It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 24:

In the years when Han Lan’s works were the hottest, Lin Qing and the others stayed in the army and had no place to chase dramas.

After being discharged from the military, these few are sports channel enthusiasts. They rarely watch TV shows or movies and have free time. It is better to play two games.

In addition, Han Lan’s eyes were red when he was crying, and his hair was unkempt. Several people stood under the lights outside the store, not recognizing that this was the female celebrity on the billboard, which was quite normal.

As for Gu Yusheng, he didn’t even know. During the time he left the army, he basically didn’t go out much. He had zero knowledge of the entertainment industry, and his few impressions remained almost ten years ago.

Therefore, they really couldn’t think of the gold content of Han Lan’s advertisement.

Huatang, the only one who knew the scene, was turned into cat cakes by the reluctant bibimbap, and he couldn’t take care of it for the time being.

Not only Huatang, but also Gu Yusheng and Sweet Shrimp were all touched by Bian Mu’s affection. They were reluctant to leave. They wanted to return to their master and were not in conflict with them.

Animals also have a lot of emotions, and Han Lan, who looks around in circles, wipes his eyes, and promises to come out to play with them often.

I don’t know if you understand the bibimbap. When Han Lan and Aunt Su left with the dog, they asked Huatang if they wanted to be together.

The black cat stepped on the palm of the beauty’s palm and declined. She hadn’t finished the supper, and waited for her time.

“Thank you, Huatang.” He lowered his head and kissed the tip of the black cat’s ears, and Han Lan put one hand on the bibimbap, feeling that his good luck must have been brought by Huatang.

The confused black cat flicked its tail and didn’t understand why the beauty should thank herself, so just accept it all.

Cheeky is a virtue for the villain~

The things that Bian Mu had used before were also taken out by Gu Yusheng and handed over to Han Lan to take them away. So when they returned to the second floor, they looked at the empty bed, and they were a little uncomfortable.

“Hey, I’m still a little bit reluctant.”

“By the way, Brother Gu, I didn’t name Bian Mu at the time, did you expect today?”

Bian Mu was brought back by Gu Yusheng when he went to adopt the sweet shrimp. It stands to reason that he should have a name, but Gu Yusheng only named the sweet shrimp. I don’t know if he expected that one day, Bian Mu will return. By the original owner.

There is a name, that is, there is a relationship between each other, and the dialect sees the sweet shrimp curiously turning around, looking for a small partner, and suddenly becomes emotional.

Huatang also tilted her head curiously, yes, why only name the sweet shrimp?

As a practical school, Gu Yusheng doesn’t believe in fate as much as in dialects. He only named the sweet shrimp, purely only the puppies need names.

Bian Mu is an adult dog. After being rescued, he was a little afraid of others. He only dared to approach Gu Yusheng. He didn’t go out or run around, so it didn’t make much sense to choose a name.

The clever Bian Mu only needs to look at Gu Yusheng to know that the other party is calling himself.

As for the overly lively black puppies?

If you don’t give this little guy a name, Gu Yusheng doesn’t know what to call when the room is full of puppies.

“…Wait, where did the sweet shrimp go?”

The sweet shrimp who failed to jump out of the lake went under the bed and occupied the place where Bian Mu usually stayed. They were covered in black skin. If they hadn’t swept the ground like a whirlwind, they couldn’t find the sweet shrimp in dialect.

Tacitly moved their eyes to the black cat on the shoulders of Gu, Lin Qing and the others questioned in their souls, are you aborigines of the Black Skin Star so invisible?

This is probably when the tide receded, only to realize that the black one could not be found.

Gu Yusheng spent a whole day in the kitchen and had no appetite. He came out without eating anything. Now he sent Bian Mu away. Watching the sweet shrimp and the dialect play bite ball on the second floor, he brought Huatang downstairs. , Go to the kitchen to cook wonton noodles.

“Is there two wontons for you?” The wontons are packed in advance. They are larger and have a lot of weight.

Huatang prefers to eat stuffed stuff, and the taste of noodles is relatively simple, so she doesn’t like it very much.

Squatting on the small bench in front of the kitchen, the black cat immediately gestured and stretched out her claws, indicating that she would add one more and she would eat three wontons.

Fortunately, there are a lot of five wontons as a supper, Huatang can’t finish it, otherwise, her jio won’t be enough.

Gu Yusheng cooked the noodles over the fire. After the bottom of the bowl was seasoned, he poured the wontons and egg noodles into the soup and put them on the table. Huatang had already prepared his small bowl.

The bustling storefront during the day is now closed, leaving only the kitchen and table lights. Huatang pushes the small bowl to the place where the light source is the strongest. She has no way to lower her claws against the erratic heat of the wonton noodles, and she is afraid of being hot. At least half a meter, I picked three wontons that looked the best.

It’s big, has enough material, and looks good with thin skin.

According to Huatang’s instructions, Gu Yusheng put three “cat selected wontons” in her small bowl, and then used chopsticks to open the skins to expose the fillings and let them cool. Then they cut them into small pieces for the cat to eat.

“Would you like to add some scallions?” Gu Yusheng presented a beautiful plate. Even if he opened the wonton to reveal the filling, he didn’t feel ugly and perfunctory. He picked up a handful of scallions and asked Huatang if he wanted some.

Just a little bit, Huatang took the front paw and compared it a little, nervously watching Yu Sheng’s chopsticks tremble, and then quickly pushed his hand away.

