It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 26:

Huatang crawled out of Yu Biscuit’s quilt, watching the little girl sleep with reddish cheeks like a pink fruit dafu, greedy for three seconds, and then helped her pull the quilt down.

For the delicate villain cat, a new day should start with bullying the weak.

Yu Dong has been busy with foreign investment projects recently. He just flew back last night. When Huatang came out, he was lying on his back on the sofa with his suitcase beside him, his face looked confused and sluggish.

Well, the weakness appears.

The black cat jumped on the armrest of the sofa and waved its paw over Yu Dongzheng’s face. Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, he flicked his tail and pushed the pillow next to him down.

The cat didn’t move, I didn’t move, Yu Dong pretended not to see Huatang, and he didn’t respond with a pillow on his head.

Seeing this reaction, Huatang happily jumped to another sofa, pulled a pillow over, and continued to pile it up.

Yu Dong, who pretends to be a wooden man, doesn’t even blink his eyes, as if he is fixed, but he doesn’t move. He is bound to last until Huatang loses first.

How can the hateful cat lose?

Huatang stepped on the armrest and jumped onto the back of the sofa, happily condescending, aiming at Yu Dong’s belly and preparing to jump down.

But Yu Dong, who had been prepared for a long time, waited for this moment, and the big prawn immediately bowed his waist and avoided, successfully letting Huatang fall to the ground. After hitting the sofa, he was slightly bounced.

“Hahaha, can’t hit it!”

Yu Dong finally caught Huatang’s embarrassment. He laughed so loudly and was ready to block his face to prevent cats and cats. However, he found that the black cat did not jump up and froze, but silently formed a cat cake.

Oops, this doesn’t feel right.

Just when Yu Dong felt that something was wrong, his wife and daughter appeared behind him at the same time.

Doctor Hu pulled him away disgustingly, Yu Bibi stretched out his hand to circle the black cat, frowning seriously, “Dad, you bully Huatang.”

No, shouldn’t it be a warm welcome to him who has just returned from a business trip?

Biscuit Yu couldn’t hold Huatang, Dr. Hu bent over to pick up the cat, took her daughter’s hand to wash, leaving Yu Dong face to face with the pillow on the sofa, really aggrieved.

Huatang was lying on Doctor Hu’s shoulder, yawning and showing the tip of his white teeth to Yu Dong.

Cat, recently learned magic attacks~

It’s already a veteran evil cat who has broken away from the simple physical attack of Mao Maoquan and lights up new skills.

Until breakfast, Yu Dong still stared at the black cat sitting between his wife and daughter. He resented deeply. He sighed artificially, trying to attract attention.


Doctor Hu ignored him and bowed his head to peel the eggs for Yu Biscuit, “Small the yolk to avoid choking, you know?”

Yu Biscuit glanced at his father, looked at the scallion pancake he was holding, and reached out to share half of the pancake with Yu Dong.

After getting his daughter’s biscuits, Yu Dong swallowed it in one bite, and then continued to pretend in front of his wife. The annoying Doctor Hu settled down with his daughter and the black cat, and had to deal with it, “Is the project going well?”

“In fact, it’s not going well. The main reason is the lack of a trusted supervisor who can be stationed on site.” There must be more communication between husband and wife. The career gap between Yu Dong and Dr. Hu is not small, and basically they don’t understand each other’s work. , But there is something, I am willing to come out and talk about it.

“Huh? Didn’t you say that the head of the business department is a very serious and responsible young man?” Doctor Hu also peeled an egg to her husband and asked along the way.

“It was okay when I was in the headquarters, but I was too young to live in town and could not be sent abroad. This time the investment project is not small, and I still need someone who can handle things and make decisions.” There are no outstanding subordinates in the company, just thinking It is still too rare to have a manager who has strong skills in exploring overseas markets.

“It would be great if Yucca was still in the company.” Dr. Hu basically only heard the names of the subordinates mentioned by her husband, except for a female subordinate, Ye Yulan.

This woman who is two years older than her has the perseverance and hard-line that ordinary people rarely have. At the beginning, she was almost Yu Dong’s killer. She was very capable of working, as if she could solve all problems wherever she went.

In the years when Yu Donggang started his family, real estate sales in some parts of the country were still not formal, especially when new companies from other places opened and built, it was easy to get into some local gangs or local gangsters. There was no reason to say anything, and nothing was right. Just do it.

Many expatriates can’t handle these, but Ye Yulan is very good at solving similar things.

Because Ye Yulan was so excellent, Dr. Hu had a very good impression of her, and at one time he also paid attention to the other party’s post-resignation.

“Oh, Xiaoye is a rare talent, but she has other things and can’t stay in the company for a long time.” When Yu Dong heard Dr. Hu say this, he also felt emotional. Ye Yulan stayed in his company for three and a half years on a business trip. Working overtime to the construction site, working vigorously, wearing a helmet dared to drip the dirtiest mud, climbing the highest tower crane, no one in the leadership was unconvinced.

Unfortunately, Fang Zhi is not here. After resigning, I heard that I became a backpacker and ran around the country and the world.

Speaking of Ye Silan, Yu Dong also thought that the other party had some “special” resumes. He wanted to say something to his wife, but it was not a good thing to discuss people’s right or wrong behind them, and he did not continue.

He was asking the biscuit to dig out some olive vegetables for himself. The Huatang on top of the hard-boiled egg froze and curled the tip of his tail a little imaginarily.

