It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 1:

The snowy days are clear, and the winter plum is fragrant everywhere.


Huatang was humming an old song that she didn’t know where she heard from, and after enjoying the warm winter sun, she stretched out a fluffy waist, ready to go to school to pick up the Yu Biscuit.

Every Monday morning when school is over, there will be black cats going to the elementary school to pick up the children.

Speaking of it, human beings are really cruel and ruthless creatures. It was too cruel to keep the poor cub in school and not let it out.

This evil cat is willing to bow down, and sure enough, there is still a long way to learn!

With the tip of her tail curled, Huatang didn’t forget to turn around before leaving the community with her claws, and went to the guard room to wear a turban that symbolized identity and status.

No way, as a black cat with round face and short chubby legs, Huatang does not have the expensive appearance of other breeds of cats. It is okay in the “Fish Village” in the community, and it is easy to be mistaken by ignorant humans after leaving. Recognized as a stray cat.

Huatang is not accustomed to wearing cat cards. Every time she leaves the community, she goes to the guard room and wears a turban, a triangle style, without pressing her ears, and tied a bow at the chin. At first glance, she looks like a cat with status and status, majestic and practical.

It is this way of wearing a headscarf like a rural woman, which makes the cat overly kind and lively, which slightly undermines her image as a villain, and makes Huatang feel a little inadequate.

The black cat jumped up and slammed into the small door reserved for the cat by the side window of the guard room, causing the uncle who was listening to the play in the guard room to turn around cheerfully, “Huatang is going out?”

After speaking, he didn’t care that the black cat didn’t say anything. He opened the closet that Yu Dong had put here, and let Huatang choose the color he likes today.

The front paw was pulled twice. Today’s Huatang is a black cat wearing a soft yellow poached egg turban.

The true villain is to choose poached eggs.

The uncle **** Huatang and adjusted the tightness. After watching the black cat fling his tail with satisfaction, he opened the door and let the cat go out, “Remember to walk on the wall and don’t cross the road!”

I know, she is not a young and ignorant kitten. Huatang didn’t look back, but the shadow was gone.

Watching the whole process, the two young security guards who were so shocked that they did not dare to speak murmured, “Uncle, this is the baby cat in Yu Dong’s house?”

Except for being a bit fatter and having round eyes, there is nothing unique to the rich cat!

The uncle who tied Huatang’s turban just now picked up a teacup and shook his head with a smile. He has been here since the completion of the community, knowing that Huatang is still a free cat, not Yu Dong’s family.

It’s just that the cat has a good relationship with Yu Dong’s children.

Not long after the two young security guards arrived, and Huatang was not too familiar with each other. Looking out from the glass of the guard room, I saw the unique wall design and road renovation of the Kyushu community. I really don’t know the rich. What do you think.

You know, the Kyushu community stood out from other mid-to-high-end real estates and monopolized the news headlines for three months because the designer changed all the infrastructure to dual-use models for humans and cats, and the building was also protected and remodeled. There are special cat boxes and catwalks outside the households where cats can climb.

The whole community is similar to a large cat climbing frame.

It sounds like a design specially prepared for pet lovers in the Kyushu community, but when it opened for sale, the sales department refused to carry pets and screened the residents’ knowledge about pet lovers. “You can not love but can’t hurt” as The admission requirements, all efforts are only for a black cat running freely in the community.

At that time, many netizens complained and asked the owner of the Kyushu community if he bought the land from a cat, or why did he offer a cat like this?

However, the cat review did not affect the hot sales of the Kyushu community. Five six-story houses and 18 independent villas were quickly sold out. The works of internationally renowned designers, the most thoughtful property services in China, and the perfect and considerate service center are also With an established and reliable developer team, residents do not mind enjoying a high-quality life while leaving room for a cat to roll around.

As for the residents who moved in, will they bully Huatang again?

This is the same as how to let parents accept their own cats, you take the cats back, and let the cats do the rest.

