It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 166:

Not everyone is sensitive enough.

If three unfamiliar men meet, each is excellent and has a different style, then in the modern context, this is a story of a partner who conforms to the trend of the times and is inspiring to start a business. In the ancient context, this is either a tripod or Taoyuan.

If three strange women meet, each is beautiful and has different temperaments, then under the modern background, this is a green tea Lianliankan always has a love miniature that has to be stabbed in the back. Under the ancient background, this is either the **** pressure of the harem concubine or It is the fight between the wives and concubines of the house.

Just like buddies always sound more friendly, purer, and more helpful than girlfriends, most of them don’t feel much about this kind of plot setting.

Not everyone is severely misogynistic, and some even respect women, but they can’t imagine what women can do together.

Love binds and restrains women far more than men.

Therefore, in the first scene, when the oldest man in the camera is no more than nine years old, the three female protagonists who can’t burst into love anyhow, every second of getting along becomes extraordinarily interesting.

Rong Fei saw Ling Yinian’s identity, and she was a little nervous to protect the children, worried that the bobcat demon would not be good for the children. Even if it was a career gift, it was an instinctive reaction to the protection of the children.

Ling Yinian noticed Zhong Fan’s faintly looking eyes. She has become a habit of funding the orphanage all the year round. Even if the purpose of funding at the beginning is to hope that young and handsome boys will go to society every year, but she does not want to see it. Who chooses the little boys with picky eyes.

When Zhong Fan saw the children gathered around Rong Fei and everyone was very attached to this young girl, she chose to frown. She wanted to choose a family with a better relationship with her, instead of thinking about other sisters in her heart. This emotion is quite in line with her personality that she is not a good person by nature.

But the mature wicked girl will definitely cover up her emotions, even if she doesn’t look pleasing to the eyes of the other person, she will pass by briefly and continue to participate in the donation ceremony.

The children who received new clothes and new books might not have imagined that the three sisters who came to donate at the same time were still having such eye contact behind them.

What really made Rong Fei and the others further contact was a pair of siblings who suddenly disappeared from the orphanage.

The children in the orphanage are all abandoned, probably because of various reasons, the parents abandoned their children.

Lost means being abducted and taken away by human traffickers, who want to treat the child as a commodity for buyers for various reasons.

The reason why Rong Fei tends to get black faces when he sees adults is because he thinks about such ridiculous things and feels angrily that his unemployment is not worth it.

After all, whether it is abandonment or abduction, children are not regarded as human beings. If Rong Fei is still on duty, she will never give children to such parents.

Zhong Fan liked the younger sister among the brothers and sisters. He wanted to go through the formalities to adopt the child, but the child was abducted?

She didn’t choose her favorite child yet. She felt uncomfortable in advance when she saw Rong Fei holding the children. She found that her favorite child was abducted. This can be tolerated. Even if the police search fails, Rong Fei and Zhong Fan will do it. Get the child back.

Ling Yinian felt that the elder brother of the two brothers and sisters looked a bit like the little general of the year. How could the delicate and beautiful children be trafficked to unknown places? And she is the oldest of the three wicked girls. It is clear that traffickers can’t take care of children. Every year too many children are abducted and killed silently in the corner.

She did not allow any children similar to the little general to die unexpectedly, so the Bobcats also joined the army of finding children.

Time is running out. For the safety of the brothers and sisters, the three wicked sisters and sisters with impure purposes have temporarily reached an agreement to cooperate and help each other before finding the children, and temporarily put aside all prejudices.

If it is another script, then at this time, the heroine can use love to get a shortcut to solve her own troubles and problems.

After all, the male protagonist appears like a WiFi master key, a cure for illness and life-saving, not only handsome, gentle and golden, but also handles all problems like a bug.

When the female character is too weak, the screenwriter turns the heroine’s solution to the problem of finding the hero, and then asks the hero to arrange everything properly. Asking is the design of love, which can find common points in 70% of the plot. Worship, one side is confident, the audience believe it or not, but the screenwriter is quite easy.

But in “She Is Too”, it is clear that the heroines are not looking for a hero like a time bomb, but to constantly solve the troublesome men.

All the troubles, big and small, are all brought by men. This is the real way to open up reality.

Songzi Bird Jingrong Fei is beautiful and tall, young and agile, like clouds floating in the sky, constantly attracting all kinds of men who come to add obstacles.

Especially when Rong Fei failed to find a child and was anxious, she also encountered an affectionate confession.

A man promised that he loved Rong Fei, and he loved Rong Fei so much that he could not bear the suffering of Rong Fei, so he could accept surrogacy.

“Rong Fei, I love you. I have money and relationships. We will be together in the future. I can’t bear your hard work. Will you choose a good pregnant mother?”

What else can be more provocative than this sentence?

A pair of parents who give birth to children without expectation and love can make Rong Fei roll his eyes to the sky. This is actually a commodity that treats both children and women as commodities. When talking about buying and selling sperm, they do not enjoy fertility. Man with cracking pain?

