It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 162:

The hardest thing in the world is probably to be likable.

Especially after more beautiful, fresher, and more interesting newcomers emerge one after another, it is extremely difficult to want to be likable.

This is not a problem that a shining soul can solve.

After all, even money can’t be said to be 100% likable. There are always people who don’t like soft sister coins and like other currencies~

Really evil cats have to retreat when they are in trouble, and they are not in line with Huatang’s aura.

Let others gnash their teeth, fear and fear, and have a complicated mood. That is what the villain should have.

“But…” Seeing Huatang’s calm attitude, Han Lan wanted to say something was wrong, but reacted again. It didn’t matter if it was not pleasing.

As long as Huatang is not unlovable because of his status as a legal coffee, and has not done anything to challenge morals, such as cruelty to animals and discriminating against others, it is not too important to be unlovable.

First of all, Huatang is not like other celebrities who frequently appear on the camera and announce her private life. She spends most of the time in the state of a black cat. She has become a cat cake to enjoy life. How can she have the time to deal with the camera?

Secondly, whether it’s Gao Tianjie’s appointment or Du Xing’s upcoming script, Huatang’s job opportunity is not obtained because fans like it. She only needs Han Lan and Miha’s goodwill.

Finally, if a cat can put down her body and please others, is it still called a cat?

Han Lan couldn’t even imagine that Huatang was humble and gentle, behaved and cute in front of the camera, the overbearing little black cat is the correct way to open Huatang, OK!

Han Lan, who didn’t think deeply, threw away this terrible imagination, and began to pay attention to Huatang’s counterattack. She was a kind of gentler, restrained and rarely aggressive. Therefore, she was actually very envious of Huatang. This kind of character expresses dissatisfaction clearly, says refusal to say no.

The more she doesn’t, the more envious she is. After all, Han Lan sometimes imagines that her aura is full of words and even aggressive scenes.

It’s just limited by character, it’s really impossible to play.

“What is this one she sent?” When Huatang specifically circled the model account that spilled dirty water on her, she got the news of the other party and asked Han Lan what she was doing, which she didn’t understand.

Han Lan looked at her and her expression was also a little subtle, “This should be because some merchants see her recent high popularity and take the opportunity to advertise for money.”

Fortunately, Huatang brushed this one to remind Han Lan, and she hurriedly explained the reason for this advertisement to Huatang.

As long as there is concern, no matter whether it is good or bad, there are always businesses willing to pay for the popularity and then advertise.

Many celebrities, Internet celebrities or official accounts that follow the black-red route make money from this. Even if others pay attention to him and scold him, as long as they have real attention, they can receive advertisements to make money.

The essence of attention is neutral. At this stage of the development of the entertainment industry, there is only heat, there is no difference between good and bad.

If Huatang rushes back at the opponent, regardless of the effect, she will definitely send some heat to the model.

You know, this model has also recently participated in variety shows and started to take the marketing route to gain a certain popularity, but she has no works or prominent personality, and may soon be forgotten by the public.

The reason why her team chose to pour dirty water on Gao Tianjie, framing the other side to bully others, and lead the related households to grab their own resources, they also wanted to have a hot spot, and then increase her popularity.

Huatang immediately straightened out the relationship and stopped her hand movement. No wonder the statement given by Gao Tianjie’s team was not read by many people. It turned out that the popularity was equal to income to a certain extent, so she had to cut off people and money.

The best way to grab the heat is to create a new heat. It happened that Miha called Han Lan and asked about Huatang, and Huatang had an idea.

The filming of the new drama starts, casts online, makes a big pie, and then cooperates happily. A series of operations will definitely let the overwhelming audience forget the former model team.

No heat is a fatal blow to those in the circle.

Huatang may not know much about the operation of the entertainment industry, but she knows that the best way to solve the opponent is to let the opponent disappear.

“No problem, I think this idea is also quite good, Huatang, you tell me about the verified account, wait, I will forward the picture of the ready-to-wear first.”

Miha and Han Lan had different concerns. She also agreed with Huatang’s counterattack. After hearing Huatang’s idea of ​​grabbing heat, the two fluffy pieces hit it off. She felt that this method was not only ok, but also very good.

Then, he went back and pulled Du Xing into the plan.

Han Lan’s hearing is not as good as Huatang’s, so she did not hear Du Xing’s helpless voice on the phone.

But soon, the well-known screenwriter who had been silent for a year and a half posted news, revealing that after the new script entered the preparatory stage, it robbed all the heat in an instant, and even fans from different homes flocked to pay attention to it, wishing to solve the casting for Teacher Du Xing. problem.

Take a look at his/her idols. They are beautiful, sweet, good-looking, and lively. All they need is a good script.