There will be no special paths for cats outside the community, but it does not matter, Huatang has his own wall-to-wall path, and he can copy the primary school directly, and he can reach the school gate in less than five minutes.

She came a little early, and she had to wait for the bell after school. Huatang saw the car waiting outside at Yu Biscuit’s house. She jumped over and printed twice on the shiny black car with her paws stained with dust. His happiness jumped into school.

All the bodyguards of the Yu family knew Huatang. When they saw a black cat wearing a headscarf looking at it unkindly, they knew that the cat was going to be skinned. Sure enough, the bright and shiny luxury car printed with plum blossoms was indeed a cat. Made it out.

I can only say that I am used to it. Anyway, Yu Dong’s family likes this cat very much. Don’t even mention printing two plum blossoms, just scratching a few times, Yu Dong will not frown.

The turban was the same as the pass, Huatang swaggered into the school, found the high platform where the national flag was raised, and squatted on it, holding up her claws and waiting for the remaining cookies.

Huatang would come to school every Monday. Yu Bibi and his classmates had already seen the black cat from the window. The teacher knew that it was the cat coming. As soon as the bell rang, they let them off.

“Yu Lingying, your cat is coming to pick you up again!”

“Cat, there are cats!”

The stage where the national flag was raised was very high. Huatang squatted there with black skin, quite conspicuous. Yu Lingying ignored the words of her classmates and hurried downstairs. Then she stood under the stage and looked up at the black cat, showing her little white teeth smiling. Shy.

The little girl stretched out her hand and wanted the black cat to jump down, but Huatang thought about the tragedy that she was too heavy last time and smashed Yu biscuit on her stomach and didn’t get up. She felt that this was a bit of a challenge to her evil cat image. She still jumped. Going to Yu Biscuit’s side, he took her tail and twitched her calf so that she hurried out of school.

The child has an endless passion for animals. Yu Lingying’s classmates admire her very much and want a cat to pick him up from school, but Huatang is a vicious cat determined to be a badass, and cruelly ignored other primary school students who wanted to touch Touching his eyes, followed Yu Biscuit out of the school gate and got in the car.

The path the cat takes only takes five minutes, but the road from the school to the community takes 15 minutes by car.

Yu Biscuit gently took off the turban and put it away. Huatang squinted beside her and took a nap. She was drowsy by the little girl’s rua hair technique until the car parked in Yu’s garage before she woke up.

“Noon, eat.” Yu Biscuit’s pronunciation is slower than other peers, but Huatang knows her well, knowing that this is Yu Biscuit’s meaning of inviting her to have lunch.

Yu’s food is quite delicious, especially when Zhou Zhou Huatang went to pick up Yu’s biscuits, he made some sweet shrimp or crab meat for Huatang.

Huatang likes to eat and drink the most. After opening the car door, he skilfully jumped into the elevator and followed Yu Biscuit upstairs from the garage.

“Little biscuit is over from school? Ah, Huatang is here too~”

Hearing this exaggerated and pretentious voice, I knew that Yu Dong’s company did not close today. As the chairman of a real estate company, where did he spend so much time at home?

Huatang doesn’t give much face, but the little biscuits really eat this set, her lips are cute and smiling, and she yells dad sweetly.

Yu Dong only felt that there was no regret in his life. He picked up his daughter, looked at Huatang’s unrequited cat face, laughed cheerfully, “Go, let’s go to eat, mom made fish **** for you and Huatang today Wonton, do you like it?”

Compared to Yu Dong, who has many dramas and exaggerations, Huatang prefers the biscuit mother Doctor Hu. She stood by the dining table and just set the table and chopsticks. When she saw the black cat jump in, she smiled and kissed her daughter’s face. Then asked her husband to put the child down, and she took two small ones to wash hands and paws.

In Yu’s house, Huatang has her own towel and tableware. Looking at the cat’s paw pattern on it, she thought of the scene of her first visit to Yu’s house.

Yu Biscuits’ parents, one is Chairman Yu, the boss of a real estate company, and the other is Dr. Hu, the attending physician of a tertiary hospital. They are supposedly very busy.