After eating breakfast, he quickly squeezed out of the cat box, ignoring Yu Dong, who laughed at the fat cat every day.

Because from the conversation between Yu Dong and Doctor Hu, Huatang found that this Ye Yucca might really be the one she knew.

When the evil cat was still a small milk cat, Ye Yulan took care of her and brought Huatang from the temple to the Kyushu community.

The villain also pays attention to the basic law of survival, so the evil cat also has the stage of kitten ball.

Huatang stepped on her front paws and forcibly struck out her chubby past, which she could still carry in her pocket, pretending that she was always super fierce.

It may be that the impression of the milk cat stage is too deep, which has caused Huatang’s image of the villain in front of Ye Yulan to be frustrated many times. Instead, it is necessary to check the body, record the weight, supplement nutrition and vaccinate.

Alas, who would have thought that the villain cat also has a black history of being taken by Ye Yulan for injections?

There are many places abroad where good men and women pray to the cat gods, as well as the corresponding cat cat temples. In recent years, they have become popular tourist spots. Huatang’s background is similar. She comes from a very remote ethnic minority tribe in China. In the temple dedicated to transit cats.

The empty temple looks very dilapidated, only the local elderly will clean it regularly.

Ye Yulan stayed in the tribe for a period of time, and the interested ones went to worship the transporting cat, and then was entrusted with the important task of taking a pure black little milk cat to her favorite place.

“The cat will help you realize your wish, just let her go.”

“Name? She took it herself and called Huatang.”

The old man who handed Huatang to Ye Yulan was said to be almost 120 years old. Out of respect for the elderly, when Ye Yulan left, he took Huatang away.

Stopping and walking, Ye Yulan took the cat to many places. In the end, Huatang chose the Jiuzhou community and stayed here without moving her nest. Then she let the cat live here and would come back to see her regularly.

Yu Dong may not know that the supermarket opened in the red tile house was actually invested by Ye Yuclan, but she did not participate in the management, and only stayed for a few days for Huatang’s affairs. When the figure was so close, he had never met.

Huatang turned over on the tree and watched the lake surface shattered into light spots under the sun, reflecting the appearance of small bright spots on the leaves, stretching out her front paws to count.

The left paw was not enough to borrow the right paw, and the right paw was not enough to borrow the leaves. Finally, I confirmed, alas, Ye Yulan is coming back soon, and the day for regular medical examinations is not far away.

She was so angry that she was a villain and evil cat. Why did she have such a faceless physical examination?

The dilapidation of the temple enshrined means that the transit cat is slowly disappearing. Huatang basically has no impression of getting along with the same tribe. Within a few days of yelling with her eyes closed in the temple, she was picked up by the tribe’s elderly and let Ye Si Lan started to take care of it.

Therefore, to a certain extent, Ye Yulan is also the elder of Huatang.

But, how can elders take out their scales every time they meet? !

The evil cat decided to rebel once. When I saw Ye Yulan this time, he must resist fiercely. With sharp claw tips and mighty and majestic body shape, she told the other party that she is not a small milk cat anymore, and she won’t be obediently undergoing a physical examination. Weight!

Wow, this feeling of resistance, thinking about it, makes the evil cat fascinated.

Huatang doesn’t worry anymore, Huatang can do it again, stepping on the self-confident pace of the community leader, jumped down from the tree, twisted her chubby waist and held her head high.

After scratching the tree for a long time, Huatang who missed lunch has to go to a small restaurant to make up for it. After dinner, he will eat supper, and supper will add chicken drumsticks.

Huatang ran along the path from the lake to the red tiled house, climbed up the cat box, climbed over the roof, and walked around to the side of Gu Yusheng’s small restaurant. She was shocked by the guests who were still in line in front of her.

Wait, where did these strangers come from?

Lying on the cat box to observe carefully, Huatang saw the temporary pass in their hands, and realized that they were all fans of Han Lan.

Look, I’m also a fan of Han Lan. People know that for the goddess, I’m not afraid of hard work and go to the community to support the small restaurants recommended by Han Lan.

Bai Hefei was frightened, and it was estimated that the community was too frightened to return, for fear of encountering the goddess real person, the counseling was plain.

Huatang was amused by this contrast. There were too many customers looking at the entrance of the store. She was going to go through the cat box in the supermarket and enter through the back door of the small restaurant.

Gu Yusheng might not hear a sound while cooking, but Lin Qing would definitely sit there and wash the dishes. Huatang was gloating and rushing to the first scene to watch.

In order to take a shortcut, the black cat jumped to the cat box on the side of the second floor of the supermarket. Before he went down, he was called by a female voice opening the window, “Stop, I’m just about to find you!”

Oops, Huatang stopped going to the small restaurant. She was about to turn around and flee, but was hugged by the woman’s extremely skilled hands.

Ye Yulan sighed, she knew that the cat must be heavier than last time without weighing it.

Catching the cat with one hand and closing the window with the other, Ye Yulan took out the notebook from the rest room reserved for her in the supermarket, closed all the doors and windows, and found a scale and a measuring tape.

Huatang circled the tip of her tail nervously and cheered herself up from the bottom of her heart. She is the villain and evil cat, and it’s the critical moment for her to rebel against the evil cat.

Looking at Ye Yulan, whose arm muscles are more obvious after more than three months, Huatang is super fierce, but his body is honest and does not lose Bai Hefei, “…Mi.”

The cat cried out with a cry, the evil cat is too difficult, why weigh it!

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