Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Vol 5: Chapter 80: Finale/End

After moving for a while, that face was a bit familiar. He frowned, and said, “It’s you…” Feng Feitian walked over from Gushe Village, and handed Feng Feitian to his hand, then stepped aside and saluted the two people seriously: “Sorry, I accidentally beat my sister-in-law. After the beaten, I knew it was my sister-in-law. How offended.”

Holy Lord-Fei Sheng, in the Tianhu race that year, he had to achieve a legend. The young man who helped Luo Qian win by accident turned out to be the prince of the Holy Realm. Luo Qian never expected that this would be the result after the sword was drawn. Fei Sheng obviously knew it a long time ago. Today, all this is just a scene, with an obvious purpose, in order to achieve the “legendary” effect Fei Sheng requires.

Luo Qian looked at Gushe Village sideways: “Your name is familiar, as if you have heard it there.” Gushe Village smiled: “My sister is Gusherong, thank you for the half piece of jade!” Luo Qian suddenly said. It turned out that it was the girl who went to treat others for “frigidity”. He couldn’t find the Gushe family at the time. He put the half piece of jade on the Private Professionals Association mission website. Later, he didn’t check it. Apparently someone did it. For this task.

Gushe Village smiled and said, “The one who fought for your sacred stone is your Majesty the Holy Master!” Luo Qian laughed, but Fei Sheng rushed to grab his neck: “Hey, my story, Did you help me to promote it!” Luo Qian laughed and his stomach hurts: “Don’t worry, I’m not dead yet, how can the legend spread? Only when I become a legend in the fairy world can you become a legend in the legend. ——Legend of Legend!”

Fei Sheng tilted his head for a moment. He was wearing a beaded curtain and jade diadem, and he was very stable. With such an unexpected head, the jade diadem fell with a crash. Fei Sheng ignored it, squinted his eyes and smiled: “Legend of Legend, well, I like this name.”

Gushe Village said on the side: “You are my sister, that is, the future Saint Queen. Naturally, His Majesty will give you some benefits. Plus you are so powerful. Putting you in the domain, he will not Don’t worry.” Although he took a mouthful of His Majesty the Holy Lord, but the three of them grew up together, Gu Shecun had no respect for Fei Sheng at all, and he ruthlessly exposed his old bottom. Fei Sheng’s face blushed, half-truth and Luo Qian said: “Although the outer region is vast, but there are many dangers. I gave you the outer region, not necessarily to give you a wealth. You have to protect me outside. .”is not that right. Fei Sheng’s domain is Hexin. If there is any danger outside the domain, the first soldier will move.

Luo Qian suddenly remembered one more thing: “Gu Sherong said that you were in retreat, but you are now a Tier 9 master. That means you became a Tier 9 master after retreating?” Gu Shecun said: “No. Wrong.” Luo Qian remembered what Master Basmo had said. He experimented and used the star core in Xinghu to create a Tier 9 master: “What is the relationship between you and Master Basmo?” Gushe Village said: ” He is my mentor.” Luo Qian stunned for a moment and yelled: “I’ll just say. This old immortal must have known in advance, so he looks like an old **** is there, hateful, hateful, and too hateful!”

In the starry sky, light ran across. The three bandits concealed their own strength, they had a total of seven ninth-level masters, but they were in a decisive battle with the holy court. These seven ninth-rank masters not only did not play the role of a surprise. Instead, he was defeated. The ten ninth-tier masters of the Saint Court pressed up with a force of overwhelming force.

Just when the three major bandits were tired to resist and the battle situation was anxious. News from the rear defense came: Is anyone known to have attacked the three major base camps outside the region? The enemy is powerful and terrifying, eleven 9th-order masters. Completely wipe out the three major bandits outside the territory with a force of destruction.

The rout was unstoppable, rays of light flashed across the starry sky like colorful meteors, and the rebels outside the territory fled around. The Holy Court army was completing the encirclement step by step. It was Ruthless Digushe Village who commanded this battle.

“Your Highness, Your Highness, please turn the Nine Dragon Claws out. Yes, yes, that’s it, the five grids with dragon parasites facing outwards, so that they look more prestigious…” One wearing a peaked cap and black-rimmed glasses, The guy in the vest carefully suggested to Luo Qian.

In front of him, there was a strange-shaped machine. It is a sacred digital camera.

Several stylists circled around Luo Qian. After using countless hairspray and mousse made from materials from the Holy Realm, they finally turned Luo Qian’s hair into the shape of an earthly Roman gladiator.

Several saints around are holding silver-white refracting boards, following the instructions of the photographer, walking around constantly, trying various angles, and taking the best photos of Luo Qian.

Luo Qian wears an iron headband on his head, an ancient Roman armor, and a scarlet cloak. Under the blow of the wind, the cloak is hunting. Nine Dragon’s claw arms are deliberately exposed outside.

