Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 79: Sacred Change

After waiting for more than ten days, there was still no movement from the Saint Court. Luo Qian already felt a bit boring in Bath. He asked the master strangely: “What the **** is going on in the holy court?” Master Basmo seems to be particularly fond of drinking recently, holding a wine bottle and grinning: “I said earlier, Ji people have their own heavens. You are lucky. , You will be able to turn into good fortune and avoid misfortune. If you show respect to my old man, come and squeeze my legs and hammer my back, and I will give you tips…” Luo Qian frowned: This old man again Drank too much.

On the second day, shocking news came: The Lord is dead!

The Holy Realm is shocked. The Holy Lord is the “only” rank ten saint in the Holy Realm. People can no longer remember how many years the Holy Lord has been in charge of the Holy Realm. Looking back at the source of their memories of the Holy Realm, everyone has discovered that the Holy Lord was at that time. The Holy Lord, there has never been any change, so that people in the Holy Realm do not know whether the Holy Lord has appointed a Crown Prince.

Of course Luo Qian was also very shocked. He couldn’t help but look at the somewhat drunk Master Bussmore, who was sitting not far away, and suddenly said, “You already knew that right?” Master Bussmore smiled, but didn’t answer. . Luo Qian said again: “He is already a tenth-order saint, how could he die?” Master Basmo sighed: “What is a tenth-order saint? Even this holy world is not eternal. He has done so many years. Holy Lord, he should have retired bravely, but he refused to listen to advice. Sooner or later, the lamp oil will run out.”

Luo Qian said silently in his heart: Yes, even if it is a world, there is an end of life, let alone a life? No matter how life is cultivated, it will eventually live in the world, and it is a paradox in itself to want to transcend the existing world and reach the state of immortality.

“Do you know the Holy Lord?” Luo Qian was surprised. Master Basmo proudly said: “I am the number one alchemist in the holy world. I also had a share in the war that opened the passage. Do you think I know the Holy Lord?” “Then why are you hiding here?” Luo Qian Expose the shortcomings without hesitation. Master Bussmore blushed, and with the courage of alcohol, he straightened his chest and said, “I am an alchemist, not a warrior. It is normal to not be able to beat him!”

Luo Qian smiled and shook his head. He thought for a while, and then sighed: “Although the Holy Lord is dead, the crisis I am facing has not been resolved, and the new Holy Lord will not let me go.” Master Basmore smiled unpredictably. , Did not answer the call, continue to drink.

The holy lord dies, the holy world is filial But some people come to bother at this time. Although very unkind. But it seized the best time. After a fierce battle, the three bandits finally defeated the Zhao family’s king’s account and drove the Zhao family to a more remote star field. It is a question of whether the Zhao’s Wangzhang, whose strength has been greatly damaged, can survive the difficult environment. Naturally powerless to threaten the three bandits.

The army from outside the territory drove straight into the sanctuary! The three invaders personally took charge of the army. After years of deliberate accumulation of power, the extraterritorial forces have reached a level comparable to that of the Holy Court.

The prince ascended the throne urgently. The first thing after enthronement was not to mourn the ancestor, but to mobilize the army to fight against the three bandits. All kinds of news kept coming, and Luo Qian’s heart finally let go: “It seems that I am not in danger for the time being. The main enemy of the Holy Court is the three bandits. Before defeating the three bandits, he will not be with me. Let’s start the war.” He looked at Master Basmer again: “Did you know it long ago?”

Master Basmore spread his hands together: “I didn’t collude with the outside world. How would I know!” Luo Qian was blocked by him. Master Basmore asked, “Which side do you want to win?” he asked. But it really makes Luo Qian difficult to answer. Luo Qian hoped the Holy Court would win, so that Wuyou regiment’s enmity would be reported. But once the three major bandits were wiped out. The Holy Court will free up its hands to deal with itself.

