It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 14:

What is it like to be old?

Huatang didn’t know that she was still a young fat black cat, but she had also seen an old cat.

Eyes that are always dozing off, furs that are no longer smooth, staggering and awkward steps, and a declining mental head. Similar characteristics are also applicable to the elderly.

There is nothing necessary, Huatang will not leave the community, but Professor Wang’s appearance always makes her a little uneasy, so it is better to get into the car and take a look.

The villain is so busy every day.

Being sleepy, tired and yawning easily, Professor Wang suffered a lot when he was young, and overdrawn his body. When he is old, it is difficult to change anything even if he can enjoy the best batch of medical resources in China.

After sitting in the back seat for a while, Professor Wang, who had just asked Professor Li to drink some water, couldn’t help but squint for a while. The sun’s halo reflected from the light-shielding film of the car window glass and enveloped the old man’s face. Wrinkles and age spots are as obvious as tree bark.

Because I was going for an examination today, the medication that Professor Wang usually took was also suspended. When the co-pilot noticed the state of the elderly and wanted to pull out the medication, Professor Li waved his hand and refused, and put his hand on his lover’s leg. Go up, talk to Professor Wang refreshingly.

“Lao Wang? Did you call Xiaoxian?” Professor Li said that Sun Xian was the student they were going to see from the hospital.

“Hey, hey, hit it, Xiaoxian has no class in the afternoon.” The student of the year is also a professor at a prestigious school. The two elders went to see the students and didn’t want to disturb each other’s class.

Professor Wang taught many students, and Sun Xian was considered the closest one. Even if she later switched to studying materials science, she did not break contact with them.

The relationship between teachers and students for decades is no worse than the relationship between parents and children. Professor Li heard that Sun Xian accidentally hurt his eyes some time ago, so he told his wife that he was going to go to the hospital for an examination and stop by to see her.

“In the past, Xiaoxian followed you to dig stones and fell into a mine. Why is it so dangerous now that I switched to materials science?” Professor Li didn’t understand science and engineering. He couldn’t help muttering when Sun Xian hurt his eyes.

A group of students led by Lao Wang was Sun Xian, a little girl who didn’t complain or cry grievances. She showed white teeth when she was exposed to the sun. She was hurt when she ran around in the field. Professor Li looked distressed, privately. Said Professor Wang several times.

“Xiaoxian is excellent! You see how important materials science is now. Our new energy, aerospace technology and ocean engineering are inseparable from new materials. We want Xiaoxian who has solid basic skills, is careful and bold, and is not afraid to endure hardship and dare to study. “Professor Wang also feels distressed for the injuries of the students, but he can’t help boasting when he mentions outstanding students. Even if he changes careers later, he is proud enough.

As a teacher, he is the best student at this age. When Professor Wang mentioned this, he became energetic and talked about the results of the journals and news reports. I thought about the students’ phone calls. Saying that it’s okay makes me even more worried.

Eyes are so important, how can they be easily injured?

Huatang stretched her body, stepped on Professor Wang’s knee with her front paws, and was caught by the old man’s hand. “Isn’t there any exoskeleton material in foreign countries recently? Xiaoxian said that it’s not the latest technology, and it can be used for civilian use. , Make one for Huatang too.”

Professor Li also touched the black cat and asked dumbfoundingly, “What do you do?”

“…Cat wheelchair?” Professor Wang stuck, he just said smoothly, not knowing what the cat needs.

As soon as Huatang’s ears stood up, she didn’t want a wheelchair, and immediately abandoned Professor Wang to hide away, plainly disgusted.

“Look, I told you not to exercise well and walk by yourself. Now Huatang laughs at you.” Professor Li could not help but say a few words when he saw his wife’s spirits improved. When he was young, he went to the mountains and the sea. The next is tired.

On the issue of physical decline, whether you can walk by yourself is a very important indicator.

Professor Wang is an old man who doesn’t want to leave. Normally, he can’t say that he doesn’t work hard. Anyway, he doesn’t work hard. The angry Professor Li said about him several times.

It was interesting to listen to the old couple fighting. Huatang’s ears moved to listen to gossip, with a clever expression on her face that she could understand, so Professor Li touched the cat’s ear several times before getting off the car.

“Can’t Huatang come down?” The hospital doesn’t allow cats in, but Professor Li is also worried about leaving the cat in the car, ready to take someone he knows to take care of it for a while.

But Huatang didn’t want to go down. She didn’t like the smell of the hospital and wanted to stay in the car.

“Xiao Chen, please take a look at it.” Fortunately, the driver has been in the car, so he can take care of Huatang.

Lying on the car window to watch Professor Li and the others enter, Huatang jumped twice in the back seat, then jumped to the co-pilot and carefully observed the driver.

Drivers are not afraid to wait. Drivers in their early thirties quit smoking two years ago, and now they sit here and find a thermos cup and drink two teas made by his family.

As soon as I opened the lid, I saw the cat’s hind paws stepping on the co-pilot and the front paws on the back of the chair. The long strip looked curiously, wondering what good things he was drinking.


Xiao Chen had only seen Huatang a few times, and was not very familiar with the black cat. He was afraid that the cat would lose his hair and float into his cup, so he couldn’t help but move back and move the cup away from the cat.

But if he was farther away, the cat would not be able to see it. Huatang persevered and continued to stretch herself, stretching her head to look at the cup.

This cat belongs to You Tiao, right?

The driver’s mouth twitched slightly, and he had seen the long strip of cats, but he could only protect the cup with one hand, and explained crudely that it was wolfberry chrysanthemum tea and could not be given to cats.

The cat doesn’t want to drink it yet!