But they have always insisted that at least one person comes back to accompany their daughter every meal, but it has something to do with the special situation of Biscuit.

Huatang remembered that when she first met Little Biscuit, she thought it was a fake doll, and just sat there motionless. When the black cat found out that the fake doll was blinking, her frightened hair exploded.

Children up to three years old, with hollow eyes and stereotyped behavior, do not respond to external stimulation and communication, and find a corner to spend a day without feeling bored. This makes the passing by Huatang cat’s paw eaten and squeeze from the cat box outside the window. Come in and jump next to Biscuit.

The toy room with all the corners and corners is warm and cute. Huatang also smells a scent of milk. It is estimated that the adult who took care of the biscuits just left. The evil cat is going to do bad things at this time. Courageously approaching, I want to use the paw pad to push the “fake doll”.

With the current medical methods, there is no way to analyze the cause of autism, and there is no medicine to cure it. The pain caused may accompany a family’s life.

Little Biscuit is one of the “children from the stars”. She was found to be from autism when she was one and a half years old. Yu Dong and Dr. Hu were heartbroken. They put everything down on their hands, and they couldn’t get medical treatment all over the world. Ask the children to talk to them more and give them a look.

There was no response, no communication, Biscuit shut himself in another world, indifferent.

When Huatang appeared, Yu Dong and the others were really helpless. They asked the master for advice. After buying a piece of blessed land, they built the Kyushu community. They just moved here with the expectation of ‘try again’.

The master didn’t elaborate, he just said that he bought the blessed land, treated the cats better, and waited.

So Dong Yu and Doctor Hu waited.

On the day Huatang appeared, it was Dr. Hu who finally coaxed the biscuits to finish the meal. Hearing something hit the floor in the kitchen, the nanny screamed, thinking something was wrong, and went out to check the situation temporarily. of.

This left Huatang passing by with a chance to do bad things. After she jumped in, she bent her front paws to take a look, and then wiped clean on the cushion next to her, eagerly preparing to push the “fake doll”.

Doctor Hu, who was worried that his daughter came back immediately, just saw the window of the toy room opened and a black cat squatted in front of the child.

At that time, Dr. Hu’s mind was blank, and he drew in air-conditioning and did not dare to make a sound. For fear of the excitement, the black cat scratched his daughter.

Unexpectedly, Huatang, who stretched out her claws to do something bad, was also taken aback by Doctor Hu. The claws crooked, and the meat pad with the tip of the claws gently pressed against the biscuit’s forehead.

The child sloshed, as if he was awakened, reflexively waved his little hand, grabbed the black cat’s front paw and stuffed it into his mouth, and took a bite with Xiaomi’s teeth.

This landmark bite.

Huatang, who was determined to be a bad cat, was chewed before he was born, and jumped to the corner like a bouncing ball. He looked at his front paws with the children’s saliva in disbelief and heard the sound of the cat breaking.

However, Doctor Hu watched the cat’s paws after gnawing, and got up again to get closer to Maomao’s daughter. Thinking of the turning point the master gave them to the couple, he bit the back of his hand and started crying.

Her child reacted.

Huatang didn’t remember how Dr. Hu was ecstatic that day. He picked up the biscuits and rushed to the hospital without changing his slippers. After returning home in the evening, he and her husband Yu Dong cried and laughed, but starting that day, the black cat and the Yu family’s The relationship is much closer.

With the emergence of Huatang, her daughter’s Biscuit’s condition is getting better and better. Apart from her speaking a little slow, she can’t see much difference from her peers, and she can still read and live normally.

And Huatang did not forget the “evil cat law”, in order to avenge the bitter revenge at the time, determined to bankrupt the Yu family, and the whole cat became more and more perfect.

Ah bah, mighty.

Thinking of this, the vengeful and careful Huatang pushed Yu Dong with her paw pad, and signaled that she was full to pack.

Don’t eat this green vegetable, don’t eat that broccoli, take a portion of the rest.

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