It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 12:

Fearing that the otaku Bai Hefei has nowhere to go, he finally mustered up the courage to go out and face reality.

Huatang also stepped on the cat box to see it twice. From the outside of the small window, the inside was empty. Only the canned food and pure water that Bai Hefei had reserved for her hadn’t moved, knowing he hadn’t come back yet.

When there is no one at home, the black cat doesn’t want to come in much, even if the canned food is fragrant.

Hooking up her tail, Huatang went down the catwalk and took the elevator to Han Lan’s house. As a result, the other party was not at home. Aunt Su, who was not too resistant to Huatang, told her that Han Lan had an interview today, and she had to wait until the evening. just came back.

No matter what, life has to continue. Han Lan has been sad for a long time about the bibimbap. No matter how sad it is, his health may be impaired. Now it is good to be able to regain his energy and return to work.

“Do you want to come in?” Aunt Su opened the door, learning Han Lan’s tone, and talking to Huatang like a child.

Entering the door and squatting for a while, the black cat drank a few sips of water in the kitten bowl brought by Aunt Su before washing his face with his front paws. Before leaving, he gently patted Aunt Su’s calf with his tail and went to press the elevator. Go downstairs.

The chubby back, somehow it seems to be fractal and single.

Aunt Su thought about the black cat trekking to the fifth floor, but found out that Han Lan was not at home. She hurriedly put on her shoes and went out to accompany Huatang to wait for the elevator. Then she watched the cat enter the elevator and couldn’t help but exaggerate. “Good cat with spirituality.”

The elevator door was closed, and Aunt Su returned to the house with a lot of emotion, but the flowers in the elevator were blown up.

What nonsense are you talking about? Can you belittle the slanderous villain and evil cat? How come one or two of them have such a deep foundation in self-addition?

Bai Hefei returns to school, Han Lan goes to work, will Huatang feel lonely?

Of course it’s impossible. The entire Kyushu community is cats. As for the residents living here?

Probably a tenant who owns assets and struggles~

Which landlord would be lonely and sad for tenants to earn money to support themselves? !

The evil cat is so cruel, ruthless and domineering.

Looking at the top of the spare tire list and the gentle beauty know that labor is glorious and hard work to get rich, Huatang is relieved, curling the tip of his tail to the lake to watch the scenery, and then squatting for a while, even backing away from the lake breeze with water vapor, The fear of water is plain.

Huatang is a cat who only pays attention to the combination of work and rest. In addition to going to Yurou Township every day to check the site, she also makes time to admire her “fish concubines” by the lake.

Look, they are all cats.

Huatang stretched out her front paws and stepped cautiously on a small puddle on the lakeside steps. Rounding up is the evil cat who has already conquered the water. Today, it is also an evil cat with no weaknesses.

“Huatang?” With a small shovel, Professor Li, who was about to plant some flowers on the loose soil in front of the yard, took out the glasses from his pocket and put on them, then smiled and said hello to the cat.

She just saw a black spot jumping around by the lake, thinking that there was only one cat in the community, she put on her glasses and shouted, it really was Huatang.

Huatang, who was violently conquering the small puddle, took a halt, followed the voice and found that she was a little familiar. It was the old lady who had helped remove static electricity and rubbed her face very comfortably.

The black cat left his pit, rubbed the water on the paw pad on the manicured lawn next to him, and ran towards Professor Li.

The villas are scattered close to the lake. Huatang jumped up from the lakeside plank road skillfully, stepped on the catwalk to the small flower wall of the yard, crouched down and yawned at Professor Li, which was considered a friendly meeting. .

Except for the usual passionate cat curses, Huatang rarely meows.

The old lady laughed, chatting with her old friend, “Does Huatang have a favorite flower? Choose one.”

Professor Li is very good at growing flowers and doesn’t choose any varieties. He takes good care of all kinds of flowers. The young plants that she plans to plant outside the yard are the young plants that she has already cultivated, so just transplant them directly.

After a while, the young plants take root and continue to grow, and you can see the buds bloom.

She had never raised a cat, but she remembered that her friend said that cats would also gnaw some cat grass. Professor Li took this down and planned to go back and ask her granddaughter to help find the cat grass seeds. She planted some cat grass in the yard.

