It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 22:


The liquid foundation placed on the table was caught by the child and accidentally fell down and smashed. The father who looked after the child took a breath of air-conditioning and lifted his child up, watching the polygonal glass box burst. Do not know whether to abscond with the cubs.

Although you are less than five years old, it is still a big crime to smash the **** to smash the mother’s two thousand and three powder cream, understand?

More importantly, his father did not stop him in time, he would be dealt with as an indirect principal and he was punished severely.

I adjusted essential oils at home on the weekend and prepared to be a fragrance in the afternoon. When I heard the movement, my face was a little unfavorable and walked into the bedroom. Seeing her husband holding her own child and smiling at her with embarrassment, she felt that something was wrong.

“Did something break just now?”

“No, no, my baby and I are playing games~”

Mom looked suspiciously and told them not to play in the bedroom. When they were about to turn around and go out, they suddenly smelled a familiar fragrance, which was the elegant fragrance of her lady foundation.

The child is reluctant to fight, and the husband is the culprit.

The child who was still held by his father in his hands did not realize what he had done wrong and was not honest. When his father was educated by force, his little hand stretched out his mother’s essence again.

These beautiful bottles are really attractive to children.

“Wait, wife, I have a way!”

“Cat, black cat, give the baby to Huatang for a long time.”

Four or five-year-old children are just when they are full of energy and curious about everything, and their cubs are reluctant to beat them so hard, it is better to let them go out and chase the black cat to consume energy.

Parents are usually busy at work, and their children are taken care of by grandparents. On weekends when they are not working, the elderly go out and ask friends to go around, but the young couple is awakened by the child with a paintbrush early in the morning.

A child who can’t sleep when he wakes up is almost a trouble-making machine for movement, and the young couple can only give up laziness and get up to take care of the child.

However, the children are so lively that new situations can arise when they are in a daze for two seconds.

Just now, my dad scribbled a small video of “All the Cubs Qi Huan” in the owner’s group. Seeing that there were two children who were younger than his own cubs, he was moved.

Why don’t you send the child out to chase the cat?

“Can a black cat catch a baby? Look, there is a child in the video running too fast and falling down. I feel sorry for the baby.”

“Wife, tell you the truth, just now the baby broke my game console and broke your lipstick.”

“…Put on clothes and send the baby downstairs.”

The young couple hit it off and went downstairs with the child. They thought that Lin Qing was some kind of staff member. After receiving a balloon from him, they dropped the child into the cat chasing army.

Cats and playmates are the source of children’s happiness. Even if they do nothing, they are happy to stay with so many children of the same age.

Many parents leisurely stood by and watched, watching the black cat walk over, and a group of children chased after him. Within half an hour, a few children were tired of running and squatted on the spot, reaching out to hug their parents. .

At this time, the young parents who were quite scheming ran up, picked up their cubs, fed water and wiped the sweat, let the children fall asleep in their arms, and then happily asked the location of Linqing’s small restaurant, and didn’t want to cook anymore. , Go have a meal.

How can shop owners refuse customers?

Lin Qing skipped the dialect and the “threatening text messages” Erpeng sent to herself, and continued to enthusiastically introduce the location of the small restaurant. After the children were almost tired, they collapsed in the arms of their parents and fell asleep. There are two young fathers. Secretly come over, ask him to have similar activities in the future, be sure to send it to the owner group, happy you and me.

This kind of advertising that collectively takes children to consume energy, please be better~

Still thinking about next time?

After three or four hours, Lin Qing’s expression was slightly stiff when he talked about the smoke in his throat, and he swears from the bottom of his heart that his pet hospital must be opened in obscurity, at least not to let Huatang know.

When Huatang was invited to be a meow in the advertisement, how could Lin Qing think that the residents would take the opportunity to bring their children.

Sure enough, everyone is “dirty” adults who will use each other.

With floating balloons, playing with sweet cubs, after the children were taken away by their parents, Huatang had enough to play. The evil cat is the ultimate villain who won’t suffer in anything.

Similar to the activity of “fishing cubs” with the tail, when Huatang was in the commercial, except for Lin Qing’s voice talking about broken sound, the dialect and Erpeng were so tired that his hands tremble, Gu Yusheng also had to prepare more ingredients. In addition to reluctantly coping with the early closing in the afternoon, the business of the small restaurant is booming, and the residents with children enjoy their leisure time, and Huatang is also content to play.

There are no losers, and all parties win.

After most of the day, Huatang should be the easiest one. Running a few laps back and forth with a balloon is not as good as the amount of exercise she usually patrols.

Black cats have more practical experience in playing with cubs than many parents. The children are tired from running batch after batch, and Huatang is still the same as the okay cat.

If it weren’t for Lin Qing to be like a minister who admonishes the emperor, he fell down and dragged Huatang’s back jio, begging the cat owner not to go any further, Huatang would have come a few more times.

When Huatang returned to the small restaurant, the shop was almost cleaned. When Lin Qing first came in, Erpeng thought it was a customer, so he hurried forward to explain. Sorry, their shop is a trial operation today, and the ingredients are already sold out. Come.

“…Brother?” After he finished speaking, Er Peng realized that this was not a guest, but a sinister cousin. He immediately greeted him in dialect, shaking his hands, and reluctantly beat Lin Qing to the ground.

“Let go, let me go!” Lin Qing, who was hoarse, was also very tired, and had no strength to break free, and started pecking at each other with Erpeng and Dialect.

Huatang walked around the three guys who were so tired that they were still fighting hard, and curiously approached the kitchen door, and found Gu Yusheng sitting on a stool, so tired that he was staring at the water in the cup in front of him in a daze. After Huatang came, Then he got up and took out the meal that was left for the black cat.

