It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 170: end

Facts have proved that when a wicked woman who challenges her gender taboo appears, her beautiful face can’t stop her passionate abuse.

After two policewomen took care of the rescued girl, the two left the police station and were shocked by the live comment.

Even if Huatang said nothing was wrong, she didn’t care about these comments. Jiang Xiaoya was almost shocked by the comments in her live broadcast room. She never thought that some people would hide behind the Internet and say such vicious words.

Jiang Xiaoya didn’t know whether the people wearing those IDs were men or women. They were a little more civilized and accused Huatang of being extreme, always provoking gender contradictions and abetting others to commit crimes.

A little uncivilized, it is simply the hardest hit area of ​​silence and shielding. There are even threats that Huatang is controlled by foreign forces and has been endured by men to have a chance to beep here. You should **** first and then kill. Chop it into pieces and behave after the septic tank warns.

Listen, is this what people say?

Jiang Xiaoya was terrified, and wanted to ask these people back. Huatang taught the girls who were bullied to resist and protect themselves, and they were eager to kill and even carve others. Who is evil?

She is a learning anchor. The viewers who watch the live broadcast are usually calmer and her painting style is relatively stable. However, after the popularity of #恶女# became more and more popular, more and more netizens came to comment, and what she said became more and more terrifying. cruel.

Jiang Xiaoya didn’t believe it. People watching the live broadcast did not hear the desperate words of the girl who wanted to jump into the river.

Parents abuse, eldest brother is suspected of indecency, boyfriend has violent tendencies and cheats money, and even family members sell their daughters to old bachelors to bully. Isn’t such a life qualified to resist?

Why did no one accuse these evildoers, but come to criticize Huatang, wishing to give her a set of virginity murder, first enjoy her sexual value, and then brutally kill it?

Bullying the soft and afraid of the hard, turning black and white is not like that.

Jiang Xiaoya used to watch some extreme religious murders, thinking that all this is far away from him, but now it seems that no, these men who may appear in every place in their lives, the lethality of gathering together is not low.

——Damn, the little **** is just fucking, brainwashed by female fists, and want to ride on your dad?

——Brothers team up and stop at this woman in the middle of the night, her face is so beautiful, so she will be obedient if she tastes a man.

——Extreme women, death is not a pity.

Reaching out to block Huatang and Sweet Shrimp, Jiang Xiaoya’s voice was trembling, “I, let’s call the police, can you apply for a protection order, why are they doing this?”

Jiang Xiaoya turned around and wanted to go back to the police station. She regretted it. Just now she shouldn’t have kept the camera. When she thought of so many examples of human information on the Internet, she was afraid that a man would hurt Huatang in real life.

She had never encountered this scene before, and subconsciously had difficulty finding the police. She wanted the police to protect Huatang and not let others hurt her.

In Huatang’s view, Jiang Xiaoya is really a very special girl. A woman she didn’t know jumped into the river. She squeezed into the crowd as hard as a mouse, trying to save people.

She didn’t know herself and was slandered by netizens. She was ashamed and blamed. She even wanted to call the police to apply for a protection order, worrying that Huatang would be hurt.

Excessively soft and kind, but also has a strong empathy and innocence, is a lovely girl.

When Yu Biscuits and Yao Xiaomiao grow up, will they become Jiang Xiaoya?

Thinking of this, Huatang stretched out his hand and pressed the top of Jiang Xiaoya’s head, and she was rare to comfort her patiently, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, no one will hurt me.”

“Secretly tell you, I can fight very well, even if the opponent is armed, I am not worried.”

“When encountering damage that endangers personal safety, there is no defense. Don’t be afraid.”

Compared with this, Huatang is more worried that Jiang Xiaoya’s private life will be affected by the live broadcast. Whatever she says will not change with or without the camera, but she is more worried that someone will harass Jiang Xiaoya in real life.

After all, this girl is as soft as jelly, looking really bully.

Sucking tears, Jiang Xiaoya shook her head hurriedly, saying that she would stay at school and not run around, it’s okay.

“Then go back early, don’t worry, by the way, remember to watch “She too” after a while, I’m leaving.”

Sweet Shrimp also tilted her head and wagged her tail to say goodbye to Jiang Xiaoya. Huatang led the dog and watched Jiang Xiaoya get in the taxi before turning back to the Jiuzhou community.

Will evil cats let others scold themselves or even provoke themselves so calmly?

Of course it is not possible. After Huatang returned to the small restaurant with the sweet shrimp, he was going to drag the pigeon over and continue the process of retrieving her account number, and then reported and complained to the Internet police one by one.

In addition, Huatang is also serious about rebounding the damage effect. Today, the evil cat is in a bad mood, and there are a large number of people waiting for it!

Bai Hefei was still in school, and he knew what was going on when he looked at the hot search. He asked Huatang to give him twenty minutes, and the small program was in place immediately.

After the shower, the sweet shrimp, who played on the second floor, ran away happily. Huatang dropped the big towel and went to the kitchen to find Gu Yusheng with a calm face, with an expression that he was about to kill the network cable.

