It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 18:

Although it lost the right to name it independently, Sweet Shrimp was given a homemade dog rice with shrimp and chicken breast. The food was contented, and he forgot the supermarket activity booklet.

Bian Mu’s food was also made by Gu Yusheng, except that some pills were added to it, and he paid more attention to nutritional supplements to speed up wound healing.

Lin Qing held a teacup beside him like an old man. There was a sip that didn’t take a while, and then looked at the sweet shrimps walking around the world stupidly. The rice bowls that the storm inhaled and ate all rattled; look at Gu Yusheng’s tenderness. His hand, he started to eat after being patted on his head.

I only feel the contrast is tragic, and I seem to have brought a rice bucket to Gu Ge.

Fortunately, Gu Yusheng didn’t care much about the money for the ingredients. After watching the two dogs had finished eating, they cleaned up the things, got up to wash their hands, and prepared to go into the kitchen to cook their food.


Lin Qinglai is energetic, his actions are exactly the same as the dialect, and he is full of expectation to help out. He is bound to be the most expensive brother of Gu.

Sweet Shrimp is responsible for performing storm inhalation, he can perform a ruthless iron mouth and a huge mouth of the abyss.

The same goes into the kitchen. Lin Qing, who is not very good at cooking, feels his hands are in a hurry. For a while, the dishes have not been washed, and the oil in the pot has splashed.

Looking back at Gu Yusheng, not only was able to arrange things in an orderly manner, but also in parallel with multiple lines, and his movements were smooth and smooth, not at all embarrassed.

Lin Qing’s cooking skills are limited to peeling garlic and being a background voice. Before going downstairs, he closed the fence and moved a wooden bench to the kitchen to talk to Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng didn’t point to the small restaurant to make a lot of money, but this did not affect his seriousness and preparation.

Cooking requires not only talent, but also sincerity and proficiency. Before the official opening, the menu should be drawn up, and then all of them should be tried out to see if there is any room for improvement in the taste.

Of course, before that, Gu Yusheng was planning to meet with Dialect and Lin Qing to have a meal.

Upon hearing the dinner, Lin Qing immediately started a video call in their group to watch Erpeng, Dialect and Dalun connect one after another. He moved the camera to the side of the pot rather contrivedly, and said pretentiously, “Come here, take a look. Look, this time the pot meat is salty and delicious, fat but not greasy. Let me show you an online tasting.”

Before Gu Yusheng, who was cooking, kicked off the person who was in the way, the dialect and Erpeng exploded first, and he yelled at Lin Qing, a shameless fat man, who was shaky on the edge of broken brotherhood.

Among them, Song Jialun was already married. He greeted Gu Ge happily after receiving the video, and took a picture of the family dining table with Dialect and Erpeng to show the happiness of a family man.

The dialect that the single hasn’t eaten and Erpeng rolls his eyes angrily, wishing to drive to the Jiuzhou community now and get a meal with Gu Ge.

The two big men have a lot of appetite. In addition to the twice-cooked pork, Gu Yusheng also fried a plate of blood duck. This Hunan dish was learned from a special product he had brought from his comrades-in-arms. It was also salty, spicy, crispy and refreshing. Special meal.

When the scallion, ginger, garlic and dried red pepper were put into the frying pan, the fragrance exploded, and Lin Qing, who was hiding next to him performing a short shot, couldn’t help swallowing.

Dialect and Erpeng are really going to be **** off.

In order to avoid being overly angry and being really beaten, Lin Qing kept it in time and discussed with them about Gu Ge’s meal here.

When Dalun heard this, it also appeared. If they hadn’t waited for Gu Ge to speak first, he had already started asking his brothers to come home for dinner.

When he got married, Gu was unable to come over in the army, but the gift was delivered in a dialect, so Dalun kept this in mind. He must invite Gu to eat at home and introduce him to his brother and wife. each other.

