It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 21:

Sure enough, today I am also amazed by my own ingenuity.

Lin Qing was very satisfied with his suggestion. Looking from the left to the right, Huatang found a picky Party A’s work advantage that could not be wrong.

The natural color is colorful and black, does not fade, and is fidelity.

However, the black cat didn’t pay attention to him, and hit Gu Yusheng’s shoulder twice, pushing his face with his front paws.

The sky and the earth are big, and the biggest meal is, so let’s go and eat first~

If Bai Hefei sees Huatang is a tenth-level beauty filter for microdermabrasion, then Gu Yusheng sees Huatang is definitely the original camera that comes with the system.

As soon as the black cat appeared, I knew it was for my own kitchen. I didn’t think much about it, just grab the tableware.

Anyway, the butler center is next door. Gu Yusheng gave Huatang a small bowl of rice to come out without delay. He let Lin Qing stand there to play, and turned around with the black cat on his shoulders to entertain this person who was blocking the road.” Little robber”.

After the taro clay pot was almost hot to the paw pads, Huatang was reluctant to enter Gu Yusheng’s kitchen, and voluntarily jumped to the small table next to the cashier, pursing her ears and waiting for the meal.

After washing the tableware that Huatang used last time, he put it away separately. When Gu Yusheng watched the cat fall steadily, he went to the cabinet to find it and distributed some food and dishes to the cat.

One spoon, two spoons, three spoons, the small bowls full of Dangdang are not perfunctory because they are for cats. The self-contained plates also ensure the richness of the dishes. Gu Yusheng thought that Huatang would still have a full meal last time. It looked a little greedy, and even scooped a small portion of choy sum ham soup separately.

Three dishes and one soup, the staple food is healthy.

Huatang succeeded in the robbery and was in a good mood. After shaking her tail, she waited for Gu Yusheng to arrange her meal order.

After visually inspecting Huatang’s slightly round belly, Gu Yusheng guessed that the black cat should have added a meal elsewhere before coming, so he first gave Huatang the soup that was not hot.

Choy Sum Ham Soup is a dish that has a lot of room for use. The low-match version can use cabbage heart to tear small pieces, then slice the ham sausage, add a little salt to cook the soup, and add two drops of sesame oil before serving. It is delicious and delicious.

The high-match version is to pick the heart of northern Chinese cabbage, boil it with chicken, duck, and spare ribs, and season it with a broth that is clear and de-impurities with pureed meat, plus a few thin slices of ham, and pour some chicken before serving. The oil, the taste is more honest and fresh.

Gu Yusheng made a medium version. The ingredients were ordinary, but the broth was specially made by him. The clear soup showed the freshness that Huatang likes. The black cat drinks tons and tons, and the greedy Lin Qing goes to the side. Scooped a bowl and watched Huatang eat and sow the rice.

After drinking the soup, eat a mouthful of food, sandwich two pieces of white chicken, and then feed a fish ball. In order not to break the gluttonous cat, Gu Yusheng deliberately adjusted the order of meals and succeeded in getting Huatang to use the least amount of food. The most full effect.

“Well, I will take away the plate when I am full.”

Without giving the black cat time to think, Gu Yusheng got up and took away the plate with some food left. Liu Huatang froze in disbelief. She, did she have leftovers?

The villain cat who has always eaten a little more after being full, but one day, he can’t eat a bite, leaving some food? !

Huatang lowered her head, pressed her protruding belly with her front paws, and fell into the cat’s doubts.

It’s the feeling of being full, but why do you feel that you are a little bit off?

Gu Yusheng took away the dinner plate before it came out, and there was only Lin Qing who was drinking the soup next to the black cat, and Huatang, who was full but still not satisfied, naturally fell on the soup bowl in Lin Qing’s hand.

“If you are full, you can’t drink any more soup. Look, it’s gone.” Lin Qing just watched the excitement happily, and only after seeing the black cat staring at him, did he take two big mouthfuls and showed Huatang an empty bowl.

The unbelievers leaned over and looked at the bottom of the bowl. Huatang looked at Lin Qing and didn’t have any soup before stopping.

