Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 78: Ancient Secret (Part 1)

The sacred stone communication card on Xiu’er suddenly rang, and the diamond-shaped battle formation escorted the slow forward. Wu Xiu’er took out the communication card, and his expression changed after hearing half of it. Luo Qian secretly said that it was not good: Wu Xiu’er didn’t know anyone in the domain except herself, and when the communication card rang, it must be something outside the domain. The Wuyou regiment is one of the three powers outside the region, unless something big happens, Wu Xiu’er will never make this look.

Wu Xiu’er quickly cut off the call: “Kill the captives, go forward at full speed, and return to the outside world!” Luo Qian was taken aback: “What’s the matter?” Wu Xiu’er looked bad and said, “The headquarters of the Wuyou regiment was attacked. It is the three major bandits! “

The people of Wuyou Regiment became anxious when they heard it, no matter how many they were, all the captives, including Slaughter Wolf, fell to the ground with their swords in their hands. Wu Xiu’er said solemnly: “Luo Dong’s house, let’s go back first. If the Wuyou regiment can save it, let’s talk about cooperation!”

The Wuyou regiment was attacked by three bandits because of the emptiness inside. If it weren’t for helping Luo Qian to transfer 2,000 people away, it might not be where it is now. Luo Qian naturally couldn’t sit idly by: “Let’s go with you!” Wu Xiu’er shook her head: “Foreigners solve the problems outside the region. Don’t intervene in the region.” After all, she took the people and went away. Luo Qian quickly pushed Li Shu: “Follow her and at least make sure to bring their father and daughter back safely.”

Li Shu hesitated: “Then elder brother…” “I still have the undead tree spirit warrior, what are you afraid of.” Li Shu promised and hurried to catch up. Wu Xiu’er was in an extremely bad mood and pushed Li Shu a few times. If Li Shu stayed, she could only let Li Shu follow.

Luo Qian watched them go away until they disappeared, then he sighed and prepared to return to his planet. It’s just that the extraterritorial resources are scarce, and the levels of the three extraterritorial forces are about the same. Even if the Wuyou regiment loses one-third of its strength, the three bandits will not be able to break through the Wuyou regiment headquarters so easily. One thing suddenly popped into Luo Qian’s mind: Back then, Feng Feitian encircled and suppressed the gangsters. He once found a group of gangsters by *Shinu. It was later proved that those people were extraterritorial forces. Could it be said that the three major bandits have been pretending to be gangsters over the years, looting from within, thus accumulating a lot of power…

Twenty days later, Li Shu had three wounds on her body. The defeated soldiers who led the Wuyou regiment returned to the domain. Luo Qian was taken aback, all the masters in the training world were injured. One can imagine how tragic the battle was! Wu You was in a coma with heavy injuries, but Wu Xiu’er looked dumb. He just stayed beside his father and refused to say a word.

From Li Shu’s mouth, Luo Qian learned that his guess was correct, and it was precisely because of his own intervention that the three major bandits did not have to cover up as before. The second is an upright and strong force. Both Wuyou regiment and Zhao’s Wangzhang thought that the three bandits were supported by Luo Qian’s sacred stone. Like themselves, they did not expect that the speed of the three bandits’ power expansion far exceeded their expectations.

Coupled with the betrayal of the insider. When the three bandits attacked the Wuyou regiment. It happened to be the emptiness inside the Wuyou regiment. In a fierce battle, the Wuyou regiment, one of the three foreign forces, suffered heavy casualties. The remaining defeated generals are already less than seven hundred.

Li Shu pulled Luo Qian and smiled bitterly: “Brother, don’t feel guilty. Hurry up and find a way to deal with the holy court. These people have returned from outside the territories, and they must have attracted the attention of others… I, I am sorry for you, but they are really Nowhere to go.” Luo Qian waved his hand: “Leave this to me, you didn’t do anything wrong.” He patted Li Shu on the shoulder and turned away.

Bai Ru will not let go of this opportunity. Luo Qian knows that his own Roche is facing a critical moment of life and death in the Holy Realm. He is not afraid of losing everything in the holy world. She came to the holy world naked, and now it is no regrets to return to the fairy world cleanly. But he was not reconciled.

Feng Feitian’s whereabouts are unknown, as well as Iron Crocodile and Wei Shandong, so he cannot involve them. The people of Wuyou regiment are already defeated soldiers, and they cannot be driven to extinction.

He desperately needs a strong support, otherwise, relying on the power of Roche to fight against the holy court, even if he has Tier 10 master Li Shu, even if he has 30 undead tree spirit fighters, he will still be in disaster.

Luo Qian sat in the room alone, thinking deeply, and couldn’t help but feel sad: he was really desperate.

