It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 163:

How to fight against malice like the sticky night?

There are two methods, one is to irradiate it with 100% sterilizing sunlight, and the other is to swallow it with more powerful malice.

For Huatang’s three blacklists, the former is used, and her cat mentality, which is not too big for the crowd, is the latter.

What’s exposed. The users of Bird Photos screamed in private messages, but once they were exposed to their accounts, even after being discovered by relatives and friends, they knelt down and confessed their mistakes. What does it have to do with Huatang?

Had Han Lan and Miha not been watching, Huatang would have liked to log on to some adult websites, hospitable for these magnanimous users and friends.

What kind of personally attacked user broke the jar, persisted after being reported, and was replied by Huatang’s original screenshot, just like the automatic function of a robot, how could it affect the mood of the evil cat?

Anyway, this is a small program that Bai Hefei bought from his friend. As long as it is a user on the blacklist, no matter what the private message is sent, it will be replied with the original screenshot, perfecting the rebound effect.

It is simply the best auxiliary small program that has nothing to do with private messages.

The account of the navy brainwashing is even more funny. As long as it is posted, the former model team is embarrassed. Just find two points to check in. You can report it either when you are selling or on the road.

Even if she becomes a girl with long legs, Huatang is still the cat who doesn’t talk much, and can solve the problem neatly and will not repeat the lawsuit.

The skill of Mouth Cannon is suitable for those who do not have a high power value and are very talkative. Huatang is obviously not suitable.

Moreover, no matter how fiercely they tear each other, it is the difference between this melon and that melon before the people who eat melons. Even if Huatang wins, there is no benefit.

The villain does not do such thankless things, so she has to take away all the heat and directly promote the new drama.

Regardless of her acting skills or whether the filming will go smoothly, Huatang’s adaptability is indeed very strong, and she quickly found a suitable way of expression.

Seeing an unnamed newcomer and a model with a weak fan base tear each other, the people who eat melons can still think that it is a basic operation, but watching the newcomers are very lucky, they get a resource pie, and the people who eat melons are almost there. It feels like my house has collapsed.

Who is Du Xing, and who is Miha? These two once dominated the headlines of the entertainment industry, and they barely let everyone off until these years. They themselves represent a certain quality and reputation.

The two are also teachers in the circle who like to support younger generations. Fans who don’t want their idols to catch up with such a big brother, even if they don’t give me a meal, a date is enough.

As a result, such a good pie is like a child’s play, with the name of a newcomer?

Moreover, it had something to do with Han Lan and Gao Tianjie. When I thought that this little newcomer was originally filming Gao Tianjie’s work, the people who ate melons poured into her account, opened it carefully, and found no information.

Even some of the previous interviews basically didn’t mean anything to be foreshadowing, as if this little newcomer was just a passer-by who simply met by chance, and was then pulled to the rescue by her inspiration.

But the people who eat melons will not be so foolish. They always feel that there is a big game of chess behind this, but it is impossible for people who can communicate with Gao Tianjie, Han Lan, Miha and Du Xing at the same time without the slightest word of wind.

——We don’t even know what the newcomer’s name is, and we see a bunch of garbled account names and a good pie black cat portrait. Even if a capitalist newcomer enters the circle, it won’t be publicized yet. Right?

——The newcomer is a bit cold, and I haven’t looked at any company to claim the newcomer. If the resource background is very strong, this time should be the best opportunity to enter!

——Compared to this newcomer, I am better at Qiduxing’s new drama. The career fan simply shed tears of emotion. As long as the newcomer does not pull his hips, he can do anything.

The previous model’s framed failure was the fuse. After the enthusiasm was set off, they were all given to Du Xing’s new drama. By the way, the little newcomer who took the corner is indeed a bit unusual. Apart from the three blacklists, there is nothing else. Propaganda or question marks, continue to bear their own garbled and almost black heads, so that people who are looking for fruitless people will even have to make bold guesses.

This must be false, maybe there is no such person, everything is just the 3D projection that Gao Tianjie found.

It may be that this group could not find any traces. Finally, I was so angry that the newcomer was a 3D projection guy. The reason for finding was really interesting. Huatang’s account also attracted a lot of fans. Unfortunately, except for the three blacklists that will be updated from time to time , There was no other movement, and the heat gradually decreased.

“Huatang, are you really not planning to sign the company?”

It may be that Han Lan really likes cats and cats, and most of Huatang’s decisions are persuasion or suggestions. After sharing some suggestions from her predecessors in the circle, she agreed with Huatang’s decision without hesitation.

Also, Mao Mao’s filming is not the same as other people. Huatang also has the status of a major shareholder. It is really not good to be an investor. It is not used to sign a contract to cooperate with the company’s publicity. Anyway, she likes some villains. It’s not really about how to shine on the road of acting.

For Huatang, filming is just a short-term job dictated by interest, and it does not affect her happy cat life.

“Well, it’s enough to take a good shot of this character. As for the others, I don’t care much.”

Huatang hasn’t studied acting systematically, but the evil cat is quite accurate about this role. When he comes to Han Lan, he is ready to hurry up and communicate more.

Shooting is about to start. Both Miha and Han Lan have many years of shooting experience. Huatang naturally doesn’t want to be too bad, she also wants face.

After getting the complete script, cartoon lovers like Huatang have to say that the story written by Du Xing is indeed very interesting.

The previous description on the dining table was too simple, so Huatang saw it for the first time. The background of the script was somewhat illusory, using an overhead urban background to explain the “speciality” of the three heroines.

The youngest wicked girl played by Huatang is actually a laid-off child-giving bird, because humans have too many methods of assisted reproduction, and the unemployment has been distorted year after year. Seeing the chubby faces of children, I really want to fly away. Circle, so when she was against the human shell, she was always bad and restless.

As an evil cat, Huatang doesn’t really want to play the role of a bird-sending bird, but Du Xing’s interesting description of this setting makes Huatang a little reluctant. She temporarily closes her claws and starts watching Han Lan enthusiastically. And Miha’s persona.

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