It’s very angry.

“How did you humans have not become extinct yet?!”

“What is this, humanoid garbage?”

“Can I curse them for choking on eating, walking splits, and getting smashed downstairs?”

Gu Yusheng still didn’t know what was going on. Seeing that Huatang’s expression was wrong, he took a mobile search and saw that Huatang was going out with sweet shrimp for a while. He saved someone who was about to jump into the river and met someone who was doing live broadcast. Then, A lot of trash men.

As a result, this time, like the nest of some fly larvae, the spring tide was surging, densely packed, and began to attack Huatang.

Because Huatang has already shown her face once before shooting, and even cooperated with Miha and Han Lan, many people really went to the accounts of “She too” and other people in the crew to curse, as if Huatang could barely quell her with death. Two points of anger.

Gu Yusheng turned over a few comments, and his expression was cold and ugly. Except for a group of “masculine” who seemed to have self-propelled three-centimeter **** organs, there were actually many female netizens Aite boyfriends or husbands who were surprised by their affection. A stubborn woman, she is better-behaved, sweeter and more worthy of love, and then have a affectionate meal.

What left Gu Yusheng speechless the most was a bunch of “I am a female, but I think–“, as if Huatang and the number one enemy of social harmony, not killing is not enough for civilians.

It’s no wonder that Huatang would ask the same question just now, and Gu Yusheng felt that at this time, he was very embarrassed for human beings.

“Look, there are people who say that the person who jumped into the river didn’t keep his eyes open, so it was so miserable. Is he a fine steel ball? He likes to keep his eyes open so much?”

“Parents are parents after all. It is suggested that people who jump into the river should reconcile with their family members. There is no problem that can’t be solved. What is this? Does it hurt if a knife is stuck on oneself? There are so many women who die at home, why not go together Reconciliation in the underworld?”

“I’m so angry, what kind of **** is this!”

Moreover, evil cats do things evil cats, these people come to her if they have the ability to harass Miha, Han Lan and others, and even ask the “She Too” crew to mosaic or delete Huatang’s role, as if This is what a heinous person who is going to tarnish the public’s sight.

Male celebrities who cheat, engage in prostitution, domestic violence, and even take drugs, can still enjoy themselves in movies, TV dramas, and variety shows. Even if they are just over 25, they are not afraid to get fat. Anyway, even if they are fifty, they can be beautiful with young people. The little girl made idol dramas and felt that she was an elder brother who had overcome difficulties.

Huatang just teaches the humiliated and hard-fought woman to protect herself and learn to resist. The sin is unforgivable, even affecting social harmony?

The term “harmony” is going to take a plane overnight to slap these people!

Huatang understands that under severe sexism, men have the script that the prodigal son will not change their heads, while women have the scripts that make a mistake and get lost. It is too easy to be a wicked woman.

A young man to death, a wicked woman who is not virtuous, intolerant, and unrelenting.

Huatang feels that human beings are about to end!

Moreover, what Huatang felt most puzzled was that Gu Yusheng, Bai Hefei, and Lin Qing were all very normal men. She thought this was the majority. As a result, this was actually a rare product?

“Vested interests always want more things.”

Gu Yusheng is a man, but he must admit that many times, especially when it comes to respect and compassion, men are really nothing, thinking they don’t treat women as individuals.

Sometimes as a pet, it is strange to see the other person’s happiness, sorrow, sorrow, and joy, and I am moved by looking on the sidelines. I feel that I have invested so much energy in observation, which is really kind.

Sometimes it’s a good thing, it’s cheap and easy to use. Not only can you do laundry, cook, and give birth to your baby, but you can also provide relief services anytime and anywhere. Even if you are too dirty to make the other party suffer from gynecological diseases, the wife will be ashamed. If you go to treat the disease by yourself, how can a man be short and small?

Even said that most of the time, men themselves do not know that this is discrimination, because they are the ones with vested interests and the spoiled group.

“In fact, it is very simple to judge whether it is discrimination or not, just replace women with yellow people.”

Gu Yusheng can break the inherent arrogance of men and possess a strong empathy. In addition to his parents’ education from childhood and the role model of his mentor after the army, it is also related to his mission abroad.

Peacekeeping forces sometimes require multi-country cooperation. Military personnel from different countries will cooperate. The skin color, language, body type, and living environment are different, and racial discrimination can easily breed.

Gu Yusheng, as a yellow race, are easy to encounter doubts about physical fitness, equipment and even IQ, as if the yellow race is fragile and like a piece of paper, and they are the same as the undeveloped monkeys, especially the styles of military governance in different countries. In many countries, the troops are extremely strong and even advocate racial discrimination.

Black people may still be politically correct, and yellow people can really only grit their teeth and speak with strength, and then the other person who hits them shuts up and faces pain.

Pride and prejudice should be regarded as the commonality of human beings. Gu Yusheng has experienced the discriminated against because of his skin color. When he put himself in the place, he would naturally not be the scumbag who discriminated because of sex.

“Moreover, when we cooperate, we will avoid racially discriminatory people because they are very unstable and prone to problems at critical moments.”

