It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 164:

Is Du Xing’s script well written?

If you ask ordinary fans for this question, you will get a bunch of rainbow farts. If you ask the passers-by black fan for this question, you might hear the yin and yang of ridicule Jiang Lang.

But whether you like Du Xing or hate Du Xing, there is a consensus, that is, Du Xing has written good stories, fans are full of expectations because they believe that Du Xing has good stories, and black because they suspect that Du Xing can’t break the peak. Yin and Yang are weird.

He is so good at telling stories.

Huatang doesn’t understand these controversies, but, as a cartoon fan, she also finds Du Xing’s new script very interesting.

Evil cats are also biased. She had always thought that the scripts written by Du Xing, who often wins awards, must be obscure and heavy. Anyway, they belong to the kind that Mao Mao does not like to watch.

Unexpectedly, she was so interesting that she didn’t expect Huatang to change her posture, so she continued to watch with great interest.

The collisions and conflicts of literary works must also pay attention to the basic law. Real life can have some absurd things, but film and television works cannot, otherwise the audience will have to grasp the screenwriter for logic.

After all, this year’s audience was really hurt by the high-flying and low-flying plot. It is very common to score nine separate rounds, halfway through the performance, and plunge to five points.

The screenwriter has to treat the audience as human beings, otherwise, the story is too ridiculous and ridiculous.

Du Xing’s new script “She Is Too” is a multi-female novel, and the setting of the background is full of interesting contradictions and foreshadowing.

Rong Fei, played by Huatang, is the youngest but has rich experience in laid-off jobs. She is the one with the worst employment in the child-giving bird family. She often sighs and has an unhappy temperament. Apart from treating children, she looks like someone owes herself a share. jobs.

In fact, this is really a birdie who has been robbed of a job by humans, and everyone is bitter.

The settings of Han Lan and Miha are even more special.

If either of the two people change gender, it is a beautiful story where life-saving grace should be promised.

Han Lan’s previous life was a dumb general who was caught in the flames of war, cut off his hair and put on armor. He rescued a bobcat while he was recovering. One person and one cat get along with each other warmly. If it weren’t for the troubled times, the little general had time to tell the bobcat about her. Gender, the Bobcats also have a way to save the young general who went to the battlefield again.

Unfortunately, no, the never-spoken little general died silently on the battlefield. After the Bobcat did not save his lifesaver, he turned into a man and walked into the dust, looking for the reincarnation of the little general everywhere.

But every one is not a little general. Ling Yinian, who has become a Bobcat, has become a charming business woman. She is particularly emotionally dedicated and will always only love young men who are about the same age as the little general. Therefore, the frequency of changing boyfriends Very high, just like a bad sister who only briefly loved them.

After the reincarnation, the little general did as she wished in her previous life. Under the name of Zhong Fan, she can live in a peaceful age and realize her dream of starting a family and an ordinary life.

But there are too few outstanding men worthy of Zhong Fan’s trust and hand in hand. Zhong Fan didn’t have that good luck. He met a soul mate once, so in her bones she was still the general who held a spear to defend the villagers, and she ended the marriage simply. , After finishing the state, focus on your own life, focus on what you want to do, and have no fear of clearing obstacles.

Rong Fei, played by Huatang, is a child-giving bird, Zhong Fan, played by Han Lan, is a 30-year-old woman who is not so ordinary in this life, and Ling Yinian, played by Miha, is a beautiful and picky lynx with white moonlight in his heart. Demon.

The background settings of the three heroines were quite interesting before the plot collided.

It is full and three-dimensional, breaking the previous thinking mode that women must rely on the identity of daughter, wife or mother. It is a rare story that does not pay attention to the male protagonist who wants to read it.

“Will the Bobcats recognize the dumb general?”

Du Xing’s script is not a story book, and it still seems a bit inadequate. Especially after Huatang grabbed her part, she probed Xiaoyuan’s face to explore the inside story.

The life-saving grace should be promised by the body. This plot that has appeared countless times in other plots is placed on the determined young general who pretends to be a man and the lynx who stepped into the red clinging to the ruthless bobcat. Can it end?

The script requires confidentiality, so Huatang’s question can only be for Han Lan, who is also an actor, and cannot go to Gu Yusheng to ask.

But Han Lan couldn’t answer her. After all, this dark line was buried very vaguely. It might not be filmed for the sake of passing the trial. The past lives in the script are also fragmentary. If the audience is careless, it will Really may not be able to find out.

Huatang was thinking about it when she returned to the small restaurant. When she was distracted, she almost followed Gu Yusheng into the kitchen where she usually didn’t enter. Gu Yusheng hurriedly stopped and put the cat behind her. Return to the melon box.

Compared with the transformed girl, Mao Mao was still too small, and followed Gu Yusheng silently. He still walked along without knowing what he was thinking, so he would definitely be stepped on accidentally.

