It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 169:

Jiang Xiaoya didn’t know whether it was the female “sex” that had the greatest malice towards women’s “sex”.

But she knew that it was women who had the greatest kindness towards women’s “sex”. This sentence made sense, because no one could empathize with them more.

When she saw that she was standing outside the railing, holding a small bag with one hand, and looking for a short-sighted person in a dazed and helpless manner, her heart almost jumped out of her throat, and she squeezed in desperately to reach out and let the other person Give yourself a little more hope, don’t jump.

We met by the water and didn’t know each other, but Jiang Xiaoya hoped more than anyone at that moment that this woman could live well and not commit suicide.

There is always a moment when someone needs to love you. Then Jiang Xiaoya will take on this moment. Don’t jump down, please, don’t give up yourself.

Huatang grabbed the opponent’s right arm and held it in a stalemate. When he was about to pull upward, Jiang Xiaoya also heard the despair of the short-sighted person.

If possible, everyone hopes to live a lucky and happy life, but most people always cannot get the perfect script. One desperate thing is like a rock and a mountain. Then, they don’t know which thing is the last. Root straw.

Jiang Xiaoya looked at her eyes, guessing that the other party might be about the same age as her, but her lips were chapped and her eyes were blue and black. There were bruises on her neck, and her whole person was fragile like a paper bird. To be smashed.

Huatang, who was stuck on the railing, couldn’t use her strength, and was afraid that she would not be able to hold the other party after changing her action. So Jiang Xiaoya and Yu Quan could only help, by dragging her back, slowly dragging the woman up.

It’s just that all the strength is on Huatang’s arm, which makes Jiang Xiaoya very worried. She even ran to the side to borrow the plastic sheet from the stall, and went around to see if she could help with a leg or something, so that Huatang would not be too stressed. .

Huatang was able to hold it, but she couldn’t move in this position. She could only wait for the woman to calm down first, and then back down with Jiang Xiaoya’s strength.

The woman who wanted to jump into the river and fell halfway down was really young, probably in her early twenties. She should have been the most prosperous time, but obviously she didn’t.

She grew up ordinary, met parents who beat and scolded at every turn, met her brother who took the opportunity to go to high school, met boyfriend who cheated her with an ice cream, and finally, even the old bachelor found by her family Insult, living without half dignity, shame is trampled underfoot by the closest person.

If it wasn’t for being “forced” to a dead end, who would want to stand by the bridge?

“I want to go to high school. I have no money. I was beaten and my earlobe was torn off. I shed a lot of blood.

“Going to work in the factory, the villager cheated away his wages.”

“When he first fell in love with me, he was kind to me and even bought me ice cream to eat, but before long he thought I was poor, so he beat me to grab my money.”

“My parents always scold me and throw my things in the warehouse. My brother can eat braised pork ribs at home. I can only drink noodle soup. He even pinches my **** and laughs beside me screaming.”

Everything was desperate and it made people unable to breathe, but now, someone caught her, and the stern girl told her to cry. She was half a head short next to her. The girl who rushed up to grab her hand was anxious. She was crying for her while shedding tears.

Jiang Xiaoya is a physique that tends to burst into tears when he gets up emotionally. He could hold it back when he was anxious just now. Now that Huatang grabbed the opponent, she couldn’t help it. She tried her best to use plastic sheeting with passers-by to cover the woman while sprinkling it. Many tears fell on the woman who hung in the air.

No one loves you, and when no one takes care of you, you can endure everything alone, but when someone really sheds tears for you, all the weak emotions flow up when you are in the same hatred.

The woman was still in tears, but this time, her eyes were brighter, and she tried to give her other hand to Huatang.

Using both hands together is much more convenient than just now. Huatang and Jiang Xiaoya Yuquan quickly joined forces to pull the person up, and found that the other party had lost their strength and couldn’t turn back into the railing, so they calmed her emotions. Find a way to step on a few people and pull her up and manually overturn.

The man was rescued, but the small bag that the woman brought with her fell off. It contained the hair rope and puppet she had bought for her first salary. It was originally pretended to be her own funeral. But now Falling down the river, I don’t know where it will float.

After Huatang pulled the person up, she moved her hands back and forth. The action she got stuck in the railing just now was not good enough, and her arm was also a bit congested and swollen. After Jiang Xiaoya and the others paid attention to the woman’s state, she started Find sweet shrimp.

Soon, swimming up from the bottom of the river, the sweet shrimp biting the packet rushed wet, wagging its tail to rush towards Huatang, but she was blocked by her palm.

“Wait, throw water here.”

Huatang took the small bag and gave the sweet shrimp ring a designated area for the dog to dump it here.

It’s not the first time that Jiang Xiaoya, who has seen sweet shrimp shake the “hair”, took two steps back subconsciously, and then let the rescued woman take a shower.