You can go upstairs to watch cartoons when you have enough food and drink. Before the black cat stepped on the stairs, Lin Qing called out, “Hey, Huatang, discuss it~”

Obviously, Lin Qing is still zealous about “cat ads” and tries to chat with Huatang again.

“Look at this small restaurant, if no guests come, wouldn’t it be closed down?”

“Brother Gu can’t be obedient, and lion dances are not allowed to set off firecrackers in the community, Huatang, it’s time to rely on you to turn the tide!”

“Really, it’s not troublesome, just walk a few laps with two hydrogen balloons, it’s not at all restrained~”

Lin Qing looked serious about selling, like a clerk selling insurance, Huatang, annoying, almost covered her ears with her claws to avoid this guy.

As a villain and evil cat, don’t you want face?

Walking a few laps with two hydrogen balloons was too silly, Huatang refused decisively.

“… Brother Gu has a VIP seat here, can you eat whatever you want?”

Seeing the black cat being indifferent, Lin Qing was also a little depressed. Erkang’s hand threw the last bargaining chip against the black cat who had almost reached the second floor.

Lin Qing’s pet hospital is at the south gate, close to the street and close to several surrounding communities. In fact, he is not worried about the source of customers at all, but Gu’s small restaurant really broke his heart and thought about the law. Promote the trial operation.

The Jiuzhou community has too many requirements for the business of Hongwafang’s storefronts. Basically, none of the methods to increase popularity in the market can be used here.

Therefore, Lin Qing can only think of a strange trick. If the black cat is really unwilling, he is ready to take out the sweet shrimp as a “welcoming dog”. In short, after Gu can’t open a shop here, he is deserted.

Unexpectedly, his salesman said the same for a long time, and finally moved the black cat in the last sentence.

The black cat walking up the stairs slowed down, turned around and looked back at Lin Qing, obviously interested in Gu Yusheng’s VIP treatment here.

Well, the real villain just disdains fame and wealth, but the hobby of eating can still be cultivated.

Huatang watched Lin Qing recite the recipe for her and counted the dishes Gu Yusheng would cook, then jumped down a few steps from the stairs, jumped onto the table in front of Lin Qing, and began to bargain with him.

How can the evil cat matter be called true fragrance?

After a fierce dinner table negotiation, the little fat man Yu Zuo, who had not disputed the villain’s evil cat, fell down and promised a “cat vip” card, three cartoons, a tablet computer and several toys, and finally won Huatang’s ” Endorsement cat” contract.

Huatang stepped on her paw in place with satisfaction, and began to urge Lin Qing to perform the contract quickly.

Gu Yusheng just went to the kitchen to wash a bowl. After he came out, he couldn’t find Lin Qing and the black cat. He went up to the second floor to look at it and found that Lin Qing was standing beside the TV with a bitter face and selecting cartoons. Shaking his head, before moving to the next one.

“What are you doing?” How did it look like Lin Qing was picking a cartoon for the black cat?

“Ah, Gu brother, I’m so hard!”

When Gu Yusheng came over, Lin Qing was almost in tears. He thought that the “cat vip” card was the most difficult thing about Xu Huatang, and the cartoon was the simplest. Unexpectedly, the reality is just the opposite. Gu Ge is good to talk. It’s not a problem, only Huatang, a black cat with great aesthetic appeal, doesn’t like the three cartoons he chose.

The cartoon that Huatang broadcasted to Huatang was “Cat and Mouse”, although the Tom in it always couldn’t catch up with Jerry, but the quality of the animation was quite good, Huatang was quite satisfied.

Currently, the three of Lin Qing’s selection are selected according to the rankings of mobile phone searches. They are all children’s favorites to watch at the moment. As a result, Huatang didn’t like it and asked him to re-select.

After Gu Yusheng asked Qing Lin Qing and Huatang about the deal, he reached out and touched the tip of the black cat’s ears, then let Lin Qing go down to eat, and he would help the cat choose.

