It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 10:

Oh, nothing more.

Which evil cat does not have a prawn soldier and crab, and which villain does not have a fox friend?

It is not the first time that Bai Hefei has lowered the lower limit of human IQ here in Huatang, just get used to it.

The piece of paper on Ren’s back fell to the ground, and the black cat yawned, feeling dispirited, not wanting to slap the door hard, and lazily stretched out his paw and rang the doorbell button in the corner.

This type of doorbell for cats on the floor was also modified by Bai Hefei himself. He was inspired by the catwalks and cat boxes in the community, and made many things in the house that can also be used by Huatang.

It’s just that Huatang usually likes to walk outside the catwalk, basically not using it.

The door bell rang, and Bai Hefei was still confused and thought that he had auditory hallucinations. The property security guards were responsible for notifying the owner of all the express and takeaway in the community. He did not receive a call, so how could someone look for it.

Opening the door open, Bai Hefei, who deserves the name of a horrible otaku, drew on him, holding a face towel in his hand and peeking at who was coming.

“Ah, Huatang!”

Seeing that the guest was a black cat, Bai Hefei immediately became enthusiastic. After opening the door, he was surprised. Why did Huatang take the elevator to ring the doorbell today?

Huatang didn’t go in immediately, squatted with her front paws closed, patted the paper on the ground with her tail, and motioned for Bai Hefei to pick it up.

The pride of Evil Cat does not allow her to perform a static suction paper in front of Bai Hefei.

Bending over to pick up the paper, Bai Hefei saw the beautiful lower letters on it and couldn’t help but praised, “Good word.”

The black cat came in from the door, looked at the towel that Bai Hefei casually placed on the shoe cabinet, jumped on it, stepped on it back and forth, wiped the paw pads clean, swooped, and plunged into the soft sofa.

Bai Hefei didn’t care about the small paw prints on his face towel. After closing the door, he touched the paper and was surprised. There were no creases or tooth marks on it. How did Huatang bring the paper?

Is there a backpack like a game character?

The silly Bai Hefei circled the black cat twice, and noticed that Huatang’s hair was more fluffy than usual, and then read the anti-static advice written on the paper. He wanted to understand that there was nothing in a backpack, but there was an electrostatic frying cat. .

“Hahaha, didn’t Huatang come here sucking paper all the way?” Bai Hefei laughed down on the carpet in the living room, thinking about the black cat, who usually neither sells cute nor coquettish, uses static electricity to transport the paper. Can’t laugh.

If the black cat watched Bai Hefei smiled as usual, he would definitely jump over and wait on her.

But today, somehow, Bai Hefei, who is ready for tactical face protection, did not wait for the black cat. Instead, he watched Huatang lying on the sofa, accompanied by the passionate cat curse in the Bluetooth speaker, condescendingly looking at him with a “stupid mortal” look. .

Is something wrong?

Bai Hefei scratched his face, feeling that he had lost for some reason.

He got up from the carpet and took a small bowl to pour water on Huatang. Bai Hefei put the paper that the cat had brought, and went to the tool room to turn to his usual anti-static spray and electrostatic pen.

As a hand-crafted god, he usually keeps a lot of various materials, and he pays attention to fire prevention and anti-static. The technique is as proficient as a small eunuch, and soon Huatang is smooth again, coming and going like wind.

“By the way, does Huatang like small satchels?” Bai Hefei also knows that Huatang is not the same as other cats. He doesn’t like to lick things casually, and he rarely picks up things. He is more hygienic than his otaku.

Ordinary cats don’t have the need to load things, but Huatang does have them. Electrostatic blotting paper is easy to fall off, let alone other things.

Hearing what Bai Hefei said, Huatang also moved a little, and followed Bai Hefei into the tool room with interest, and saw the small satchel he had made before.

“This was done before, and I have forgotten to take it out.” This was when Bai Hefei had just moved here. One time when he went downstairs to pick up the courier, he saw Huatang wrapped in a small headscarf and walked outside the community. He thought it was very interesting. I made a small satchel of the same style for the cat, and it happened when I was looking for a vegetable solvent to eliminate static electricity.

Putting her ears away, Huatang raised her claws and tried on the small satchel.

Bai Hefei chose fluorescent Barbie powder for the small satchel, embroidered with a simple pattern of bacon fried egg. It is contrasted by a black cat’s black, which is quite cute with spicy eyes.

Huatang can distinguish the colors, squinting at Bai Hefei holding her face and blowing rainbow farts at her, saying that black leather and phosphor are the perfect match, and then showing her claws.

Bai Hefei plopped and sat on the ground to admit his mistake, and he immediately changed his color.

When I chose Barbie powder, I was curious about the effect of black cat with pink. Now I saw it and it was complete. He immediately remade one.

Squatting on the solid wood stool next to him, Supervisor Huatang, watching Bai Hefei cutting the fabric and stepping on the sewing machine, yawned and raised his claws, watching Barbie pink’s small satchel being caught by her and became satisfied.

Bai Hefei is worthy of the name of the hand-made great god. Soon he rushed to work out a new small satchel, with a white background and black borders, which looked elegant and elegant, and had the taste of a big high-end classic.