Both dialect and Erpeng had seen the sister-in-law, and they were very unreasonable remote provocations. They asked the sister-in-law who was also eating on the video if they wanted to order. There was no food that Gu brother could not make.

Gu Yusheng, who was smashing the pot, did not hear this. He was cooking very fast. When the last dish came out of the pot, Lin Qing was still chatting with the dialect Erpengaoao in the video.

Lin Qing gave the phone to Brother Gu, jumped up to serve food, and Gu Yusheng happened to tell them about gathering for a meal.

Gu Yusheng’s current situation is a bit special. He needs to report in advance when he enters and leaves the district (city) or leaves the district (city). He does not even think about going abroad, so he thought before, either find a restaurant nearby or be in Kyushu. Community gathering, he comes to cook.

The supermarket next to it is fresh and complete. Gu Yusheng is very convenient for shopping every time.

They have experienced confidentiality periods in dialects before, and they also know that Gu Ge’s confidentiality limit must be very high, so they are extraordinarily considerate, “Hey, my brother is polite. If we don’t go to the restaurant, we will cook a few dishes ourselves. Drink and drink.”

“Yes, I will simply fry a few dishes.” Gu Yusheng nodded, and after taking off his apron, he saw several faces on the screen of his mobile phone that were full of “concubines think it’s not good”.

“No, Brother Gu, it can be a little more complicated.”

“Can you order food? Gu brother, I want to eat soup dumplings, Wang cried out thinking.”

“Brother Gu, I especially miss the taro clay pot you made back then. Really, my wife wants to eat it too.”

Ordinary brothers gathering, it doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s mainly the atmosphere of meeting, chatting and drinking, but it’s different when you get together with Gu Ge!

Yes, this group of babbles caused the group video to be stuck for a while, and the guys who are as noisy as screaming chicken out of the cage, said that their brothers don’t bother, and rejected the restaurant option, which is obviously more cheeky and want to order.

Lin Qing, who had set the bowls and chopsticks next to him, also nodded vigorously, indicating that they had prepared the menu a long time ago, so Gu Ge must not think of them too honestly.

When a man is so eager to call his father, he is basically prepared to be “unfilial.”

Gu Yusheng didn’t know what to say, so he returned his phone to Lin Qing so that they could prepare the menu at that time, and he would see how many dishes he could make.

They all took the initiative to order, so there was no need to pretend to be polite. As soon as they listened to Gu Ge’s accurate words in dialect, they immediately hung up the video and started text ordering.

Not shouting out the menu that they had prepared on the spot is the last face of the boys.

It seems that Lin Qing wants to spend a meal here and spend another meal every day, but there are still many things in the pet hospital. He has to leave. Before leaving, he reluctantly looked at the brother Gu who didn’t hold him at all, and made up his mind. Click to find rentable shops around the Kyushu community.

His food and belly are reluctant to leave!

Sweet Shrimp is naughty, but the space on the second floor is not small, and it will not add chaos to Gu Yusheng. The injured Bian Mu is more obedient and clever, and has recovered well from his injuries.

After Gu Yusheng got the menu written in the dialect, he looked at their favorite dishes with great style, and he wanted to go out and find a restaurant to eat.

Look, what is this?

Taro clay pot and roasted boneless duck feet are considered the most normal. Buddha jumps over the wall and fresh meat crab noodle soup bag is a bit more troublesome to prepare, but it’s okay. Why is there a liquid nitrogen ice cream?

Gu Yusheng took a closer look. This liquid nitrogen ice cream was ordered in dialects. He had eaten it once on the street before. He especially liked the feeling of gasping after eating. He also bought a set of equipment and delivered the equipment in dialect at night.

This bad feeling can be more turbulent since then?

Maybe it was because I was afraid that Gu would regret it and drove all the “disobedient brothers” to the restaurant. The dialect delivered the liquid nitrogen ice cream equipment overnight. In addition to the stainless steel console and the liquid nitrogen tank, what other cream guns and mixers were there? Category.