“Dialect bought a tablet for me before, but it hasn’t been opened. Just give it to the cat. Don’t take it from the hospital.” TV, mobile phone and other things Gu Yusheng rarely used, and the new tablet was kept there. Feng, just brought it to the black cat.

This is a small restaurant opened by Gu Yusheng himself, so he won’t let his brothers help to raise money to promote the opening.

Although this is not a big deal, Gu Yusheng has always paid attention to it.

Lin Qing knew his habit, but it was still the same as the dialect that couldn’t be delivered to the house. He choked so much that he couldn’t wait to scream. Why is it so difficult to spend money for Brother Gu?

Gu Yusheng was too tall, and the two dogs and cats upstairs needed to look up, so he bent his long legs and sat on the ground, holding the remote control in his hand, and starting to select cartoons for Huatang.

Sweet Shrimp and Bian Mu also approached, and they were affectionately next to Gu Yusheng. Huatang, unwilling to show weakness, jumped from the small sofa, squatted on Gu Yusheng’s shoulders, and looked down at the sweet shrimp that failed to climb, gloating. .

This man accidentally achieved the effect of sucking cats and dogs.

Lin Qing selects according to the clicks of the cartoons in recent years, and Gu Yusheng is looking for the old animations he has impressions. In addition to “Cat and Mouse”, there are “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Doraemon” and “Blue “Three Thousand Questions about Cats”, either he had watched it when he was very young, or he had heard of his already married comrades in the army and mentioned it when he talked about children.

From his ignorant teenage years to his mature years, Gu Yusheng spent too long in the army. After leaving, many knowledge and common sense needed to be updated.

I don’t understand the stalk of chat when I read the Internet, and I don’t understand the plot inside a drama. There are many places in my life that I learn and use now, and I have to work hard to integrate into the new life.

There are only a few memories that Gu Yusheng is still reluctant to update, and cartoons are one of them.

The quality of old animations and old movies is not too high-definition, and the combination of sound and color is not as trendy and diverse in recent years, but sitting here and watching it slowly is also unique.

The place where she can squat on her shoulders is a bit small. Huatang was attracted by the little Ding Dong on the screen, and slowly moved to Gu Yusheng’s legs, next to Bian Mu, and her front paws repeatedly pressed the sweet shrimp, and the cat’s life was complete.

She likes cartoons picked by Gu Yusheng.

As a trustworthy villain, Huatang did what she said, and saw Lin Qing specially made a belt for her, pressed her ears, and put it on in disgust.

The three-finger wide black belt can fix the rope of the hydrogen balloon, or it would be too dangerous to tie it directly to the cat.

After Huatang put it on, she moved a little bit, and only after she was sure that she was not in check, did Lin Qing tie a balloon to her belt.

It’s a balloon, it’s more like a plastic doll for children. It’s stronger and won’t easily explode to scare the black cat. It’s just that the color is overly festive and red. One says “Small Restaurant” and the other says With “Opening”~

The advertising balloons are installed in place, symmetrically distributed, and the hydrogen inside is of little weight. After Huatang runs fast, it is like flying a kite, which is quite fun.

After seeing the “cat ads”, customers will definitely come to the store, so Gu Yusheng couldn’t go out to look at Huatang, watch the black cat jump up and down in the red tile house for a while, confirming that the hydrogen balloon will not hinder the cat’s movement After that, he relaxed his frowning eyebrows slightly, “Lin Qing, you don’t need your help in the store. Just stare at the cat later.”

“Okay, don’t worry, Gu Ge, I’m looking at Huatang, and I will come to help with the dialect later, and remember to let him wash the dishes more.” Lin Qing, the brother of the handy brother, responded and prepared to follow Huatang today. One is to look after the cat. Safe, the second is to introduce the new store to the residents by the way.

The size of the balloon is so limited that I can’t write a specific address. Let Lin Qing be the voice assistant next to him.

Huatang shook his tail and didn’t refute. After Gu Yusheng knelt down to touch her ears, he pressed his forearm with his front paws, okay, don’t worry, they all said that following the evil cat has a future~

Gu Yusheng stood outside the store, watching Huatang and Lin Qing walk away before turning back.

