It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 165:

For three days, the taxi should treat each other with admiration, and the cats are naturally the same.

Compared with Huatang, who had just turned into a long-legged girl and tried to catch two cubs to suck, she is now proficient at salted fish stalls, buying snacks on her own network, and occasionally sending bills to sister Ye or Gu Yusheng The Huatang here already knows a lot of truth.

Her aesthetic preference can be said to be incompatible with the whole society.

Adults who have the right to speak in human society, especially men, do not have any advantage in evil cats, and it is difficult to even have the qualifications to make an impression.

In the human society, the weak and ignorant children, especially the little girls, are naturally scented and soft with a lovely halo in the evil cat, which can make Huatang work hard to go through the window at night to get a little bed.

The elderly and women who are not dominant in physical strength, age, appearance, or other aspects also have a good opinion score in the evil cat. You can judge by seeing who Huatang’s cat cat punch is pumping.

Huatang thought that this was just the difference between evil cats and humans.

However, after knowing that the aesthetic preferences of Ye Yusheng, Gu Yusheng, and Bai Hefei were similar to her own, she gradually understood that the reason for the difference lies in the word “misogyny”.

It has nothing to do with strength or weakness, it has nothing to do with rich or poor, it has nothing to do with beauty and ugliness, and it is simply misogynistic.

After leaving the world of cartoons, Huatang could see that most of the film and television works had the word “misogynistic” running through it. The degree was only serious, and few were spared.

Because Huatang basically can’t see any important female characters who have a complete independent experience, not about love or identity, but about herself.

There is no way to see the topic of avoiding male characters in dialogue and plot interaction between women.

Even among female students who are still studying, they have to cue the boy they have a crush on or attack other girls when they are chatting.

Not to mention that adult women are either in intrigue to grab men or secretly competing to grab men. Unmarried people can fight with fiancées or suitors, and married people can fight with a third party in marriage or a female colleague of a husband.

Even Huatang could still see the fighting method between mother and daughter, only to compete for the favor of her husband (dad), leaving the cat at a loss.

If Huatang had not actually contacted many women and knew that Han Lan and Gao Tianjie had a full and three-dimensional life, they would probably have thought that all women are cockfighting reincarnations, and they must compete with each other and then flatter male characters. can.

Erpeng didn’t know which friend he bought a box of crabs. He didn’t know how to eat it himself, so he sent it to Gu Yusheng and ordered some crab noodle soup for himself.

After Gu Yusheng prepared the ingredients for the cold dressing, he began to prepare the soup dumplings. Watching Huatang frowning on her face, turning the tablet, washing off the flour on her hands, and handing her the cut tomatoes.

Opening her mouth and eating it, Huatang thought the cut tomatoes were delicious, took the sugar jar next to her and opened it, and placed it in Gu Yusheng’s hand full of hints of expectation.

“This is to be mixed with cold dishes, you can’t eat more.”

Gu Yusheng said so, he picked a few tomatoes, filled a small bowl with sugar, and let Huatang eat slowly.

White sugar mixed with tomatoes is Huatang, who doesn’t like vegetables very much, but also likes to eat it, that is, he likes to sprinkle too much sugar every time he eats, so Gu Yusheng always controls the amount every time.

Finding a small fork, Huatang looked at it for a while and stuck a piece in his mouth. Then after Gu Yusheng steamed the crab on the pot, he pulled over another small bench and let Gu Yusheng watch it with her.

The tomatoes were almost eaten by her, but the remaining sweet tomato juice at the bottom of the bowl could give him a little. This soup is the essence of tomatoes mixed with sugar. If it weren’t for Gu Yusheng, Huatang would not give it to others.

After taking a bite, Gu Yusheng twisted the sugar jar to prevent Huatang from adding sugar to it. After the crabs were steamed, he watched the video with Huatang.

Turning around, it is still written by Du Xing, or the play made by Miha is in line with Huatang’s preferences.

But waiting for the time when the crabs are steamed is obviously not enough to watch a drama, so Huatang took out the short video she just turned over and watched it with Gu Yusheng.

