It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 23:

There is no speed, faster than when you run at full strength.

The movements of Han Lan and Bibimbap were so fast, let alone Aunt Su, even Gu Yusheng didn’t have time to catch Bian Mu’s towing rope.

Bian Mu, who is usually behaved and quiet, was like an arrow from Lixian, and rushed out with the black cat “shoo.”

Of course, when the traction rope just broke free, Gu Yusheng rushed up with all his strength, he could step on the rope, grab Bian Mu and push it down.

However, the one in front ran hard, throwing away everything on his hands, just because the woman who ran up quickly asked him to stop, and did not stop the movement of Bianmu, but followed with the sweet shrimp.

The woman who lost her hat knelt on the ground and locked Bian Mu tightly in her arms. She was crying and laughing, her hands were shaking, and she tried to touch Bian Mu’s fur as if it were true or false, for fear of the next second. The dog disappeared, all this is just her illusion.

When she first lost the bibimbap, Han Lan also imagined whether a good-hearted person would pick it up and save the dog. She would rather never return to the bibimbap, but hope that the bibimbap is still alive.

However, when Han Lan consulted the animal doctor countless times and asked how likely it was to survive the injuries of Bibimbap at the time, the response he got was not optimistic.

“From the point of view of the scene, the amount of bleeding is too great. Even if ordinary people want to save it, it is difficult for ordinary people to get it back without professional medicine and medical equipment.”

This is not a minor injury. If the rescue time is delayed, it will cause excessive blood loss or fatal infection.

In the suburbs where few people go, how can there be a professional animal doctor who can spot bibimbap immediately and start emergency surgery without wasting any time?

Han Lan’s heart sank little by little, becoming more and more desperate, amidst regret and self-blame, making bibimbap a scar in his heart.

It was her fault. If it wasn’t for her to take a step back, thinking that the young couple didn’t live with her mother-in-law, and it would be okay for her to say a few words, she would not send the bibimbap away, and then abuse the dog or even harm the bibimbap. Chance of death.

After moving to the Kyushu community, Han Lan gradually resumed work, bringing up his spirits and slowly seeking justice with his ex-husband, mother and son.

My friends also helped Han Lan turn around looking for bibimbap information. Seeing that she acted a bit like a slanted side, she couldn’t bear it. A few even persuaded her and asked her if she wanted to raise a similar small side. Animal husbandry.

Without any consideration, Han Lan refused. After the bibimbap, she could no longer raise other dogs.

She will only raise bibimbap in her life, and other small animals may be very good, behaved, and considerate, but they are not bibimbap anymore.

Therefore, when the bibimbap was just as excited and coquettishly rubs the owner, Han Lan laughed and shed tears, hugged and shepherd the relatives for several mouthfuls, and even the “balloon cat” that had just landed was picked up. Kissed several times.

“Bibimbap, bibimbap, my bibimbap.”

Han Lan couldn’t bear to let go. She wanted to stand up with Bibimbap and Huatang in her arms. As a result, she overestimated her recent physical strength. Before she was three centimeters off the ground, she almost fell over.

The miscarriage and the gloomy mood caused Han Lan’s vitality during this period of time, and Huatang felt a little panting, let alone adding a medium-sized dog.

Fortunately, Aunt Su and Gu Yusheng also came, one supporting Han Lan, the other picking up Huatang and Bibimbap, but they didn’t really fall to the ground.

After seeing the host, Bian Mu’s emotions were obviously much more lively. Han Lan saw that Bibimbap was also very close to Gu Yusheng, and wiped two tears on his face indiscriminately, explaining that she was from before Bian Mu. the host.

After calming down from the surprise and regained emotion, Han Lan also saw the hair shaved on the bibimbap for treatment and some newly healed wounds were exposed. She blamed herself and was afraid, regretted her negligence and negligence. I am also worried that the bibimbap will not return to her after being hurt.

Han Lan could see that the tall man in front of him was taking care of the bibimbap attentively during this time. Seeing him being surrounded by two dogs and a cat, he suddenly felt more competitive pressure and swallowed nervously.

After Huatang was picked up by Gu Yusheng, she looked at the beauties, then looked up at Gu Yusheng, and then flung her tail with interest, only to feel that there was a tension between the handsome men and the beautiful women.