Master Basmore squinted his eyes and looked drunk and confused: “It is best if the two sides are unbeaten and undefeated. You are just taking advantage of the fisherman. Once the old boy dies, there will only be one Tier 10 master in the holy world…” Luo Qian thought. Yi Lin: “How do you know the land?” Obviously Master Basmo already knew that apart from the first master, the other tenth-tier master of the Holy Realm was Li Shu. Master Basmo smiled: “Don’t forget, I am the number one alchemist in the holy world after all, and he was created by me.” The master glanced at Luo Qian seemingly inadvertently: “If the holy court and the three If Kou loses and hurts both, you have a good chance.” Luo Qian smiled and said: “What chance do I have? A Tier 10 master is very powerful, but no matter how powerful a person is, how can he beat a million troops?”

“If you have one Tier 10 master, three hundred Tier 7 masters and… ten Tier 9 masters, then you have strength.” The master slowly said. Luo Qian was stunned. At this moment, he heard a “pop” in his ears, and turned his head sharply, just to see the ten metal cocoons cracking one by one…

Although he had strong strength, Luo Qian did not dare to be careless, and immediately returned to his planet with ten ninth-level masters. In addition, he also feels that Master Bussmore is becoming more and more invisible to him. Before, he only thought this old man was quite interesting, but recently, staying next to this old man has always felt like being seen through by him. Luo Qian felt very uncomfortable, so he ran away.

With the addition of these ten ninth-level masters, one’s own planet has the ability to protect itself. Luo Qian returned to the planet, but there was an accident waiting for him. Nangong absolutely said: “Boss, someone came to see you, cold face, very difficult to serve.” Luo Qian was taken aback, at this time, he was about to face a catastrophe, there will be no eggs in the nest, no one’s mind When there is a problem, I came to find myself. Isn’t this going to die?

“Take me to see.” Nangong definitely led him over, and Luo Qian looked through the crack of the door, and couldn’t help being surprised: “Your Majesty!” His Majesty in his mouth was not the Holy Lord, but the Emperor Taiqing. “Since it’s here, just come in.” Taiqing Emperor said lightly. Luo Qian grinned: “You are always your Majesty’s style.” Taiqing Emperor sat calmly in the room. Seeing him, his face softened a little: “I know it all.” Luo Qian felt warm in his heart: ” I am grateful for you to come, but…” “It’s nothing.” Taiqing emperor interrupted him: “I am already the top of the eighth rank, and I can be regarded as a capable fighter. It will be helpful to you.”

His attitude was firm, and he was as undefeated as before. Luo Qian spread both hands and joked with him: “I said, did you see that I couldn’t fight here for a while, so I ran over to eat and live for nothing?” It’s a pity that Emperor Taiqing never seemed to be able to fight. None of them existed with humorous cells. He glanced at him coldly, closed his eyes and stopped talking. Luo Qian long ago. He made a weird face at him: “You continue to practice, I will go out first

“This man is a lunatic. The last time we saw him, he was cultivating non-stop. After this time, he should hurry up to cultivate.” Nangong Jue said. Luo Qian once took him to hunt for treasures on the Taiqing Emperor’s planet, so Nangong has never seen Taiqing Emperor.

Luo Qian can understand the Taiqing Emperor’s psychology, maybe he didn’t really like to practice so much, but came to the holy world from the master of the dignified world. Become an ordinary person, the huge psychological gap is absolutely unbearable for ordinary people, Taiqing emperor only has to practice constantly to set a goal for himself. In order to live a stable and peaceful life.

The armies of the three major bandits are like rainbows, winning streak in successive battles. Although the Holy Court army has not been defeated, the situation is precarious. There was a mourning in the holy court. The tripartite forces were forced to unite closely and mobilized all resources to prepare for war. After the unified resolution of the Holy Court, five ninth-tier masters were dispatched to help out.

Star cores are difficult to refine. Therefore, although there are no restrictions in the Holy Court outside the territory, you can destroy the planet at will to refine the star core, and the three major bandits have only refined five star cores in these years. Only five ninth-level masters were created. In addition to the three Kou three. There are two confidants.

