughter Wolf? The kid swims around. Two thousand diehards, young people, it’s not that I underestimated you, you want to kill him, it is difficult to do without the help of the Holy Court.”

Luo Qian said, “You also said that Randy is as timid as a mouse. If it’s just for money, do you think he will cooperate with me?” A glint flashed in the old man’s eyes, and he looked at Luo Qian approvingly: “Good boy, Young people are really different now. Okay, let me tell you where he stays, but you have to hurry, this kid has a good wolf nose, and he is gone for a bit of trouble.”

After receiving the message he wanted to know, Luo Qian suddenly turned around before leaving: “Old man. I want to ask why you are treating us…” He stopped talking, and the old man laughed, “Why are you so kind to you? Really? Hahaha, I’m just a gangster, don’t think I’m too clean, you can deal with Randy’s stuff, you can toss him whatever you want, I have to show enough respect for you.” Luo Qian said secretly. : Old fox.

Although it is said that there needs to be two parties to compete in order to balance power, but for either of the two parties. They are all anxious that the other party will overthrow their own family. The old man had the same idea, and Luo Qian helped him get rid of the wolf, which was a big favor to him.

Knowing where Slaughter Wolf was hiding, Luo Qian didn’t immediately lead people to kill him. Instead, he returned to Feng Feitian’s planet. On the planet, thirty undead tree spirit warriors have assembled on standby, but Luo Qian is not naive enough to think that thirty seven-eighth-level masters can wipe out two thousand gangsters.

After he returned to the planet. Go to Wu Xiu’er immediately: “How is your father thinking about the deal I mentioned to you before leaving?” Wu Xiu’er said, “If the price increases by 30%, we will do it.” Luo Qian did not hesitate: ” no problem!”

The undead dryad fighters immediately dispatched, and Luo Qian, Li Shu and Wu Xiu’er also accompanied the army. Nangong Jedi is not good at it. Can only stay on the planet to guard the portal. Li Shu originally disagreed with Luo Qian, but no one could persuade Luo Qian to stay. Luo Dadong felt a fire in his heart and vowed to let the people of the holy realm see it. Dare to move the people around me. Even if you are the number one gangster in the holy world. To be buried four or five times!

In fact, in the Holy Realm, there is no need to avoid deliberately. Because the holy realm is really too big, as long as you find an inaccessible planet, where thousands of people are nested on a planet, there is no way to find it without leaving a trace.

The old man and Tu Lang have been fighting for hundreds of years, and both sides can say that they know the bottom line. He can’t tell the whereabouts of Tu Lang, but he can easily find Tu Lang’s whereabouts. It’s not that the generals of the Holy Court suppressed bandits had not thought of this method, but the grievances between the wolf and the old man are underworld matters. Refused. This time Luo Qian was different. He was from a folk background, so the old man was very excited and courteous, and he told them the whereabouts of Slaughter Wolf very happy.

Luo Qian and the dozens of people, although everyone was murderous, they didn’t seem to want an expeditionary army, after all, the number was too small. However, it continues to grow along the way, and when it reaches its destination, a small team will always join in. These people all obeyed Wu Xiu’er’s orders. When they arrived outside the planet, a diamond-shaped battle formation of two thousand people had already gathered.

Luo Qian exchanged two million high-grade holy stones for Wuyou regiment to send troops to help. The diamond-shaped battle formation with two thousand people is not a small number. This is one-third of the fighting power of the Wuyou regiment. The Wuyou regiment took the elite route. Although the number of people is small, all of them are good players. So this time 2,000 people were dispatched. In addition to the two million high-grade sacred stones, they also wanted to have a better relationship with Luo Qian. .

This time, Li Shu had transferred 80% of his strength to this sentence, reaching the limit that the body could hold. At this time, the power of this body has reached the peak of Tier 9 and is approaching Tier 10!

Li Shu’s energy was released and quickly spread the entire star field, turning the planet

All investigations are clear. Wu Xiu’er arranged her armor: “Mr. Luo, sound!” Li Shu said, “Big brother, I will leave ten people to protect you.” Luo Qian waved his hand: “I can’t die, you go!” Li Shu would say more. Luo Qian’s eyes stared: “Why, it doesn’t matter if it’s your big brother!” Li Shu shrank his neck and waved: “Follow me!”