Huatang tried on the new satchel, jumped off the stool and walked a few laps. It looked awe-inspiring, but the black cat who was used to jumping down still felt a bit cumbersome.

Moreover, if Huatang wants to drill into a small space, it is likely to be stuck in the small satchel and then pull the cat back, which is a bit dangerous.

Bai Hefei is also aware of this problem. It is fine for use at home, but when Huatang runs out wearing a small satchel, there may be an accident, especially when jumping back and forth in the cat box. If the little satchel is caught by something, it is very likely. Let the black cat fall off after being caught.

“No, I will think of other ways.” Bai Hefei got serious, took off the small satchel, and then turned out the small robot he had put away before, to see if he could make a box robot that followed Huatang.

Just as the game character has his own backpack, put the storage box outside, lock Huatang to light up the follow ability, and then you can serve Huatang at any time and run around with things.

Huatang stretched out his front paws, Ren Baihefei buckled something like a watch **** it, and then tried to run out of the tool room. Sure enough, the clumsy little robot immediately started and swayed to catch up with Huatang.

Hey, it really works.

Huatang jumped onto the coffee table in the living room and watched the box robot follow him. Then he lifted his paw to push the orange in the fruit bowl and smashed it into the box, watching the little robot stagger and hold the orange.

The cat walked around behind the sofa, and the little robot also took the oranges. The cat ran to the tool room, and the little robot quickly caught up. Bai Hefei looked at the black cat’s shiny eyes and bent down to take out the oranges contained in the box robot passing by. , It’s a pity, “This small robot can only be used at home or in a flat place, so it is not practical.”

The action of the small robot relies on a steerable crawler, and it has requirements for the terrain of the action. Think about Huatang’s cornices and walls, it is likely to chase after the loss, and then lose the signal and shut down automatically.

Bai Hefei is talented in handcrafting, but he is not omniscient and omnipotent. It is okay to add a box to the robot, but he still needs to go to his brother to transform the robot.

“Ah–” With his head covering his face, Bai Hefei collapsed with a headache. He knew that Brother must have a way to change the robot’s behavior, but the problem was that he had no face to see Senior Brother!

When he was framed for plagiarism, many of Bai Hefei’s close brothers and sisters stood up to speak for him, but the netizens who touched him were scolded with **** heads. He has been guilty and afraid to contact them.

The social fear of the otaku has been evading, and it is impossible to face it every day.

The box robot is a concept display product. After chasing Huatang for a while, Didi went to sleep with insufficient power.

The black cat stopped, tilted his head back and gently pushed with his front paws, only to find that the box robot was motionless and still beating, and immediately ran back to the tool room to let Baihe fly out to take a look.

The box doesn’t move.

“It’s out of power. I don’t have tools to charge.” The ports of this small robot are all non-standard sizes. He used to go directly to the senior brothers and sisters club to charge. Where did you think about the situation that it could not be charged?

Bai Hefei covered his forehead with his hand, hesitated and distressed, not knowing whether he should contact the senior.

When he was leaving school, Bai Hefei was in a daze and at a loss, but he still remembered that the brothers and sisters who had been hurt by him came to comfort him, let him rest well and don’t think about it, it was nothing.

If the brother and sister blame him, Bai Hefei might feel better, but none of them, even if the extreme netizens were so angry that they vomited blood, they did not anger Bai Hefei.

The expectations and kindness of others towards him are sometimes also pressured. Bai Hefei admits that he is a coward. When he thinks of the days when he was chased down and cursed by liars and robbers, he wanted to hide in a corner.

Huatang wondered, the little robot is out of power, why is Bai Hefei out of power?

The black cat jumped onto the console, stretched out his claws and pushed Bai Hefei’s buried head, and then saw that he didn’t respond, and both claws were raised and started to press on the milk.

Bai Hefei had been evading for too long, even if he had long thought of changing, he didn’t have an opportunity or push to do it.

Now that the black cat is holding his head, there is a rough pad but the tenderness of a small animal alone, which makes him a little bit sorrowful, and gritted his teeth to want to do something.

The matter of being framed for plagiarism, after carefully recalling it, there are actually many doubts and evidences, but Bai Hefei encountered this situation for the first time at that time, and was stunned, which made the other party unscrupulous.

It’s okay to be framed for a while, but you can’t carry the unnecessarily infamy. The truth is that you need to actively search for him to be innocent. Bai Hefei clenched his fists, and the doctor praised him for working hard to fight depression. ?

As a result, Bai Hefei suddenly embraced the black cat with great pride and moved forward, “I want to be brave!”

The black cat did not react and was strangled into a gourd shape, showing her fangs with a sneer and bright claws. Okay, today she is going to punch Bai Hefei into a brave appearance.

“Oh oh oh, don’t slap your face, don’t slap your face, I’m wrong, I’m wrong!”

Sure enough, without beating for three days, he dared to provoke the evil cat casually.

Huatang Maomao fisted out, hitting Bai Hefei’s head hidden in the quilt, shouting for mercy so loudly.

Shaking his tail vigorously, the black cat threw “White Brave” there, took the small black and white satchel and left.

Before the box robot is transformed, this small satchel can barely be used.

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