On the left is the gentle owner who has been with Bianmu for many years from a small milk dog to an adult dog; on the right is a calm benefactor who patiently accompanies him, does not get angry even if he is caught, and calms fear and shrinking.

Sure enough, in the bgm of evil cats, there are no romantic encounters, only dilemmas.

Hehe, Huatang voted for the beauty. Although long legs are good, she chooses fragrant and soft ~

The black cat who eats and drinks decisively falls to beauty at a critical moment. Is there any problem? No!

Faced with Han Lan’s nervousness, Gu Yusheng didn’t say anything. He bent over and picked up the sweet shrimp who tried to jump into the lake again. He pointed to Bien Mu, and explained that he was only temporarily taking care of him. It was his friend who saved the pastor. Mind, you can meet them at the Red Tile House.

Since he is the owner of Bian Mu, there must be a lot of questions. I want to ask Lin Qing and Er Peng. Bian Mu was discovered by Sweet Shrimp and they were rescued by the two of them. Gu Yusheng really didn’t know Bian Mu. The specific circumstances of the initial injury.

In fact, Han Lan was able to meet bibimbap, not so much luck, as thank you Huatang and Sweet Shrimp, the two “Black Stars” aborigines.

The state before Bian Mu was really bad, he only dared to hide behind Sweet Shrimp, even Lin Qing’s approach would make the dog shiver. After being picked up by Gu Yusheng, he was a little better, but he also hid on the second floor and refused to get down. It was the first time to go out today.

If it was ten minutes later, Gu Yusheng and the others would go back, and they would only miss each other.

Fortunately, Huatang was overly excited when walking the dog for the first time, and she took Bianmu too far. Sweet Shrimp jumped repeatedly between Sa Huan and Jumping in the lake, and jointly troubled Gu Yusheng, but unexpectedly delayed the time until the encounter.

More and more residents came to take a walk by the lake. It was not a good place to talk, so the group of people went back to the red-tile room to talk.

On the way back, Gu Yusheng also called Lin Qing and Er Peng, telling them not to go back, and the owner of Bian Mu found them.

How did the owner find the seriously injured Border Shepherd in the suburbs of Kyushu?

To be honest, Lin Qing and Erpeng had a low initial impression of the owner of Bianmu. When the two of them followed Sweet Shrimp and found Bianmu, the dog was almost dead. If Lin Qing hadn’t been a pet doctor, the two of them He drove over again and was able to return to the hospital immediately to prepare for the operation, but Bian Mu really couldn’t save him.

Whether it was the negligence of the master or some accident, the master was somewhat responsible for the abuse of Bian Mu.

Because this is a world where humans have the right to speak, no matter how clever and clever the plush is, it is difficult to resist harm from other people. Only the master of humanity can protect them.

If you accept pets and take on the little things of this little life, you must be responsible for your life, and be aware of negligence and accident prevention in advance.

You must know that after a lot of fluffy leaves the owner by accident, not only do they have no ability to survive independently, but they are also easy to be caught and peeled and eat meat, and they don’t know how much suffering and torture they will suffer.

Lin Qing and the others have seen too many owners who blamed themselves for suffering after losing their pets, so they couldn’t help sighing when they mentioned this.

The outside world is very dangerous. As a master, you should be more vigilant!

The dialect also witnessed the change of Bian Mu shivering from the beginning, hiding under the bed and only daring to get close to Brother Gu. Now he is no longer afraid of occasionally dare to play with them and bite the ball. I heard that the owner of Bian Mu found it. Don’t leave in a hurry, and help Bian Mu check in when you are ready to stay.

If the owner has a problem, they can’t easily hand in Bian Mu back.

Han Lan secretly breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that Gu Yusheng opened a small restaurant in the red tile house. Since she was a resident in the same community, she was not afraid that they would not talk to each other, and the other party would disappear and leave with the bibimbap.

However, when she saw the three strong men standing in a row, Han Lan became nervous again, and even Aunt Su took a breath.

Now in the community, have all the gym coaches changed to be chefs?

Why don’t you look so irritable? !

Han Lan originally blamed himself for not taking good care of the bibimbap. Seeing Gu Yusheng’s cold face two heads taller than himself, he was already worried.

Faced with the three brawny men in dialect, Han Lan and Aunt Su silently grasped each other’s hands, staring at the tiger’s lair in Longtan and swallowed their saliva.

