It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 25:

Ask, what kind of experience is it like to change clothes to buy groceries at the end of the morning run, and to see a long line at the entrance of the store after returning?

Answer, Rao is Gu Yusheng, a calm, introverted, and bad-spoken person who almost turned his head and left.

Gu Yusheng, who was lurking in the jungle and unable to bite by insects for three days and three nights, was also a bit unable to handle the amount of meals for so many customers at the door of the store. He just wanted to open a small restaurant, and there was nothing to become a diners.

But Gu Yusheng’s character, he couldn’t do things like abandoning the shop, he went in through the back door with the ingredients, put the things down and walked around to the front hall to open the door.

At least ask clearly, why is the passenger flow abnormally large?

The small restaurant does not provide breakfast. Fans who came in advance have also asked the security guards, knowing that the store is still in the trial operation stage, so there is no hurry to wait outside, and we got together and chatted, basically clocking in this time. The activity of eating is regarded as the base below the line.

Many of them were college students from the same city, and they were about the same age. They soon started chatting and took out their mobile phones to speculate that Han Lan might live in this community.

“I wish I had a chance encounter with the goddess. I have liked her since junior high school. I have been chasing the TV and movies and want to see the goddess outside the lens.”

“Me too. I went to every movie promotion roadshow and met Han Lan real person. It’s perfect and unlike us in the same dimension.”

Generally speaking, when a celebrity’s true feelings are advertised, this store is probably opened by a celebrity’s family.

But Han Lan has been protecting his personal information very well during his debut over the years, and has never mentioned anything similar. Fans also ruled out this possibility first and began to study the connection between small restaurants and pet hospitals.

The more accepted explanation is that Bian Mu, who was lost by the goddess before, was found in the Kyushu community. In order to thank the kind people, Han Lan posted on Weibo.

When the bibimbap was injured and thrown away, Han Lan’s condition suddenly became very poor. Many big fans also asked about some things from the agent, and at that time helped forward the post about looking for Bian Mu.

The gratitude of the goddess is their gratitude. Han Lan has a lot of female fans, and she has been with her through these years, and her feelings should be deeper.

“I don’t have a pet at home, so I can’t go to the pet hospital, but it’s okay to pay for the meal.”

“Yes, I see the boss laughs from ear to ear~”

The shop owner who picked up the missing Bian Mu and took care of it carefully, and then sent it back to the goddess, must have smiled kindly, with a soft belly, and a cheerful, kindhearted person.

It’s too difficult to enter the Kyushu community. They also contacted the sisters who were in the Kyushu community. They rushed back from school together, and then wrote a lot of materials at the security guard before entering. The procedures were quite cumbersome, so they asked them to act for the owner of the restaurant Worried about business.

Therefore, they must have more food and support the boss.

When Gu Yusheng opened the door, the two girls standing in front were facing the store door with their backs, cheerfully showing off their previous achievements, “I used to go to travel and eat pork bone ramen, and they could also order a bowl of rice and soup. , Add fried chicken and then eat a plate of char siu.”

So, let’s watch her eat the shop owner to make a fortune and run off to a comfortable life today.

Gu Yusheng, who is about 1.9 meters tall, is almost two heads taller than them. After opening the store door sideways, Han Lan fans who are queuing up to chat can clearly see his deeper eyebrows than ordinary people, and when backlit The light shadow cast.

“Sorry, I’ve been waiting for a long time, you can come in first.”

Gu Yusheng stepped back and let the guests standing outside come in first. No matter why they came, if people line up, he should welcome them into the store.

What about the fat boss who said, said good, kind eyebrows, kind smiles?

Standing at the forefront, the girl who spoke the loudest just now slowly walked into the store with her companion, and changed her mouth with a little shame, “…Brother, is there any small recommendation in the store? Me? , I generally don’t eat too much, so I’m afraid of waste.”

The next few girls couldn’t pay attention to Gu Yusheng’s appearance, and were shocked by this shocking tiger body.

Sister, after that, the boss laughs from ear to ear after saying a good meal? !

There is no way, the girl who “forcibly demoted the big bowl to the small one” also cried bitterly in her heart. She especially had a cold and tall face. Gu Yusheng’s appearance and voice were perfect to poke her point, what can she do? ? !

There is a preference for aesthetics. Some people may think that Gu Yusheng’s appearance is too sharp and cold, and difficult to approach. It is more stressful to get along with each other, but some people think “Brother, I can”, and they want to wear double leather gloves for each other. , And then looked at the slender and sturdy metacarpal bones, crying and crying, beauty and confusing.

Gu Yusheng didn’t actually hear what the other party was saying. When the girl with her head down suddenly turned down, she thought that he was frightening the other party. When he brought recruits, he had heard him cold face and scared the young man into nightmares. , I have been carrying heavy loads across the wire mesh all night.

“Sorry.” After taking two steps, Gu Yusheng went to bring out the rice porridge he had boiled before. His small shop does not sell drinks. The teapot on the table contains chrysanthemum tea. The shop also provides rice made from rice flour. Congee is perfect as an appetizer.

Watching Yusheng misunderstood what he meant, and first stepped back to get things. The girl plunged her head on her companion’s shoulder, feeling that she had been hit again.

The companion temporarily put down the ecstasy who was repeatedly bombarded by hormones. After they entered the store, they sat down, looking at the bright and clean furnishings and concise and generous design, and wondering about the identity of Gu Yusheng, the store manager.