It was Lin Qing’s inspiration to find Huatang as the “endorsement cat”. According to his expectation, even if he can attract 20 guests, even if he achieves his goal, once someone starts to eat in the store, he will automatically attract new guests.

But unexpectedly, Huatang was stopped by a pair of mother and son as soon as he took two steps. It was probably because he thought the black cat was rubbing around and was accidentally **** by the balloon rope.

Fortunately, Huatang stopped the action they wanted to help, squatted down to show the balloon, and then Lin Qing came up to explain it again, and it was considered that the misunderstanding was solved.

“Let Huatang help with advertising? It’s good, but you have to keep staring at it and you can’t hurt the cat.”

“Yes, yes, I have been behind Huatang.”

Residents in the community know that if Huatang is not willing, no one should try to catch her, let alone hang a balloon to advertise. So the mother and son chatted with Lin Qing and knew that the small restaurant was after the red building. I want to check it out and try Huatang’s recommendation.

The first time I was misunderstood, Lin Qing was not very proficient in business, but he finally drew two customers for the store, and he was slightly relieved.

Soon, Lin Qing knew that her anger was getting loose early, and she didn’t know why Huatang knew so many people. Basically, she would be stopped after walking a few steps.

The same misunderstanding and the same explanation brought the same new guests. Lin Qingmo put the sweat on his forehead and looked at Huatang, who was only responsible for walking, and began to reflect on whether he had cheated himself when he was looking for Huatang to advertise.

I usually fly over the walls in the community, the mysterious black cat with red balloons like small wings advertises, it is too conspicuous, not long after being stopped by the residents I know, I saw a small video posted by the owner group. Curious people who came out to watch the “advertising cat”.

Huatang can squat on a high place with a balloon, lazily yawning, but Lin Qing needs to answer various strange questions below, and ask him how much money he paid, and how can he let the cat pick it up. A single?

The cat is a serious cat, this is the householder, why is it not serious?

The children in the community really like Huatang too much. Watching cats bring balloons, they are eager to find their parents.

Lin Qing brought a pack of spare balloon skins here, thinking that if Huatang was not happy, he would make a balloon tree by himself.

Unexpectedly, it would come in handy at this time. Those parents who couldn’t find the same balloon for a while wanted to buy a copy from him and let them play with their children.

“No money, no money, but there are words on it, do you mind?”

Lin Qing is a balloon specially customized for trial operation. After it is inflated, it will be either a “small restaurant” or a “opening”.

Parents mind if you don’t know, the children are quite happy.

Have words? Then it was more like Huatang’s. She couldn’t wait for Lin Qing to find a special hydrogen tube to inflate, take a pump to fill the air, and happily tied the rope around her waist, Xue Huatang ran around with balloons.

What else can prevent the cub from being like others?

Soon, the spare balloons Lin Qing brought were all gone. Instead, a group of children with balloons ran around the community after the black cat.

Looking over, it was all “small restaurants” and “opening.” Many residents at home were curious and went downstairs to see the scene of “all the cubs are happy together”.

Huatang didn’t mind the children chasing after her and continued to advertise according to the original route. However, the number of customers attracted to the store has far exceeded 20, which is estimated to exceed the current reception capacity of the small restaurant.

“Alright, we can return to Huatang…”

Before Lin Qing stopped the endorsement activity in time, the kid chasing Mao Mao next to him was unhappy. He was not allowed to take Mao Mao away between Huatang and Lin Qing.

Okay, one minute, one second, one hour less for a whole day is not counted.

Huatang didn’t hear Lin Qing crying without tears, and continued her work as a “endorsement cat”, leaving Lin Qing touched her head with lingering fear, praying that the dialect wouldn’t choke him to death when she returned.

And in the small restaurant in the red tile house, the restaurant is full, and there are still many guests who are waiting to take away. The busy dialect has to call Erpeng, and the two are bringing the food, collecting the table and washing In the bowl, trembling hands forced a smile.

Lin Qing, this is what you said that there are not many customers in the community?

Brother, you play me.

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