It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 168:

Yu Quan is the policeman in charge of this area of ​​the Kyushu community, because the residential security in this area is good, the population movement is small, and the usual work is not particularly busy.

Only a river that traverses, does it give Yu Quan some moths?

Of course, the river is not to blame. The main reason is that the scenery is very good and the water is relatively deep. Many people who are short-sighted have targeted this river.

One stop on the bridge, Yu Quan, who received the alarm call, made his heart tighten and rushed to the scene of the incident as quickly as possible.

If there are rivers and bridges, just see if the scenery is not good. Those who are going to jump into the river for short-sightedness can drive Yuquan into a small motorcycle rush.

Yes, Yu Quan also understands that if it weren’t for someone to be pressed into that desperate situation, who would think of jumping into the river, but, in life, there is always a glimmer of hope, and it is not right to give up life easily.

The right to life is something that he cannot promise to give up. Yu Quan has seen many people who start to regret after jumping down, but it is too late. The result of serious injury or death can no longer allow them to regret.

Moreover, Yu Quan was particularly worried about the conflict between the onlookers and the short-sighted people. Sometimes, the few scattered voices of the crowd might make the short-sighted people’s brains heated up and jump off.

How to bring short-sighted people back to a safe place is also a kind of crisis negotiation. Most of the time, people who like to watch the excitement have no such ability to save people. Therefore, Yu Quan saw that the bridge was surrounded by three floors and three floors. The people on the first floor were so anxious that their voices were dumb, and they rushed to evacuate the crowd with the colleagues who were catching up.

At least don’t put so much pressure or attention on short-sighted seekers. When the psychological defense line is weak, the surrounding voices can easily guide the short-sighted seekers wrongly.

However, when Quanquan squeezed the crowd away, took a deep breath, and was about to stabilize the mood of the short-sighted person, he saw the scene for the first time in his career.

The woman standing outside the bridge railing was so angry that she couldn’t help but quarrel with the tall girl wearing a hat in front.

“You, you are too deceiving!”

“What’s wrong with bullying you, hurry up and move, I’m waiting to send it to Moments~”

“I’m going to jump into the river, do you think I’m blocking your camera?!”

“Otherwise, how important do you think you are, is it different from a pebble? Hurry up and move this way, you are blocking the reflection of the river ripples.”

Listening, it looked like a woman who was about to jump into the river, standing too outside, blocking the perfect shot of passersby who wanted to take pictures, and then interrupted midway. The troublesome woman who jumped into the river moved two steps inside and let her take the photo first.

Yu Quan has been a policeman for so many years and has dealt with matters large and small many times. “Sex” is already patient and gentle. Listening to the accent of the anti-hat girl, I can’t help but want to be angry and refute a few words. .

How can someone speak so madly?

If it were put in the game, it would be full of taunting skills. Once it appeared, Guai Quan chased her and would never get out of it.

Jiang Xiaoya and the live camera were also stunned. They couldn’t bother to marvel at the excessively beautiful face that the search and rescue dog owner put on his hat, and was shocked by the endless photo request.

What kind of villain’s speech is this? !

Among the various emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, anger should be the most powerful. At least being disturbed by Huatang, the girl who had just been immersed in the feeling of powerlessness suddenly lit a small flame in her heart.

I was very angry and wanted to argue with the other party, even if I was short-sighted, I hope to talk to the other party again.

Two meters, 1.8 meters, and soon will stand at 1.5 meters.

Huatang saw the police coming, but she stood in the front and grabbed everyone’s attention. The short-sighted woman didn’t let the short-sighted woman see that the police was behind Jiang Xiaoya.

She stood inside the railing, carefully calculating that the woman standing on the outermost side was so angry that she was two steps away from her head, and then she changed her yawning expression without warning, and leaned out of the railing. In the gap, she grabbed the woman’s right arm and dragged her abruptly.

The guarding effect of the railing is too good, and I don’t know how the woman climbed over. Huatang is now trying to hold the person, and only the right arm is the focus point. If the whole person is not against the railing with his leg, it is estimated that the whole person will be Pull out together.

Huatang’s movements were so sudden, not to mention the short-sighted woman, the nearest Jiang Xiaoya and policeman Yu Quan didn’t react, but saw Huatang grabbing the woman’s right arm and hurried to hold her hand steady. Huatang’s body tried to drag the woman outside back.

Distracted, the angry woman above her subconsciously took the two steps to take the two steps too crucial. After being pulled by Huatang’s right arm, she couldn’t get rid of it.

The woman also realized that Huatang was lying to her by saying that she was blocking the photo. She actually struggled subconsciously. She stroked her foot and half of her leg fell directly out of the railing on the platform where no one could stand.

“Let go, let me go!”

Huatang’s hand was too tight, and the woman couldn’t get rid of it. Her right arm was so numb that she couldn’t feel it. She cried and let Huatang let go and made her jump off.

“shut up!”

“Today I’m going to pull you up too, jump and jump, you can jump, right?”

“What’s the use of death? It also pollutes the water source, this river provokes you to suffer this sin!”

Jiang Xiaoya and Yu Quan’s words were directly choked by Huatang’s throat, let alone the two of them. Even the passers-by who hurriedly prepared to help, were all caught by the standard pronunciation, clear words, but the attitude was extremely rude. Three stern sentences frightened.

It is as if the woman who is half of her body stroked down, just like a little chicken, chattering again, Huatang will show everyone a squeeze!

So, who the **** is jumping into the river?

The woman who was looking for a short sight was half-floating, and after being sternly reprimanded, she calmed down and burst into tears.

Just hanging here, the woman watched half of her body squeeze out of the railing, her arm clenched her teeth and grabbed her girl, only to realize that the other person is really beautiful, and she is the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.

“I’m sorry, you let me go. My boyfriend has committed domestic violence and cheated my money away. My family scolded me for nothing, and even sent the old bachelor from the same village to my room. I have nothing and no money. It’s too tiring to live without friends.”

If the struggle just now still has a bit of vitality, when it comes to this, the light in the woman’s eyes has dimmed even more.

In this world, no one loves her, and the people she tries to please and love are always hurting her. She is alive, really tired, always frustrated, always disappointed, and always “lost” so I don’t know what to do tomorrow.

“I’ll teach you how to do well, OK? I teach you how to live without getting tired? You are good, and I will teach you after you come up.”

“You give me your other hand, I drag you up, let’s beat your boyfriend together, and then take the money back, okay? Your family scolds you, we help you scold you back together, and we will give it They send wreaths, splash paint and set off firecrackers, OK?”

“Be good, give me your hand, and I will teach you to be a happy villain, okay?”

–it is good.

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