It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 16:

Tigers can sniff roses, and evil cats can be more patient with the old, weak, sick and disabled.

Huatang didn’t care about Sun Xian’s words, she spread out comfortably, and her tail was crisp when she was served with the same excellent rua cat technique as Professor Li.

Sun Xian is clearly a student of Professor Li. What kind of geological research is not important to please the evil cat.

Because she couldn’t see it, Sun Xian sat there rubbing the black cat on her lap and asked her assistant to help entertain the second elder. She had been a student of Professor Wang for so many years, knowing that the teacher came to see her specifically, except for worrying about her own eyes. , I definitely want to see the new collection of mine marks.

A mineral mark is a mineral specimen that maintains its original or original state. It has a very important collection value for scholars engaged in geological and mineral research.

Professor Wang has been retired for many years, but he has been dealing with geology and minerals all his life. Even if his current health cannot support him to conduct field investigations, he still wants to come to the students to look at the mining standards.

After Sun Xian changed his career, he also involved the research of natural mineral crystals in his work, so I kept the habit of collecting mineral marks. Some large windows are placed in the laboratory or work place, and some are thumb-shaped or miniature. Stay at home.

There are relatively few people who collect mining bids in China. For ordinary people, this is similar to a mess of stones, which is useful for experts.

Of course, because mining bids have both scientific research and appreciation value, some scarce mining bids also have investment value, and even the annual bidding price has doubled. Many mining companies have made their fortunes based on this.

The prices of Sun Xian’s collection are low and high. The price of the crystal cluster mining mark about six centimeters next to Huatang has actually been fired up enough to buy a villa.

As a lay cat, Huatang was not very interested in these mine marks, so she yawned and turned over and told Sun Xian to continue rua without stopping.

In addition to being fat, the thick and round black cat also has a warm hand. After Sun Xian suffered temporary damage to her eyes, her other senses became sensitive. She was afraid of injury, worried about falling, and a series of problems. It was sitting there, not in a clear mood.

Sun Xian is single until now, and she is vigorous and vigorous at work, so the assistants are more afraid of her, respectful and more meticulous, that is, the little Phoenix who has been with her for more than ten years knows, but she can’t express it and can only do it in a hurry.

However, the existence of cats does not need to be seen with the eyes. The heavy weight of the legs, the soft and smooth fur, the purring bass, and the higher temperature touch are all vivid and cannot be copied.

Sun Xian rua the black cat, feeling the warm vitality from the little life around him, as if the pressure and irritability accumulated in the heart during this period of time have also been washed away, and the reputation of the cat-shaped mind purifier is indeed well-deserved.

Professor Wang is obsessed with mining standards. He usually feels tired after taking two more steps. Now he is energetic to do some basic tests with tools. Professor Li called him that Wang Shitou is not at all loss.

Little Phoenix sat next to Professor Li and Sun Xian, and continued to weave the piece of cloth in her hand. The ugly Huatang turned over and didn’t look at it.

Little Phoenix loves cats very much, and wants to give Huatang a gesture of the ‘sweater’ in his hand. The ugly Huatang immediately got into Professor Li’s arms from Sun Xian and practiced the word “ugly rejection”.

“What’s the matter? Little Phoenix wants to play with you.” Professor Li gently touched the cat’s head, holding her front paws to intercede to Little Phoenix.

Sun Xian couldn’t see it, but she was amused. She knew that Little Phoenix was timid and would not bully the cat. She should have come eagerly and wanted to play with the cat.

Is Huatang such a casual evil cat? Do you want to play with her?

Sun Xian felt that Little Phoenix was on her legs, and it was a little funny, “Little Phoenix, you can play with the cat on the rope!”

Although the skill of knitting sweaters is poor, Xiao Fenghuang has superb skills in turning the flower rope. She doesn’t know why she was lost, and can’t remember her original family members. She just remembers that the family taught her to turn the flower rope.

Little Phoenix’s fingers are long and soft, and a few strokes can make the flower rope complicated and beautiful. Huatang’s interested ears stand up, and then it smells really good.

How can there be such a flower rope that hates cats in the world~

Professor Li is accustomed to worrying about everything. When I came to Sun Xian to have a look, I was worried that she could not take care of herself, especially many small life problems that require reliable female elders to see.

Even if Sun Xian is also middle-aged, but at Professor Li’s place, she still gave out a white tooth with a smile, and she didn’t know the little girl who was screaming for the sunburn.

The second elder did not leave in a hurry, and stayed at Sun Xian for one more day. Huatang also managed to lay a piece of land between the yarn ball and the flower rope. The tie was strong, and the little Phoenix turned the flower rope basically. Come to untie the knot.

A cat is an animal that can stretch its claws twice when curious. It has been rescued twice and has not changed after repeated teachings. That is to say, the little Phoenix has a simple and pure mind, and is patient. If it is a different person, it would have been annoyed to beat the cat.

Huatang was **** again. She squatted on the coffee table and asked Xiao Fenghuang to help her untie it. He glanced at the assistant who was twitching at the corner of her mouth, with a confident expression of “not only do not admit mistakes, but dare to come next time”. Rubbing against the little piece of cloth, he lifted his paw and pressed it against Xiao Fenghuang’s brow.

“Cat cat?” Little Phoenix looked puzzled, tilted her head to be puzzled for a moment, and then tried to untie the woolen thread. Her level of flip-fancy rope, under Huatang’s frustrating education, has repeatedly set new heights, which is admitted by the evil cat. The turn of the flower rope is passed down.

Of course, although the flower rope is good, how can you have your own site more comfortable?

