It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 17:

Some pets will shed their hair frantically after entering the Kyushu community, which is similar to the principle of renting a house.

If a tenant wants to keep a small pet, he must say hello to the landlord in advance, especially if it will scratch the furniture or go out for activities, it is better to communicate with the landlord.

The Kyushu community is the site of Huatang, and the rules of informing the landlord in advance are also applicable. Otherwise, the animals will be stressed and shed wildly.

Gu Yusheng had seen a black cat, but he was surprised to hear the staff go downstairs and shout Huatang.

Lin Qing next to him was even more stunned. Looking at the black cat who followed the staff upstairs, it was hard to imagine that this was the “solution” the staff found?

The end of science is metaphysics, and the end of veterinary medicine is the black cat?

Huatang didn’t answer Lin Qing’s surprise. As soon as she came in, she saw two silly dogs, one was a black puppies, and the other was a mummified Bianmu.

Gu Yusheng’s observation ability was stronger. He found that when the black cat came in, whether it was a courageous puppy or an injured Border Shepherd, they all calmly and obediently, with a little fear.

Can ordinary cats have this ability?

The staff squatted down, talked to Huatang about the situation, then raised their heads to smile at Gu Yusheng and Lin Qing, and explained that this cat has one-half of the right to use the community, and generally gets the cat’s consent and sheds hair frantically Just stopped.

When the community first moved in to the residents, the staff might not care too much about Huatang’s “mystery”, but after living for a long time, they still took it seriously, and they would also ask the black cat for advice on any “singular” things.

People, don’t be too arrogant to be happier, Huatang is also a little life worthy of respect~

The highlight of the Kyushu community is to enjoy the tranquility of the city and live with cats.

Extending his paw and patted the staff’s hand, Huatang approached the two silly dogs and focused on the current Bianmu, who was currently in a low value of appearance.

After being seriously injured, the whole dog became timid and shivered, but was rescued in time, and now he is recovering well.

After turning around Bianmu, Huatang almost understood the situation. She walked back to the front of Bianmu and looked at the pitiful stupid dog, who was not daring to move her head, and stretched out her front paws. The paw pad pressed the dog’s eyebrow.

Well, looking at the hurt blame, the evil cat allows you to live in the Kyushu community~

Generally speaking, cats and dogs will fight when they meet. As a pet doctor, Lin Qing rarely sees a dog who is scratched by a cat and begging for mercy. When Huatang stretched his paw, he subconsciously tensed to stop him, for fear of the black cat giving Bian Mu Come two claws.

But Gu Yusheng held back Lin Qing’s movements. He didn’t feel any malice in the black cat. Think about the black cat’s “fishing cubs” with its tail before, and he knew the cat’s character when he played happily. It may be bad, but it will not harm other people or animals.

Bian Mu is a very clever dog breed. He was scared on the floor just now and did not dare to move. After being pressed by Huatang, he was no longer afraid, and he dared to rub the black cat very aggrievedly.

Obviously there is a poor body shape, but everyone present can see that the big Bian Mu gains a sense of security from the small black cat.

The puppies who are well-behaved but three seconds away also win perfect scores. Seeing that the black cat won’t clean it up, he leaned forward and leaned forward. The little tail is wagging like a propeller, unilaterally realizing the “see you fellow” from the “black star” Fellow”.

The friendly meeting between the plushs always made people feel better. Lin Qing moved to the back of Bian Mu to check the condition of Bian Mu’s hair loss, and he brushed both sides of Bian Mu’s back hair in disbelief. Can’t drop it?

With a sudden clap, Lin Qing, if she realized something, the staff next to her became nervous and came, and it was time for her to break the superstition and believe in science.

The two owners who had adopted stray dogs before were all metaphysical on the spot, holding their faces together and eager to take away the black cat.

“This cat, it is the body of the anti-hair growth lotion!” Lin Qing was amused by herself after she said, smiling like a fat man who is almost 200 jin, and then found that the expressions of Gu and the staff were complicated, so she touched it angrily. face.

Alas, no humor at all.

“Many pet hospitals abroad have animal nurses. Animal nurses are better at comforting injured animals than doctors.”

Lin Qing’s reason for not being metaphysical is very simple. He is a pet doctor himself. He knows that the intelligence of animals is far beyond that of humans. Besides, there are many animal nurses abroad who help doctors calm the emotions of animals. Lin Qing is envious. I didn’t go over the wall to pick up videos.

“This cat is called Huatang? Are you interested in coming to my hospital for a part-time job, paying you a salary, including board and lodging, eating imported canned food, and picking scratching toys?”

Very good, this is not to take Huatang home to raise, but to issue a labor contract to entice Huatang to sign a part-time job.

Without waiting for the staff to stop this guy who tried to steal the cat, Huatang glanced at Lin Qing disgustingly, then turned and jumped to the staff, raised her paw to compare the small size of the little sister, and Gu Yusheng looked very easy to climb. With her tall figure, the black cat climbed up a few times, stepped on Gu Yusheng’s shoulder, and provocatively looked down at Lin Qing who had formed a ball.

Faced with Gu Ge, Lin Qing really didn’t dare. He watched Gu Ge with the black cat squatting on his shoulders and signed the rest of the procedures with the staff. He could only complain and scratch the wall, determined to move there too. Near Kyushu Community.