The holy court did not expect that the three major bandits were so strong, and they even dispatched five ninth-tier masters who could not defeat them. But because the Saint Court ninth-order master was dispatched. The morale of the frontline troops was greatly encouraged, and a stalemate was formed with the three major rebels. Inside the holy court, it was split at this time.

The Holy Court was divided into two factions due to different opinions. One faction believed that all efforts should be made to eliminate the three major bandits. Among this faction, the loudest voice was the first. The other faction thinks that Luo Qian must be guarded against. The Holy Court people are not fools, the huge system has already learned about Luo Qian’s strength through all aspects. Although he only mastered a scale and a half of the claws, it was already possible to tell that Luo Qian’s strength was far from being as vulnerable as they had previously imagined.

The two parties had a quarrel in the holy court, and the new holy lord suddenly stood up and patted the table: I want to go with you! Ling Xing first thought: It’s broken…

He originally thought that because of the death of the first master and the invasion of the three bandits, things would turn for the better. He didn’t expect that the three bandits actually aroused the new master’s determination to quickly destroy Luo Qian.

On the second day, the soldiers and horses of the Holy Court have been mobilized. All the ministers couldn’t help but felt strange: three ninth-level masters accompanied, leaving two ninth-level masters to guard Shengduxing. The imperial edict should not be wrong, right? Everyone thought they were wrong. A group of old monsters who had lived for thousands of years broke their fingers and counted again: Yes, there are clearly ten 9th-level masters, but there are only nine in the holy court, the tenth. Where did it come from?

Some veterans have guessed it: the new saint master is not easy, he has established his own power in advance, and there is even a Tier 9 master!

Those who haven’t seen it thoroughly yet laughed around asking: What is going on, what is going on? Did your majesty be wrong… The old treacherous and cunning people didn’t explain to them, standing with sleeves and arms unrelated to him, with white beards fluttering under his jaw.

The holy lord’s imperial conquest is naturally magnificent. After a tedious ceremony, Shengjia left the Shengdu star and went to the planet of Luoqian.

Unexpectedly, before they went far, a former military guerrilla reported: “Your Majesty, there is a woman blocking the road ahead!” The new Holy Master sat under a huge canopy 30 meters wide, with a jade crown and a curtain of beads, covering the face of the dragon: Who?” “I don’t know.” “Explore again.” “According to the purpose!”

The military commander who was accompanying was a bit strange. The person blocking the road was not looking for death. The Saint-Town army was vast and tens of thousands of soldiers and horses, and she was blocking the road alone. Unexpectedly, in the previous riots, the 3,000-strong guerrilla army was beaten into a rout and fled in defeat. The faces of the three ninth-level masters who followed the Holy Master changed: “No, it’s a ninth-level master!”

Two of them looked at the third person together, and that person was the tenth-rank ninth master of the Holy Court who appeared mysteriously this time. This person looks young, but his face is so tight he must have never seen him before.

The holy lord snorted coldly and waved his hand: “Gushe Village, you go to the front and ask who is it.” The young ninth-rank master knocked on the leader: “Zhuzhi.” Gushe Village arrived. The situation in the former army has stabilized. The former army commander is not a rice bucket. Although he is not the opponent of the ninth-level master, he has a calm command and takes advantage of the number of troops to surround the master and employ tactics. The ingenuity of trapping the enemy. His sergeant did not suffer much damage.

Gu Shecun snorted coldly, and didn’t see what he was doing, he was already inserted between the master and the Holy Court army. The former army commander took a look, his own master came, immediately waved the flag, and the army slowly retreated.

“Who are you, dare to stop!” Gu Shecun asked angrily. The person opposite is actually not weak at all: “I just want to ask, you are going to kill Luo Qian!” Gu Shecun frowned, “Military aircraft. How can you inquire about it!” His temperament is just right. Do it, let’s talk if you win. However, the Holy Lord had his life, and asked who it was, he had to suppress the urge to do it: “Who are you?”

