Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 78:  The Secret of Ancient Times (Part 2)

Among the dead tree monster team, nine people have reached the level of the eighth level, and Li helped a seventh-tier tree monster warrior with the highest level to be upgraded to the eighth level. After spending countless high-grade sacred stones, these ten undead tree spirit warriors finally reached the eighth peak. Luo Qian brought ten people to Master Basmo. After a glance, the Master asked strangely: “What kind of creature are they?” Luo Qian told the origin of the Dryad Warrior, and the Master laughed: “That’s more. It’s easy.”

Master Basmore’s alchemy theory is profound, and Luo Qian can’t understand all of his operations. The master smelted hundreds of metal materials into a strange metal. After cooling, this metal is not solid or liquid, but sticky like glue.

The master wrapped all the ten people in this kind of metal like weird silkworm cocoons, and then carefully took out the star nucleus in the Xinghu Lake, gently put his hands, the star nucleus naturally hovered above the metal cocoon. Master Basmore closed the big iron door of the laboratory and pushed Luo Qian out as well: “It takes three days, at least three days to see the effect.”

Luo Qian felt anxious: “What do you mean, maybe the effect is?” “Of course, even if you practice in retreat, there are certain risks, not to mention the use of alchemy to forcibly improve your strength.” Luo Qian was stunned for a moment. The master didn’t make it clear before. Luo Qian felt like he was on a thief boat. When things came to an end, he had to ask: “Master, according to your estimate, what is the success rate?” “This is hard to say… …Well, it should be around 70%.” Master Busmer gave a very “optimistic” estimate.

Luo Qian was very disturbed. He never regarded the Undead Dryad Warrior as a “mechanical warrior”. They were all living beings. I thought it was infallible, so I didn’t consult them. I didn’t expect it to be dangerous. That is to say, at least three of these ten people will not survive. It’s just that this is the end, the futile sadness is useless, and I can only wait for the result.

There are still many things to prepare. Luo Qian couldn’t do it with the master. He hurried back to his planet and immediately mobilized all the reserves in the two holy stone mines. Before, the high-grade holy stones would be left for personal use. All low-grade ones are sold. Now it’s different. Regardless of high-grade or low-grade, all sacred stones are no longer sold, after they are mined. Ship to the main star immediately. Luo Qian is ready to fight a protracted battle with the Holy Court. His own strength is weak, and he certainly can’t fully defend himself. He can only shrink his strength and concentrate all his main forces on one planet. Only then has the opportunity to fight the holy court.

The main star, which concentrates all the strategic materials, guarantees that he can hold on for a while when he is besieged by the Holy Court. Ready for these jobs. Luo Qian’s starting point is to find someone in the holy court who can talk to the holy lord. Only in this way can it be possible in the future when the war is anxious. Negotiate with the Holy Lord. At that time, it will be “Zhaoan”. No matter what it is, there can be a chance for “peaceful settlement of disputes.”

this person. Naturally, Fengfeitiandi’s old superior commander took the lead.

Luo Qian prepared a generous gift and quietly sneaked into the planet Lingxing. He handed the famous post in the concierge, under the famous post there is a holy stone card. The concierge received it with a smile, and then quickly reported it to him.

From the concierge to Ling Xingxian’s hands, there are still several passes. Houmen is as deep as the sea, and it is the same in that world. However, the king of Hades is so hard to deal with the little ghosts. After the concierge level, the housekeepers and the like in the back are somewhat knowledgeable. As soon as the famous post was opened, the big Luo character shuddered in terror, and he didn’t dare to neglect, so Fei also sent it to the master.

Ling Xing first squeezed his hands to bow. If it was before, he would not hesitate to ask Luo to move in. But now… it’s not because of Feng Feitian’s defeat, but in the past few days, someone in the Saint Court has reported that Luo Qian colluded with extraterritorial forces. The evidence is solid, and I can’t help it. Although Ling Xingxian is a good person, he is not a stupid person. If he has a relationship with Luo Qian at this time, I am afraid that he will be dragged into the water.

But he still feels guilty towards Feng Feitian, and naturally also feels guilty towards her family members. If someone asks for himself in distress, he doesn’t even see him. It’s somewhat unreasonable. Even in his heart, he feels hard to forgive himself.

The old man pondered for a long time, and brought in a safe family member: “Go and lead him in through the back door.”

The meeting between Luo Qian and Ling Xingxian was as expected, and Ling Xingxian agreed. If the situation is anxious, he can come forward and make peace, but if Luo Qian is vulnerable, then Ling Xingxian can’t help. When parting, Ling Xing held Luo Qian’s hand and patted it, everything is silent. The old man felt that this might be the last time the two met. He had no hope that Luo Qian could fight the Holy Court.

