It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 20:

Huatang, who likes to mention the two lackeys, was not proud, and was not taken away by the huge team.

After eating and drinking, I did not forget the daily patrol.

The fence that can block Sweet Shrimp and Bian Mu, can’t shut Huatang, she reluctantly turned her head and glanced at the cartoon, only feeling the villain’s road, full of temptations.

Write down the episodes and plan to come back tomorrow, Huatang climbed the fence and stepped down the stairs, leaving from the first floor.

Drinking while eating will extend the meal time indefinitely. When Huatang came down, Gu Yusheng and the others were still eating and talking.

Erpeng and Dalun were already a little bit drunk, squatting on the side with their shoulders on their backs, not knowing what they were muttering.

Lin Qing ate a little bit, spreading out on the chair and loosening the belt, showing a unique feeling of being empty after eating. She touched her belly lovingly and couldn’t bear to look directly at the picture.

The dialect is absent for the time being, it may be the beer drinker, and I need to wash my face to calm down.

Gu Yusheng was in normal condition. He still remembered to collect the plates and cups on the table that were pulled to the edge, so that Er Peng and the others would be excited about the Dapeng spreading their wings and bring these things down and break them.

“Do you want to go out?” Gu Yusheng noticed the black cat at the top of the stairs and got up to open the door of the front hall for Huatang and send the cat away.

The small window on the second floor that allows Huatang to enter and exit was closed. She used to smell the fragrance and entered from the first floor.

Gu Yusheng is too high. Before Huatang was able to step on the table or the stairs to barely get the height, but now standing outside the door, the black cat can only look up and see a pair of straight and powerful legs.

Huatang stepped back again and again, pulling the distance away a bit, so that she would not be close to the horizontal angle when she looked up, making her the villain too stupid.

The overlord meal made the evil cat’s mood clear. The satisfied black cat wanted to stretch out his paw to pat Gu Yusheng, but was hit by the height difference between the two, making his movements slightly stiff.

No, no, it’s too high, she has to climb on the other’s shoulder to press his forehead.

But the soup dumplings I ate just now were a bit too much. Huatang doesn’t want to climb high and low now, what should I do?

Fortunately, Gu Yusheng squatted down, looked at the black cat raising a paw, and touched it with his palm.

He thought it was the cat saying hello to him, and after retracting his hand, he was about to stand up and go back, but the cat came to stretch his body, and his front paw was pressed on his forearm, preventing him from preparing to stand up.

The villain is always pressed on the forehead, how can the palm of the palm reflect the deterrence of the evil cat?

Gu Yusheng squatted there, watching the black cat’s eyes billowing and gleaming. He put some powder on the pads of his claws, pressed it on his forehead, and then turned away contentedly.

The night stamped by the evil cat will have sweet dreams~

Huatang’s paw pads still smelled of soup, but fortunately, when he pressed it on his forehead, it did not leave a greasy paw print.

Gu Yusheng didn’t quite understand the behavior of the black cat, but he didn’t know how to think about the cat being a creature that could quarrel with him on the road.

Turning back to the shop, Gu Yusheng saw that the dialects and their drinks were all a bit high, and he estimated that they would stay here at night.

“Dalun, should I go back today or stay here for one night?” Gu Yusheng put the beer bottle aside first, and then patted Dalun. There are bachelors except Dalun. They get together for a drink and are drunk. Say hello to the family.

After being filled with a bowl of sour and hot sober soup on his head, Dalun dizzyly picked up the phone, went to call his wife Xiaoxian, and said that he was sleeping here for one night.

When drunk, a person becomes very heavy. If Dalun wakes up to drink water or vomits in the middle of the night, Xiaoxian may not really be able to help him up, so it is better to wait until he wakes up tomorrow.

After talking about Dalun, he fell asleep. Gu Yusheng picked up the phone that was not hung up, and replied twice and said that there was nothing wrong with him.

At this time, Xiaoxian obviously trusted Gu Ge more than his unreliable husband, and after asking about the situation, he thanked him and hung up the phone.

Gu Yusheng filled Lin Qing again with a bowl of sober soup, and asked him if the pet hospital had been arranged. After repeating the same actions, making sure that there was nothing missing, he went to the second floor to take down the ground floor and shop directly on the first floor. Let the dialects sleep.

