It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 11:

Huatang, who owns a bag for the first time, has mastered important knowledge without a teacher, knowing that it is better not to memorize an empty bag.

Therefore, before coming out of Bai Hefei’s house, she turned around, skipping the chubby oranges, and bypassing some hand-made gadgets, and found the postcard that Bai Hefei had placed under the coffee table.

Well, this one is light and relatively small, so it can be stuffed into a small satchel.

The thick stacks of postcards are all made by Bai Hefei. His aesthetic preferences are sometimes quite nostalgic. He likes to make posters, stickers and postcards of landscapes and celebrity photos, and then appreciate it with his own beauty, just like a pupil chasing stars.

In front of the cat, Bai Hefei didn’t conceal his stupid nature. He also offered to send a few photos to Huatang like a treasure.

At that time, Huatang couldn’t take it away, so she had to change her posture and face Bai Hefei with her tail.

Now that there is a small satchel, Huatang just packs a few, which also makes the satchel useful.

Ok? The postcards were all Han Lan. Pulling all the postcards down, Huatang saw Han Lan at a glance. The black cat tilted his head to think for a moment, and installed all the best looking ones.

Qualified evil cats must have the courage of the beacon to play princes above the matter of pleasing beauty.

Huatang doesn’t have a beacon to play with, so it’s okay to take two postcards to send Han Lan.

Carrying a small satchel is not suitable for walking outside the cat box. The black cat went to press the elevator. It happened that Han Lan’s house was on the fifth floor, and Huatang could only take the elevator.

When the catwalk and the cat box were designed, the highest point of the bungalow area was on the third floor. The upper floors did not believe that Huatang could not go up, but was afraid that there would be an accident when the cat was too high and the cat would fall.

Even if a cat has “nine lives”, it can’t be used like this.

Although Huatang was mistakenly pushed up by the nanny Su, the evil cat is always more caring about beauties and is quite impressed with the location of Han Lan’s house. Now he presses the elevator and prepares to set off.

It is also unclear whether Bai Hefei knew that his ancient costume goddess lived temporarily on the fifth floor opposite.

When going downstairs, there was still a couple in the elevator. Seeing that the elevator stopped on the third floor, but there was no one, the two young men turned pale.

Fortunately, the girl was more keen, and pulled her boyfriend’s hand, motioning him to lower his sight. The two people saw the small satchels on their backs. After entering the elevator, they saw that the first floor had been lit up and was sitting in the corner. Cat.

The young people have a high affinity for pets. The two have only seen black cats on the roof of the red-tiled house. Now they watch the cat sitting on the elevator with them seriously. Suddenly, they are flattered and don’t dare to get in touch with them, so they started taking pictures with their phones.

Hearing the movement, Huatang glanced back, and then secretly stepped on the button dedicated for cats next to him, on the second floor.

The elevator stopped on the second floor. The happy young couple immersed in the sneak shots didn’t even look at it. They thought they had arrived on the first floor and went straight out.

They walked out of the elevator from Huatang’s side, still sharing happiness in a low voice. They were surprised by the black cat who would take the elevator and smiled. Then they turned their heads and saw the corridor before reacting. Wait, this is the second floor.

The little couple turned their heads, only to see the elevator doors that were about to be closed, and the cat’s head that had been tricky in the gap, helpless and funny.

This can be regarded as being pitted by a cat?

I didn’t get angry when I left the two being bullied by evil cats. Instead, I wanted to post a few more young people who were in the circle of friends. When Huatang went upstairs again, he didn’t meet anyone else. On the fifth floor, Han Lan’s house didn’t have a doorbell. , Huatang simply patted the door vigorously.

Hearing the sound of dong dong dong, Han Lan who was reading in the living room was puzzled, got up and opened the door, and then saw Huatang.

“Huatang?!” Han Lan was pleasantly surprised, and hurriedly let the black cat come in, watching the cat stepping on its paws on the carpet in the hallway with restraint, and then squatting down with a smile, “It’s okay, step on it, come in!”