Rong Fei was so angry that he hung this man on the tree, wishing to illuminate his child-bearing skills, so that all men who proposed surrogacy would be transformed into “pregnant mothers”, giving birth to one or two hundred of him and becoming a surrogate. The pinnacle of the industry.

Moreover, as a child-giving bird, Rong Fei knows that some children are born with defects. Many children in the orphanage are abandoned for this reason. Even the biological children can do the same. The surrogate “commercial child” can still have seven days. Is there no reason to return the product?

The pregnant mother took the money and left, and the surrogate refused to accept the goods. The fate of this extra child was either to cut the organs that were still intact, or to smash and eliminate them like the extra young roosters in the chicken farm.

When Rong Fei thought of her helpless children who could not be saved, she turned her head angrily and changed the man to a taller tree.

What a waste of time, delaying her finding the siblings.

And Zhong Fan also encountered family and career. No one is bad and the other is lucky to be a little smoother. He officially faces the dilemma of family breakdown and career end.

In the ordinary plot, after the heroine is abandoned or hurt by the ex-husband, there must be another thing that is lucky. It may be a career or other benefit points, and then help them save the power to comeback.

But the reality of the plot is basically that life is ups and downs. After the collapse of family life, this bad luck can easily involve other aspects, leading to career failure, health damage, and even collapse of all aspects.

Human energy is limited, and emotions are also difficult to separate. Women are also ordinary people. They are dragged down by their families and have a headache for their ex-husband. Want to fight for a career? Want to be a freelancer casually, and then easily earn more than one million?

This is too much to look down on the difficulty of the career, it is worth the glaring glaring of all the entrepreneurs in the world.

After Zhong Fan settled his ex-husband cleanly and neatly, he clearly picked things that could not go wrong, but it was passed to the research institute where he was working and was regarded as gossip. There was a lot of talk about Zhong Fan’s cruelty and too poisonous woman’s heart.

A woman who can let her ex-husband go out, think about it, is not a kind person, colleagues will never become Zhong Fan’s ex-husband, but it will not affect their self-substitution, always feel that if a woman is cruel to her ex-husband, then absolutely not What a good person.

It is the men who are promoted to make a fortune and die for the three major blessings in their lives. They never get involved in their careers because of similar things, thinking that they have failed their ex-wife and are not good people.

It’s no joke to be a teenager to death. A woman can seduce an adult to molest her own existence within nine months of her life. She has to guard against it, and she has to figure out malice!

It just so happened that in the research of Zhong Fan’s historical data, a general who disguised herself as a man was discovered, but was robbed of her military exploits by her nephew after her death. This subject was also implicated. As a result, Zhong Fan could not get the support of the institute. Inference.

Compared with Rong Fei and Zhong Fan, Ling Yinian’s situation is much better, but the small troubles he usually encounters are countless.

It’s no secret that she likes young boys with a temperament and appearance similar to that of the little general. Every relationship ends quickly, but there are basically no disputes, but this is enough for someone to talk behind.

Men like young and tender women, which is called romantic, and women like handsome young men, which is called big news.

But what makes Ling Yinian feel the most irritable is that there are always male subordinates who try to sell themselves, even the dwarf clown is so self-confident, and think that the beautiful female boss will love her and cannot help herself.

After all, he doesn’t mind the absurdity of the female boss Ling Yinian. Isn’t the female boss grateful that she takes out her money to support him, and then she sleeps and scolds?

These little brains mistakenly thought that they were the center of the universe, confident clowns forced them, and even the once tortured Ling Yinian only recruited female subordinates, so as not to affect her work mood.

The three heroines have their own troubles. In their private lives, they are all unwelcome wicked women, who are always the eye of the typhoon being discussed.

But the wicked girl is the wicked girl. Rong Fei and the others are serious about finding children, and even if they encounter more trouble, they must find the siblings.

It may be that the bad guys are more likely to feel sorry for each other. As Rong Fei and the others are cooperating with each other and constantly tracking down clues and being disappointed, the three of them let go of their barriers and truly become friends.

Unlike Du Xing’s previous stories, which emphasized more on the plot, this time “She too” is Du Xing’s new attempt, giving more shots to the characters themselves.

Zhong Fan, who always looks at adults displeased, indulges in sucking cubs and can’t help themselves with Rong Fei, longs for a family and simply finds his family to live with, Ling Yinian, who fails to repay his gratitude, lives as he pleases.

When the three women get together, they don’t need to think about who is teasing, who is insincere, who is arguing for the hero.

Because they are the protagonists, they are the protagonists in this story who can’t take away their elegance, and no one’s importance will overwhelm them.

Finally, the two brothers and sisters were found by three persevering wicked girls. Rong Fei looked at the two children who had been wronged during this period. She was distressed and angry. After holding the children tightly, she wanted to face her. Take a bite in your face.

Anti-trafficking and anti-fraud knowledge has been taught so many times, why were they so negligent before Rong Fei and the others blasted human traffickers to their heads?

Zhong Fan and Ling Yinian were finally relieved to control Rong Fei and save the little faces of the siblings.