Thirty undead tree spirit warriors floated to the planet like a ghost, followed by a diamond-shaped battle formation composed of two thousand people led by Wu Xiu’er. In space, the diamond-shaped battle formation was the first to attack, gathering the power of two thousand people, and the condensed thick beam of light attacked and hit the location where the wolf-slaughter group was hiding.

Li Shu also knew the opportunity, and immediately led others to step aside. This time Wu Xiu’er was not purely helping. After all, she took two million yuan from her family, so she performed extremely hard. I saw her waving the weapon in her hand, constantly commanding the real changes. Every time the formation changed and the soldiers exchanged and dislocated, a brand-new energy attack wave could be sent out.

Attacking targets on the planet from space takes advantage: there is no energy barrier in space, and people on the planet are bound by the planet itself and cannot fully exert their power.

Li Shu stood beside Wu Xiu’er after the second wave of energy bombardment. He used his spiritual knowledge to spy on the movement of the wolf-slaughtering gang on the planet, and timely notified Wu Xiu’er to change the direction of the bombardment. A series of hundreds of energy attack waves bombarded the surface of the planet into a mess, as if it had been hit by a meteor shower. Li Shu obviously felt that there were not many people on the planet. He waved his hand and cut down: “Follow me!”

Thirty undead dryad warriors act as pioneers, like wolves and tigers! Wu Xiuer’s diamond-shaped battle formation held him in front of him, and Li Shu had no worries. Luo Qian was alone, floating quietly in the starry sky, watching them rush into the planet’s atmosphere, turning into small black spots, and finally disappearing.

He sighed and looked at the vast starry sky, with a thought in his heart: “Fei Tian, ​​you must be alive, but where are you?”

There was no suspense in this battle. A group of mobs were bombarded by the energy bombardment, causing more than 70% of the casualties. The whole army was defeated. No matter how powerful the wolf slaughter was, it was as vulnerable as a child in front of Li Shu. Li Shu was angry with him in his heart, and the strength of every blow was just right, but he didn’t kill him, and again and again, he was stunned to beat Tu Lang out of human form, then took it out and threw it at Luo Qian’s feet.

Tu Lang’s face was bloody, the teeth in his mouth had fallen out, his tongue was broken for a short time, and his speech was unpleasant, and he had to pretend to be hard: “Luo Qian, you are not a good man, you have a way to fight with me, and tell your subordinates to be capable “Luo Qian carried his hands behind his back, and was stunned by him: “You know me? Very good, it saves me a lot of tongue. I will fight you myself? No, I will not fight you, I am not your opponent. I admit it. But you have to understand that in this world, you can solve all problems with your fists from time to time. If you are a real hero, why do you still use a conspiracy to harm my lady? A repayment, a tooth for a tooth and blood for blood, Don’t you understand?”

Tu Lang was speechless by him. Behind him, two thousand soldiers from the Wuyou regiment escorted surviving prisoners to catch up. Luo Qian asked indifferently: “Tu Lang, who instigated you, tell me I will spare you not to die.”

“Hahaha…” Tu Lang The blood sprayed in his mouth, like a drizzle: “Who do you think I am Slaughter Wolf, do I betray my friends?” Luo Qian said calmly: “I know you won’t. But… if you don’t tell me, none of your remaining brothers will survive!” Tu Lang was taken aback, “Dare you!” “If you don’t believe it, you might as well give it a try.”

“You!” Tu Lang was furious, his eyes were round and convex, but it was a pity that although his face was fierce, he did not deter Luo Qian at all. “Have you considered it?” Luo Qian asked indifferently. Throughout the interrogation, he kept his hands behind his back. Tu Lang was at a disadvantage in several times and three times. At this time, he had no fighting spirit, and said in despair, “You can definitely guess. Why bother to ask me again…”

Luo Qianyin sneered coldly: It really was Bai Ru!

He said to Wu Xiu’er: “These people have seen you, take them back to the outside world, and never let them come back.” Tu Lang knew that this was their best ending, so he didn’t say much. It’s just that he stands still, waiting for the final cut.

Luo Qian frowned: “You are not leaving, what are you doing here!” Tu Lang was startled: “Are you really willing to let me go? I can kill your wife!” Luo Qian smiled and stretched out two fingers. Said: “First, you are just being used by others. Weapon kills, but the weapon is innocent. The guilty person is the person who uses the weapon. Second, you didn’t kill my wife at all. My wife in Luo Qian is actually so easy Dead. Get out of here, the style of the outside world is waiting for you…”

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