It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 27:

“Huatang, you are overweight now, know?”

“Look, does it grow faster than before? Don’t you want to become a big cat?”

Ye Yulan looked at the autistic black cat who was stuck on the small bed as if she had lost her dream after weighing her body weight and measuring her circumference. She couldn’t help sighing, she reached out her hand to hug the cat and coaxed the child to make sense.

When the old man gave the little milk cat to her, he said that he would let the cat go and stay without taking care of it carefully.

Huatang is a cat that won’t be domesticated. She has the ability to survive independently, and her fate with Ye Yucca is only a part of her life.

One wants to dominate the community and patrol its own territory every day, and the other travels across the country just to find lost family members.

This is the reason why Ye Yulan keeps walking and looking everywhere.

But that being said, Ye Yulan can’t really put Huatang in the Kyushu community and no matter what. She brought the kitten ball out of the remote tribe, and she has some responsibility and concern for Huatang.

Therefore, no matter where Ye Yulan went, she still remembered that it was as short as three months and as long as half a year. Come back to see Huatang.

Comparing the previous data, Huatang has only gained weight in the past three months, her face has been rounded, and her waistline is even more unbearable.

Ye Yulan didn’t know that Huatang was a real transit cat, but referring to Huatang’s previous growth data, she worriedly patted the black cat, and said bad news that made the evil cat heartache, “Growing too fat, It will affect the growth.”

Don’t look at Huatang who is a tyrant in the community, stepping on the steps that her six relatives don’t recognize. In fact, she is still a long body cat, and she measures her weight and circumference every time to record her growth rate.

Before leaving the tribe with Huatang, Ye Yulan asked carefully whether Huatang was a medium-sized cat or a small cat?

She still remembered that the old elder was still painted with plants on his forehead. Looking at the dilapidated temple, he laughed out of the gums with only the front teeth, and his dry palms trembled slightly, giving Ye Yucca a height of almost one meter and seven.

Well, the largest cat in the world is the Siberian tiger, which is the Siberian tiger that the Chinese are more familiar with.

Counting the tail, the body length can reach about three meters and weighs about two to three hundred kilograms. There are several black horizontal stripes on the forehead, which are often colluded in the middle, which is very similar to the word “king”. Whether it is from survivability or hunting habits, Is the well-deserved “king of the jungle”.

But obviously, Huatang, a little black cat from the mountains and forests of the southwest, has nothing to do with the Siberian tiger.

The elder’s hand trembling is estimated to be such a gesture, but Ye Yulan can be sure that Huatang is a relatively large cat.

But now, look again, this short, chubby little guy with round face, short legs, where can I see the larger body?

The black cat that was picked up buried his face in the front paws and hid it in Ye Yulan’s arms, his sadness disappeared for a while.

Fortunately, it is not the first time that Ye Yulan can’t find a black cat. The doors and windows are locked. The cat is definitely still there, so she can find Datuo’s cat cake skillfully without looking for it.

Look, this is the real reason why Ye Silan has seen Huatang disappear completely, but it is difficult to think of her metaphysically.

How can someone of the metaphysical school be so fat?

Ye Yulan patted Huatang, “So obedient, do you know if you want to lose weight?”

Ye Yulan’s skin texture, body shape and spirit are completely different from her peers, Dr. Hu, when she usually runs.

If Dr. Hu is a professional woman in the city, quiet and beautiful, then Ye Yucca is probably the Populus euphratica or Haloxylon tree in the Gobi. The vicissitudes of life are independent and unshakable.

This is Huatang’s most trusted object. There are only two of them in the small room. The black cat can temporarily let go of the heavy duty of the evil cat and become a sad little fat cat without worry.

She doesn’t want to lose weight, but she also wants to grow taller, alas, it’s so difficult.

“If you are too fat, you will get sick. Come on, touch it yourself?” Ye Yulan’s rare patience was given to Huatang. She pinched the cat’s front paw and pressed her soft belly twice to make Huatang Tang feels the urgency of losing weight.

Also, isn’t it very fat, Huatang refused to face the facts, and continued to put herself in Ye Yulan’s arms. Her supper and supper were gone.

The last bit of dignity of the evil cat disappeared, and she became Huahefei today, holding back and not crying.

If you say you want to lose weight, you must be serious. Ye Yulan is a qualified and strict elder. Before the sun comes out, she takes Huatang to exercise.

The black cat was dazed, and skillfully put herself on Ye Yulan’s shoulders. After being blown by the morning lake breeze for almost ten minutes, she realized, oh, she was losing weight.

Alas, when it comes to this sad topic, Huatang is in a bad mood. Thinking about not eating dinner yesterday, she has no energy.

Ye Yulan saw that Huatang woke up, put her down and took a run. The four legs did not catch up with the two legs. The black cat was shocked for three seconds, and happily gave up running this aerobic exercise and turned to climbing trees. Anaerobic exercise advances.

Watching Yucca run far away, Huatang hangs on the tree and pretends to be a cat-shaped woodpecker. Watching Yucca run closer, Huatang immediately moves her claws, pretending that every step of the climb is tired and hard.

“Okay, continue climbing and exercise more before you can eat breakfast.” Ye Yulan exercises a lot. When running around the lake, she does not forget to urge the black cat to watch Huatang climb the tree seriously, her breath is not the same. Climbing up and down, looking very hard, waited for Ye Yucca to run away, immediately squatted on the tree and flattened, it is difficult to lose weight~

There are very few residents in the community who come to exercise so early. When Gu Yusheng came out for a morning jog, he naturally saw Ye Yusheng.

Ordinary people who look at Ye Yulan might think that she is a big sister with a hearty personality and a quick and resolute manner. Even if her calm face looks a bit fierce, she will not think about it elsewhere.