Lin Qing and the others have had some blessings in recent years. They are based on their previous exercises. Therefore, they are more sturdy and strong than puffiness. It is almost night again, and the lights behind it look really bad. What a good person like.

Gu Yusheng:…

Obviously Bian Mu’s life-saver, why Er Peng and the others are blocking the door like the dog-stealers?

He is not a pity and cherishing character. He will not have many smiles when he sees a beauty like Han Lan, but he still has the basic meticulousness and thoughtfulness. Without letting Han Lan and the others continue to move forward, he just waved to the two. Peng they come over.

Even if this is in the community, when the night is getting dark, it is not appropriate for the two ladies to stay in the house with them.

This has nothing to do with whether Gu Yusheng and the others are upright and kind. It is a mistake to force the relatively weak side to feel uncomfortable in such an environment that may be threatened and worried.

Gu Yusheng thought for a while, put Huatang on Bian Mu’s back, and took a step back so that Han Lan and Aunt Su could squat down and hug the fluffy.

The three “thugs” also brought in a few plastic stools, and let them sit down before the attack, otherwise they would appear to be like a black shop.

Kind actions are more powerful than words. Han Lan took a deep breath of fluffy and asked Lin Qing how they picked up the bibimbap. After they blamed themselves, they pinched their palms, but at the same time they were grateful and didn’t know how to express themselves. He bowed a few times sincerely in his mood and attitude, hoping that they could accept some of their financial “hearts.”

At this time, talking about money seems vulgar, but it is even more inappropriate to let others pay for the treatment of bibimbap.

Han Lan is really grateful to Lin Qing and the others. If it weren’t for the small restaurant not suitable for hanging pennants, she would like to customize two banners.

Lin Qing and the others were originally planning to inspect the master of Bian Mu, but they did not expect that they would apologize and thank them, and it was difficult for them to say anything, so they could only exhort them to take care of Bian Mu in the future.

“Hey, nothing else, just pay according to the hospital’s drug fee. During this period, my Gu brother is mainly taking care of it, and we don’t care about it anymore.”

As a veterinarian, Lin Qing’s mobile phone also kept records of the treatment of Bian Mu at the time. He calculated Bian Mu’s treatment costs according to the hospital’s charging standards and asked Han Lan to pay according to this bill.

It happened that Aunt Su had cash in her possession, and Lin Qing also sent them two links to issue electronic tickets, which was quite formal.

“In the future, if Bianmu wants to get a vaccine, you can also go to the South Gate to find me.”

After paying the bill, Han Lan still felt sorry. To express his gratitude to Ka Ka, Lin Qing and the others felt pain in their backs, so she didn’t have to be too polite, take good care of Bian Mu, and come to the store often to patronize business.

Unexpectedly, when people rescued bibimbap, they didn’t expect to be rewarded at all. Han Lan also has the character of not taking advantage of others. He noticed the QR code on the wall of the small restaurant and wanted to scan the code to transfer money.

Lin Qing and the others weren’t here to save the border and shepherd, and in addition, they didn’t want to “thank” the Gu brother who took care of the border and shepherd during this time, let alone them.

“Take it up, it’s my little heart.”

“You can’t make it, don’t make it, you’re welcome.”

The scene seemed as if relatives gave red envelopes during the Chinese New Year, and fiercely declined.

Erpeng also stuck it firmly on the wall, blocking the scan code, and worked very hard as a mosaic.

Huatang looked left and right with great interest, wishing she would also put up a payment code to come out, don’t refuse, and transfer them to the evil cat~

“Wait, can this work? How about posting an advertisement for small restaurants and pet hospitals on Weibo?” Looking at a very weak girl, how to scan the QR code to pay, there is a kind of sweeping the army. What about Xi’s momentum?

Er Peng was tired after sticking to the wall. Lin Qing didn’t think it would work if he pulled it on, so he could simply change the way of thanking him.

Han Lan panted tired after failing to scan the code, and felt that this suggestion was also good.

She must be serious about advertising and show the utmost sincerity.

Lin Qing and the others all breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it took only two minutes to post Weibo or Moments. At no cost, the matter was finally resolved.

It can be seen that Lin Qing and the others have yet to recognize that Han Lan is a female celebrity with close to 80 million fans, and it is not clear how high advertising costs are for a star with 80 million fans.

On the contrary, Huatang next to her, the villain’s knowledge has increased again, she understands, she has learned!

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