It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 167:

The anchor Jiang Xiaoya didn’t know if the cat would be killed by curiosity, but she knew that she would be flooded by curiosity.

Jiang Xiaoya, who can’t swim at all, is not prepared to feel it by himself, even if he is curious about how the water search and rescue dog works.

What if her weight exceeds the rescue limit of the search and rescue dog, and she can’t get it, and tons and tons of water sink?

As the saying goes, everyone who drowns can swim. Conversely, those who can’t swim know the life and stay away from the water.

Jiang Xiaoya was learning through a live broadcast. Today, in a good mood, I occasionally broadcast the scenery of the anchor, so I don’t want to fight like this, and I will fall into the water to show that I was rescued.

Therefore, even if the barrage is happier with the rewards, Jiang Xiaoya resolutely takes a big step back, stands on the farthest side of the lake, and shakes his head firmly.

Fortunately, Huatang also asked, stretched out her hand to press the sweet shrimp’s head, and then drew out the “hair” towel that she brought with her, and gave the dog a rua.

The sweet shrimp is well taken care of by Gu Yusheng. It is a bit fat while being strong. The perfect fat layer protects the dog from getting into the water. This body type will not become thin even if it gets wet.

And now that Huatang has been “chaotically” rubbed, the whole dog is a little deformed and feels “waves”. It feels better when you look at it.

Jiang Xiaoya was a little scared of such a big dog, but looking at the appearance of the Sweet Shrimp Army Dog Department, he was rubbed dry and had a good temper, so he held the camera eagerly and squatted aside. Thinking of “touching” the expression.

Sometimes, people who are more afraid of dogs are more curious about dogs. When Jiang Xiaoya sees police dogs in subways and airports, he can’t wait to “rub” the dog’s head with anger. Now he sees sweet shrimp. Naturally, he was curious.

Huatang is a cat that won’t let others “touch”, but Sweet Shrimp is a kind of “sexual” dog.

Finally, Huatang stepped back, let Jiang Xiaoya stretch out her hand, and lightly “touched” the half-dry head of the sweet shrimp, watching her perform a dance of joy on the spot.

Satisfied and “touched” a handful of dogs, Jiang Xiaoya held his hands happily, holding up the camera and thinking about the water search and rescue dog.

Not only is she very curious, but the audience watching the live broadcast also wants to know what is called a water search and rescue dog. After all, this term is so rare that it is difficult for everyone to imagine that search and rescue dogs have water services.

Huatang often followed Gu Yusheng and Sweet Shrimp to the search and rescue team training. He did not listen to the background knowledge less often. Seeing that the Sweet Shrimp wipes almost dry, she put the “wool” towel back into the small waterproof backpack and put it on the Sweet Shrimp. Hang, “You want to go out, don’t you, I said while walking.”

“Ah? Oh, yes.” Jiang Xiaoya was indeed about to go out, but she was a little curious, why is the girl wearing a hat in front of her, with the brim covering most of her face, and a girl who is half a head taller than herself, can see herself at a glance Not from this community?

Maybe the security of the community is well done, and the residents are familiar with each other, right?

Jiang Xiaoya didn’t think about this question carefully. He watched the tall girl put the leash on the sweet shrimp and walked out with her.

Huatang’s original plan was to return to the small restaurant after two laps with the sweet shrimp, but now Jiang Xiaoya and the audience watching the live broadcast are very curious about the water search and rescue dog, and the vanity of the evil cat is greatly satisfied. , I was going to send Jiang Xiaoya out for a while, and take a good look at it.

How powerful is the water search and rescue dog?

The evil cat’s running dog No. 2 is so good, Huatang also feels very face.

In addition to actual combat, the search and rescue team’s training occasionally also organized learning. When the little black cat squatted on Gu Yusheng’s shoulders, he listened to lessons frequently.

Now when I talk to Jiang Xiaoya, I’m still talking about it, and there is even a nod. After sending Jiang Xiaoya out of the community, if he has not finished speaking, then continue to send it.

After going out from the south gate of the community, you can walk two more streets and you will encounter a beautiful bridge. The river is also beautiful. After the passage, there is a bus station with more lines. Huatang is going to send Jiang Xiaoya there, which is also convenient. She talked about the job content of water search and rescue dogs.

“Ah! I remembered it. I heard it a bit familiar just now, but I don’t remember where I heard it.”

Considering the radio reception in the live broadcast room, Jiang Xiaoya was anxious to walk in a quieter place. The path that He Huatang walked out was very good. He listened while walking and suddenly shouted.

She remembered why she faintly felt that the water search and rescue dog was familiar.

“In the previous news, there were particularly powerful water search and rescue dogs, which rescued many people in the flood-hit areas.”

Jiang Xiaoya is a college student and usually pays attention to cats, cats and dogs, so when he was reading the news, he saw a dog wrapped in a mud shell, which was still a search and rescue dog.

The number of water search and rescue dogs in China is limited. This year, I went to the flood-stricken area to rescue people and even made the news. It is estimated that it is the sweet shrimp.

Huatang replaced the sweet shrimp with pride for three seconds, allowing Jiang Xiaoya to start blowing rainbow farts.

Although you can’t see the look under the brim of the hat, you can guess from the girl’s lip line and chin that she “shows”.

After listening to the popular science, Jiang Xiaoya looked at the other party and the dog next to him a little admiringly, and started to compliment so much with special cooperation, and almost forgot the live broadcast room.