Feng Feitian scolded, “You are going to the old mother’s house. I am not allowed to intervene!” Before Gu Shecun started to do it, she shook her shoulders and shook her back, and the starry sky was full of flames. The endless Chaogushe Village pressed over. Since Gushe Village was promoted to a Tier 9 master, he hasn’t encountered an opponent worthy of a fight with him. Today, he finally met one and was overjoyed. The eyes flashed with excitement and grandeur, regardless of that many, suddenly released the aura of a ninth-order master. There was a head-on with Feng Feitian.

“Boom!” The cyan ring-shaped ripples exploded. Several planets near the two were stripped of their “coats” in an instant. After dozens of ripples in succession, only a tiny part of those planets remained. Become a wanderer asteroid in the universe.

The former army commander immediately sent someone back to report to the Holy Master. The generals were shocked: Isn’t Feng Feitian dead? Why did he run out to stop the army alive?

Feng Feitian was supposed to be dead, but that starburst destroyed countless planets. Coincidentally, two star cores were formed. Feng Feitian’s soul fragments merged with a star core, and he wandered in the vast interstellar space for several months before he was promoted to become a Tier 9 master!

Just when I woke up, I saw an army slowly coming. She is a ninth-order master, and those sergeants naturally cannot detect her existence. The sergeants talked while flying, and Feng Feitian heard it clearly. This time I was furious: I went to fight


Feng Feitian is extremely clever, Lenovo’s own failure, almost guessed the course of the matter, no matter so much at the moment, anyway, he is a ninth-level master, stop these people first.

She was also a little big, but she did not expect that behind the guerrilla army of 3,000 people, the Holy Master Yujia personally conquered the land army, and there were three ninth-level masters.

The saint master heard the report from the former army, and there was no slight fluctuation behind the bead curtain: “You two, go and capture the woman together!” Although the remaining two ninth-level masters are somewhat reluctant, the saint master has already spoken and cannot Not. The two took the decree, and went dingy.

Li Shu was full of energy: “Come here, grandma a bear, finally here!” The Holy Court army was densely covered with the starry sky and surrounded the entire planet from space. The army blocked the sunlight on the planet. The planet is dim.

Luo Qian looked up at the sky, realized through the planet’s atmosphere, and shot into the starry sky: There was a nine-clawed dragon flag spreading out, and under the giant golden canopy, sat the Supreme Ruler of the Holy Court, the Holy Lord.

Luo Qian asked: “Li Shu, are you sure to wound the holy lord but not kill him?” The holy lord can’t die now, otherwise the holy world will be defeated, and the three bandits will be cheap. So Luo Qian only wanted to hurt him, not to kill him.

Li Shu frowned: “There are four ninth-level masters around him – strangely, there are only nine ninth-level masters in the Holy Court, and there are five people on the front line, and there are four people here. He didn’t even send anyone to garrison the Saint Capital. Anything unexpected… Hey, it seems something is wrong…”

“Gushe Village, hold the woman, and follow me.” The Holy Master stood up and said. The surrounding military commanders were startled and knelt down in space together: “Your Majesty, you must never! You are the Lord of a realm, how can you be suspected of being involved in your body, if the robber is dead…” The Holy Lord does not wait for them Besides, he has led Gushe village down. He also has a Tier 8 cultivation base, and those generals didn’t have time to hug your majesty’s legs.

Li Shu was stunned. Luo Qian couldn’t really understand it after all, so he asked him, “What’s wrong?” Li Shu said, “Big brother, I can do it now. I promise to do it.” Luo Qian said, “Then what are you waiting for? Do it!” Li Shu agreed: “Okay!” He was gone before the voice fell. Luo Qian was still very relieved to Li Shu, the number one master of the holy world, wounding but not killing, this is a piece of cake.

