It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 161:

The entertainment industry is a place that is hated by as many people as they like.

Especially in recent years, with the information explosion, various kinds of eyeball news in the circle appeared viral, and even interfered with the lives of many ordinary people, causing many people to turn to the entertainment circle directly.

Not targeting a certain star or artist, they are willing to be the passersby of the entire entertainment circle.

It can be seen that being forced to push the damage, let them repel to what point.

However, this also shows from another angle. In the context of the past ten years, the entertainment industry is one of the most easily seen places by the public. When the target group is under twenty-five years old, the entertainment industry can be ranked Go to the top of the watch list.

The celebrities’ every move, sometimes, may be more effective than the teachers and parents said.

I was too sleepy in the math class and was in a daze. When I encountered data for idols, all the computing powers were online, and the multi-line operation worked hard like a robot.

When writing a essay, the material was scarce enough to scratch the scalp. When I encountered a rainbow fart copy, each was like a literary man alive. The sentences were gorgeous and rhyming naturally, and there were a lot of catchy memories.

If hobbies are the best teacher, then chasing stars, sometimes can make people open~

Therefore, this place is actually very important. At least, for some people, it can affect their specific lives.

Du Xing, Miha, and Han Lan, as practitioners of related work, have gone through the ups and downs for so many years, and now they have these concerns and resources, and they are more concerned about some deeper things.

Because they have experienced it, they know what is more important.

Sometimes, making a good film is not only a kind of professionalism, but also conveys something. They are also more important than imagined.

Under this premise, a model team who is proficient in the one-stop skill of “reverse bite and frame to whitewash yourself” in the entertainment industry is naturally quite obtrusive and obtrusive.

Especially after the marketing account’s push and fans’ comments, many passers-by also clicked in. Regardless of the cause and effect, they first vented their emotions “same hatred and hatred”, slandering and insulting Huatang, which made them unacceptable.

Facing this kind of attack, Huatang herself had the best mentality.

The comfortable cat cake was spread on the sofa, and after scanning a few pages with claws, he quit indifferently and continued to watch his own cartoon.

Han Lan, who was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, wrinkled his face a little bit distressed, and leaned over to take a closer look at Huatang’s reaction, worried that Mao Mao was sad, but Mao Mao did not say.

Do celebrities have any obligation to bear infamy and black reviews?

It is difficult to give a final conclusion on this issue, but Han Lan knows that at least all of her colleagues in the circle that she currently knows have encountered irrational and unrestricted negative attacks. Most of them have no reason, but they are vicious and unsightly.

It is impossible not to be sad, and it is impossible not to be sad.

Even if there are hundreds of thousands and millions of people who say they love you, once there are two comments that curse you and want you to die, it will be hurt and sad.

Some relatively low-profile celebrities may be able to escape this kind of damage, but all celebrities, whether they are being celebrities or those who have been celebrities, have all experienced similar things.

Han Lan worried that Huatang would be affected, so he went out to bring the cat box and the cat to the house, prepared snacks and pillows to vent his anger, and guarded the cat nervously.

As a result, the kitten pancake is quite cozy, without the feeling of caring at all.

As a vicious cat who only pursues, Huatang can’t even look down upon this vicious attack that hides in a corner and can’t even find her, so naturally she won’t have any reaction.

Just like ordinary people don’t mind, the ant is ready to jump up and punch himself.

But Han Lan was obviously not comforted by Huatang’s good attitude, “Huatang, Tianjie will release explanations and explanations soon, but when the crew officially starts filming, some people may still say something bad.”

This is what Han Lan worries the most. If Huatang is only involved in the shooting and Gao Tianjie gives an official reply, this matter can also be resolved 80%, the heat will decrease, and calm will soon be restored.

But when the news of Huatang’s participation in the filming came out, the matter was different. Not only was it difficult to calm down, it was also easy to be revealed again, and there would be more and more people in Hei Huatang.

At that time, there will be everything to say, Han Lan can think of the most common sentence patterns, as if they are a template for getting started in the world of spray.

When the target is a young and beautiful female artist, then this starter template will load some unsightly pornographic content, which makes people wonder if they are back to the Qing Dynasty. The next second will see the pig cage warning. ?

