It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 2:

Evil cats need to eat and take.

However, Huatang encountered the same problem every time as before—she couldn’t take away the packed lunch box.

The bag is large in size and mopping the floor with his back on his back, biting his mouth with his head up and tugging at his toothache.

Sure enough, since ancient times, greed and can’t take away the dilemma.

Then, the cat became angry with herself and gave Yu Dong, who was smiling the happiest, a set of cat cat punches.

Yu Dong didn’t get angry when he was beaten up. He couldn’t laugh. He was going to be killed by Huatang. Every time he aggressively wanted to pack this and the other, he never took the lunch box away.

“Why don’t you tell me the address of the cat, and I will let the driver send it?” Yu Dong was also surprised. When he bought the land, he thought of the master’s comments and sent someone to stare at the approaching cat.

However, after waiting for more than half a year, Yu Dong did not hear a cat coming.

Even the construction workers who contracted the project were puzzled that the community had been in existence for a year and a half, but they didn’t even see cat hair or dog hair, and birds didn’t fly here.

Is this really a blessed land?

In fact, for cats and dogs, the construction site is a very dangerous place, because many workers like to secretly catch cats and dogs for food, but Yu Dong has said that Party A minds this matter, and the leader of Party B will make repeated orders. Who dares to deal with cats and dogs? Stop work and go home.

Unexpectedly, cats and dogs would not give Party B a chance to make mistakes, and there would be no small animals.

Yu Dong was also worried, but this was the way the master showed him. For the sake of his daughter, I should try it no matter how unreliable. I didn’t expect that when the community was just built, a black cat appeared. Name, Huatang.

This little guy is like Tuan Shadow. When he doesn’t want to come out, the surveillance can’t capture half of the cat’s hair. So even if he eats and drinks regularly, the Yu family doesn’t know where Huatang lives or what he eats. Know that this cat does not accept domestication.

Fortunately, Dr. Hu went to learn some animal inspection knowledge, bought the instrument and did it by himself, and determined that Huatang was quite healthy, so he let the “little grace cat” of her family go.

Hearing Yu Dong asking Huatang for an address, the black cat squinted and gave Yu Dong a look of “you may be a little silly”.

The Kyushu community is her site. Huatang relies on the “evil cat privileges” in Yurou Township to solve her food and accommodation. In addition to the Yu family, she has several frequent residents. How can she let the spare tire know each other’s existence? ?

The cat knows that the villain must also pay attention to the basic law, try to avoid the spare tire repair field, so as not to roll over.

Since you can’t take it away, try to eat it.

Huatang unpacked the packing box angrily, and ate it wheezing, her belly was round and she almost got stuck in the circle of the cat box, and her hind paws slipped several times.

The biscuit didn’t understand why the door was open, but the cat had to get out of the cat box, but the child was kind and ran to the cat box anxiously. When Huatang got stuck, he would push him a bit. It was Huatang’s approval. Cub.

Yu Dong laughed loudly at the back, until his wife pushed him a little bit to indicate convergence, and then seriously thought, “Should we increase the size of the cat box in the community? Huatang, maybe he is a little too fat to get in.”

Meow, good support.

Huatang eats a bit more again, but it doesn’t matter, greed is also a necessary quality for the villain’s evil cat.

She took a deep breath and jumped down from the catwalk. Seeing that no one found herself around, she relaxed, and restored the slender waist that she had stretched out just now into a chubby shape.

Tighten the abdomen, the core is strong, so tired~

The Kyushu community is not that big, with only five six-story houses and 18 independent villas. The number of residents is much lower than other communities.

It can be said to be small and not too small. When Yu Dong bought the land, he surrounded an ecological lake to come in, making the green landscape in the community quite beautiful.

Yu Biscuit’s house is in the villa area, scattered by the lake. When Huatang came out, she stepped on the plank road by the lake, admired her “fish concubines” from a distance from the water, and then turned around with satisfaction, raising her tail to prepare. Go to the bungalow area and go around.

Compared with scattered villas, the five bungalows are relatively concentrated. Huatang walked along the lake for a while and passed the “red-tile house” in the middle of the community to the bungalow area.

There are a total of two convenience spots in the Kyushu community. One is a shop near the South Gate. Vegetable markets, beauty salons, pet shops, and restaurants are all there. Residents in the community basically go to the South Gate for shopping.

The “red tile house” in the middle is another convenience spot, but there are only three, namely the community butler center, a large supermarket and another shop under renovation.

This has something to do with the “Red Tile House”, which is a two-story design for upper and lower merchants, where the design sense is greater than practicality, and the cost is not low when it was first sold.

I don’t know why Yu Dong agreed with this plan, but Huatang still likes to squat on the cat box outside the wall of the “red tile house” to bask in the sun. The sun here is the warmest, which is very popular with cats.

Passing around the territory, Huatang glanced at the shop that was still being renovated, and then left without paying attention. Anyway, no matter who the new owner is, the cat box belongs to her.

Who can stop the evil cat from squatting on the roof to bask in the sun?

All the information in the bungalow was identified with Huatang’s information, but the cat didn’t like to go inside and press the elevator, and step on the catwalk outside to scare the residents in the window. This is what the villain should do.

It was just that eating support slightly affected Huatang’s movements. The chubby belly restricted the cat’s agility, and the residents who were drying their clothes on the balcony almost reached out to pick up the black cat.