“The food at their family is worse than that of Teacher Pan, and there are no eggs in the dishes placed in front of the children.”

What Huatang turned out was a family of four living in the countryside. The photographer should be the mother inside. She was taking pictures of her lunch with some introductions.

It can be seen that the family environment is general. There are two children, one child and one child, sitting on some low wooden tables and chairs. The girl facing the camera has a thin braid, her hair is yellow and thin, and she looks thin.

The vegetables on the table are also green vegetables. The two children are grilling the noodle soup in the bowl. The younger boy has an omelette in the bowl, but the girl does not.

But Huatang had sharp eyes and could see a bottle of wine behind the wooden tables and chairs. She had seen Lin Qing and the others buy this wine before. The price was not low, and it should have been drunk by the male owner.

It may be that there are not many highlights in the video, and there are not too many comments and no substantive content. But the mother who was filming said something. Tomorrow the sister of the two children will pick mushrooms. There will be fungi to eat this season.

Huatang paused the video and pointed to Gu Yusheng who was a little fuzzy in the picture but could not admit it wrong. “Does this cost more than 30 yuan? Why not add an omelette to that girl?”

Gu Yusheng couldn’t answer this question. He could only say that he had seen many similar scenes.

In families with many children, it is difficult for parents to keep a good balance of water, and it is often boys who are more likely to get resources.

Sometimes the love you talk about is different from resources.

You know, no matter what the parents say, they love their daughter more. They don’t give fish, eggs, and milk when eating, and only consider their son when buying a house. Even the investment in spending money on school is not the same.

Of course, it may not be too bad for other children, but at least in the family where the video was taken, when the resources are limited, the daughter is far inferior to the son.

“Moreover, the people who filmed didn’t have fried eggs, aren’t they hungry?” Meals need oil and water. The boiled vegetables and noodles that are light enough to be without a trace of oil are occasionally eaten for health preservation. If they are eaten every day, it is bad business.

To say that the mother who cooks does not know this truth, but she can add fried eggs to the younger son’s bowl, but to say that she knows this truth, it happens that the bowls of herself and her daughter are all vegetarian and there is no trace of protein.

The host can consume alcohol and tobacco, but the hostess is so stingy with herself and her daughter that they don’t even give an egg. In Huatang’s short video, the older child stares at the omelette opposite, but does not speak and bows his head on the noodles. I feel quite uncomfortable in my heart.

Gu Yusheng thought that when he was abroad, the local residents were very poor. Some international charity organizations would increase employment opportunities and guide local people to increase their income.

However, if the men in a family increase their income, it will not improve the quality of life of the whole family much, because the excess money will be used by them for tobacco, alcohol and even prostitution. Prostitution above.

Increasing the income of a woman in a family will greatly improve the quality of life of the whole family, especially in the children’s rice bowl, which will definitely add meat, eggs, milk and the like.

From the perspective of charitable organizations, they are definitely more willing to recruit female workers to ensure that more women and children are fed.

However, Gu Yusheng remembered that the assistance plan this time failed. The reason was that the female workers were earning more and more money, even surpassing the male workers. After they drew strong resistance from the local men, they even locked the female workers at home. Will let go.

In the end, the charity organization was forced to leave, the factory could no longer be opened, life fell back to its original state, and the snacks on the dinner table disappeared.

Thinking of this past event, when Gu Yusheng faced Huatang’s question again, he could only explain somewhat bitterly, “Maybe, sometimes they consider themselves half a person.”

Indifference is also a kind of “misogyny”, not only can men be misogynistic, but women can also.

Everyone is born as a person, and gender is actually a way of expression learned by the day after day. Men are easily baptized by the entire patriarchal society and become accustomed to stepping on women to make their lives better.

Women are also easy to be brainwashed by similar views, see themselves as incomplete men, and then go the way of men, step on other women on the way to upgrade and fight monsters, and then use this as a spoil to please the patriarch. And table faithful.

It’s not that there are no normal people, but choosing misogyny can indeed live more recklessly in society, which makes many things easy to become tragedies.