After satisfying her curiosity, Huatang jumped from the co-pilot back to the back seat, and played with herself, making the driver feel a little choked when he was half talking.

The black cat is indeed a bit evil.

The traffic conditions around the hospital are the worst, and the driver is uneasy if parked here.

Two illegally parked cars in front could not find the driver, and blocked the road. A private car got down and a man got down, sweaty looking for a car that could move the seat, and they rushed to send a child with a fever. In an emergency, this distance is too far to be affected by the wind, so I can only drive in.

It’s a handy to help. The driver and the car next to it are not difficult to behave. They both tried to move each side to make a place for the private car to pass.

It’s just that this position is let out, so it’s hard to get in again. The driver looked at the two wicked parking spaces in front of him, thinking that if he returned to his original position, he would be stuck both front and back. Professor Wang and the others would come out later. It won’t drive past.

Simply call the nurse and tell him that the parking lot is tight, go to a place to wait for them, and call ahead when he comes out.

Huatang was onlookers in the back seat, the round cat’s head tucked into the small gap in the driver’s seat headrest. You can’t see it unless you look closely.

It was the driver who glanced at the rearview mirror to find the cat, and then almost jumped up from the black shadow behind his shoulder, and was strangled back by the safety belt.

The cat was black and disappeared without paying attention.

Successfully scared the driver, the evil cat squatted back to the back seat with a grinning grin. She liked the way the car was moving, otherwise, she would stop there and want to scratch something.

There is a large shopping plaza not far from the hospital. The car can slowly pass the time around a road outside. The driver drove slowly. Huatang looked at the billboards and LED screens outside through the rear window glass.

These are all bells and whistles that are not available in the Kyushu community. Huatang looks at the stars who display cosmetics or watches on them. She is quite satisfied with this “photograph display” method. Thinking of the opportunity, she will also come to a billboard to stand on it. At the gate of the community, she showed her fierceness and evil.

The car was walking very slowly. Some young people on the roadside took their cellphones and looked at the license plate number when they came. It is estimated that they have booked an online car-hailing service, but the place is too big for passengers to stand on the roadside to find the car.

The driver drove steadily, and sometimes when Huatang passed by young people, he would deliberately yawn and show his teeth to frighten him.

The black cat’s head can’t be found if you don’t look carefully at the light-shielding glass, but exposing the small white teeth can scare the other person. Huatang is happy to scare passers-by after scaring the driver.

It’s just that some young people are too courageous, and even after being surprised, they still look happy, “Wow, I just saw a cat saying hello to me~”

Nonsense is not a greeting.

Just, I don’t understand the heart of evil cats.

The car drove very slowly, so Huatang saw a familiar face far away, Bai Hefei, who hadn’t come back these days.

The otaku, who is usually as depressed and soft as the mud at home, now changed his clothes and tidied his haircut. He looked at the energetic guy, standing with five or six young people, and talking on the side of the road with his mobile phone.

Huatang immediately became energetic, and took her front paws from the pocket under the safety seat, and hooked up the fried shrimp pattern headband.

Wrapped in a small headscarf and jumped to the co-pilot, Huatang requisitioned one from the small green orange that the driver had brought to refresh himself, and then wrapped it in the headscarf to make dough, so that it could be thrown out and hit people.

The driver’s peripheral attention paid attention to Huatang. He didn’t know what the cat was going to do. He didn’t care when he took a small green orange. He didn’t stop until the cat tried to open the window.

“No, it’s dangerous outside.” All the windows of the car were locked. Without the driver’s seat open, the window of the co-pilot couldn’t be pushed down.

If the cat doesn’t go out, she just smashes the person.

The black cat’s eyes came with a line of “stupid human”, and he gestured to a height, letting the driver drive here.

What the **** is this cat doing?

The driver was confused. Seeing that the black cat insisted on opening the window, he could only think of a sure way and opened a seam in the car window that the cat’s head could not squeeze through.

Just let Xiao Qingju pass, Huatang didn’t dislike it, stepping on the seat enthusiastically, and then watching the car get closer and closer to Bai Hefei, more and more…

“Boom!” Bai Hefei suddenly smashed his arm by something, thinking that it was a prank. As soon as he looked up, he saw the black cat’s head exposed in the car window.

But before Bai Hefei could react, the startled driver speeded up his guilty conscience and ran away. He didn’t even think that the black cat would be able to hit people with a little green orange wrapped in a turban.

Although it is driving at a snail speed, how uncivilized it is to open the window to throw things!

“Huatang? This is Huatang’s turban!” Bai Hefei looked at the license plate number flashing by, picking up the small green orange and fried shrimp turban, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone to call the community guard. Was it stolen by someone else?

The senior brother and sister standing next to Bai Hefei also looked surprised. They saw the black cat throwing things like acrobatics, and they were curiously leaning over to take a look at the triangle scarf with fried shrimp.

Fortunately, the guard room checked the license plate number and told Bai Hefei that it was okay. It was Huatang who took the car to go out to play.

Although he wanted to make a comment, he came out of the community to sweep shared bicycles, but the cat could get out of the car, but Bai Hefei was still very excited, clutching a small headscarf and starting to show off to the seniors and sisters, “This is what I mean by Huatang. The perfect angel cat, I also recorded a voice, which is simply natural.”

They were preparing for a dinner, standing by the side of the road and waiting for the two seniors who had not come. After being hit by Huatang, Bai Hefei felt that he was almost like the son of the Chosen. He wished to find a cat cafe on the spot and show everyone his “preparation”. Be loved”.

“Is it so divine?” A group of seniors and sisters without cats were sore, they took out their mobile phones to make Bai Hefei a little bit sharing spirit, and they also wanted to “the cat’s sound of nature”.

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