Fans always have a honey filter for their idols, and they often have the illusion that their idols may be only a golden song or a script if they are separated from the **** of song or the actor.

And Du Xing, an award-winning screenwriter, is a resource pie like sweet pastry. Not to mention the companies and studios that are activated. Fans know the importance of this. You don’t need to read the script. Prepare to figure out whether you can stuff your own idols in.

Even a small character is a perfectly gilded resume.

With a force of ten guilds, Du Xing, a big man with a weight, crushed the enthusiasm of a small model team, and it was easy.

Even the previously bought marketing account doesn’t care about posting any replacement or related microblogs, so hurry up and publish the script written by Duhang before, thinking that the angle is hot.

This is far from enough. Next, Miha, who has zero dynamics all the year round, liked and reposted an animated picture. It was a little black cat wearing a mini armor and matching his favorite expression.

Needless to say, this armor is a mini version provided by Gao Tianjie. It is not exactly the same as the “Armor of Authority”, but it is the same series at first glance. It was originally made and wanted to give to Huatang.

Unexpectedly, Huatang wore both versions.

Before, netizens were happy with P pictures and imagined themselves in ready-to-wear clothes, but this cat is wearing it for the first time. Not only is the mini version of the armor cute, even the little black cat is particularly cute, and the round face looks good The look of rua.

Han Lan probably understands how this is going to grab the heat. After understanding, join happily, post a picture comment on Miha’s Weibo, post the photo of Huatang wearing a garment, and then show Miha the garment version corresponding to the cat version .

When the fans were still at a loss, Miha and Han Lan ate Du Xing one after another and recommended this picture to him.

Therefore, Du Xing cooperated and said that he had received a role that was really suitable, and he planned to find a way to contact this newcomer.

——Wait, am I wrong? What is this, heavenly pie?

——I, why am I a little confused, why did Miha find it interesting to recommend that Teacher Du Xing really seriously considered it?

——Well, a big guy and a big guy are in love, can they be so unscrupulous?

Whether it is fans of Du Xing and Miha, or fans of other celebrities, most of them believe in some way. After all, Du Xing’s play as a screenwriter, even if it is a small role, is a resource for countless people to grab their heads. Just give it out so easily?

Fans don’t dare to write like that.

However, Du Xing, as the screenwriter, and Miha and Han Lan as one of the leading actors, really dare to do so.

Du Xing and Miha are relatively unfamiliar seniors and idols to Gao Tianjie, but fortunately, after she and Han Lan are familiar with each other, after sending a message to Han Lan to confirm, they also give themselves a lot of drama. Following the statement she made earlier, she sent Huatang’s certified account number, and by the way, she could contact the other party.

Du Xing’s enthusiasm is already high enough, coupled with Miha, Han Lan, the recently controversial Gao Tianjie and Xiaoxinren, this kind of enthusiasm for continuous plots has made the people eating melons look on. Ken missed a minute and a second.

The statement issued by the Gao Tianjie team finally got the amount of page views it deserved, explaining clearly the perfidy and temporary revision of the former model team.

Compared with the revelations that the former model team could not even photograph Huatang, Gao Tianjie’s statement that no one had read before, but there is evidence and the truth, is more convincing.

It stands to reason that at this time, the people who eat melon should flock to the former model’s account to ridicule, and accuse this kind of slapstick.

However, the fact that the young newcomer got the resource pie is too hot. The people who eat melon are too lazy to give the former model a look. After checking and pulling the black, they have paid attention to the newcomer’s account, for fear that they would not pay attention to what they saw. The news announced by the crew.

——Wait, this little newcomer is pretty good-looking, but luckily, too. In an interview with Gao Tianjie before, didn’t he say that this is the pure newcomer she came to rescue temporarily?

——I always feel that in the next second, it will be no surprise that this newcomer signed the company to make his official debut. Is this still the entertainment industry I am familiar with?

——The latest news. This newcomer may be really new. I heard that many brokerage companies have been rejected. What is the background?

There was a lot of discussion, and the account was finally updated.

No signing, no selfies, and no cute greetings.

There is no explanation for posting three posts of Aite’s many accounts, but if you look carefully, you can recognize the name of the device, which is the blacklist stared by the wicked woman.

The first is fornication. dirty. color. Love users, these guys sent photos of their birds to Huatang’s private messages, and they are now uniformly reported by Huatang.

The second one is the users who personally attacked, with unbearable language and full of maliciousness, and they were also circled by Huatang.

The third is that a large number of naval forces or robots attacked her with words like brainwashing, and was circled by Huatang to make them streamline the format and repost the bad reviews.

The blacklist is issued for the reference of fans only.

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