Women who can nurture life, are full of emotions, and have a soft and gleaming human nature can be shy, shy, indulgent, unrepentant, or persistent, but they can’t be disgusted, ignored or ignored.

Even the evil cat is scared by this kind of social behavior that is unique to humans and has very racial characteristics. The sugar tomatoes in his hand are not sweet anymore. I don’t know what to say.

In contrast, being a cat seems to be simpler and happier. After all, when the whole society acquiesces in misogyny, being a sensitive normal person, both men and women have a hard time.

I don’t understand anything, it seems to be happier.

However, when Huatang saw it, she couldn’t deceive herself into pretending to be invisible. Instead of turning back into a cat and holding her claws, she put the small bowl aside and grabbed Gu Yusheng’s wrist, “Teach me the content of the script. Okay? I want to play well.”

At this time, Huatang understood why Du Xing, Miha, and Han Lan insisted on shooting “She Too”. The ripples could not lift the entire pond, but if there were no ripples, the pond would only turn into stagnant water and smelly.

Sensitive normal people always have to express and speak up. If it is wrong, then show a normal appearance.

If you want Little Crescent and these little girls to be able to live upright and unharmed independently in society, you must not only clear away the hidden dangers that may harm them, break through the obstacles that may stop them, but also show what they can become.

In the script, Rong Fei, Zhong Fan, and Ling Yinian are all such roles. They will appear in front of countless audiences and use their roles to knock out ripples.

Therefore, Huatang wants to act well, not only because of the evil cat’s eagerness, but also a bit unwilling. She wants countless girls to see Rong Fei, and then to make their own lives a little better.

Huatang’s learning ability is very strong. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to hold a tablet to take online lessons by herself, and she can consciously squat in the cat’s box to do the questions without signing in.

Gu Yusheng can only give her some thoughts on the script. If she wants to determine the real acting skills, she still needs a teacher.

Miha and Han Lan knew a lot of good teachers, and they quickly arranged arrangements for Huatang and went to class seriously.

There is no shortage of talented newcomers in the entertainment industry, but Huatang has an advantage over others, probably because he has no other intentions.

What Huatang wants to do must be done, without being disturbed by anything, until it is done seriously.

The teacher who came to class at the invitation of an old friend had a very good impression of Huatang, and even paid more attention to the signing of Huatang, so as to avoid the newcomer being trapped by any economic contract when he first entered the circle.

If Huatang doesn’t have any company he wants to go to, the teacher can help find a few reliable agents to chat with.

Although Huatang only wanted to act, she didn’t really need these, but the teacher’s kindness was still appreciated. It wasn’t until the film crew was ready to start filming before Huatang’s cram school was over.

When Miha came to pick up Huatang, he also saw the appreciation on his friend’s face. After a few words that Huatang has relatives with him, he would take more care of him before his friend was relieved.

When driving away, Miha still found it quite interesting, and even asked Huatang, Fang could not turn into a black cat for her to take a look.

I don’t know if Huatang realizes that her basic impression score from others is actually very high, which makes Miha a little curious about Huatang’s prototype.

She could feel that Huatang was also a cat, but it was really not clear what it was.

Of course, no problem.

Miha’s car windows are all covered with anti-peeping films, so Huatang turned back and turned into a little black cat. Then she stretched her body, stepped on the back of the driver’s seat with her claws, and flicked the tip of her tail. Tilted his head to look at Miha.

Although it has a small round face, it does not conceal Huatang’s super fierceness. Others may taboo black cats, but Miha, who is a former leopard, will definitely not, especially the appearance of cats are similar to a certain extent. , Miha directly hugged Huatang Rua twice.

If it wasn’t for her to change back into Leopard, then sister Leopard was pressing the little black cat and licking her fur.

After all, in the cognition of cats, licking hair is a status symbol. Even if Huatang is a transit cat, its size and age are much smaller than Miha’s, and it is normal to be licked as a minor.

Then, Huatang frowned slightly in Miha’s slightly dangerous eyes, and hurriedly jumped until the back row was no longer close, lest Miha would rise up, and she wanted to recall the friendship between cats.