Moreover, they couldn’t just leave them to sleep like this. Gu Yusheng had to get up in the middle of the night to see if there was any vomiting. Vomiting unconsciously after drinking could easily lead to suffocation.

After a round of inspection, Gu Yusheng listened to their voices in dialects one after another, as if they were back in the army seven or eight years ago. Everyone was wrapped in mud and painted in camouflage, and they couldn’t move on the ground. Gu Ge When helping with a kick or tugging.

Then, Gu Yusheng, who was also exhausted, took off the load on his body and stood up to pull these wailing guys up.

In fact, Gu Yusheng also drinks a lot, but he basically doesn’t get drunk. A good amount of alcohol is on the one hand, and a careful and thoughtful personality is on the other. In dialects, they know that they are drunk, and they will be unconsciously drunk. Brother Gu walked around.

But Gu Yusheng, on the contrary, seldom let himself be in a state of loss of control and unconsciousness, because he always remembered that he had to stand up to pull others up, and he always contained everything in his heart.

This kind of personality is actually quite tiring. When others are letting go and resting, he is the one who has to stand up to check the equipment and take care of his comrades. The chords on his body will not be completely relaxed. The word care.

But everything is safe and easy. The reason why he became the Gu Ge they trusted in dialect was related to this personality.

When performing tasks, being the only one in the team that survived was largely due to prudent and thorough consideration.

After returning to the second floor, the over-exercised sweet shrimp slept with its four claws spread out, and Bian Mu raised his head when he heard the movement. After Gu Yusheng came back, he got up and squatted down beside him.

Reaching out and rubbing Bian Mu’s head vigorously, Gu Yusheng found his own coat and spread it in Bian Mu’s den, watching the dog lie down again before lying back on his bed.

The silence of the night makes the small movements extremely clear. Gu Yusheng can easily think of many pictures and clips under the guidance of sound, so the quality of sleep has always been not good, and it is short and easy to wake up.

For him, the night is actually a bit difficult.

Ordinary people can easily fall into depression and depression in the middle of the night, let alone when Gu Yusheng’s mental state is not too good.

So after lying on his back on the bed, Gu Yusheng put the back of his hand on his eyes, trying to free his thoughts to count his heartbeat, so that it is easier for him to fall asleep, don’t think too much.

When his consciousness was about to be calm and vague, Gu Yusheng faintly heard a meow. He didn’t succeed in doing anything bad, nor was he angry and violent. It was calm and soft, and it was a sound that would never appear on the battlefield.

Before he could think about it carefully, Gu Yusheng seldom fell into a deep sleep state, his fisted hands slowly loosened, and his eyebrows gradually stretched out.

Sleep well when there are black cats guarding the night~

When a few of them woke up in dialect, the smell of spicy soup was already in the kitchen. In addition, Gu Yusheng and Da Lunchen ran back, and the fresh meat buns bought at the breakfast shop in Nanmen, you can eat two more. Big bowl.

People who drink often know that getting drunk has a lot to do with mood. When you drink your sorrows, your head hurts the next day. Drinking can help you feel better.

Erpeng and the others took the time to take a shower. After they came back, they had a sip of spicy soup and a bite of fresh meat. They only felt that their hair was comfortable to the spine. They can continue today and get drunk.

Then, they looked at the look in Gu Ge’s eyes, with a little murderous in the calm, silently persuaded.

Cough, go back to each store after dinner, so I can’t delay Gu Ge from opening a store.

It can be seen from Gu Yusheng that he wants to open a small restaurant in the community, he is not there to make money, so when preparing the menu, he will not choose the troublesome process. It is best to use various noodles or small stir-fries.

In this way, the noodles or ingredients can be prepared in advance, and the meal will be faster, so he can work alone.

The dialect is Gu’s Qiangtoucao No. 1, and Erpeng and the others took the initiative to claim Qiangtoucao No. 2 and No. 3. They all felt that this method was very good, and praised Gu’s time management as excellent as ever.

There was still a sane big wheel covering his face, not wanting to be with the clowns, but after three seconds, he took out his mobile phone and found a friend who opened a restaurant before, and asked if there were any insulation boxes or dishes suitable for fast food. s things.

The rich and meaty Buddha jumping over the wall can reflect Gu’s skills, and the homemade eggplant-flavored pork noodles can also be used. They have to support the best Gu in the world.