“I want a cold dish later, I will prepare cooked oil in the pot, and be careful to burn you.”

At this time, there was no one in the small restaurant. Gu Yusheng put the melon box in front of the kitchen and explained why Huatang was not suitable for following him in now.

As soon as she heard the cooked oil, Huatang felt that her paw pads were hot, and she hurriedly pressed her ears to stay in the melon box.

But after reading the script, Huatang had something to say, even if the plot of the script was kept secret, she could still communicate some important things.

Since the cat is too small, it’s easy to step on or get hot, just change it. Anyway, there are no outsiders at this time. Huatang becomes a girl. After comparing the bench and the melon box, I happily leave the melon box at the door and carry it by herself. Sitting next to Gu Yusheng with a small bench.

For the preparation of ingredients, she sat here without affecting things. Before Lin Qing and Er Peng came to the store to help, they had all sat in similar positions.

The design of the back kitchen is still very spacious and comfortable. Sitting here is also convenient for chatting with Gu Yusheng.

With such a big one, it’s hard to step on the tail accidentally. After Huatang sat down, he bypassed the roles of Han Lan and Miha, and chatted with Gu Yusheng alone about the unemployment problem of giving off the child bird.

In fact, she didn’t understand too much, and she didn’t understand why Ziniao couldn’t continue to work. In the setting of the script, childbirth is still such an important thing. How can Ziniao lose her job?

“She too” can be said to be a somewhat funny group drama, but after careful analysis, I feel cold behind my back, and the more I think about it, the more wrong it becomes.

Although the protagonist has demons, spirits, and reincarnated people, the social background is modern.

“Because in the past, the couple wanted to have a child, they had to prepare with anticipation and love, and waited for the baby bird to arrive. They had to prove that they could take good care of the child before they had a chance to see the baby bird.”

Miha had also thought that Huatang had entered the society as a person for a short time, so he separated out the role played by Huatang and the setting of non-confidential content separately, and let Han Lan show it to the person taking care of Huatang. .

Therefore, Gu Yusheng can be regarded as a basic understanding of the reason for the setting of “Send Child Bird”.

Huatang sitting on the small bench nodded. That’s how it is. Parents can only exchange children with expectation and love. This is fair. Otherwise, the baby bird will send the cub if it needs it. Is it still a baby bird? That is the courier.

Residents living in the Kyushu community have nothing to do with the children who have children.

However, most of them greet their children with anticipation and love. Even if Xiao Jiaan made a small mistake when the delivery arrived, and the problem was found after birth, the parents never gave up, regretted it, and even thought about abandoning the return.

But not all parents in the world are like this, especially with the improvement of material life in recent years, the basic line of survival is not so difficult to touch, and a steady stream of children are dragged into the world unpreparedly.

These parents were not prepared at all, and even had other thoughts long ago, so they rashly opened the fate of a little life.

Those who were born but not raised, those who were raised but not taught, and in the process of raising, all their tyrannical, abnormal, cruel and other emotions were imposed on their children. There are too many parents, so many in Duxing. , Let the son bird be laid off directly.

Huatang thinks it’s funny to give the child a bird to be unemployed and sulking. I often find it unpleasant to passers-by, very cat-like, but wait for Gu Yusheng to explain to her a little bit, especially talk about Teacher Pan, accept it The students of, finally let Huatang understand that this is the meaning behind this kind of funny gifting bird spirit.

The students received by Teacher Pan are basically unlucky ones who are irresponsibly dragged into the world by their parents who cannot protect the child bird business.

Congenital disability is due to omission of maternity check-ups or smoking and drinking during pregnancy. Acquired disability is more parental indifference and carelessness. When the children still don’t understand anything, the miserable parents first replace the misery to break the child. Wings, poked blindly, and set the difficulty indifferently.

This wicked cat can’t stand it, let alone the wicked girl who gives off the child bird, it is unhappy to see passers-by.

“Is there any other similar movies or TV series, I want to watch.”

Because of Du Xing’s script, Huatang has changed a lot of film and television works. She was very curious to ask Gu Yusheng if she had a role similar to that of sending a child to the bird spirit.

A lot of people should shoot such an interesting character, right?

As a result, basically nothing. Du Xing’s previous script was a little interesting and supporting role, but it was completely different from that of Sending Bird.

“Why didn’t anyone shoot?” Huatang is deeply worried about human taste. Is this kind of role not fun?

As a result, Gu Yusheng helped her search for some topics similar to keywords. Huatang clicked on it, and she was shocked by a series of operations of the protagonist set by the same spirit.

This is not an isolated situation. Basically all heroines who can shoot other interesting plots are entangled with the male lead, male second and male N number.

Just let the cat dislike it.

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