It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 15:

Humans conquered the canine family, so some wolves were domesticated into dogs.

Cats have conquered humans, so cat slaves have their own filters to take care of cat owners.

Of course, no matter whether it is active or passive, people can always draw energy and motivation from cats and dogs to purify tiredness and despair.

Young people like Bai Hefei are the generation captured by the plush. It is not convenient to keep cats and dogs in school, so they bring canned food or pet food with them to meet school cats and dogs.

In so many universities in China, there are basically no school cats or school dogs. There are also “study cats/dogs” who jump into the classroom when it is cold. Everyone enthusiastically gave up their seats and did not forget to show off by taking a video.

Therefore, listening to Bai Hefei is like the chosen son of heaven, being favored by cats, it is envious of them. After sharing the audio, I feel like I am also glorious.

It’s just that the audio doesn’t sound too soft or sweet, and it’s about the same speed as rap, which is quite different from the imagined “Angel Sweet Cat”.

Maybe, cats also have dialects?

“Yeah, isn’t your speaking speed at home? You speak very urgently. I used to think that you have a bad temper, and you curse every time you call with your family.”

“Hahaha, Southerners have suffered from critics. I used to think that southerners speak softly. You can speak softly in Mandarin, but when you switch to a dialect, acting like a baby is the same as swearing.”

“Hey, Wu Nong’s soft language is just a few places, OK? Isn’t it normal for dialects to speak quickly and with high pitch?”

The elder brothers and sisters who came out for dinner with Bai Hefei were very familiar with each other. Some were roommates, and they couldn’t stop talking. After waiting for the two late arrivals on the side of the road, a group of people abducted directly to Maojia.

“Junior Brother, hasn’t the number we made an appointment yet? Cancel.”

“Let’s go to dinner first, and then come down for a drink after the meal.” Bai Hefei is ready to invite everyone to have a meal. There are some simple meals and drinks in the cat cafe, which does not reflect Bai Hefei’s sincerity.

After returning to school, Bai Hefei found that things were not as serious as he thought. Original design has its own style. Even if it covers a wide range and different fields, many things are consistent.

Besides, do experts still encounter such things as plagiarism? Digging and framing are nothing new. The roommate who Kengbaihefei thought he had done well, but is there really something 100% proper in the world?

They also have works in their hands. How dare you get close to such an instructor? After Bai Hefei dropped out of school, that roommate was also isolated by everyone, and did not discuss the interests of the original Internet celebrity team, fame and money. Unfortunately, I later got drunk and fought with others, was punished and went to the police station, and was caught cheating at the end of the term and was directly expelled.

Those who disregard integrity will one day pay the price.

Bai Hefei’s school has zero tolerance for cheating. They report criticisms and expel them. There is no room for pleading. This guy’s fate is also very happy.

That is to say, after Bai Hefei moved to the Kyushu community, he stopped a lot of closed social treatments and missed this incident. Otherwise, he would still receive the happy red envelopes from the seniors in time.

Celebrate the consequences of trash.

Of course, the red envelope is small, and Bai Hefei’s reputation restoration is more important, especially this group of senior brothers and sisters, who have all contributed their efforts, let the school give an explanation, and Bai Hefei is innocent.

Although the online one-sided crusade against pigeons cannot be resolved, they have done their best to help Bai Hefei clear out the troubles in real life.

In the few days that I haven’t returned to the Kyushu community, Bai Hefei was so touched that he finally waited for a brother and sister to have a meal when they were free.

I only feel contemptuous when I say thank you. The senior brothers and sisters will beat him because of the numbness, so it is better to sharpen the knife to the wallet and eat the big family together.

But when I met a black cat on the way, everyone’s attention was no longer on the meal. Holding the phone, it seemed as if they had received the “ticket to the sacred world”, ready to go to the cat cafe to show their charm.

“It’s okay to eat anytime, how can the rua cat wait? Walk around, the red envelopes I sent you before are expired and returned, we know what you want.” Embracing Bai Hefei, the brothers and sisters took him into the cat cafe happily. After a group of people sat in the deck and ordered something, they took out their mobile phones tacitly.

Bai Hefei, who had failed to spend the money, resisted and failed. He could only lead by example, and wanted to attract two more cats to come, and then share it with the brothers and sisters who are not favored by cats.

Such a large group of people are basically physiques that cats don’t like. Anyway, every time they come to Maocaa, they really eat and drink, and the cats don’t care.

Huatang gave Bai Hefei overly inflated self-confidence. He first reached out and stopped the brothers and sisters from preparing to play the audio. First, he sat out and adjusted the phone to a volume that would not disturb others. Opera-style closed his eyes and felt the arrival of the cat. .

As a resident of the curious planet, when the audio was broadcast, the cats of Mao Ka were all energetic, and one or two all went to Bai Hefei.

However, before the brothers and sisters held their faces and the cats were about to surround them, Huatang’s “passionate cat curse” began.

Cats:? ? ?

How can this be tolerated? !

If Huatang’s cat appeared, the cat in the cat cafe might not dare to come over, and could only be aggrieved and run away.

But now, Huatang is no longer there. It’s just a piece of audio. The irritated cats started to scold Bai Hefei in a group, and the meow was louder than the audio.

Mao Cafe usually doesn’t have such a big movement. Not only other customers, but also Mao Cafe’s shop assistants all rushed over, watching a young student surrounded by cats, and each one meowed with excitement.

“Wow, is this the legendary cat sucking physique?”

“However, listening to the sound feels a bit wrong!”

Unlike the melon customers who brought their own filters to blind their eyes, the clerk at Mao Cafe is more familiar with cats. Seeing that all the little ancestors are ready to scratch the white and fly, they hurriedly called people to come and take the cats away.