He thought for a while, and suddenly gritted his teeth: “*, one fight is enough, two fights to earn one!” You need a good weapon in a battle, and Luo Qian naturally thought of Master Basmo. Before going to find the master, he dismissed all the servants on the planet, and sent people to send letters to Wei Shandong and Tie Crocodile, so that they themselves should be careful recently, and it is best to avoid them.

When Master Basmo saw Luo Qian’s arrival, he smiled and asked, “What good material did he find?” Luo Qian gave a sad smile: “Master, I’m afraid I won’t bother you again…” Mo shook his head and said: “If someone else says this to me, I must think he is telling me his last words. But

Half-holy and half-immortal, no matter who wants to kill you, you can hide in the immortal world, you believe. “Luo Qian nodded and said, “You are right, I will hide in the fairy world forever.” “

He roughly said the matter, and then said: “Master, look at the banquet at the door, do you have any good artifacts and equipment, support me. I have nothing to give you, those who stay with you The materials belong to you.”

After Master Basmore listened, he didn’t feel that Luo Qian felt like a disaster. He sat down leisurely, raised his legs and swayed and said: “Why don’t I think we two are a year-end relationship? I just blacked your kid twice, and you intend to blackmail me for the rest of my life. Hey, what kind of friendship do you think we are. “Luo Qian was taken aback: “You blacked me twice? I thought it was only the human-shaped aphrodisiac once…”

Master Basmo accidentally missed his mouth, he smiled awkwardly: “Hey, what I asked you to find in the ancient battlefield of the fairy world is actually very precious, precious enough to make the whole holy world go crazy. But I give you something price……”

Luo Qian asked casually: “What the **** is that?” Master Basmo took out the transparent glass wine glass container. The golden stars flowed slowly in the wine glass like a liquid. The market looked obsessed. Holding the glass: “There are only nine ninth-level masters in the holy world, because every time a ninth-level master is born, a planet is needed to sacrifice for him and extract the star core. But everyone has forgotten that the ancient immortals, gods, The battle between demons and Buddhas is a treasure to be contended for.”

He raised the golden light in his hand: “It’s it. Back then, it was called Qiankun Xinghu. However, after coming to this world, I presided over the stellar core refinement ceremony, but I discovered that the old thing about the star core is a star in Qiankun Xinghu! “Luo Qian was taken aback. There were hundreds of flowing golden stars in the glass-like container, which meant that there were hundreds of star cores. In the Holy Realm, countless Tier 8 masters wanted a star core and couldn’t get it, but the eight hundred or hundreds of star cores that he was so stupid gave Basmore so easily.

The master smiled and said to him: “You don’t have to regret it. It’s useless in your hands. But I still can’t be 100% sure, so I went to one of the star cores and gave it to one of my apprentices. After creating a new ninth-level master, I knew that the golden starburst in this star lake was indeed the star core.”

Luo Qian was so excited that he threw himself to the ground and cried, “Master, please help me!” Master Basmo smiled bitterly: “Get up, don’t play with my old man. Even if I am willing to help, you can take it. Looking for so many Tier 8 masters?” Luo Qian stubbornly said: “As long as you promise to help, I can find Tier 8 masters.” Bassmore said calmly, “Well, as long as you can find them, I will definitely help you. But, Unless you have hundreds of ninth-level masters, you will still have no escape from the Saint Court millions of troops.”

Luo Qian smiled: “You don’t understand that. Although the Holy Court has a million troops, the Holy Lord cannot concentrate all his power against me at all costs. As long as I have ten 9th-level masters, I can negotiate with him. I wrestled with him politically.”

He was also a little curious: “Master, listen to what you mean, you have experienced the ancient war I don’t understand, why is the battlefield so sluggish?” Master Basmo retracted the Universe Star Lake, revealing a The look of remembrance: “What happened back then… It was originally because of the competition between the Universe and Star Lake-this thing can make the saints crazy, let alone those gods and demons. But afterwards, too many factors were mixed. Miscellaneous comes in, one shot cannot be dealt with. The final decisive battle I will not say you can also imagine its tragic degree.”

“But the result surprised everyone: in the end, a battle was opened, and finally a space channel was opened, and all of our participating members were suddenly sucked into another world – that is, here, the holy world.”

Luo Qian was taken aback: “What, the holy realm passage was opened at that time. Didn’t the holy realm exist before?” Master Basmo shook his head: “I can’t explain this clearly. But when we came here, here But there was no one, and later talents from other worlds came one after another.”

“What world is there above the Holy Realm?” Luo Qian asked. Basmo shook his head again: “I don’t know. It depends on you. If you ask me to help you create dozens of Tier 9 masters, maybe you and the Holy Court will finally fight, dozens of nine Tier masters, or Tier 10 masters shot together, you guys went to another world with bare butts just like us back then. Hehehe…”

Luo Qian thought enough about the scene depicted by Master Basmore in his mind, and couldn’t help but shudder.

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