Is it because he often cuts eggs and vaccinates too many times in the hospital, which shakes his status as a “small animal favorite”?

Lin Qing, who had no points in his heart, was distraught. He was about to look back to find two dogs to comfort his little heart, only to find that the puppies and Bian Mu were close to Gu Yusheng, with an expression that he wanted to play with the cat.

Gu Yusheng, a tool for the cat climbing frame, was not annoyed by being surrounded by him. He lowered his head and paid attention to his steps so as not to accidentally step on the tails of the two dogs. When he leaned over to write, he stretched out his hand to block him so that the cat would not fall off his shoulders.

Gu Yusheng may still have room to work hard away from pet lovers, but he is particularly good, that is, he respects the existence of small animals and is very tolerant. This is completely inconsistent with the aura of fear of ordinary animals.

Whether it’s a puppy biting a shoe or Bianmu scratching his coat, he won’t be annoyed.

When a black cat stepped on his shoulder, he wouldn’t say anything. Instead, he would protect him so that the cat would not fall off his shoulder.

Gu Yusheng has broad shoulders and long legs. He has been exercising all the year round to make his shoulder and neck muscles firm and strong. A black cat like Huatang squats up without any changes in expression, as if Huatang is light and feathery.

This, this is very cute~

What’s wrong with the evil cat being a little heavier? Even if he eats your fish, it’s Huatang’s own ability to get fat, so why not!

Huatang took a close look at Gu Yusheng, who was less talkative, and gave him the title of “Best Human Cat Climbing Frame”. He found that the other party was willing to take care of a mummy dog ​​and a 250 puppies. The second floor of Gu Yusheng’s face is more suitable for animal life furnishings, and Gu Yusheng’s face is stamped with “evil cats” in his heart.

Very good, promising, follow the evil cat and will not treat you badly.

The black cat was in a good mood on his shoulders and jumped twice with satisfaction. Even if he didn’t step on his feet, he could be caught by the agile Gu Yusheng. Look, this is an excellent candidate who has not only one hundred test papers, but also twenty additional questions. .

Gu Yusheng and the others only came back. The things hadn’t been sorted out and there was no time to cook. Lin Qing went to the fast food restaurant in Nanmen and packed a few dishes. Huatang was not very interested in bringing food to outside, so he ruthlessly abandoned the “humanoid”. “Cat Climbing Frame” evacuated and went to Professor Li’s house for dinner.

Hehe, how can there be special home-cooked dishes in fast food?

When the black cat left, Lin Qing was still unwilling to die. He turned out the community household manual that Gu Yusheng had brought back here, and found the attachments about Huatang.

“I think this cat may be a natural fit as an animal nurse. It is friendly to people, close to children, cares about hygiene, loves cleanliness, and also likes small animals, and has a perfect job resume.”

With the increase in the number of young people keeping pets in first- and second-tier cities, the pressure of competition in pet hospitals is also great. Some with incomplete qualifications and poor services can also attract a large number of customers through marketing or advertising.

Many young people who are not ready to take care of pets may also be willing to take one home for the sake of a gimmick or a fever, especially when pet shops and pet hospitals cooperate, some animals are like clearance sale. Quickly convert into benefits.

Inbreeding of close relatives, genetic defects, trait cultivation, anti-natural gaining curiosity, anything that becomes a bubble by hype is a price.

However, in terms of pets, the price is paid by disabled, diseased, deformed, and even quickly abandoned animals.

Lin Qing doesn’t like this ethos and doesn’t want to use the hospital as a gimmick, but he doesn’t look down on his colleagues for making money. He wants Huatang to be an animal nurse. One is for the consideration of injured animals so that they can calm their emotions. It is the breed that has taken a fancy to Huatang, it is the ordinary Chinese pastoral black cat, but it is no worse than any breed or competition cat.

It is understandable that young people want to raise a caring pet that is thoughtful and well-behaved.

However, under the advertisements and brainwashing of some merchants, the excessive pursuit of appearance, coat color and pedigree is a bit too late. After Lin Qing opened a pet hospital, he received some illegally bred malformed pets every year, with genetic problems. , Even treatment can not be cured, only to see the small animals struggle.

To Lin Qing, it means that many owners do not live to understand and are not ready to bear another little life. They start blindly, but let their pets bear the price.

“Oh, when the veterinarian is not worried about the doctor-patient relationship, sometimes, I want to fight with the patient’s family.” Looking at the settled puppies and Bianmu with emotion, Lin Qing poured a disposable paper cup. Ordered some orange juice from the takeaway, and had a glass with Gu Ge.

Gu Yusheng knew how his belly appeared, so he took away the brewed orange juice and handed the teapot over.

“Cough, shut your mouth and open your legs. I will be the most beautiful in the community tomorrow. By the way, Brother Gu, don’t you give the little guy a name?”

Holding the activity book of the supermarket next door, Gu Yusheng, who was choosing the ingredients, paused, and he simply waved to let the puppies come over, rested the belly with one arm, and let it choose by itself.

The colorful patterns and the layout of discounts and promotions. The black puppies could not understand anything, but they were inexplicably excited and pressed their paws on the cockroach medicine with a sense of ritual.

“…Call it sweet shrimp!”

Gu Yusheng cruelly turned over the page of the insecticide, and changed the black puppy’s paw onto the Arctic sweet shrimp.

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