But when Gu Yusheng met Ye Yusheng, he keenly discovered that the other party might have seen blood on her hands, and even went to prison.

It’s not that people who feel this way must be villains. Gu Yusheng has seen a similar fierce aura in himself or his comrades.

But the other party shouldn’t appear in the community for no reason, which made Gu Yusheng inevitably heightened his vigilance.

When Ye Yusheng saw the oncoming young man, her steps also stopped slightly. Looking at Gu Yusheng’s tight shoulders and neck and calm eyes, she could guess that this was a soldier from the army, but the opponent Why does it appear in the Kyushu community?

When she came back to see Huatang last time, she didn’t see each other.

Whether it is a villain or a soldier, they are all inconsistent with the style of the Kyushu community. Ye Yusheng and Gu Yusheng ran closer, and even their bodies began to subconsciously tighten.

Gu Yusheng was right. Ye Yusheng had been in jail for four and six months because of manslaughter. She had indeed seen blood on her hands.

Coupled with the fact that they have been searching for lost family members over the years, running wherever they are dangerous, going through small mountain villages where women and children are abducted, and breaking through transnational criminal dens of illegal organ trading, even in the face of Gu Yusheng, it is nothing good.

At this moment of tension, Huatang, who was holding her claws to replenish her senses, was stupefied to find that Yucca was under the tree. She was so frightened that she jumped onto Gu Yusheng’s shoulder, and then pretended to try to climb the tree.

Wait, it seems to be climbing wrong?

It doesn’t matter, the black cat wiggled the tip of its tail with a guilty conscience, turned to face the tree beside Ye Yulan, and began to climb seriously.

She worked so hard, so hard a fat cat~

“Know Huatang?” Ye Yusheng twitched the corner of her mouth, hugged Huatang who was pretending to work hard, pinched her claws, and asked Gu Yusheng.

The atmosphere was broken by the black cat, and Gu Yusheng watched Huatang’s trusting appearance in Ye Yusheng’s arms, and put down some vigilance, “Well, this is Gu Yusheng, and I opened a small restaurant in the red tile house.”

What Huatang can trust should not be a murderous person. In many cases, cats are more accurate than humans.

Ye Yusheng smiled heartily, stretched out her hand and shook Gu Yusheng, “Ye Yusheng, lucky to meet.”

As soon as I heard that people opened a small restaurant, Ye Silan knew where Huatang was going to have a meal yesterday. She arrived at night, and she caught Huatang at the window as soon as she put her things down. She hadn’t had time to go. Visit Huatang’s “fan friends”.

Ye Yusheng traveled north and south, she was very good at making friends with strangers. Even Gu Yusheng’s relatively introverted personality quickly became Ye Sister and Xiao Gu.

Then, before the morning jog was over, Huatang’s first fan was exposed.

“Huatang is a lot heavier than before. It’s time to lose weight.” Ye Yusheng and Gu Yusheng went back together and shared some breakfast prepared by Gu Yusheng. When she took the first bite, she knew that Huatang had gained weight. Who is one of the heroes?

Sure enough, Huatang has special tableware for Gu Yusheng.

In Gu Yusheng’s social circle, there are few elder sisters like Ye Yusheng, knowing that the other party has been entrusted to take care of Huatang for a period of time, and there is a cat quietly getting fat as the topic center, and their impressions of each other are changing quickly. .

It’s just that Gu Yusheng didn’t really have any idea about the weight of cats before. After hearing Ye Yusheng’s words that the cat was too fat, she stopped scorching Huatang and showed sincerity to cooperate with Huatang’s weight loss.

Don’t, how can a siu mai get fat?

Huatang couldn’t help but use her front paws to grab Yu Sheng’s wrist and let him pick out the burning wheat. She wouldn’t get fat. She had climbed trees in the morning.

Ye Yusheng watched Yu Sheng and Huatang get along, hugged the black cat who had almost crawled into the bowl of others, and planned to discuss with Xiao Gu whether she could keep a pen of money here. If Huatang comes over to eat, prepare Order a weight loss meal.

The principle of weight loss is universal. Eat less and move more, stop your mouth and open your legs. Ye Yulan will not stay in the community for long, so it’s better to ask Xiao Gu for help.

Gu Yusheng never refused the meal before Huatang’s Bawang meal, let alone a weight loss meal, but he didn’t know whether it was suitable for black cats to reduce red meat and increase white meat, control the meal size and more dietary fiber.

“Sister Ye, Huatang usually eats wax gourd and konjac. Is it okay to add some fish to make balls?” Winter melon and konjac are low-calorie foods that can fill your stomach. With fish to supplement protein, it is more suitable for Huatang to change the recipe.

Ye Yulan has lived for almost forty years and has never been fat. She also asked humbly about Xiao Gu’s proposal, “Then, is it better to eat before or after meals?”

Gu Yusheng:?

When Huatang listened to the wax gourd and konjac, she felt that she didn’t taste much. She spread her belly on Ye Yuclan’s hands and threw like a four-claw boat.

“Is Huatang here?” Gu Yusheng saw that Huatang didn’t even move his tail, but he didn’t know what he was doing.

“Oh, it’s fitness. Increasing Huatang’s exercise is good for weight loss.” Ye Yulan deserves to be an elder who has taken care of Huatang. She didn’t realize that she was holding the chubby cat and paws. The cat still exercises her arm strength.

If you read it right, this level of exercise is not as good as Huatang’s usual patrol of the community, right?

Gu Yusheng understands that the biggest cognitive error of Sister Ye is to think that she is some kind of harsh elder. In fact, it is lawless to pet cats.

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