Gu Yusheng ignored these suddenly “big guys”, and asked them to go back to their respective stores to make preparations for opening the store carefully, and set a good day for the trial operation.

Regardless of whether the restaurant is large or small, the acceptance criteria are diners.

Gu Yusheng is accustomed to making decisions and then acting. He will make detailed plans and psychological presuppositions for everything. Therefore, preparing for the big and small things before the business, he is as skilled as a hotel owner for many years, and he does not see that he has no relevant experience before.

It’s just that Gu Yusheng had some difficulty in propagating this matter.

In the Kyushu community, apart from the community butler center here in Hongwafang, the real business is the large supermarket and Gu Yusheng’s store, so as long as Gu Yusheng’s craftsmanship is stable, compared to the “trekking” that goes to the South Gate to order meals, Residents would definitely prefer to come to him nearby.

But the problem is that restaurants need to be famous when they open, and the aroma of wine is also afraid of deep alleys. Gu Yusheng does not provide delivery services, so he must pay more attention to publicity.

“Brother Gu, it happened that I also moved the pet hospital. Why don’t you invite a few lion dances to dance from me to your door, and then dance back?” Lin Qing thought of a lot of ways, and finally rented it at the South Gate. Go to the store and successfully settle down.

The convenience point at the South Gate is already outside of the Kyushu community. There are no access restrictions. It is also on the roadside near the subway entrance. When it opened, a lion dance might really attract many guests.

At least the excitement can leave an impression on the residents of nearby communities, knowing that there is an extra pet hospital here.

But it is obvious that Gu Yusheng’s small shop is not suitable. His customer group is only in the Kyushu community, and there is no need to put the advertisement outside. Secondly, the overall atmosphere in the community is relatively quiet and comfortable, which is really not suitable for drumming. A set of lion dance.

This will allow the residents to give Gu Yusheng’s shop a very low impression.

“I’ll talk to the staff in the butler center to see the noise prohibition regulations in the community.” Usually there are promotional activities in the supermarket, and there will be exhibition boards and music, but considering the rest of the residents, there are special noise prohibitions. Time period.

Gu Yusheng is going to learn from this, and first ask about this noise prohibition requirement.

Dialects are also ready to follow up to ask questions. Nanmen is also a convenient spot for the Kyushu community. Although the division is no longer in the community, if there are any business requirements, it is better to ask clearly.

The two of them went out and just closed the door of the store, they saw the black cat appearing stepping on the meal, clearly coming to eat.

Huh? Why should I close the door and go out?

Huatang smelled the scent of the kitchen on the cat box on the roof, and jumped down and walked around to the door to get in. Didn’t expect Gu Yusheng to go out?

You can go out, put the rice out before leaving!

Looking down at the black cat blocking the road, Gu Yusheng tried to get around, and then saw the black cat following and blocking him again.

After the taro clay pot, Huatang unilaterally announced that Gu Yu was born as the “Legal Minister” of the evil cat. In order not to scald the paw pads, it is safer for Gu Yusheng to help her put her into small bowls.

Obviously, Minister Gu didn’t understand the villain’s meaning in time. He thought it was the black cat playing with him, and when he was about to go around, he encountered the “fat cat touching porcelain”.

As a villain with short legs, he really couldn’t keep pace with Gu Yusheng. Huatang was anxious and fell in front of Gu Yusheng, performing the terrifying “evil cat blocking the way”.

Feel the fear of being dominated by the villain, right? Know it!

Minister Gu’s psychological quality is quite good. Lin Qing next to him was “fearful” and covered his chest. He lost too much blood and fainted. How could this black cat be so cute, and his short chubby legs fell to the ground. , Almost like a piece of cat cake.

Rao, the pet doctor, feels that he has been hit by “biu”.

“Brother Gu, I have a solution. The opening publicity without disturbing the people and without noise is very effective and has 100% attention.”

What are the residents in the Kyushu community most familiar with? It must be Huatang~

Therefore, ordering some hydrogen balloons for opening promotion and letting Huatang take a few laps in the community is definitely more effective than handing out flyers or placing flower baskets.

Lin Qing was simply amazed by her own ingenuity. The more you look at Huatang, the more suitable it is. Especially this black skin is simply the best advertising color.

“Look at this natural, colorful black, this cat was born for the’good business’!”

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