Luo Qian didn’t think so. After coming out of Ling’s Mansion, he went directly to the Wizard World. Ask Helenson for three hundred undead dryad seeds.

The temple of “Goddess Luo Qian” has now spread all over the world of the elves. There are a large number of super masters in the doctrine of “The Scriptures”. You can imagine the expansion speed of the faith of Goddess Luo Qian in the elves world. Luo Qian gave an order, Helenson Collect all the Undead Dryad seeds in the entire Elf World. However, the Undead Dryad’s seeds are only one level lower than the Tree House Seeds, and there are not many in the entire Elf World. Three hundred seeds can be collected in a short period of time, which is already the whole The sect’s greatest ability.

Luo Qian returned to the Holy Realm with the seeds, and three hundred undead Dryad warriors were born. The price was that Li Shu was so tired that he was half dead and consumed a full six million high-grade holy stones!

A total of three hundred seventh-tier masters, if there are seven more ninth-tier masters, plus Li Shu, a tenth-tier master, Luo Qian believes that he has the strength to fight the holy court. After all, Li Shu’s role is huge, another tenth-rank master in the holy world is the holy master, but the holy master shouldn’t take it himself.

Luo Qian rushed to the planet of Master Basmo again without stopping. When the latter saw Luo Qian, his face was sad: “Luo Qian, I’m sorry…” Luo Qian saw his expression, his heart shook, his voice was all Some trembling: “Master, how many people have succeeded?” Master Basmo said sadly: “So far, none of them have succeeded!”

Luo Qian went back and forth between the two worlds once, plus Li Shu used the holy stone to forcibly promote three hundred undead dryad fighters. Ten days have passed, and no one succeeded for such a long time. That would mean the entire army was wiped out!

Luo Qian’s eyes were dark and his body was shaky. Master Basmore hurriedly stepped forward to support him: “Oops, it’s a big game!” He awoke Luo Qian in a rush, patted his face and said, “Hey, I mean, no one has succeeded so far. , They are still staying in the cocoon honestly. The longer the process, the greater the chance of success.” Luo Qian’s eyes were filled with good hope, and suddenly Master Bussmore’s neck was stuck: “You are deliberately playing tricks on me!” “Hey, let go, you stuck me to death, ten of them are really done…”

Although Master Basmo said that the longer the time, the greater the chance of success, but after waiting day after day, the star nucleus on the metal cocoon became increasingly dimmed, and the purest and most essential power in the universe contained therein had been covered by the metal cocoon. Slowly absorbed. But it was a metal cocoon and there was no movement.

Luo Qian has not much time left, and the Holy Court’s army may come over at any time. His heart was anxious, from the joy at the beginning, he spent almost every day pacing back and forth.

But Master Basmore sat firmly on Mount Tai. Not only that, but also comforted Luo Qian: “Boy, my old man has also studied astrology. You are not a short-lived person…” His comfort was ineffective, Luo Qian said: “I Of course it’s not a short-lived person, but I will be beaten back to the immortal world. And those brothers who followed me, whether short-lived has nothing to do with my face…” Master Busmore shook his head and took a sip from the bottle.

Time passed day by day, strangely speaking, the Holy Court’s crusade army remained silent. Luo Qian continued to wait on the planet of Basmo. From the beginning of anxiety, his heart became more and more calm, guessing what happened in the holy court.

Not only is Luo Qian strange, but Ling Xingxian is also strange. Every day in the holy court, there is a quarrel, but His Majesty, who was wise and determined in the past, is calmly on his throne this Let the people below quarrel, just say Not posted.

Regardless of how Bai Ru’s gang clamored, how they described Luo Qian as the holy world’s No. 1 public enemy of the people, but the Holy Lord remained motionless and said nothing, Bai Ru did not have the right to mobilize the army to attack Luo Qian by himself.

In the first few days, Ling Xing also spoke a few words for Luo Qian. Although a little soft and weak, this was Luo Qian’s only supporting voice in the holy court.

But a few days later, he found that the voices in the holy court fell, all of them were calls to conquer Luo Qian, but the holy lord was silent. Not even mentioning the matter of copying Feng Feitian’s home. Ling Xing first took a look. Although he was a little confused in his heart, he was also happy to see the result. He also said nothing, watching Bai Ru jumping up and down every day as if watching a play.

Li Shu is full of energy every day. The upcoming battle will make him radiant. In future battles, he will not need to use the body of the undead tree demon to fight, and he can fully display his strength. Li Shu has never used all his strength. , But the holy court’s army has been out of sight, Li Shu suffocated and felt uncomfortable.

(About overturning: it must be endless. After all, this is not an urban novel, haha. So please forgive me, Shi San will not write those plots, he always feels awkward to write, it is better to develop the plot, don’t disgust everyone Okay…)

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