The appearance of the big beauty with frowning is still very good, but Huatang prefers Han Lan’s eyes to be bright. When the corner of her mouth is smiling, she rolls off the sofa and transforms back into a human form. She also sat on the carpet and leaned against the sofa, ready to meet the big beauty explain.

She really didn’t care much about these, anyway, the evil cats wanted to bounce back one by one.

In addition to being lucky, the halo of transporting cats has other uses. As a qualified villain, Huatang is the correct way to open it.

She doesn’t know how to digest negative emotions, it’s enough to know how to reflect other people’s malice.

“and many more.”

Seeing that Huatang took out the phone and was about to reply directly with the new account with the black cat photo, Han Lan hurriedly reached out and called a timeout.

“Huatang, are you going to use this as a trumpet? If it’s not a trumpet, use a verified account to fight back, it will easily affect your fan reviews.”

When the script that Du Xing mentioned before is officially filmed, Huatang will definitely cooperate with the promotion. If you use the current account, you may lose some of the basic opinion points from passers-by.

Because most passers-by have a presupposition of female stars or female public figures that they are gentle or silent, sweet or well-behaved, and can bloom in inward emotions, but they do not accept images that are too sharp and overpowering.

Especially for newcomers, it is necessary to get a cautious script, which is too public or too direct to attract fans.

In the first two years of Han Lan’s debut, during an offline roadshow, he was attacked by an out-of-control male audience and almost tore off his shirt. The whole person was so scared that he did not recover for two days.

The more she thought about it, the more she became afraid. When she heard that the police did not cause any harm, she described the incident as being too fanatical for fans, not deliberately attempted harm or sex. Harassment, let the male audience go home as if they were okay, and I was so angry that I wanted to use my account to question publicly.

Is it true that she is the only one who is really hurt, or the clothes are torn away in front of the media camera, can she still give this male audience a specific punishment? Or is it the kind of punishment that is not a big problem, maybe when the male audience looks back and feels honorable?

But Han Lan’s agent stopped her and she is not advised to make such a strong public remark, because many of Han Lan’s fans have already forgiven Han Lan, wanting to calm down, and even use a cute tone to appease other men. Fans, encourage them to continue to like Han Lan and not be influenced by individual extreme fans.

The starting point of the fans is actually very simple. They are afraid that this incident will become a handle and will be used by someone to attack Han Lan. They are even more worried that this incident will become more and more outrageous and even affect Han Lan’s reputation.

In order to eliminate all these possibilities, the fans first give a conclusion, keep things to the minimum, make big things small and small things, and then circle Hanlan’s team, next time you must protect the artists.

If Han Lan insists on expressing her dissatisfaction and protests, then she is deviating from the fans’ goal of hard work, and will even disappoint many fans.

Prior to this, Han Lan has always been very grateful for the appearance of fans, thank them for their attention and love, and even feel that she is too lucky, sometimes worried that she will let down the high expectations of fans.

But after that, Han Lan still believed that the fans loved her, but the fans didn’t really love her so much.

In the end, Han Lan didn’t publish anything. After a long time in private, she accepted the matter, but in the future, she had a lot less thoughts about what she wanted to say, which was regarded as a lesson.

This love is conditional. She has to obey and cooperate with the fans’ expectations.

Han Lan thinks that Huatang is the best cat in the world, so she doesn’t want anyone to hurt her, will dislike her, or even attack her with words.

She didn’t want Huatang to go through what she had experienced.

“Do you like me?” Huatang squeezed her phone and tilted her head. He didn’t answer Han Lan’s question, but asked such a question first.

Han Lan’s emotional expression is still relatively restrained and shy. When Huatang asked that way, she was embarrassed to say so, but she nodded seriously.

Whether it’s a girl or a little black cat, Huatang is very lovable, at least Han Lan likes it very much.

“That’s fine, what does it have to do with me?”

Of course, Huatang nodded himself seriously, “I don’t need those things, but I need to speak and express.”

If fans can’t adapt to such Huatang, let Huatang change them.

Begin to understand that there are public figures who dare to express themselves, firmly believe in right and wrong, do not confuse or be ambiguous, and are frank and straightforward.

After being framed, you have to explain, after being attacked, you have to defend, and being insulted by trash talk can’t make these guys feel better.

Otherwise, what would Huatang use to play the wicked girl?

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