It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 29:

When Huatang followed Professor Li to check her body, she was very excited when she sat in the car and looked at the billboards hanging on the mall. She also wanted a high-definition, uncoded photo of the evil cat’s ID card, and put it at the gate of the community to show her evil. .

But who would have thought that billboards would be realized in such a way?

The black cat squatted on the roof of the guard room in the community, looking at the photo of himself posted on the opposite bulletin board, and then marked it in Chinese, English and Pinyin-Huatang is about to lose weight. Please support it and reduce feeding. .

Too much, even the pinyin was added.

Is it necessary to let the children in the community also know that being too fat is bad for your health. For the health of cats, are you not allowed to give Huatang snacks?

For things like bulletin boards, no matter how much text is posted, some residents don’t bother to read it.

However, the big-head photo of a black cat is different. Some residents who drive out are inconvenient to get out of the car to see, so they take the lens of their mobile phone to focus, take a picture of the poster from a distance, and zoom in on the driver’s seat to see clearly. After the words, the chassis of the laughing car was shaking, and I couldn’t wait for the laughter to reach the neighborhood next door.

When Huatang was sulking with her claws, she even heard the residents chatting with each other, saying that they had recently changed the name of the owner group and became-Did Huatang lose weight today?

Then, when there is an activity in the community, everyone’s reply is not “received”, all of them become “no”.

Probably how chubby black cats are, how happy they are.

An angry Huatang stepped on her claws on the spot, feeling that the residents of this session were too difficult to take, and she didn’t want it.

Since the poster has mentioned that being fat will affect health, the cooperation of the residents in the community is also much higher, and when they see Huatang, they dare not give more food to the cat.

The more you stop eating, the more you want to eat.

The mood of Huatang in the state of weight loss is always between irritability and anger, and his head is full of the word “want to eat”. He slowly jumps on the cat box, trying to check what every household is doing and what delicious food is. of.

With limited ingredients and seasonings, no matter how good the cooking is, it is difficult to make a diet meal delicious.

Huatang, which usually likes umami flavor, has become rebellious under the pressure of losing weight. She doesn’t want to eat light tofu or vegetables. Her villain has to be spicy but not dry, and the fragrant flavor of hemp Match.

Does a cat who does not eat oily meat have the majesty of a villain?

Wait, the black cat paused on the front paws of the cat box, and took a deep breath. Who is secretly cooking butter hot pot at home?

This fresh, this fragrant and this spicy, beef rolls, duck intestines, hairy belly, shrimp slippery…

The cat is coming~

Huatang was agile, smelt the scent and slid over the cat box a few times, and quickly determined which household was cooking the hot pot. However, no matter how fast the cat ran, it would not be faster than the other party’s action of closing the window and pulling the curtain, even to resist the black cat. Tilted their heads and attacked, they also turned off the lights at home.

Just, just get angry, the cat can smell the scent of hot pot, and dare to pretend not to be at home.

But for the sake of the black cat’s health, the residents in the community were determined not to give her a chance to add meals, so Huatang could only take a heavy step. After returning to the red tiled house, she performed a show in front of Ye Yusheng and Gu Yusheng. No love.

But now it is Gu Yusheng who is in charge of Huatang’s three meals. He will not be shaken by Huatang’s pretense like Ye Sister. Just looking at the cold numbers on the scale every day, he can’t see a poor and weak cat.

This kind of firm-mindedness, strong execution, and what he says is what annoying.

“It’s 50 grams lighter than yesterday, and it’s an improvement.” Gu Yusheng watched the black cat hang on the table like a towel. After thinking about it, he gave a few words of encouragement, hoping to give Huatang some confidence.

Fifty grams is the weight of an egg. Although it is insignificant compared to Huatang’s large base weight, it is also better than the previous Huatang’s extra meals. The more you lose weight every day.

To lose weight, you need to control the speed of losing the scale according to the percentage of your original body weight, even if you lose too fast.

Gu Yusheng sees that today’s changes have just reached the maximum value within the healthy range, and can add a fish flat food to Huatang accordingly.

Heh, can one fish flat food kill the evil cat?

When Huatang used to eat flat food, he always talked about bowls. When did he talk about it?

Of course, if the evil cats let go of ruthless words, they still have to urge Gu Yusheng to add the largest flat food to her, and then eat them seriously.

What’s wrong with flat food?

The evil cat is brutal and terrifying. It never involves the innocent. It is angry and on a hunger strike. After Huatang finishes eating, her eyes are still stuck on the small bowl and will not leave. She has already begun to figure out what Gu Yusheng will give her next meal. .

It’s hard to lose weight and it’s hard to go to the sky. This is a test of willpower and self-discipline. What kind of self-discipline does a **** cat want?

Shouldn’t the villain do whatever they want, do what they want, and eat what they want? !

Although he temporarily lost the platitude of evil cats, Huatang still has the caress of evil cats.

While sleeping on the second floor of the small restaurant, the black cat was suddenly awakened by a nightmare. She dreamed of the flat food she had picked before. It seemed that it was not as big as the one next to her, and she suffered a lot!