Just like the most troublesome patients in the hospital, they are often those who exaggerately thank the doctor. They are too emotional and too easy to fall into their extremely strong logic circle, and they don’t know when they will drop the chain. It’s a pitfall to teammates, so when working together, they all pay attention to this problem.

It is the first time Huatang has heard Gu Yusheng say this, and can’t help but ask, is there any solution to the current racial discrimination?

“I am working hard not only to become the second largest economy in the world, but also to speak up, to grow and develop ourselves, so that the world can hear our voice.”

Holding his face, Huatang felt a little bit magical. Whether they were IQ, physical fitness or financial resources, Gu Yusheng and Lin Qing were actually far superior to many ordinary men, but they were still very soft, very kind, and possess a strong empathy ability. Even under the appearance of a tough guy, a bit “mother”.

This is still Huatang’s words when others scold her. “Niang” should be a bad adjective for men.

But Gu Yusheng’s reaction was different, “At least for me, mother is a warm and even miraculous word. I think it’s good to be described as such.”

In the case of a few extreme cases, everyone’s mother is the person who loves them most in the world.

Gu Yusheng was killed with his family. He was smashed down by a mountain and was rescued by a team of soldiers returning from training. There was basically no injury in the whole process.

However, after Gu Yu was born, countless times recalling that critical moment, the instinctive reaction of the father who simulated driving and the mother who sat in the back row with him when the accident occurred, came up with a miracle. in conclusion.

In that moment, in order to protect him, his mother did not know where the strength came from, blocking at least three hundred and fifty kilograms of rock squeezing.

Even if she was killed on the spot, Gu Yusheng waited for rescue unscathed.

He was not injured and survived, a miracle called a mother.

Being able to be described as a “mother” is actually quite a good thing. At least Gu Yusheng would feel very touched when he thinks about it. Life is full of weight, and his life continues under miracles.

It’s the first time Huatang listened to Gu Yusheng’s words. After learning the movements of Ye Jie Rua’s cat ears, she patted Gu Yusheng’s hair comfortably, and then turned into a cat. She slid into his arms warmly. A sense of weight.

In fact, both men and women have good and bad. The voices on the Internet are only temporarily one-sided, and those who are sane and sober just haven’t spoken yet.

Huatang’s claws spread out, and she was eager to do things, so that ordinary people and trash could cut their seats.

Normal men should not be contaminated by rubbish. Otherwise, they will be stigmatized by small blue films, and they will be stigmatized either by crime or preparation for crime.

Normal women don’t get involved by the traitors. Otherwise, they will be tempted to fight each other all day, which will delay their study and work, and they will also be easily affected by women who please the trash men’s rivals. After all, when killing people on the street, the other party will not be specialized Find a traitor girl.

It may be women who hold the most verbal malice against women, but it must be men who are responsible for criminal news such as murder and **** in the street.

It is impossible to press the head to apologize. Not only will Huatang not say that she is wrong, she will also open the live broadcast, authenticate herself, and continue to open wheat.

“Everything in the world pays attention to a balance between yin and yang. There are enough bad guys for men, and bad guys for women also catch up to achieve harmony.”

“I didn’t instigate it. It would be better if you let men commit less crime, such a simple question.”

“Yes, “She too” will meet with you soon, new villains, remember to watch it.”

It’s not only that Huatang hasn’t been subdued, but Miha, Han Lan, and the crew are not. Why should there be an apology if there is nothing wrong?

Not only did they not apologize, they also dared to start propagating “She too”, striving to use the heat to speak up, and grasp the right to speak before letting everyone get used to the existence of “wicked women.”

Even a soft and cute girl like Jiang Xiaoya feels excited when she hears Huatang’s words, let alone women in daily life who may be due to admission scores, workplace discrimination, or family overexploitation, dissatisfaction and suffering. .

Similar to striving to become the second largest economy and mastering the power to speak out, they have money and the right to work, so why should they stick to feudal traditions and be sucked blood and meat?

Isn’t it fragrant to be a wicked woman?

The normal voices on the Internet soon overwhelmed the previous vicious speeches, and even the Internet police began to deal with some accounts and did not allow cyber crimes.

When “She too” officially met with the audience, Ye Silan also went to see it, and called Huatang that night.

“Huatang, will you come to take my class?”

“Work with like-minded people to make changes and protect something.”

“To speak, to see, to confront, to guide, it will be tired and wronged, Huatang, come on?”

Ye Yulan realized that Han Lan was suitable, Xiao Gu was suitable, and Xiao Bai was suitable, but they were no better than Huatang. The little black cat she brought out back then was the one that burned the soul most similar to her.

“it is good.”

Huatang responded, and after hanging up the phone, he tweaked Sweet Shrimp’s ears twice and moved to the kitchen door with a small bench.

“We sincerely invite like-minded friends, prepare three meals of their own, and treat cats kindly. The reward is for you to touch your tail, come on?”

Why not come? Gu Yusheng nodded and readily agreed.

To help, to fight, to support, to change.

Evil cats and friends around them can do it.

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