In the Nine Dragon’s claw arms, five dragons have been parasitic. Originally there were only three, but Fei Sheng gave him two more. These two little dragons are creatures of the holy world. With their sacred aura concealed, their arms can be used in the holy world grandiosely.

This shape is really dazzling and arrogant. The photographer Luo Qian captured from the human world was extremely excited, constantly changing various angles, and snapping high-definition photos.

“Okay, Your Highness, this set of portraits in the style of Western military generals is complete,” the photographer said respectfully. Luo Qian tore off his cloak and asked, “How much have we accomplished? How much are left?”

The photographer took out a notebook, bit his pen and said: “We have completed the romantic prince style specifically for the flower-lovers, the wild throne style specifically for the barbarians, the sunny cute male style specifically for the Yuzhai tribe, and we have just completed There are four styles of Spartan Three Hundred Warriors specifically for mature women. There are still four styles of interstellar development specifically for adventurers, specifically for the academic style of scholarly family, specifically for the power-climbing style for the ambitious, and specifically for There are only four of the white-collar Mediterranean macho styles left.”

“Boss,” Nangong Jue changed his clothes on the side: “This whole set of photos of different styles were taken, and we put them on the selection page of Saint Soaring. It will have different promotional effects for different people. It will not take long. The population outside our region can exceed that in the region.”

Luo Qian turned his face to his side, calming his face very skillfully, and asked the stylist to wave twice on his face with paint. Then he turned around and said: “This is not a competition. We have a cooperative relationship with the domain. I need adventurers to explore the outside world. , I need workers to mine the ore, how can everyone do it? Anyway, Fei Sheng’s territory is overcrowded, it doesn’t matter if I bring more people.

“We give them ore, and they give us holy stones. I’m surprised that no holy stones can be found in such a vast place outside the territory…” He glared at Nangong sharply: “What are you doing here? Hurry up and find me the holy stone!” Kicked on the ass.

Dididi, Dididi… There was a sound, Luo Qian took out the phone with the improvement of the sacred stone card from his arms: “Holy Lord. What do you want?” Fei Sheng shouted at the other end: “Lao Luo , Let your GM brush out ten or eight dragons to kill for me. I’m going to hack to death today. Hurry up and remove the phone from my ear until Fei Li’s voice is quieter. Then I put it in my ear and said: “Your Majesty, you have been caught Are you ready? This time you won’t reveal your identity as the Holy Master again, will you? “Fei Sheng said angrily over there, “Of course it’s bright!” This time the pen was even worse, MD they even said that they were the first master and wanted to be my father. You quickly get Tu Long for me. I have an appointment with Gushe Village, I must find the place back, this

My dead father! “

Luo Qian smiled bitterly, since he introduced the same frequency resonance magic into the holy world. Developed the online game of Holy Realm, and Fei Sheng, who was idle all day long, became addicted. It is a pity that this kid is somewhat ignorant of current affairs and always shows his identity in the game. It’s a pity that no one believes it-the entire server. The IDs named “I am the Holy Master”, “Master of the Holy Master” and “Father of the Holy Master”. After the PK loses, they always report their names to others, trying to “shock” them. The result was even worse.

Luo Qian helplessly said: “Your Majesty, you shouldn’t find me. I’m just an operator. Go to Gushe Village. Master Basmore, his tutor, is the biggest GM.” Fei Shengyi thought: “Neither Wrong, I won’t tell you more, I’m going to find the magic soldier, I’m going to take revenge…”

Fei Sheng just hung up the phone, and a call came in. Luo Qian looked at the number and didn’t dare to neglect, so he asked clearly: “Hey, which wife is it?” Feng Feitian’s voice sounded: “It’s me.” Luo Qian With a knowing smile, another voice continued: “And me.” It was Pei Sefei.

Feng Feitian’s voice was a little greasy: “I brought Se Fei up, and there will be the three of us tonight…” Luo Qian’s heart burst into flames, of course not with anger, but with desire.

He had long wanted to have a taste of one dragon and two phoenixes, and he had to be a master and apprentice. Twitchingly talked to Feng Feitian several times, she refused to agree, and finally persuaded Feng Feitian two days ago, but the next day Witch Caiyi turned back. I didn’t expect it to be delivered automatically today.

Luo Qian hurriedly closed the thread and waved his hands around: “It’s getting late, handwork is over!” There was an evil fire in his heart, and he couldn’t say anything. The photographer looked out the window, and it was noon tomorrow: “His Royal Highness, it’s still early…” Luo Qian was furious and kicked him away: “I say that I will stop working!”

Luo Qian flicked the props and left in a hurry. A bunch of people were left behind and asked the photographer: “Director, what should I do?” The photographer said in an unpleasant manner: “What else can I do? They are big names, so they won’t shoot if they don’t.”

Gan Qinglei was standing outside the palace gate, the palace outside the territory was magnificent and majestic, the dark red palace, the golden palace roof, like a round of golden sun, pressed on the layers of red clouds.