Aunt Su heard the sound of the door opening and came out of the kitchen. She glanced at the black cat and felt helpless. When she was about to say something, she saw the white body of the black cat and was shocked, “Does this cat have any white ringworm? ?”

Wasn’t it pure black before? Why is it black and white?

“Aunt Su, this is the color of Huatang’s small satchel.” When Han Lan saw that Aunt Su didn’t wear glasses, she knew that she had made a mistake, so she explained quickly so as not to make the black cat angry.

Han Lan feels that small animals with spirituality can actually understand words, so they can’t talk nonsense.

Putting on the reading glasses, Aunt Su reacted and nodded repeatedly, then seeing Han Lan liked it, she could only go into the kitchen and continue to work.

Sure enough, the beauty pleased the villain the most, Huatang followed Han Lan to the living room, and then motioned to her to help herself remove the small satchel.

There was obviously something inside. Han Lan asked Huatang, and after getting permission from the cat, he opened the bag and took out the postcard inside.

“Huh?” Han Lan was surprised. Looking at himself on the postcard, he couldn’t help but leaned over to kiss the tip of Huatang’s cat’s ears, “Wow, Huatang, where did this come from!”

Han Lan has been in the industry for many years, and not every drama can get the position of female one female two, but the pictures on the postcards are chosen very carefully. At first glance, fans can only intercept and produce them for many years.

Hugging the black cat on her lap, Han Lan picked up a postcard and pointed to one of the multiple models of herself on it, “In this drama, I played a shadow of the heroine. Although I only played for three minutes, I dedicated myself to learning the shape for three months, and I dreamed of raising my chest and raising my head.

Debut is the pinnacle, and it is also a curse-like imprisonment for Han Lan. Not every director and crew is willing to give newcomers a chance. When she first entered the industry, she was indeed “smash hit”, but it was only for a while.

Later, I wanted to get other roles, and I also suffered a lot of grievances. The roles I worked hard to prepare were replaced by others, and after a few months of hard work I could only show up for three minutes. Han Lan has experienced it.

But I didn’t expect that some fans were careful and affectionate, and saved these small clips and made exquisite postcards.

Bai Hefei, a true love fan, also wrote blessings in various languages ​​when making postcards. If it weren’t for the social fear of otaku attributes, he would definitely find a fan meeting opportunity to send it out.

Unexpectedly, what Bai Hefei had not had the courage to do, but was completed by a black cat by accident.

Han Lan could only see English, and in other languages, he searched and searched with his mobile phone, and was moved to a mess.

The original intention of being a star is probably to thank the fans for their support and love, and want to work hard and shine as much as possible, and don’t live up to expectations.

Han Lan likes acting and loves her career deeply. These postcards gave her great affirmation and encouragement, holding Huatang and feeling healed.

“Is this made by Huatang’s friend?” Han Lan went to the study to get a pen, and seriously wrote a message on the back of the postcard. If possible, she hopes Huatang can also bring her thanks to the postcard maker .

Huh? Why did the gift for you be loaded back?

These postcards were specially brought by Huatang from Bai Hefei, who borrowed flowers to present the Buddha and gave them to Han Lan. Unexpectedly, after the successful Pomeranian smiled, Han Lan wrote a lot of words and put them back in her small satchel.

In addition to the postcard, Han Lan also found the Polaroid, adjusted his hair, and took a selfie with Huatang, and wrote a congratulatory message on the back of the photo, thanking the other party for their expectations and recognition.

When Han Lan was sorting Huatang’s small satchel, the black cat’s attention was already attracted by the Polaroid. This was the first time Huatang saw him. It was the first time that Huatang could take a photo. The cat was very curious.

After pushing it twice with its paws, the black cat leaned forward again, placing the Polaroids on its front paws and pressing it like Han Lan.

Han Lan bought a silent camera, compact and easy to operate, and quickly spit out the photo, which was a close-up close-up of a small satchel.