Gu Yusheng also found some undivided packaging boxes in the cardboard boxes. He couldn’t figure out whether he bought these in dialects for ice cream, or set up a small business stall?

“Ah, in fact, there is a small cart with a shed in my house. I was going to go to the night market to sell ice cream.” Dialect admitted with a guilty conscience that he was really going to find a school gate or a place with a lot of people. Sell ​​this.

As a result, he was eating too seriously and found that he had a high probability of losing money in the food business, so he gave up painfully.

Gu Yusheng really didn’t know what to say about him. He saw a lot of miscellaneous things. He took the key to open the small warehouse at the back of the first floor and put the things in it first to avoid taking up space.

“Okay!” The dialect is a little ridiculous, and while moving things, I can’t help Gu Ge imagine the future of the small restaurant. What smoking ice cream or drink can be the specialty of the store. “It is said that selling milk tea is making a fortune. The first step!”

Although the ordering requirements are varied, it is like the dialect who wants to eat liquid nitrogen ice cream will send equipment over. When the day they made an appointment, Lin Qing and the others arrived early.

Those who brought kitchen utensils, those who helped them, Dalun’s wife had to work overtime in the afternoon, so she came over to say hello and left after a while.

It is this kind of shop where the upper and lower floors are located on the first floor. Gu Yusheng has simplified the kitchen again, otherwise it would really not be able to cram so many big men watching the excitement and making trouble nearby.

Among the four of Lin Qing and the others, Dalun is good at cooking, and the cooking skills are average, but at any rate it doesn’t make trouble. Erpeng and Dialect are helping to wash the tomatoes, washing and washing, and there are only two of them.

“Okay, Erpeng, you go out first, and the big round stays.” It’s fine to eat tomatoes. Lin Qing doesn’t even let go of the tender green onions. He wants to put everything in his mouth to taste. Gu Yusheng doesn’t want to I was cooking and cooking, and found that the ingredients were a little lacking, so I had to go out and buy it again.

Dalun was chopping minced garlic, laughing and gloating. Looking at the dialect, they finally didn’t mess up, knowing that they shouldn’t step into the “heavy ground” while sitting at the kitchen door.

The brothers haven’t got together for a long time. Er Peng and the others hung entrenched by the kitchen door, talking loudly with Gu Ge Dalun inside.

Hearing that Lin Qing was looking for a rental storefront near the Jiuzhou Community, the dialect suddenly slammed his fist, pretending to be mysterious, “By the way, do you know that this community has a particularly mysterious secret?”

He was among the brothers who wanted to get closer to Gu, so this big secret was heard when he couldn’t find a house for sale in the community.

“What?” Lin Qing and the others couldn’t see the contrived appearance of the dialect, their fists banged.

Attracted by the excitement, she squatted on the cat box and smelled the smell of the kitchen. Huatang, who was about to jump down, also pricked her ears.

secret? ! Her favorite big secret!

“Many residents say that there is a great fortune hidden in the Kyushu community.”

Out of the taboo of praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits and not desecrating auspicious things, people don’t directly point out what great luck is. However, there are many dialect friends, so they can find out something and infer that great luck is the black cat in the community.

Therefore, in the second-hand housing market, there are basically no listings in the Kyushu community. Residents are reluctant to sell them. When they are rented, there are more requirements than the same price.

When Gu Yusheng took down this “red-tile house”, it was actually arranged by a leader in the army who was familiar with Yu Dong, so he really didn’t know that the Jiuzhou community was so difficult to move in.

Isn’t this really metaphysics marketing of real estate developers?

Lin Qing and the others did not believe in evil. They took out their mobile phones to check the housing prices and resale information in the community, but the black cat who overheard the big secret became anxious.

Keep talking, what is great luck? Why did you stop talking halfway through?

The evil cat leaped down and decided to observe carefully when patrolling in the future to find where the great luck was hiding.

The ruthless black cat wants to occupy the treasure.

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