Looking up, the steps are like a ladder leading to the highest level of the outlet. There, it is the place where the king of the outside world meets the subjects. All the subjects outside the territory must ascend step by step from here, hunched over and back, to show their respect for the king of the outside territory and dare not offend.

Qian Tianbo, who had ascended to the holy realm, had rejuvenated his face and turned into a mature man. When he came to the Holy Realm, he was very strange that he had to choose the inner and outer areas. But looking at the introduction, he understood: the territory is stable, but the major forces dominate, it is even more difficult to get ahead. Although outside the region is deserted, there are many opportunities. As long as you grasp it well, you can easily do a career.

Gan Qinglei is a hero in the immortal world. How could the person who even the Taiqing Emperor respected him “doing the old”? He did not hesitate to choose the outside world.

After decades of hard work, it is finally a small achievement outside the region. He was such a person, he didn’t even have the qualifications to stand here, but he accidentally discovered a holy stone mine during an extraterritorial expedition three months ago. Although it is a very barren sacred stone mine, this discovery was of great significance, so he was received by the king of the outside world.

Thinking of seeing this legendary figure in the Holy Realm on an equal footing with the Holy Lord, Qian Qinglei was excited. With excitement and anxiety, he stood there waiting for him.

A person ran down quickly from the steps, and it took a cup of tea from seeing who came out of the temple, until he ran all the way, until he came down the steps.

“The king is destined, see Xuan Lei Qing Jin!”

Lei Qing is his current name. He didn’t want to be known that the wise old man of the cadres had to climb slowly from the lowest level to the Holy Realm, so he changed his name.

“Caomin, Lei Qing, follow the order!” He climbed down and bowed, got up and walked slowly up the steps. He didn’t dare to run up quickly, because that would not be respectful enough, and it would make people suspect that he had ulterior motives. I was afraid that on both sides of the empty steps, a large number of sage soldiers would immediately gush out to overwhelm him.

Climbing up step by step, Qian Qinglei didn’t dare to be dissatisfied. After walking the long stairs for a meal, Gan Qinglei finally came to the entrance of the hall.

Looking up, there is a golden plaque hanging high on the top of the hall, on which is written four big characters of dragons flying and phoenix dancing: Broad sea and sky. Yes, the outside world is not just a vast world!

The threshold at the entrance of the hall was very high, Qian Qinglei carefully lifted up his robe, wishing himself not to be embarrassed. He walked into the hall in small steps, knocked it down, and bowed: “Caomin Leiqing, see my king. Long live my king, long live my king!” Luo Qian didn’t take this “extremely meaningful” event seriously. In the holy world, holy stones are rolling in. However, everyone around him said that Lei Qing deserves a reward. If that’s the case, let’s call it once.

Luo Qian showed a patterned smile and raised his palm falsely: “Flat body.” Qian Qinglei frowned. This sound was so familiar. He couldn’t stop his curiosity. He quietly raised his head to take a look. Eaten by thunder, dumbfounded.

How could it be him! I walked up step by step, and the person who wanted to worship turned out to be a waste who was forced out of the house by myself! Isn’t he in the fairy world? How could he become the king of the holy world!

Gan Qinglei had mixed feelings in his heart, and couldn’t tell what it was like, regret, embarrassment, jealousy? It’s not, it’s not that simple.

Luo Qian on the throne could no longer recognize Gan Qinglei today, or he could recognize it, but he was unwilling to recognize it. In any case, Qian Qinglei would not know. He answered Luo Qian’s question mechanically, but he couldn’t feel calm.

Luo Qian also put on a posture of Mingjun, asking him warmly and caring for the people’s livelihood.

This interview was remembered in the history of foreign countries, but for the party involved in the thunder, it made him even more unforgettable.

Gan Qinglei retired stubbornly, Luo Qian’s face quickly cooled He knew very well that if he pretended not to recognize it, Gan Qinglei would be better off.

To this grandpa, he didn’t know what his mood was, but at least one thing was that his good mood today was destroyed.

“Didi di…” The holy stone phone rang, and Luo Qian saw that it was from the immortal world. In order to make it easier for Xie Tang and the others to contact them, Luo Qian asked Master Basmo to change the World God’s Nest, and the phone from the fairy world can also be accessed.

“Who is there?” Luo Qian still asked clearly first. Three crisp female voices said together: “We are all here.”

“What’s the matter?” Luo Qian’s mood was not high. There was silence on the other end, and Luo Qian asked again: “What’s the matter?” Little Baoer said with a grimace over there, “Dad, Dad, I overheared, and the three mothers said they tricked you back. They are going to squeeze you dry together tonight, don’t be fooled…”

Luo Qian’s eyes lit up: The world is still very beautiful, what **** giants’ grudges, let him go to hell! “Okay, I’ll go back soon!”

“His Royal Highness, Your Highness…” The photographer chased out from behind: “Isn’t it time to take a pornographic photo today?” Luo Qian flew over with a kick: “The dumb guy, this king is going to deal with important matters related to national economy and people’s livelihood today ……” (End of the book)

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