“Excuse me, the cat may be a little excited, do you have anything else with you, guest?”

In order to attract cats, some customers would sneak some catnip in. The clerk would tell and check in advance, but the cat’s reaction was a bit wrong just now. They could only ask Bai Hefei if he brought other things in.

Bai Hefei was also confused. He took off his coat and turned out his pockets. He had nothing on his body except his mobile phone and ID card.

The senior brother and sister next to him also cooperated in the inspection, and then couldn’t help but asked the clerk, “Isn’t there any cat-sucking physique?”

What is this superstition? The clerk’s expression was slightly stiff, and he had no choice but to explain, “If the customer does not carry anything on his body, there will be basically no cat sucking physique.”

Cats are actually very lazy. When they are full and full, they will not even pay attention to the shoveling officer, let alone other strangers.

“What was it just now?” Asked if he didn’t understand, Bai Hefei was also very strange, and even played Huatang’s audio to the clerk.

The clerk is indeed a senior cat slave. The first reaction to the audio is that the cat is in good health. Next, the expression is a bit complicated. Watching the cat who has been hugged in the store is still mowing passionately, a little subtle explanation. “…This cat may be the unruly Zuan Wenqu star descending to earth?”

He was confused, but someone next to him explained.

“Zu’an Wenquxing probably means to speak efficiently and curse passionately.”

Oh, that’s it, Bai Hefei was silent for a moment, covered his face and lay down on the spot, choosing to die socially.

He sleeps here, don’t disturb, please write four characters on the tombstone-Huatang mistaken him!

Lie on the car and finally received Professor Wang and their Huatang rubbed his nose with his front paws. Why did it feel a little itchy?

Shaking her ears, the black cat nestled beside Professor Li, watching her squeeze her own pad in a good mood, and chat with the nurse about the doctor’s examination results.

The tone should be pretty good. Professor Wang also smiled. He didn’t say anything when he heard the request for him to continue to strengthen his exercise, and his attitude was very cooperative.

The driver originally wanted to sue Huatang for opening the window and throwing objects, but after thinking about it, he was to blame for this. What does the cat understand? Next time he will never open the window again.

They drove to Sun Xian’s house, and when Huatang followed Professor Li in, she saw a middle-aged woman with a temperament similar to that of the second elder.

“Little Phoenix, who’s here?” The woman with gauze on her eyes sat by the window, turned her head after hearing the movement, and then wondered a little surprised, “Is it the teacher and the teacher?”

After a healthy person loses his eyesight temporarily, he will confuse the concept of time without being reminded by others. Sun Xian is not sure if it is the afternoon, but he listens to the movements and statics like two old people.

Huatang followed Professor Li, and she took a look with interest when she heard the name of Little Phoenix, and then found that Little Phoenix was the woman in the red coat who opened the door and brought them in.

Actually an adult?

The cat remembers that the cubs caught with their tails are the way to name them~

After observing for a while, Huatang found something different. After the red jacket ushered them in, she hid behind Sun Xian in fear. After being comforted by her, she went to serve tea and pour water, and then returned. In the original place, I lowered my head and started knitting something with woolen yarn.

Professor Li had seen Little Phoenix before, and they knew that this was when the student’s mother was still there. They picked up a girl who had a problem with mental development. She didn’t get angry at the way she dodged and smiled at her.

In addition to Xiao Fenghuang, there are two assistants in Sun Xian’s house. The group sat in the living room and chatted, but Huatang approached Xiao Fenghuang curiously to see what she was knitting.

The round ball of yarn exuded the temptation to startle the cat, Huatang moved his front paw, pushed the box containing the ball of yarn next to it, and then squatted in front of Little Phoenix, ugly by what looked like a sweater in the other’s hand.

Wow, really ugly.

It almost refreshed the cat’s aesthetics. These are all sparse and misplaced garbage stitches. The ugly Huatang doesn’t want to play with the ball of yarn, so that the cat can’t stand it, so he takes the sweater needle and starts knitting.

The black cat turned around and left, lest her eyes be hot, but she was blocked by the little phoenix. His eyes were clear and she called her cat and asked to play together.

The appearance of an adult, but his mind stayed at the stage of a child, Xiao Fenghuang was shy and afraid of life, but there was a rare purity and cleanness on his body, which would not make Huatang hate.

It’s just that the weaving is so ugly that Huatang refuses.

“Huh? Sister, did you bring the cat here?” Sun Xian heard the black cat refuse to fail, but was struggling with the little phoenix in her arms. She was a little surprised and asked. She also raised animals before, so she would never hear it wrong. .

Professor Li also knew that Xiaoxian had raised a cat before bringing Huatang. She watched Huatang being held by Xiaofenghuang, introduced Huatang with a smile, and praised her for being good with Xiaofenghuang.

Professor Wang sighed beside him, saying that when he exercised every day, the black cat walked in front of him and was very naughty.

“Who told you not to take two more steps, it would be better to behave like Huatang!” Professor Li couldn’t help but say his wife, justifying the cat.

Sun Xian’s eyes were still healing, and she couldn’t see anything for the time being, but she found it very interesting to hear the two old men’s quarrel. He waved to the little Phoenix’s voice and wanted to touch the cat.

Since bringing it back more than ten years ago, Little Phoenix saw Sun Xian as her sister, and he carried the cat over with a little effort like a treasure.

Qualified villains never show off in front of the old and weak, Huatang didn’t struggle hard, and became fat into a cat cake, ready to let Sun Xian feel what is called “the pressure of the villain” later.

“This cat must be a good cat.” Look at this furry soft belly, and look at the considerable weight of this soul blow. It is definitely a good cat.


Don’t think your eyes hurt, you won’t be scratched if you scold me!

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