It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 28:

Ye Yulan was born on a fishing boat. She had been floating on the water with her family since she was a child, and when she couldn’t shake the boat scull, she had learned to cast nets and fish.

If you are poor, you will have a better fishing life than poor. When Ye Yulan was young, she often sat next to her mother, smelling the smell of the small fishing boat, thinking that she would make a lot of money in the future. , Buy a big house, never live on a boat.

There was no way for Ye Yulan to study at home, but she started selling fish after she was young, so she started thinking about doing business when she was seventeen or eighteen.

She is going to land. Only by leaving the fishing boat can she earn more money, heal her lame mother, and buy new clothes for her sister.

It was an age of “robbing better than selling medicine”. Ye Yulan had the courage to sell pills with others, took over the restructured pharmaceutical factory, and took the train to look for research talents in universities. She bought a suit that didn’t fit. , There was always an iron rod in the bag, and he made his first 200,000 in his early twenties.

When a monthly salary of 300 was a high salary, Ye Silan took the first pot of gold, and the farther and farther she went, the bigger the business.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that the middle-aged man, who had been cringing for most of his life, saw that the strong eldest daughter was not home, and the old wife’s lame little daughter was mentally handicapped, so he would take all the money sent back by Ye Yulan and use it for gambling. The more you lose, the more you lose.

When Ye Yulan seized the opportunity of system reform and squeezed the cake into it, she almost provokes some jealous rogues because of her lack of background. Unexpectedly, she was wary and careful, but some scumbags still found the gambling. Father Ye wants to bite off her.

Mother Ye, who wrote that she was afraid that her eldest daughter would worry, might not have thought that one day, a gambling debt chaser would come back with her husband, beat and rob her, and almost dragged her little daughter away.

Father Ye, who was hiding aside, trembled with a guilty conscience, but was accidentally injured and broke his lumbar spine. She lost the ability to move on the spot. Ye mother, who escaped with her little daughter, had nowhere to go. She told her to stay with her child’s mind. Hide in the trash and don’t come out, then limped and led away the hooligan behind.

These scumbags don’t care about the mentally disabled. What they saw was Ye Yulan’s newly grown-up, tender and delicious younger sister.

When Ye Yulan received a report from her fellow villager, her mother jumped into the river to lead people a little further, but she was entangled in the water and did not swim up. Her sister was no longer seen, and she asked no one if she had seen it.

Only the father, who was still suffocating, caused Ye Yulan to crush her fist and nearly choked the other party to death.

Selling all the property in her hands, Ye Yulan didn’t need anything, set up a grave, kowtow, and vowed to find her sister, no matter if the other party was abducted or had an accident, she wanted to see the dead or the dead.

A year later, Ye Silan did not find her sister, committed manslaughter in a field, and spent nearly five years in prison.

After she came out, it was difficult to find a job with the case file, but Ye Yulan didn’t give up, she still wanted to find her own sister, even if she sent her father and the mastermind to pay homage to her dead mother, she would not be able to return to her family.

When Yu Dong was eating that day, what he wanted to talk about was Ye Yulan’s “resume”. He and Ye Yulan were familiar with each other and knew that the other party was not a fierce and evil person. He felt that there must be something hidden in the things back then, but after all, it involved others. Privacy, so I didn’t mention it with my wife.

Dr. Hu never understood why Ye Yulan was able to travel intensively to visit various construction sites without complaining or exhausting, but Yu Dongyin knew a little bit. She was looking for her sister.

Just ask, what will happen to a young woman who is mentally disabled but healthy, when she loses her family without protection?

Whether it was picked up by a homeless man and locked up to give birth to a child, or being abducted and sold to a remote mountain village to become a daughter-in-law, it was Ye Yuen’s expectation that it could save her sister’s life.

She never underestimates the evil of human nature. What she fears is that after her sister is abducted, she will suffer all the torture, and will eventually be demolished for illegal trade in organs, and even locked up in a hayloft. Anyone can vent it. In the end, he became ill and died, and there was no place to bury his bones.

Therefore, Ye Yulan went to various construction sites and kept running to remote mountain villages. When she heard about illegal pregnancy or trafficking, she dared to carry her bag, just to find her sister’s last hope of survival.

If she doesn’t do it, then there is really no one to save her sister.

For more than ten years, Ye Silan had no news about her sister, but she had saved many other sisters and family members.

When Ye Yuran, who did not believe in gods or Buddhas, knelt down in the dilapidated temple for the first time and prayed to the unclear statue of the transit cat, her wish was simple.

Gods and Buddhas can’t control people doing evil, but cats can watch the world.

If there is a transit cat, please see if she has accumulated a lot of good fortune, let her sister be safe, and if there is any punishment or torture, all come to her Ye Yulan to bear it.

Not everyone is lucky enough to spend an ordinary life in ordinary life.

Ye Yulan didn’t have a family and didn’t think about children. All of her life was focused on finding a sister. Even her investment and savings were spent on maternal and child protection charity. I hope she will do more, will she also have a little money. Can help my sister who doesn’t know where.

Life is too hard.

She was forgotten by time and stayed in the past forever.

Taking care of Huatang can be regarded as the easiest two years after her family broke down. With care and responsibilities, Ye Yulan will no longer be so careless in doing things, and she will not deliberately take risks in many cases.