Professor Li often grows flowers and knows that some plants contain certain toxins, so everything that is planted outside is chosen to be safe and non-toxic. In case it hurts a curious child passing by, or a cat that is boring to nibble .

The black cat jumped off the wall, curiously approached the young plant at the old lady’s hand, and ducked back twice because of the peculiar smell of the plant, then stretched out his claws, and straightforwardly chose the largest plant.

She wants this.

“It’s the pteridophyllum!” The old lady was so happy. The pteridophyte orchid is a beautiful tree with white flowers drooping like bells. It is a beautiful ornamental plant. Huatang chose the part she removed from the adult pteridophyte. Strain, “Have a vision.”

The old lady specially left a corner for Pongweilan, and under the crowd of Huatang, she carefully planted the flowers.

The black cat curiously touched the only two leaves on the stem with its paw pads. It was hard to imagine that this would produce beautiful flowers. The old lady took a small basin of clean oval pebbles and wanted to make this piece of land. It was a simple decoration, but Huatang took all of it and built a small fence for Pongweilan alone.

“Yes, that’s okay!” Professor Li was patient. He watched the black cat put up a small pile of pebbles. He went to the house and turned out a small wooden sign. He wrote Huatang’s name on it with a brush and inserted it in the Phoenix orchid. Beside, indicating that this is a flower with a main cat.

Huatang was very satisfied with the old lady’s meticulousness, squatting next to the temporarily ugly branches, feeling the happiness of increasing assets.

“Go in and wash?” The ground outside the yard was quite big. Professor Li didn’t plan to plant all the young plants in a day. He checked the time and put the tools in place, then glanced at the cat and asked Huatang if he wanted to go in and get his paws. The soil is washed away.

It is indeed uncomfortable that the clumps of soil are stuck on the paw pads, Huatang is not ready to lick it by herself, so she should follow in and wash her paws.

Professor Li entered the house to change shoes, Huatang could not change his claws. It would not be appropriate to step on the floor and let the elderly clean it up. So the black cat spotted the sweeping robot parked next to him and squatted directly on it, waiting to be taken by the robot. take away.

The solid weight caused the machine to make a clicking sound. Fortunately, the quality passed the test. After walking around for a few laps, it was considered successful to send Huatang from the door to the bathroom door.

Huatang handed her claws out and asked Professor Li to help with scrubbing. She tilted her head and noticed that there were handrails in many parts of the house, some of which looked like a runway.

Is it for elderly people with limited mobility to exercise?

The black cat guessed right. These things were really prepared for Professor Wang. The brain damage caused by aging is irreversible. There is no special treatment in medicine now. Strengthening exercise and balanced nutrition can be regarded as a panacea, Huatang, etc. After a while, I saw Professor Wang, who was in poor mental state in the wheelchair last time, came out.

The old man has the same kind smile as his wife. While walking with the railing, he smiled at Huatang and praised the old lady that this cat looks good.

Strong, healthy and aura, don’t they just look good!

Huatang thought that Professor Wang’s way of walking was very interesting. It was like a child learning to walk. He approached him naughty and walked one meter in front of Professor Wang. He flicked his tail to watch Professor Wang follow behind.

The nurse who was taking care of the old man was nervous, afraid that the cat would stand in front and let Professor Wang fall, but the two elders didn’t care too much and signaled that it was okay. The cat was smart and would not be stepped on.

No, I was worried about falling you. What else the nurse wanted to say, but was interrupted by Professor Wang waved his hand.

“The cat is more agile than me, and I’m not afraid.” The cat walked at a constant speed and was naughty. Where would he stop and be trampled, so let alone trip over him. The old gentleman was happy, watching the cat walk in front is quite motivated , Can take a few more steps to support the handrail.

Not everyone likes cats. In the same way, cat’s favor is stingy and precious. Professor Wang and Professor Li’s husband and wife are both tolerant and gentle, and they like Huatang very much. Professor Wang disassembled a chicken leg to eat.

The second old man usually eats soft and rotten food. This chicken leg was left during the soup. They couldn’t eat a few bites, so they just tore it to the cat.

Every meal has a special taste. Professor Wang and his wife have a light meal, low oil and salt, but the carefully tasted food is very sweet and Huatang quite likes it.