A pose is enough, cats don’t like green dishes.

In front of Gu Yusheng was a big bowl of wonton noodles, Huatang also had enough wontons, and the sound of eating soon came from the quiet first floor. The light enveloped the man and the black cat, reflecting the shadows on the high and low tables. On the chair, it becomes a cute irregular dark cloud shape.

When he concentrates on eating, he will not think of anything else. Gu Yusheng eats quickly. When Huatang finishes eating three wontons, he has almost eaten and is drinking soup.

Extending her claws and pulling Gu Yusheng’s wrist, Huatang looked at the bowl empty, and pursed her ear a little regretfully.

I knew it, I wanted four wontons.

Shrimp **** are made of lean meat, the teeth are sweet and fresh, the more you eat, the more greedy you are, Huatang can have another one.

After eating, Gu Yusheng was not in a hurry to collect the bowls. He sat at the table and looked at the black cat. He placed his bowl and Huatang’s small bowl at a uniform angle, and then straightened his chopsticks, with a hint of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The small movements revealed the unrest in the master’s heart.

When sending Bian Mu back to the original owner, Gu Yusheng didn’t say much, he went to pack the things and sent them down, only patted Bian Mu’s head when they were parting.

But obviously, his emotions were not so calm on the face, after all, he was still a little reluctant.

However, only when Bian Mu returned to the original owner could he be truly healed and saved, and Gu Yusheng would not stop him.

Feeling Gu Yusheng’s emotions, Huatang felt the same.

The evil cat has lost its No. 1 running dog, and it is also a bit painful.

After all, Running Dog No. 2 is too reckless. As long as it doesn’t change its closeness to the water, even if it grows up to be a flower, Sweet Shrimp can jump into the lake with a black cat.

This is simply the sad story of the villain’s IQ leader who suddenly returned to his hometown to live in seclusion, rounding up the sad story of the horrible loss of the dog’s head soldier!

Dignified for three seconds, the tip of the evil cat’s ears suddenly trembled twice.

Wait, it’s okay. The cat can also visit Stout No.1 at Beauty’s house, and he can go to Bianmu to play at any time.

Happiness is all contrasted. Huatang’s mood became clear again after thinking about it, and he looked at Gu Yusheng, and generously stretched the tip of his tail to his hand.

The evil cat is in a good mood, let you touch it.

The tip of the tail is where the villain’s dignity lies. Huatang basically won’t let others touch her tip. It was the poor girl who was about to be tortured by Sweet Shrimp who looked after Yu Sheng, so she let her touch it, not much.

The fluffy tip of the tail is probably the essence of cuteness. Gu Yusheng watched the black cat put the tip of the tail on the table and touched it, then rubbed the black cat’s small round face with his palm.

The technique is similar to the rubbing of glutinous rice balls, making Huatang so angry that he overturned Gu Yusheng’s chopsticks to show his super fierceness.

Huatang was reluctant to lift her small bowl, and squatted at the door of the kitchen. Like a supervisor, Yu Sheng cleaned her small bowl and put it away. She rolled her tail and left with satisfaction.

Eat and drink enough, go to sleep in a fragrant and soft bed~

The life of an evil cat can be so arrogant and extravagant.

And when he returned home holding the bibimbap and didn’t let go, Han Lan, who was still not close enough, finally had time to take out his mobile phone, repeatedly adjusted his words, and advertised the small restaurant and pet hospital seriously.

Unlike the previous endorsement reposts, Han Lan’s Weibo was written sincerely and sincerely. If it weren’t for half an hour after it was sent out, the studio would not come out to clarify, fans would think that the goddess had been hacked.

——Before I clicked on Weibo, I thought that the goddess had finally turned to the advertisement. After clicking on Weibo, the goddess would take a selfie!

-Kyushu Community? ! It’s two blocks away from my house.

——Daily confession that I am Korean. I don’t have pets at home, but I can eat. My friends in the same city, do you go to a small restaurant to check in?

Han Lan is usually relatively low-key, and he rarely reposts business chat, let alone a long-form recommendation written by himself.

Fans who are far away can’t support it for the time being, and those in the same city can arrange it in these two days.

The Kyushu community is not easy to enter, but it can’t stop the fans who come to check in. The security guard in the guard room who is responsible for registering information once suspected himself. He works in the community, isn’t it really a Kyushu hotel?

Why these young people are consulting with him in the restaurants in the community, and they have to come in to eat after checking their ID cards.

Not only the security guards, Lin Qing, who thought that after the trial operation, the passenger flow should return to normal, watch dialect and Erpeng went back to work, humming a little song from the pet hospital to the small restaurant.

The name is “Helping Man”, which is really a Cengfan. In order to be more arrogant, he also picks out when Brother Gu just opened the door and there are basically no customers in the shop, so that when the meal comes, Cengfan will be more natural.

Then, when he came to the red tile house, Lin Qing was so scared by the line that he backed away, and even rubbed his eyes with shaking hands.

“Hey, classmate, excuse me, are you here for dinner?”

“Yeah, did you also watch Weibo to eat? Now that the store manager has just opened, you can take a seat behind us.”

Weibo? Could it be the Weibo that I promoted to Gu? Lin Qing hadn’t recovered yet, and even drifted away for a while.

Could it be that neither a soldier nor a pet doctor is enough to reflect his talent.

He is actually an ordinary advertising genius?

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