“Are you a colleague of the goddess? Change your career to open a shop in the community?”

“It shouldn’t be, it seems that there should be twenty-seven or eighty-seven. Is it an actor before and has not been popular?”

It’s impossible. Gu Yusheng’s appearance and temperament, even without acting skills, cannot be unknown. After the image of the amiable fat boss collapsed, this group of fans quickly picked up the “hardcore military temperament treasure brother and the entertainment industry missed Year” script.

Gu Yusheng’s treasure knife is hidden in the aura of the sheath. Even if it is not a fascinating fellow, it is difficult to deny the attractiveness and the imprint of a very personal characteristic. The young students who lined up to sit down in the store could not help but be a little behaved. , I was very excited and started chatting online with my phone.

He even called friends to accompany him, so that the little sisters who did not arrive hurry up.

Treasure store manager, don’t miss the opportunity, you can just look at it without eating.

The customer source positioning of the small restaurant is the residents of the same community, the store design and the number of tables and chairs are not particularly large. The dine-in restaurant was full during the trial operation before, which is a special situation. After the normal opening, the customer source will be Will return to normal.

Therefore, looking at the customers standing outside in the shop full of seats, Gu Yusheng went out carrying a spare plastic bench, and while sharing it with them, he asked them why they found this place.

It is also unrealistic to find helpers temporarily. Gu Yusheng is the only one who is in charge of this store. He must not be able to satisfy this customer flow. So ask the questions in advance so that the customers who cannot eat at the end will wait in vain and waste time.

“Han Lan, the one with the highest ratings in the previous period drama, Han Lan.” Enthusiastic fans showed Gu Yusheng with their mobile phones and told him that they all came to check in by watching the goddess Weibo.

But when Gu Yusheng heard Han Lan’s name, he looked very strange, so they found Han Lan’s stills and showed them to Gu Yusheng.

It turned out that it was the owner of Bian Mu’s, Gu Yusheng was a little surprised, but he didn’t expect that the other party was actually a big star.

He looked at the girl who mentioned the idol in front of him. He didn’t feel disappointed and said he didn’t know him. He just explained it. He didn’t know these things well, so he didn’t react.

No matter how popular celebrities or artists, there must be some passers-by who don’t understand in their lives. It’s not the first time fans have encountered this kind of situation, but Gu Yusheng’s attitude of proactively blaming them for personal reasons makes them very embarrassed.

Seeing too many reactions of “Why do I know this actor” and “You star chasers are boring”, watching Gu Yusheng is so polite, they hurriedly waved their hands and said it was okay, and then added in a small voice that Han Lan’s TV series and movies are all It’s pretty good-looking, if you have time, you can also check it out.

Even if Amway fails, benevolence and righteousness are there, how nice it is for everyone to talk with kindness.

After discovering that Gu Yusheng’s personality is different from his somewhat cold appearance, he was patient and reasonable. The young people who came to check in also had a good attitude. After listening to Gu Yusheng’s suggestion that his small restaurant could not receive so many guests, he still apologized. Take the initiative to step back and say that the manager shouldn’t be so stressed, they are just curious to punch in and have a simple meal.

“Yes, the manager, we are going to eat the same meal, will it be more convenient to count the number of servings?”

“We can pour water and get the bowls and chopsticks by ourselves. You can cook noodles, the manager, don’t worry about us.”

Several girls who were in charge of contacting everyone came forward, made a rough count of what they wanted to eat, and tried to make up a few bowls that can be made in one pot, and then wrote them down to Gu Yusheng, and other things about serving tea and cleaning the table. , Don’t have to take care of Yusheng, they can do it themselves, completely self-help.

When Lin Qing came over, Gu Yusheng had just taken the “menu” to the back kitchen, everything was ready, so he lacked a “tool man” to wash the dishes next to him.

Oh, the gods will give them to the people, and they must first let them wash the dishes.

The fans in the store who come to check in to eat should be the boss’s favorite guests. When Lin Qing enters the store, he will take the initiative to explain. The manager cooks noodles in the back kitchen. You may have to wait for what you want to eat. If not, Mind, they can help pour a cup of scented tea or rice soup.

“Ah? I’m not here to eat, you sit there, Gu Ge!” After learning Han Lan’s identity from the students in the line, Lin Qing’s mood became inexplicably tragic and heavy, and brought the dishwasher to Erpeng Before arriving in the store, he was the one who carried everything.

He took the detergent and opened the disinfection cabinet. Lin Qing sat in the corner of the kitchen near the front hall, put on his apron and gloves and started washing dishes.

The kitchen is half open, guests can see Gu Yusheng’s cooking, and Lin Qing can hear the chatting outside.

“Ah, I’m resurrected again. When the store manager lowered his head to cut vegetables, the muscle lines on his arm killed me!”

“Yes, right, and the store manager is so gentle and kind, and he left an extra bowl of rice for the dishwashing uncle~”

The happy dishwasher is struck by lightning, big, uncle?

Didn’t he just get some gray hair when he was studying medicine, didn’t pay attention to exercise and became a little fatter, and didn’t take care of himself when he came to Gu brother to have a meal? Why did you become an uncle?

The crying hunk is not worthy of having a name, and all the mistakes must start from the advertisement he saw.

Very regretful, regretted not at the beginning, at the beginning…what is the beginning?

The beginning of the future.

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