Fortunately, most viewers who watched the live broadcast had similar reactions. People are always touched by small things.

Especially when search and rescue dogs go to rescue, they are basically racing against time. They will not easily retreat from overdrawn physical strength or even injuries. They continue to work hard with injuries, just to give more hope in life.

If Huatang watched Jiang Xiaoya’s live broadcast at this time, she would definitely get more rainbow farts.

But she couldn’t take care of this anymore. When walking towards the bridge, there were a lot of people in front of her, and the passageway reserved for pedestrians was full.

“Did something happen?”

He squinted his eyes slightly, and had already passed through the crowd to see and hear what was going on. Jiang Xiaoya probed his head for a few moments and was blocked by the person in front. In the end, there was no way, so he just raised the lens and barely watched. What happened inside.

“Wait, there is someone standing outside the railing!”

The nearby river is quite deep, so there are special guardrails on both sides of the bridge to prevent pedestrians from accidentally crossing it.

But at this time, it is also blocking the boundary between those who want to find short-term views and the people behind them. Jiang Xiaoya who looked at it took a breath.

“Have you reported or called the police?” The live footage was limited. Jiang Xiaoya could only see a person standing outside the railing, but could not see whether there was a policeman in front of the crowd.

She suddenly became a little anxious. She was worried that the short-sighted person would just jump down like this. She hurriedly squeezed in, grabbed some people inside and asked if she called the police.

——Don’t you think about jumping into the river? Where is this? I can help call the police.

——Anchor Anchor, can Xiao Duck read the comments? Can you let the onlookers disperse a bit? This will put a lot of pressure on those who are short-sighted.

——Yes, a lot of “suicides” were coaxed by onlookers. The anchor contacted the police as soon as possible!

Jiang Xiaoya was even less visible when he squeezed into the crowd. In order to identify the direction, he had to hold the camera high and judge from the picture. For the sake of clarity, the comments were temporarily blocked, and naturally, he did not see the comments of the audience.

I don’t know how others will react when seeing this kind of scene, but Jiang Xiaoya’s mind only saves people. She also saw similar things when she was young. Yes, the person who was stuck on the roof was not saved. In front of the pupil Jiang Xiaoya, it turned into meat sauce, scaring her into a nightmare for a whole month.

It may be that the inability to do anything that made Jiang Xiaoya have always been afraid of this scene of joining in the fun to watch others commit suicide. If they encounter it, they must find a way to call the police and save them.

She is too young, holding the camera and squeezing in, she is not too strong and almost squeezed out by the crowd.

Standing outside, Huatang keenly noticed that the innermost woman who wanted to commit suicide was breathing more and more “chaotic”. Released the sweet shrimp’s traction rope, let the dog go around the bridge first, and then compacted the hat. , Squeezed into the crowd a few steps and rushed to the front with Jiang Xiaoya.

It’s not a problem to be able to lift a pigeon with one hand and to squeeze in with Jiang Xiaoya. Jiang Xiaoya was a bit embarrassed when she was carried, but fortunately, after seeing the woman who wanted to commit suicide, she couldn’t take care of anything else. , Clamped the camera to the clothes, then vacated both hands, trying to break away from a space, trying to get close to the other person.

“Don’t come here! Let me die, he lied to me and took all my money away, I have nothing left.”

Obviously, the woman standing outside the railing with severe emotional ups and downs, also aware of Jiang Xiaoya’s movements, screamed and leaned forward.

Jiang Xiaoya was so scared that she almost burst into tears. She didn’t know when the police would come or what the passers-by who were talking about everything were thinking. She could only try to stretch out her hand and try to use the gentlest tone, “Sister, you Give me your hand, OK? Shall we come over and say slowly?”

“No, there is nothing, I can only punish him with death.”

The emotional woman couldn’t listen to Jiang Xiaoya’s words. The tears on her face made her whole person tremble, like a crumbling flower, which made Jiang Xiaoya whisper and tried to reach out her hand, trying to let the other party catch her.

Don’t jump, don’t jump.

However, the woman standing outside the railing was really desperate. She had nothing, was deceived and tortured, and even after returning home, she was pushed out by her family and called her a dirty thing.

She had nothing but death to punish her boyfriend, which made her family regret it.

What kind of garbage “suicide” idea is this brainwashing? Huatang frowned slightly, her teeth itchy at the woman outside the railing.

What is the punishment of nothing but death? Death is only a punishment and an end to oneself. It is of no use to those who have failed and hurt oneself.

No matter what Jiang Xiaoya said, he couldn’t break the logic that the woman had begun to circulate herself. The hand that stretched out couldn’t catch the other person, and the whole person was about to cry in a hurry.

Huatang looked down at the river and noticed that the sweet shrimp was ready to be in place, she took off her hat, ran her hair through with her hand, and then wore the hat back. She reached out and took Jiang Xiaoya’s shoulder with her expression a little dull. , Make a pose for taking pictures, “Well, who, you give me a hand here first, we want to take pictures, you are blocking the carving of the railing!”,

Let alone Jiang Xiaoya, even the onlookers were stunned. What kind of devil passer-by is this?

People are jumping into the river, are you still concerned about blocking the camera?

Even the woman who was about to jump into the river turned her head, probably so angry that she couldn’t speak, and glared at the talking guy.

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