Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 77: Clues (on)

You heard that Ling Xingxian came back empty-handed, and he was so excited. In any case, this is the best chance to bring down this old opponent! Since the IOU incident, Bai Ru has been a little crazy, and he doesn’t care about the dangers of infighting. If possible, Bai Ru is happy to replace Mr. Yi.

Bai Ru hurried to the holy court. It didn’t take long for him to arrive. People from the Immortal Realm faction and Lu continued hurriedly. The other two factions didn’t have anyone coming. After all, this matter had nothing to do with them, and they were very happy to stand on the sidelines.

In fact, in the Holy Court, there have always been two voices in the handling of this matter: one thinks that Feng Feitian has ruined three thousand children due to her own command error, and the sin is unforgivable. Although she is dead, her wealth must be Copied. The other is the completely opposite view. In any case, Feng Feitian also sacrificed his life for the country. Even if he was at fault, he couldn’t let other generals chill, so he had to be punished lightly, and it was fine if he didn’t reward or punish him.

The two factions quarreled endlessly in the Holy Court. The Holy Lord stood high, watching the quarrel below with cold eyes, and secretly glanced at Xianpai Yielder. The old man sighed in his heart. I didn’t expect that this time the incident was such a big deal. Without suppressing it, is it really old? After he knew this incident, he was afraid that his position as the head of the immortal faction would be shaken.

Not to mention the quarrel in the Saint Court, on Feng Feitian’s planet, Luo Qian sent Ling Xingxian away, felt guilty for a while, and quickly cheered up: The first thing to do now is to find Slaughter Wolf! He wants to figure it out. Who on earth is setting up his wife in secret. Although Luo Qian is almost certainly Bai Ru, he must find the right target for revenge, otherwise he tried his best to bring down the enemy, but afterwards found out that he had mistaken the target. The most depressing thing in the world is no less.

Luo Qian has Shi Slaves, but the situation is a bit strange now: He gave Shi Slaves to Feng Feitian, but now Shi Slaves and Feng Feitian have disappeared together. If you can find Shi Slave, you can also find Feng Feitian. Without Shi Slave, Luo Qian could only find Slaughter Wolf in a foolish way.

Underworld disputes are always resolved through underworld means. Luo Qian was in the human world before. Many foreign blockbusters describe it this way: In Italy, the help of a godfather is more effective than the administrative regulations of a town government.

Luo Qian thought of a person, and he took Li Shu back to the Xitian Sacred Collection. Now on the Xitian Holy Collection. Roche furniture stores and Roche alchemy stores are already full of streets. In addition to its own stores, there are also a large number of franchise stores, just like chess pieces on a chess board. Occupies most of the eyes of the entire chessboard. Luo Qian didn’t plan to see Wei Shandong and Tie Crocodile, he had to deal with this matter himself. Li Shu came here for the first time and said with joy: “Brother, we have a big business!” Luo Qian smiled faintly, “What’s this. I…” He almost missed it, but thought about it. Still decided to tell frankly: “You are my brother. We have nothing to say. My business in the fairy world is much bigger than this.” Li Shu’s eyes widened. Don’t understand what he is talking about. Luo Qian quietly said, “That is, the world of the elves is a hierarchical world.” Li Shu suddenly realized that he is not an authentic holy world. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with doing this: “Big Brother, you are really good!”

“What are we doing here?” Li Shu asked. Luo Qian looked at the front store: “Come here to find someone.” He walked into the store, and a buddy came up and asked, “Sir, do you need anything?” Luo Qian said, “I’ll find Randy.” “The guy was taken aback, and then sneered: “It turned out to be troublesome…” He was about to call, and Luo Qian waved his hand: “Don’t be nervous, you go in and tell your boss that your old friend is visiting.”

Dude saw that Luo Qian didn’t have a trace of anger, and some went in with suspicion. Soon, the guy came out and said to Luo Qian, “Please come here.” It was a passage reserved for members in the store. The two walked in. Randy was already waiting for them in a luxuriously furnished room. Up. Seeing Luo Qian, Randy was stunned: “So it’s you…”

Luo Qian smiled and said, “Mr. Randy’s previous help, I haven’t thank you in person yet.” Randy was the one who helped them with the underworld background when he and Wei Shandong just came to the Xitian Shengji. Local furniture store owner. If Luo Qian wants to catch the underworld, he has to go through an intermediary.

Randy said indifferently: “Don’t go around with me. I know that you are now worth a billion dollars, and you are already a figure in the Three Treasures Palace. If you have anything to do, just talk about it.” Randy finished, waved After waving his hand, the guy immediately retreated and closed the door smoothly.