The next day, Professor Li and the others took Huatang back home. Before leaving, Huatang took Sun Xian’s wrist with her front paw, and the old man smiled and asked Sun Xian to live in the Kyushu community. It’s easy to take care of if you are close.

“When I get the gauze, I will go to chat with your second elder.” Sun Xian did not answer or refuse, but after saying that when his eyes were better, he went to visit the teacher and his mother.

“Don’t worry, let’s talk when your eyes are better.”

Huatang had already jumped back into the car, with the ball of yarn that Xiaofeng gave her. Inside the safety seat like a treasure guarded by the dragon, when Professor Wang finished talking and went back into the car, they saw the cat laid one for themselves nest.

Because the ball of yarn was too large and pressed into the safety seat, Huatang couldn’t fit in and overflowed, which looked like a nest.

So, here comes the problem.

Is it the problem of the ball of yarn, or is the safety seat too small?

Anyway, it has nothing to do with Huatang. The black cat pressed the ball of wool hardly twice, but it was squeezed out by the good elasticity. After circling for two seconds, he started to cue Yu Dong.

Had it not been for Mr. Yu Dong who said that she was fat, the cat box couldn’t get in, and the catwalk felt crowded, would this happen?

Cats are said to be fat, understand? !

The villain can be so idealistic and unreasonable.

The driver drove very steadily, even when waiting for the traffic lights, he stopped slowly and started gently, Huatang and the safety seat fought for a while, then fished out the ball of yarn for Professor Li to hold, and squeezed in perfectly.

The second elder Ren Huatang was busy here. When he was about to return to the community, he pointed out the window and said to Huatang that he was almost home.

Throwing away the safety seat, Huatang jumped to Professor Li and looked through the window, then curled up his tail contentedly. Look, this is all cat’s.

Yesterday’s daily tour was missing once, but today we have to make up for it by two more rounds!

There is no evil cat town, presumably the residents of the community will be scared at night~

Before reaching the gate of the community, Huatang wanted to go out by the window of the car. Professor Li stopped the cat until she saw the guard’s room before pushing the window down, “Huatang, remember to come to eat.”

The tail lightly patted Professor Li’s forearm, and the black cat jumped out without waiting for the windows to come down.

A black shadow flashed past the security guard, and the young security guard was shocked. He turned his head and saw that the seniors continued to drink tea, and he knew that it was the black cat in the community.

Huatang stepped on the catwalk roll-over parkour, jumped up and down and rubbed around, and then started to stretch her back, preparing to tour the community.

Check whether the residents are lazy and do not go to work, whether the clean clothes are hung up, whether they are buying vegetables when they are about to order, and whether the naughty children at home are crying after being cleaned up.

Stepping on the steps of “a tyrant in the community”, the black cat started to patrol from the bungalow area, occasionally staring at the residents who called or cooked in the window, and it was rare to be in a good mood to flick its tail.

Unlike Huatang’s coziness, Lin Qing, who sent the two dogs back to the “Red Tile House”, died of sorrow. Why did Mu start shed her hair frantically?

The black-and-white Bian Mu was also a very beautiful girl. After being injured, he was shaved and sutured. His appearance was greatly reduced. That is to say, Gu Yusheng didn’t care much about this, otherwise he would think the dog was too ugly.

Crazy hair loss makes the already shaky appearance even worse.

No, this is beyond the knowledge points in the textbook. As a veterinarian, Lin Qing knows that animals may be nervous and uneasy in a new environment, but this does not include the sudden crazy hair loss!

The black puppies next to him adapted well. They smelled and looked at each other. They shed a few hairs and chased them happily, but Bian Mu hid in the corner of the bed “Hair is like snow, falling down one after another.”

Because Bian Mu still had wounds on his body, Gu Yusheng asked Lin Qing to send the two dogs back first. He went to the housekeeping center next door to check the registration information. As a result, as soon as Gu Yusheng left, Bian Mu found the corner of the bed and hid, and then went crazy. Shed hair.

Lin Qing came to inspect Bian Mu’s wound, and when he patted it comfortably, he was almost frightened by the dog hair on his hand.

Without waiting for him to worry, Gu Yusheng, who returned with the registered staff, went straight to the point, “Are the two dogs shed hair?”

“Ah?” Lin Qing hurriedly replied without being curious as to how Gu Ge knew, “The puppy’s condition is okay. It’s the border animal husbandry. As soon as you leave, it will shed its hair frantically. Isn’t it because of inconsistent conditions?”

The staff nearby was also a bit helpless. Their community is a bit of a “going out pet”. They can’t come out after being locked at home without any problems, but those who need to be taken out for a walk every day will easily shed their hair as soon as the owner leaves. .

Just, it’s a lot of pressure, and people who look at this kind of hair loss feel cool on the top of their heads.

Not to mention Gu Yusheng, even Lin Qing, a pet doctor, thought it was incredible, “Are there no exceptions?”

The black puppies can adapt well, no problem!

“Yes, but the two dogs later changed into houses and refused to go out all the time.”

Other animals are not allowed to share the site of Huatang, but some stray dogs picked up by good-hearted people are still disabled. If they don’t go home with the shovel officer, they will not be treated and cared for, and the cat will just stay silent. I closed one eye.

The staff remembered that the two exceptional dogs were all injured. She looked at the plaster and bandages on Bian Mu’s body, thought about it, and asked Gu Yusheng and the others to wait for a while before running downstairs and shouting. Flower tang~”

Squatting on the cat box, Huatang, who was urging the household hamster to run on the wheel, moved his ears slightly, letting go of the stressed hamster, jumped down with the sound, and ran in the direction of the “red tile house”.

As soon as she left the bungalow area, Huatang took a slight step, and she smelled a silly dog.

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