Cats also want face.

With the same fluffy friendship here, Huatang’s integration into the new crew is quite fast.

Although the background of the script is in the city, the filming location is still a certain distance away from the city. Huatang can only live with Han Lan and the others in a hotel near the crew, and cannot go back to the Kyushu community every day.

If there is nothing necessary, Huatang is actually quite home. The day before the shooting, after turning back into a little black cat, he went around the community three times compensatively, then squatted sadly on the heights and fished once with his tail. Cubs.

Watching the children happily chasing the tip of the tail with the chubby hand, Huatang sighed and raised the tip of the tail by a few centimeters. Below the children began to work hard to chuckle, enjoying the long-lost happiness of the evil cat.

Alas, the evil cat does not work hard for the sake of filming. She only hopes that the cubs can grow up lively, so that the bullying can be happier.

When following the teacher in class, Huatang already had a certain understanding of the life of the crew, and now when it really started, there was nothing wrong with it.

After reporting safety to Ye Yusheng and Gu Yusheng, Huatang focused on the basics.

Sending off the child bird Jing Rongfei, former young general Zhong Fan, and Ling Yinian who could not find a benefactor, the encounter of the three heroines originated from an orphanage donation.

As the three wicked women, their purpose for donating to the orphanage is certainly not simple.

Rong Fei was a child-giving bird. After many attempts to **** the cubs, she discovered with great pain that the trash humans not only made her unemployed, but also couldn’t let her take the opportunity to rua a child. He was chased by his parents for two kilometers.

Therefore, Rong Fei thought of an orphanage where there are many babies without parental supervision.

As long as you donate some money, you can reap the sweet smiles of these children, which can barely soothe the unemployment pain in Rong Fei’s heart.

Zhong Fan is too eager for the family. Because her ex-husband is really pulling her hips, she is ready to pick a child to raise in one step. She is not out of overwhelming maternal love or kindness, she is purely looking for a child who casts her temper and temper. Those who are themselves family members are more critical than other adopters.

Ling Yinian thinks more simply. As a bobcat demon, she has almost always been like this, so in order to have outstanding young boys appear every year, she has always paid attention to places such as orphanages, donating money and materials. Let young people with the same temperament as the little general die at a young age. After all, humans are too easy to toss a moth, so she can only pay more attention to herself.

The three with such impure goals, meeting at the donation ceremony of the small orphanage, can imagine each other’s vigilance and confrontation.

It is easier for wicked women to distinguish the same kind. In order to ensure the realization of their own goals, the three female protagonists of different ages began to live with each other.

The director chose this scene to start, just to see what the three heroines can collide.

To be honest, he has never filmed such a pure heroine before, and the heroine is also contrary to the traditional image of a good woman, and each has inexplicable places. It is completely impossible to imagine the effect of the filming.

Du Xing is standing next to the director, probably also wanting to see the effect of the first scene, worrying that the filming of many heroines will not go well.

After all, this kind of plot setting is too new. There has never been a lens to focus on the collision of non-love and non-family relationships between women. As a screenwriter, it is rare for him to be a little unsure.

It may be affected by the faint and tight atmosphere of the scene, and the little actors who played the children did not dare to speak, and sat beside him, waiting for the director’s uncle to speak.

The only easy thing is that Huatang and the three protagonists, Han Lan and Miha, are experienced in shooting and are familiar with the setting of the set. There is nothing to be nervous about.

It’s the first time Huatang took this photo. I don’t know what panic is. Seeing the sitting children, I feel very satisfied.

As a gifting bird, Rong Fei’s appearance is to hold the children and be a gentle sister with a smile. Huatang thinks that the gentle sister may be a test of acting skills, but holding the children is definitely no problem.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

Without knowing how Huatang hugged, Mei Zizi embraced the six children, ready to wait for the director’s “a”.

Obviously, although it is not stated in the script that Rong Fei is holding a few children, the picture effect is still very good after the six children are hugged in a daze.

The true gentle sister holds two at a time, and only the wicked sister who secretly **** cubs can hold six at a time, which is reasonable.

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