She wants to save her life and return, and she can’t easily leave the black cat here and no matter what.

Ye Yulan once thought about the reason why the elder in the tribe asked her to take the little milk cat away was because she fell under the cliff for her, even if she broke one arm, she could climb up. , Find their tribe asking for directions, worried.

Ye Yulan thought she was a harsh elder, but in fact, Chong Huatang was so lawless that it had nothing to do with her having no reference to compare.

She has no home anymore, so she is not quite sure about the image of ordinary people in family relationships, and she can only find out everything by herself.

Therefore, after Ye Yulan personally urged Huatang to lose weight, but the scale did not move, she also fell into doubt.

“This scale, is it broken?”

Huatang, who secretly sucked her belly in an attempt to be lighter, immediately relaxed when she heard this, her belly rolled again, and she squatted beside Ye Yulan with approval, condemning the scale with her eyes.

Look, the reason for the weight loss failure has been found, and it is all because of the weight scale dragging its feet.

Faced with Sister Ye’s sincere question, Gu Yusheng picked up the black cat and put it on the scale again, and said to be fair, “The scale should be fine. Sister Ye and Huatang are still not strong enough to lose weight.”

“I’ve eaten less and moved more!” Ye Yulan rua pressed Huatang’s chin twice, and the more she looked at her, the more she felt okay. “Get up for a run in the morning, eat a small bowl at noon, and climb trees at night. Healthy lifestyle.”

Very good, this is from the heart, I think Huatang has worked very hard, but this **** chubby is the parent who haunts her children.

Gu Yusheng had never been so tired when he was doing training projects. He tried to help Sister Ye complete the words in a tactful way, “I only ran less than 200 meters in the morning, and I ate a small bowl full at noon, and climbed at night. The shortest tree by the lake, this way of losing weight is not suitable for Huatang.”

It’s not useless, it’s just not effective for Huatang, but it’s useful for Ye Yulan.

If you don’t believe it, Ye Yulan can go to a weight scale to weigh it. She takes Huatang to lose weight every day, and her physical exertion is not small, definitely lighter than when she first came back.

You can’t be cruel to Huatang, because the cat who loses weight has not changed, and the execution effect is so poor.

Fortunately, Gu Yusheng was still sensible enough. Ye Yusheng looked at Huatang’s round eyes and figure, gritted her teeth and turned her face back, and handed over the supervision plan to Gu Yusheng to execute.


Wait, doesn’t weight loss end with just a talk, and then scare the fat?

Why come for real? !

Huatang is usually a greedy cat who likes to eat more. She often squanders one meal here and another, and she doesn’t feel any problems.

But once she started to lose weight and strictly controlled her food, Huatang became a bit irritable.

Look at the sky, like white marshmallows on a light blue dinner plate, look at the ground, it is a combination of chocolate sauce and butter bread.

The more you are not allowed to eat, the easier it is to get hungry. The evil cat who hates water like Huatang, looking at the lake, has the urge to dive into the water to get rid of her hunger.

The black cat likes to run around, and it is impossible for Ye Yusheng and Gu Yusheng to stay by her side all the time, so Huatang found a chance to secretly snack.

Hehe, when you don’t let cats lose weight, you may not know how many spare tires cats usually keep~

The name of a tyrant in Huatang Community is not for nothing. As long as they squat on the cat box and tilt their heads on the food, some residents will immediately hold their faces and use a clean plate to serve food to the cat.

Therefore, no matter how Gu Yusheng controlled his appetite, Huatang couldn’t reach the speed at which Huatang sneaked to eat the “buffet”.

If it weren’t for the high-quality scales that would still be annoying, Ye Yusheng and Gu Yusheng might have to wait a few days before they discover the fact that the more Huatang loses weight, the more fat she gets.

“Huatang, did you go somewhere to have a meal?” Ye Yulan looked at the new high figure on the scale, curled her fingers and buckled the table, as if she was going to scare the child.

But Huatang is not afraid. The black cat curls its tail and looks at it without looking at the scale.

Maomao doesn’t know, Maomao doesn’t understand, she is just a little evil cat passing by, and she doesn’t know what you are talking about.

Faced with the problem of Huatang sneaking away to have a meal, Gu Yusheng had no good solution. There are many residents in the community. How can they know who would prepare some food for Huatang?

After all, the black cat chubby means that he is growing well. How can ordinary residents think that this guy is not fluffy, but a solid chubby, weight loss is imminent.

It’s really not possible. Put a poster for Huatang on the bulletin board at the front entrance of the community. At least let the residents in the community inform that the black cat is about to lose weight. Everyone should cooperate and supervise.

Ye Yulan also thinks this is a good idea, “By the way, isn’t there a Victorian collar? Huatang, I’ll run to steal it, and I will wear one for you.”

What is a Victorian collar?

The new term involved Gu Yusheng’s knowledge blind spot. At night, he asked Lin Qing specifically what is the Victorian collar for animals.

Ok? In addition to the secret and wings, did Victoria actually introduce a collar?

If it wasn’t for Gu Ge who sent the message to him, Lin Qing would have thought it was Erpeng or the dialect that was joking to him, what kind of collar is a serious underwear brand?

Just as Lin Qing was rubbing his hands and thinking about the words to reply to Gu Yusheng, his eyes swept across the hospital shelves.

Wait, Gu Ge said, could it be an Elizabethan collar? !

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