The story of the wicked girl can also be reunited. During the filming period, the atmosphere was active, and the protagonist’s acting skills were online, and the filming progress went smoother than planned.

When it was finished, Huatang, who had been in the plot for a few months, still didn’t react.

After being hugged by both Han Lan and Miha, they understood Rong Fei’s story and came to an end for the time being.

“Congratulations on finishing.”

“Thanks for this time!”

The rest of the work of “She too” was left to the directors. Huatang didn’t know who was stuffed with a big bouquet in her arms, stood with Han Lan Miha, and was constantly asked to take pictures.

There were also staff members who came to ask Huatang to sign. They had met many newcomers, but it was relatively rare for Huatang to play so steadily and get along well in private.

Xiaohong relies on support, and success depends on fate, but excellent business ability and easy-to-get-together character are also one of the conditions for red.

After getting along for so long, there is no problem asking for an autograph. Huatang also added a cat’s claw after the name, which is regarded as a bilingual signature.

But the excitement returned to the excitement, Huatang still wanted to ask Dai Rongfei, after Ling Yinian and Zhong Fan got acquainted, did she discover that this is the reincarnation of the young general? She has been going around for so many years. Right in front of you.

Unfortunately, Han Lan and Miha did not give her an answer, nor did the director and Du Xing, but they taught Huatang a new term.

Socialist sisterhood.

There is still a period of time before the official promotion is completed. Han Lan and Miha are going to deal with the work they had accumulated before, and Huatang can return to the Kyushu community to take a rest.

The evil cat is still very competitive, and he came back several times during the shooting, but he kept thinking about the shooting and did not relax.

Now when it’s finished, you can turn back into a cat and continue to dominate your own territory.

It can be said that being a wicked woman and a wicked cat are not delayed.

The overall number of households in the Kyushu community is not large, so even after a few months, there will be no major changes after returning.

After Huatang walked around the catwalk in the community, she nodded in satisfaction. Even if she hadn’t come back to patrol this time, her site was well maintained.

She came back early, the children were still in school, and most of the residents were also at work. After Huatang returned to the small restaurant, she went straight to the second floor and turned into a long-legged girl, ready to take sweet shrimp for a run. .

“Would you like to leave the community?” Gu Yusheng took her tow rope, and then asked Huatang if she would take the sweet shrimp out.

Sometimes Huatang would bring sweet shrimp to the south gate and walk around Lin Qing’s place. Remember to bring your access card when you enter.

“If you don’t get out, just run around the lake.”

Dogs also need to play happily. Keeping the amount of exercise every day at night is not conducive to the sweet shrimp’s mood. So if Huatang has time, he will take the sweet shrimp out for a run. There are not many people on the lake anyway. , Can also let the sweet shrimp drop by the way.

Huatang took the phone with her, and was about to wait for the sweet shrimp to go into the water, so she squatted on the shore to play for a while.

Because the sweet shrimps are relatively large now, in order to avoid the worry of some residents who are afraid of dogs, Huatang and Gu Yusheng will choose some more partial places when they bring sweet shrimps.

Looking for a lake where no one came, Huatang temporarily removed the sweet shrimp’s towing rope, then rubbed the claws for the dog, did a warm-up action, and then watched the sweet shrimp leap into the lake and swim happily.

The dog entered the water, and the swimming posture was more standard than Huatang’s, and she was able to play with the fun without worry, until some residents came over, did she greet the sweet shrimp to come back, and it was time to go back to the small restaurant.

“Yes, this community is very beautiful. It’s where my cousin lives. The access control is very strict.”

“The lake is also very clean and clear, eh? Is there something in the distance? It should be a duck, it looks a little dark.”

“Want to take a close-up shot of the lake? Of course, it is really rare that the ecological lake in the community can be kept so clean. I can feel the shallow lake breeze now, which is very comfortable and cool.”

Huatang waved to the sweet shrimp when she noticed that a resident came over, so she didn’t notice that the girl who drove the camera live, found that the black spots in the distance were getting closer and closer. It was not a duck at all, but a dog. At the time, his expression gradually shocked.

“Hello, can I take a picture of the dog? So cute!”

Not only the anchor has never seen such a dog that is good at swimming, but the viewers who watched the live broadcast have not seen it either. The girl walked towards Huatang and wanted to ask this girl in a hat if she could take a picture of her dog.

It was the first time Huatang heard someone describe sweet shrimp as cute. She turned her head and looked at her for two seconds before nodding in agreement, but also reminded her that the dog is a bit too big to keep her distance.

A dog with a head in the water, looking at the dog’s awkward, cute and loving, there is no specific body pressure, but the anchor did not expect that it would be far from enough to take a small step back. After the dog got out of the water, It fully embodies the size of a large dog, and another spin to throw water, scared the anchor almost to fall into the water.

Fortunately, he was caught by Huatang and there was no falling water incident.

“Scared me to death, almost fell.”

“…It doesn’t matter if you fall, this is a water search and rescue dog, do you want to try to be searched and rescued?”


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