The endorsement meow is to include three meals. Gu Yusheng was too busy at noon to take care of Huatang and Lin Qing, but he still left the meals alone.

I don’t know if it’s tiring to cook noodles, or tiring the table and washing the dishes. The dialect and Erpeng’s tired hands are pumping. Gu Yusheng looks at it but there is nothing wrong. It’s just that they usually carry bowls with one hand, but today they are two. Hands together.

The few of them have good physical strength, but the tiredness of the catering industry belongs to the exhaustion of repetitive actions. After working all day, the three chicken chickens sat at the table and can only use the spoon to dig the rice. Otherwise, the chopsticks are easy to hold the vegetables. .

Gu Yusheng has cooked dishes for a whole day, and he really has no appetite. He sees dialects and they are still fighting and eating like elementary school students, locking the front door, and taking sweet shrimp and Bianmu out from the back door. .

The two dogs stayed upstairs for a day, and now it’s almost night. It’s time to move around and keep up exercise.

Before Bian Mu was injured and Sweet Shrimp was too young, Gu Yusheng didn’t bring the dog out during exercise sooner or later. Now Bian Mu’s injury is almost healed, and Sweet Shrimp is older than before and can be taken out.

Huatang watched Sweet Shrimp and Bian Mu go downstairs, and jumped on Gu Yusheng’s shoulder with interest, watching the Sweet Shrimp start to circle Gu Yusheng stupidly, looking like she wanted to climb up.

Bian Mu is very well-behaved. He has been walking by Gu Yusheng’s side. The traction ropes are in a relaxed state. The sweet shrimps are more lively. Floor tiles, turf or shrubs can make sweet shrimps excited and curious. The traction ropes are always tight. In a straight state, Gu Yusheng almost couldn’t grasp it after running too fast a few times and tired of his arms for a day.

Huatang stared at the traction rope in Gu Yusheng’s hand, and she moved a little. She also wanted to experience the joy of raising a dog.

The black cat jumped off Gu Yusheng’s shoulders, landed firmly on Bian Mu’s body, and then grabbed Bian Mu’s leash with his paws, and began to “walk the dog” with satisfaction.

Fortunately, Bianmu is a medium-sized dog, and carrying a fat cat on his back does not affect his movements. If he changes to a sweet shrimp that is still relatively small, he can press down on the spot.

Bian Mu is very obedient, and he won’t run around without a towing rope. Gu Yusheng chose this time, and only after seeing that there were no pedestrians around, did Gu Yusheng choose the lakeside where residents seldom go.

Sweet shrimps are relatively rare and very watery dogs. Seeing the lake is just like a big water basin. They are eager to jump, but they are blocked by Gu Yusheng.

Huatang was worried that the sweet shrimp would injure herself and Bian Mu, so she hurried to let Bian Mu go faster and stay away from the sweet shrimp.

Bian Mu is docile, smart and well-behaved. He walks steadily with the black cat. Under the dark sky and the street lights that are already on, it seems that the animation picture is frozen, and he can walk down the lake.

Gu Yusheng grabbed the sweet shrimp who was trying to jump into the lake, while paying attention to Huatang and Bianmu in front of him. They also walked out, but the difficulty of the action was not low.

In a while, many residents after dinner will come out for a walk. Gu Yusheng checked the time and called Huatang to tell her and Bian Mu not to go forward and prepare to go home.

When returning from the same way, Gu Yusheng noticed that several residents were walking here. He stopped and asked Huatang to give him Bian Mu’s towing rope.

When there are no other people, Huatang can walk the dog, but when there are other people, it is safer to put the towing rope in Gu Yusheng’s hands.

Cats are good animals as long as they satisfy their curiosity. Huatang has already experienced walking a dog, so she no longer clings to the border shepherd’s leash. When she picked it up and was about to pass it to Gu Yusheng, her ears moved and heard a familiar voice.

It’s Han Lan.

Huh, are Meiren and Aunt Su coming for a walk by the lake after dinner?

The evil cat suddenly became energetic and couldn’t care about giving Gu Yusheng the leash. He wanted to see if the two walking here were Han Lan and the nanny Su.

But in the next second, Bian Mu, who hadn’t made a sound, suddenly called out and rushed towards the person who was still some distance ahead.

“Aunt Su? I seem to hear the sound of bibimbap, really, the sound of bibimbap!”

After finishing working for several days and resting at home for two days, Han Lan and Aunt Su took a walk around the lake when there were few people. Just after speaking, they heard a familiar dog barking.

Some pets look so alike, even if they are owners who have been with them for many years, they may be easily confused, let alone listening to the basically the same “Wang” sound.

However, during the period when he lost his bibimbap, Han Lan repeatedly watched the videos and photos taken before, re-improving the appearance and sound of the bibimbap from a small to an adult dog. He will never admit his mistake. of.

Taking a step forward in disbelief, Han Lan was a little short-sighted. He couldn’t see the distance without wearing glasses when he came out, and he staggered and fell.

However, when she got up from the ground, when she heard the familiar whistling sound getting closer, Han Lan ignored her painful knee and ran forward like crazy.

“Bibimbap? Bibimbap!”


What is the fastest speed in the world?

Probably, it was lost and recovered.

Holding the traction rope firmly, Huatang, who was about to be carried by the fast Bian Mu like a balloon, couldn’t even think about why Bian Mu was more excited than she was when she saw the beauty, so she fell deeply into the Maosheng philosophy.

Those who play with balloons, are they always being ballooned?

Cat, it’s about to fly.

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