But it didn’t take long for Li Shu to return, his face was very abnormal. Luo Qian asked immediately: “How?” Li Shu shook his head and opened his mouth and said, “Big Brother, I can’t…” Luo Qian was anxious: “You can’t do anything! Hurry up and beat him to death, otherwise the war will lead to death and injury. Countless!” Li Shu said with a bitter face: “Big Brother, I really can’t, listen to me…” “Fart, the fighter is fleeting, don’t you give it to me!”

“Hey, the fighter plane is fleeting, and you are right-the fighter plane is gone.” A man wearing a black and gold imperial robe and a bead curtain on his head sneered. Beside him, a young man held an arm in his hand, and the owner of that arm was unconscious at this moment.

Luo Qian was shocked: “Flying!” Li Shu let out a sigh, “Big brother, do you understand…” Luo Qian didn’t care about him, and walked towards Feng Feitian dementedly. Gushe Village slammed hard: “Stop!” Luo Qian felt distressed and furiously said, “Asshole, you dare to move again, I want you to die without a place to be buried!”

With a loud shout, ten ghostly shadows appeared behind him.

“Tier 9 master!” The Holy Master was taken aback: “The Holy Court really underestimated you!” He suddenly smiled: “Fortunately, I met her on the way, hehe!” Luo Qian gritted his teeth, but he was the only one in his holy world. His wife was in someone else’s hands, so he could only clenched his fists, struggling to suppress his anger.

“Gushe Village, wake her up.” The Holy Master said. A holy force shot from Gushe Village’s fingertips, and Feng Feitianzhen woke up after shaking his head twice. “Feitian!” Luo Qian cried out painfully. Feng Feitian looked at him in a daze for a long time. The tears suddenly gushing out of the spring and the springs can’t stop, and he called out: “Luo Qian, I thought I would never see you again… “

Luo Qian nodded at her lightly, stared at her for a moment, and resolutely said to the Holy Master: “What do you want?” The Holy Master laughed, “Do you love your wife very much? Are you willing to do anything for him?” Luo Qian angrily said: “Nonsense, what are the conditions?”

The holy lord suddenly said leisurely: “Oh, that’s the case, the couple is very affectionate, this is easy to handle, I hold your wife in my hand, you have to obediently do what you want. Well, let me think about it, yours Strong, can help me do a lot, hahaha…”

Luo Qianqi’s eyes were about to stare out, and Li Shu also stomped his feet in a hurry. The Holy Master still quite said: “Don’t look at me with that kind of eyes. I’m so scared. When I am afraid, my mind is not bright, and I may not remember any requirements…”

Gaba Gaba… it was Luo Qian’s knuckles clenched. The Holy Lord still didn’t notice anything, and said slowly: “Don’t worry, let me think about You’d better keep the big man next to you not moving. My subordinate is very nervous. If you accidentally hurt Mrs. Zun, I am not responsible.”

Luo Qian took a deep breath, and gently pulled Li Shu who was about to move, and said to the Holy Master: “Okay, you have enough fun, let’s say what you want!”

“My request is very simple.” The Holy Master suddenly became serious and said quickly: “You help me solve the three major bandits-this is very easy. You have eleven ninth-level masters, and I have ten. We will work together to deal with the three. Dakou is definitely an overwhelming advantage. Then…” He deliberately paused: “I will give you the outer domain, I am the Holy Lord, and you are the king of the outer domain. From now on, the outer domain is no longer the exile of prisoners. In this land, people who ascend to the Holy Realm can choose to stay in the domain or throw themselves out of the domain. That is their freedom!”

Luo Qian was taken aback: “What did you say?!” Letting himself deal with the three major bandits, Luo Qian was not surprised, but he was surprised by the Allied Forces with the Holy See. He thought that the saint would drive the tiger and devour the wolf and let himself fight with the three big bandits, and the saint would take advantage of the fishermen, but he did not expect it to be a coalition. The rewards in the back are even more incredible, this is simply a match for myself!

“You, why are you doing this?” Luo Qian was puzzled.

The opposite saint smiled suddenly and stretched out his hand to lift the bead curtain in front of him: “Because I am a legend.”

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