After eating and drinking, you can stretch your body to sleep between the two elders so that they don’t stop massaging their hands and add new items to the elderly’s daily exercise.

Black cats can have a good time everywhere, but Gu Yusheng ran into trouble when he went to pick up the puppies.

“Brother Gu, or else you will pick up both?”

Lin Qing is Erpeng’s cousin, who also came out of the army. Later, he opened a pet hospital. He would also go to see doctors and vaccinate army dogs, and was promoted to “the man most feared by army dogs.”

The puppies who are facing unemployment and suffering have been raised by him recently. Gu Yusheng and Lin Qing directly came to the hospital to pick up the dogs by phone before.

But the last time I didn’t make it clear on the phone, Gu Yusheng saw the black puppies sleeping on all sides. He also had a headache looking at Bian Mu, who was hiding next to him in a plaster. He wanted Lin Qing to explain what is meant by dog ​​picking. Dog coming back.

“Ah, this is not thinking about Dorje’s offspring. Don’t be embarrassed. Last time I drove out with Erpeng, and put my little ones to Sahuan, I picked up this border animal husbandry.” Army dog ​​breeding in the army is very professional, Lin Qingzhi’s puppies are considered to be Dorje’s grandchildren. Their physical fitness, obedience, and suitability with fighters have been selected from generation to generation and are relatively stable.

Unexpectedly, there are always exceptions to everything. This dog, who looks most like Dorje, has shown a rare liveliness and shamelessness since he can open his eyes. The ghosts and ghosts are all used to be lazy and pretending to be stupid, clever. No use to the right path.

The little guy is bad, and he took the other puppies in the same batch to make a fool. In the end, there was no way. The person in charge of the army dog ​​asked Lin Qing to take away the most culprit first, and wait for the owner with a lot of money and good heart to jump. .

Lin Qing and Er Peng returned from the suburbs and let the puppies play for less than five minutes. Just as they were about to catch him according to the collar positioning, they found the seriously injured Bian Mu.

Seeing that it wasn’t appropriate to save death, Lin Qing asked Er Peng to pick up the puppies, and he hurriedly brought Bian Mu back for treatment. If he was a dozen minutes later, the dog might not be saved.

They guessed that Bian Mu was lost, and then they met the dog abuser who happened to be discovered by the puppy. After he finally rescued Bian Mu, the dog was a bit afraid of strangers and kept close to the puppy.

Therefore, now if Gu Yusheng takes the puppies away, Bian Mu will even have problems eating and drinking. They can’t get close. When they get close to Bian Mu, they don’t care about the wound and want to hide, sobbing pitifully in fear.

Lin Qingsuan was more animal-related, and he was afraid of Bian Mu, let alone Gu Yusheng. He had already hid behind the puppies before he got close to Bian Mu, even if he couldn’t stop him.

It was cast again and shaved. The pretty Bian Mu now looks like a mummy. Gu Yusheng didn’t bully the dog, and reached out to carry the pup over.

Dorje is a Kunming dog, majestic, heroic and loyal. The puppies don’t know what pedigree they were mixed with. It is very similar to Dorje, but when I open my eyes to see Gu Yusheng, tongue and wagging tail, it’s not like Dorje. Up.

There was still a bit of milk for three months, but it was heavy and heavy, and it seemed that I did not eat less.

The dog that Gu Yusheng is most familiar with is Dorje. They are side-by-side comrades. They have different feelings from the main pet, and are more equal and sad. Therefore, seeing his coquettish puppies in his hands, he wonders whether he can take good care of it.

“Look, let me say that you are a little courageous. When doing sound training, this guy was the happiest and was not afraid at all.” Lin Qing was relieved to see the puppies getting close to Gu Yusheng. He felt that there was a lively little boy next to Gu. It’s good for the guy to stay with him. I was afraid that the puppies would not dare to approach Gu Ge.

Now it seems that he is relieved.

As for Bian Mu, who is recuperating next to him? Gu Yusheng touched the hot puppies’ soft belly, and planned to stay in Lin Qing for two days, at least to make Bian Mubu not be so afraid of him.

He has taken both dogs away. Anyway, one is to raise and two are to be raised.

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