After confirming that the look in the eyes is something cats like, Han Lan tidied up the small satchel and looked at the photos of Huatang offering treasures as if pressed under her front paws, which also gave face to face, “It’s a good shot, Huatang, I will teach you. How about taking pictures?”

Holding the cat halfway in his arms, Han Lan didn’t consider whether Huatang could understand or not, so he pressed the cat’s front paws on the polaroid and taught her how to focus and frame the shot.

One dared to teach, the other dared to learn. Han Lan also changed the photo paper twice. He was rich and Huatang practiced his hands casually.

Seeing that Huatang can use it by herself, Han Lan orders the lightest Polaroid with her mobile phone. When Huatang comes to play with her next time, she can have a cat exclusive model. When she runs out of photo paper, she can change it here. Just do it.

The cracks on the floor, the little beetles lying outside the windows, the places where human shadows and curtains blend together, the cat’s perspective is unique. Han Lan sits on the floor and looks at the photos taken by Huatang. I think the black cat is unique Aesthetic art cat.

Even if some places are smashed, there is a sense of innocence and straightforwardness. It can be seen that Han Lan is also a plush rainbow fart grade ten player.

Had a meal here at Han Lan. When Huatang left, Han Lan was a bit pity. The small satchel has a limited volume, so postcards and photos are ok, but she can’t take away the snacks and other small toys she wants to pack for Huatang. , It really can’t fit in.

The black cat comfortedly patted Han Lan, who was “not giving a gift”, thinking that if Bai Hefei’s box robot is ready, she can develop a “packing business” and even eat and take away.

Thinking of this, Huatang Cat’s Claw, who was carrying a small satchel and was about to go to the lakeside, had a meal, and ran back to Bai Hefei’s house. She was going to supervise Bai Hefei’s progress.

The hand-made **** is also a famous fish catcher. The versatility of fan worship is clearly the product of Bai Hefei’s delay and novelty. Especially when doing business, stop and fish to do something individually. It is simply a happy double. Times.

Huatang is going to see if Bai Hefei is working hard.

Yes, Bai Hefei is really not at work yet. He is sitting in the living room in entanglement, holding the two-color chess pieces in his hand, “I will go, I will not go, I will go, I…”

After discovering that the last one was “I’ll go”, the national first-level retired player began to find new excuses, “Ah, as long as Huatang appears, I will go.”

As usual, black cats do not come twice a day, which shows how serious Bai Hefei’s ostrich mentality is.

As soon as the self-talking voice fell, the doorbell rang, and Bai Hefei was so scared that he almost forgot to beat his heart. He crawled to open the door with a bitter face, looking at the black cat, only feeling evil.

As soon as he had a thought to escape, Huatang came, was the black cat waiting outside the door?

Going straight into the room, Huatang lay in the middle of the sofa and signaled Baihe to fly over and take off the small satchel. The cat could take it off by himself, but the action of closing the ears and crawling back was a bit silly, and the cat refused.

Bai Hefei went to help, holding something in the small satchel very strange, “What is this?”

He opened the bag and looked at it and found that it was his own postcard, and then looked down. Sure enough, there were obviously fewer postcards under the coffee table.

“Huatang likes my goddess, too?” Bai Hefei glanced indifferently. While looking at Huatang, he took out all the contents of the bag, and couldn’t help but start making excuses again, “Well, I will count this time. If I get another signed photo of my goddess, I will contact the senior and senior sister and return to school.”

Hee hee, Han Lan is notoriously low-key. He has only an autographed photo of his true love for many years, which was obtained when Han Lan first started.

With this excuse, Bai Hefei can stay for a while.

Huatang glanced at the weird Bai Hefei, pointed his front paw at his hand, and made a flip.

Bai Hefei, who didn’t know why, turned over, then thumped and knelt down to grab the ground. With his Han Lanfen’s eyesight, he knew that Han Lan wrote the words on the back.

Not to mention, there is also a selfie of Han Lan and Huatang.

Gods from all walks of life, collect magical powers, he must be brave yet not? !

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