“Axing, go out to the butler’s center later and let them see if they should widen the catwalk?” The aunt holding the wet clothes, until she watched the black cat resting on the third floor. On the top of the box, he came in to talk to his son.

The young man who was playing on the phone heard, “Huh? The black cat passed by?”

Although residents in the Kyushu community know that there is a black cat that is rampant, it is not often seen, and it is quite pleasant to see it.

“It’s gone. Why do I think the cat is a bit fat? Is the cat path narrow?” Auntie is often at home, and she sees Huatang more often. She is very concerned about the black cat’s body shape.

It’s okay to be fat, it won’t be good if you get fat one day.

“Mom, didn’t you mean that all cats are liquid? It’s not chubby but fluffy, it’s okay!” The young man was cheerful, and regretted that he didn’t photograph the black cat just now. He told his friends about the baby cats in their neighborhood , I still don’t believe it, I have to take a photo next time.

Huatang didn’t know that she had left a fat impression on the residents on the first floor. She stepped on the cat box on the third floor, knocked on the glass, and pushed open the small window with her paw and jumped in.

Not all residents welcome black cats, so except for the public cat boxes and catwalks, the small windows of each house can be sealed, so Huatang knows that this human being is ashamed and unwilling to be her spare tire.

But in fact, most human beings are more passionate, and Huatang’s requirements for finding a spare tire are also very strict. It is bound to carry through the ruthless image to the end, and generally only go to a few fixed places.

Not everyone can be the palace of black cats, Huatang is very picky.

The resident on the third floor is a young man living alone and an online blogger. Others call him “big pigeon”. Huatang has watched the other party and video calls with others, knowing that his name is Bai Hefei, and the net name is Ge Fei. .

Generally speaking, young men living alone are not very good at taking care of themselves, let alone being on the cat’s spare tire list, but Bai Hefei is different. He is a hand-made god, brick carving, clay figurine, leather goods, woodworking and felt. Not to mention it.

When Huatang saw Bai Hefei for the first time, she turned her head when Catwalk Parkour and found someone hiding in the house playing in the mud.

This immediately aroused Huatang’s curiosity. She pressed the cat’s face close to the glass and observed carefully, and found that there were still many gadgets in the other party’s home. She immediately attracted the other party’s attention and successfully used the ruthless black The cat image shocks the opponent and becomes a spare tire under the claws.

Every time Huatang appeared, Bai Hefei would be delighted. He made toys for her and made cat food for her.

Although it’s a bit bragging to eat two meals in a row, Bai Hefei and Dr. Hu have different cooking styles. Huatang also has to learn from others’ strengths, soaking in rain and dew, and tasting both Chinese and Western dishes.

But today, Bai Hefei did not pick up the car as usual, which made Huatang feel a little strange.

Squeezing in from the small window, Huatang looked at the messy wisps of baby fur, stood on the flowerpot in the house and quarreled passionately with the window for two minutes before jumping down and stepping on the floor. , Began to find where Bai Hefei was.

She sniffed twice and made sure that Bai Hefei was at home, so why didn’t she come to pick him up?

Is her cat’s claws not good enough, or is the spare tire a bit floating?

Huatang’s bedroom and kitchen each looked around, and finally determined that Bai Hefei hid in the bathroom.

Ah, is the spare tire hiding inside to eat secretly?

The black cat was chubby but did not affect his light pace, came to the bathroom door with almost no sound, and then opened the half-covered frosted door with his claws.

The water in the bathtub was overflowing, and Bai Hefei curled up and hid inside like a water ghost, revealing a strange sense of death.

If he were to switch to another person, he might find that Bai Hefei might have thought of committing suicide, and he was actually looking for the feeling of dying in the bathroom extreme.

However, it was Huatang who came here, and the cat couldn’t understand this. She only thought that Bai Hefei was hiding in it to drink water secretly, and she also used such a big tank to drink.

The black cat groaned with dissatisfaction. He stepped on the water he didn’t like and jumped to the edge of the bathtub twice. He stretched out his claws and slapped Bai Hefei out of the bathtub. Into the lungs, he started coughing violently.

The fur is splashed? !

After encountering the water, Huatang cursed angrily, and meowly faced the exposed set of Bai Hefei’s set of cat punches, and then stepped on with all his strength, giving Bai Hefei a heavy blow on the back, and drank the water he had previously drunk in. It was all spit out.

Oops, is the spare tire ready to become a fish?

Wake up, there is a difference between people and fish. Don’t think that you can “blue” and “blue” have tails by staying in the water!

The black cat is going to continue to wait on the cat, so that Bai Hefei can wake up.

I regained my consciousness and realized that I might not be able to bear the depression just now. Bai Hefei, who was actually slowly submerging himself in the water, crawled out of the bathtub in fear, hugged Huatang, moved the black cat completely. Become a soup cat.

Woo, I was saved by the cat again!

Just like the first time I saw a black cat, I once again helped myself get out of depression.

“Limited, limited-edition signature T-shirt!” Bai Hefei was touched and couldn’t help crying for mercy after only three seconds. The cat is good at everything, but a bit too enthusiastic. After being hugged by the wet self, he hummed with joy. Ow, grabbed his shirt into rags.


No, Huatang, who hates water most, is already angry and is about to swear.

Let go of the cat!

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