A dog of the size of sweet shrimp has a considerable amount of water storage. After shaking like this, it is almost like spraying water with a small watering can, and on the spot, the woman is poured into half a chicken.

“Take it, do you still want to jump into the river?”

Huatang is not a kind person who saves people with a good voice, and then speaks softly. When Jiang Xiaoya and the others are busy comforting others, the evil cat chooses to let the dog pour her water.

“Do you know what it is like to die by drowning? The corpse is like a rotten steamed bun, covered with mosquitoes and flies, and then stinking and rotten, and even fish are too lazy to eat you.”

“Collect your own things, next time you want to dance, just think about whether you want to die so ugly?”

“Being unhappy, then be a badass. You are no longer the kid who wanted to read but was beaten up. If your brother pinches your breasts, you chop off his two or two meats to see who screams better. !”

Jiang Xiaoya was stunned, and then Yu Quan was also frightened, but at last he thought that he was a policeman, meaning he coughed twice, “Well, if you can sit down and talk, let’s calm down and talk. Hurt others and pay for yourself.”

Chopped two or two pieces of meat is considered deliberate injury and illegal.

Huatang puts on the leash of the sweet shrimp, and then takes the big “hair” towel to squat in the river. The dog as a backup plan wipes the water. In case she does not catch the other party, there is sweet shrimp as a guarantee to save people. .

She heard the speech of the good man Yu Quan, grabbed the undried water droplets on the sweet shrimp with a little disapproval, and deliberately threw it twice, “When you encounter this kind of garbage, you must control evil with evil. Good words, then wait for Qingming to see you.”

——There are a lot of cruel talks, and this young lady is too strong.

——I actually thought it made sense. Miss Sister didn’t say instigating or hurting others, she just said that she protects herself.

——Great, great, I finally rescued people. I was scared to death just now, and the dog was too angelic. He was waiting in the river to save people, and now he took the bag up.

Because Jiang Xiaoya’s lens captured the entire rescue scene, more and more netizens flocked into the live broadcast room, and soon someone discovered that this girl wearing a hat is very familiar.

Jiang Xiaoya ignored the comments, Huatang also put on his hat, and prepared to go to the police station with Yu Quan with the sweet shrimp. By the way, he would talk to the woman, or maybe give a little bit of being a badass.

“Who won’t let you live, then don’t let anyone have a better life, and want to match you with the old bachelor? Then you let the old bachelor marry your brother, your parents, and your whole family. Are you a matchmaker!”

“Snatch your money and call the police. This is the police uncle. Robbery will definitely take care of it.”

“A man is not a great creature. If your family is not fate, you don’t want to force it. No one is as important as you. The most important thing is to eat and be warm and happy.”

Huatang is not generous to teach others the experience of “being a badass”, but in her opinion, most of the female “sex” is too lack of offensive “sex”.

In animals, females are so fierce as to slap other companions, but humans are different. There are too many disciplines and too many teachings, making them look like sweet cakes. You can bite as many as you like. mouth.

If the cake has passed the expiration date, it will go bad and spoiled, and then try to make other cakes often moldy, in order to please the men who eat cakes.

Compared to being a happy villain, what Huatang said was more like teaching her to be a self-protective, unrestrained and independent person.

Death as punishment is the most ridiculous false proposition. Since ancient times, have women who died actively or passively punish each other in their intimate relationship?

No, it was their invisible maiden family all year round, happy as if they were celebrating the New Year, holding their own losses, they went to talk to each other with dignity.

Whether it’s in the country or the city, after the wife hangs herself “suicide”, the maiden’s family kills in front of the husband and asks the other party to lose money. I don’t know how many dramas have appeared. This kind of money loss seems to be smashed to something useful. The user is required to compensate the same.

When I was alive, I didn’t say a word, maybe I would eat a woman together, but when I died, I fisted hard and used it as a fart.

Nothing is worth living on her own, whoever dares to make her life difficult, she will make her life difficult.

“Ah, the live broadcast is here first, I…”

Huatang’s speech really challenged some “sex”. Don’t be taboo. The woman who jumped into the river could hear it, but Jiang Xiaoya noticed the changes in the comments. Some people began to accuse Huatang of instigating others and deliberately provoking contradictions. She was still on the live broadcast when she got up, and subconsciously wanted to turn it off.

She had never heard such words from Huatang, but Jiang Xiaoya had to admit that she sounded very cool and comfortable.

How can being a bad guy provoke opposition and create contradictions? Isn’t even a normal person allowed to resist?

But obviously, Jiang Xiaoya didn’t think too many people, or too many people, but they couldn’t speak up. Soon, the entry of #恶女# was topped in the news, and many people picked out Huatang’s previous shooting. Condemned this wicked woman who disrupted social harmony in a righteous manner.

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