Luo Qian couldn’t help but nodded secretly, Randy was still very experienced. He sat down and said, “I want to find Wolf Slaughter.” Randy had obviously heard the noise, and he thought about it embarrassingly, and then asked: “I helped you, what good is it? I’m just a businessman, Slaughter Wolf. Desperadoes, this kind of people are us

Those who want to offend…”

Luo Qian said indifferently: “I give 30% of the shares to the Roche Furniture Store.” The muscles on Randy’s face twitched visibly, his heart moved. Luo Qian continued: “A large part of my strength is hidden in the dark. Even if your hands and eyes are open to the sky, I am afraid you will not understand it. Li Shu.” He whispered, Li Shu stepped forward and grabbed Randy’s wrist. . Randy is also a seventh-order master, but Li Shu casually grabbed it, but he couldn’t avoid it. Li Shudi’s power input Randy’s body, Randy was shocked: “Nine-level master! This is impossible…” But the facts are in front of him. Although Randy said it was impossible, he could not deny the fact.

Luo Qian is confident and indifferent: “This time the wolf slaughter is over. I will give you a huge benefit. As long as you help me introduce someone who can find the wolf slaughter, I will take care of the rest. If you don’t want to, I can easily now Destroy everything about you——Don’t think I’m joking, all the guys who dare to hurt the people around me can only have one end, with blood for blood! Your kindness these old Wei have paid back to you, I move It’s not a gratitude or revenge for you.”

Randy is an out-and-out businessman, with huge interests in front of him, and a ninth-level master “talks with him”, he immediately showed a smile that he thought was the most charming: “Don’t worry, everything Give it to me, you live in Xitian for one night, and I will give you news tomorrow.” Luo Qian nodded and stood up and said, “I will come to you tomorrow, don’t let Old Wei and the others know about this.”; Randy showed appreciation The look: “You are interesting!”

The two stayed in a hotel on the Xitian Sacred Collection for one night, and they remembered knocking on the door when they got up early the next morning. Luo Qian opened the door, and it turned out to be Randy. Luo Qian nodded with satisfaction: “Sure enough, I didn’t find the wrong person.” Randy said, “Let’s go right away. That one has a bad temper. I have to spend a lot of setbacks and entrust several talents to get this. This time, he refused to see us if he missed the time.”

Randy took them away from the Rhino Sky Sacred Collection, flew in the interstellar space for a while, and then boarded a humble and desolate planet. Li Shu asked, “Here?” Luo Qian shook his head: “Impossible.” The world is the same. People on the dark side are generally not so easy to see. There are always a few big*s on the road, and each person has a black hood.

As expected by Luo Qian, he was a leader on the planet. He took them on a quirky interstellar car, and then one person and one hood made of special materials, even if you have special eyes. You can’t see through this layer of hood. It can also block mental power prying.

After sitting in the car for a whole day, the car stopped. Luo Qian took off his hood and walked out of the car. He heard a surprise from Li Shu. He raised his eyes and saw a brilliant blue starlight in the dark interstellar space, just like the intoxicating Pompeii…

No wonder Li Shu made such a sound of admiration. In the past, in the lower realm, people used to describe the beautiful scenery, saying “the fairyland on earth”. When it comes to the holy realm, there is no other world above it. I don’t know how to describe this place.

“Come with me, don’t go wrong.” said the guide. Randy also wanted to follow. The guide stopped him and said stiffly: “I’ve said that I only saw two people.” Randy looked at Luo Qian, Luo Qian nodded, Randy retracted his footsteps and said solemnly to him. “Take care!” Luo Qian was also unambiguous: “I have already confessed to it in If I can’t come back, Lao Wei will give you 30% of the shares.”

This brilliant blue starry sky looks beautiful, but judging from the look of the guide who carefully discerns the way from the surrounding stars, it must be like a bright viper, the more beautiful, the more ferocious. Li Shu said: “Why do you guys do this? It makes it inconvenient for your own people to get in and out.” The leader said in an unpleasant manner: “We are not stray bandits. The only way to stop the holy court is this.” The layout in the domain is also a headache.

Hidden under that brilliant blue, an unremarkable gray planet, the environment on the planet is extremely harsh, full of wind and sand, as if the planet’s atmosphere is a dust storm, no wonder it looks gray from the outside.

“Come on.” The guide opened a huge iron plate on the ground, revealing a deep black hole.

The deep cave was hundreds of meters long, and dozens of caves were dismissed at the end. The guide carefully told outside the largest cave: “Sir, they are here.”

“Please come in.” This sentence is still very polite. Luo Qian felt strange: It seemed that it was not as difficult to speak as Randy described. He and Li Shu walked in. From the outside, the inside of the cave was completely dark. After entering, the eyes suddenly brightened, as if an invisible door was blocking everything in the cave. A bald and thin old man was sitting on a large chair, looking at them with a smile

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