However, the flat food had been eaten, and Huatang couldn’t take a ruler to measure it. Angrily, she jumped onto Gu Yusheng’s bed, and hopped the flat and straight sheets into a mess before spreading it out into a cat cake and lying on the pillow. .

When she was greedy, everything looked like eating, Huatang pushed the quilt like a tofu block with her front paws, and then unconsciously remembered the tasteless taste of winter melon tofu soup, and immediately closed her eyes and stepped on it. , Step on the quilt to lose its shape.

It’s terrible, even the quilt is like tofu.

The evil cat ran out of the small restaurant, stay away from the weight loss meal.

When the sun is about to set, the residents of the community will also come out and walk around. At the busiest time, it is a pity that they have all read the notice board and know that Huatang is losing weight for health and will not give her food.

It would be great if there was a “fish that slipped through the net” that did not see the notice board and did not know the dynamics of the owner group.

When Huatang thought of this, she was suddenly smart enough. Isn’t Bai Hefei a “fish that slipped through the net”?

The real social fear is that even if I pretend to be okay outside, I will still stay behind closed doors when I get home, turn off my phone, and settle myself by taking care of the mushrooms.

The black cat climbed up from the cat box in the bungalow area, saw the half-closed curtains in Bai Hefei’s house and the small windows reserved for her, and got in contentedly.

He Huatang’s expectation is correct. Bai Hefei, who went back to school some time ago, ran out of social value he had accumulated. He only handled his schoolwork the day before yesterday and went back to the Kyushu community to continue his “charge” behind closed doors.

His depression has improved a lot, and after seeing the doctor, he stopped taking the medicine, but his state of fear has developed a new problem.

Because of Bai Hefei, I really fell in love with the feeling of being at home.

Cough, isn’t it fragrant to stay at home? Lock the door, pull the curtain, and move it from the sofa to the bedroom like a salted fish. Are you unhappy?

After the suspension of school matters was resolved, Bai Hefei did not move back to his parents, nor did he live in the dormitory for a long time. He specially transferred the classes on Friday or Monday to other times and forced a short vacation of at least three days.

The nickname is going out to gather, in fact, buying ingredients and snacks and staying at home, three days without going out, happy like a fairy.

He cleaned the house yesterday, washed and scrubbed, and after a busy day, he just laid on the bed today and decided to have three meals together. He will eat when he wants to get up.

It’s okay, anyway, staying at home, and hungry slowly, Bai Hefei can eat less because he is too lazy to get out of bed.

“Huh? Huatang.” After the last social death in the cat cafe, Bai Hefei hasn’t seen the black cat for a while. Watching Huatang squeezed in from the small window, he was resurrected again, and immediately got out of the bed. Leaning out half of her body, he waved to Huatang, put a new pillow for her, and invited the cat to stay together.

I haven’t seen it for many days, but the smell of salted fish is still so familiar.

When Huatang saw Bai Hefei’s Fei Zhai Happy Water and Beef Jerky, she felt that she was resurrected again. She stretched out on the new pillow and lay down like Bai Hefei’s movements, feeling comfortable, her tail flicking.

Lifting his left paw, Bai Hefei tore the beef jerky, divided into small pieces and handed it to Huatang’s mouth.

Lifting his right paw, Bai Hefei found a small clean bowl and poured some bubbling coke for Huatang.

Hey, this is the life the villain cat should live. How to know how to cherish it without losing. Huatang, who usually eats beef jerky with two bites, now also knows how to savor it carefully, the beauty of this snack.

After eating a piece of beef jerky slowly, Huatang raised his right paw and asked Bai Hefei to bring the Coke over, only to find that the other party was holding his mobile phone and looking at him with a little complexity.

Wait, what’s the matter with the eyes of this familiar tenant?

The next second, Bai Hefei and Huatang moved at the same time, one immediately took away the cola and beef jerky, while the other tried to hide two more packets.

For the health of Huatang, the pigeon of the basic unit of combat power can also burst into a small universe. He just surpassed Huatang’s speed, picked up snacks and ran, then threw things into the kitchen, locked the door directly, and hid the key. .

The action was fast, so that the evil cat did not react.

“Ah ah, don’t draw your face, don’t draw your face, I just saw the news of the owner group!”

Bai Hefei has a strong desire to survive, and a raptor who enters the river is strategically hidden in the quilt, and Ren Huatang is so angry.

Bai Hefei, who hadn’t touched her phone for two days, saw Huatang’s arrival. He wanted to take out some fresh ingredients with her phone to cook a meal for Huatang. Unexpectedly, after unlocking, the owner’s message would be automatically pushed up, so He saw the “weight loss reminder” in the group announcement.

I don’t know who is the warrior who controls Huatang’s three meals, but Bai Hefei can’t let Huatang’s weight loss career be ruined by his snacks. He cheered himself up from the bottom of his heart, it’s okay, Huatang is just one. Kitty cat, don’t be afraid.

Not giving food at the beginning and taking away half of the food are two completely different things, you know?

Huatang stood up from a flat posture, her ears pressed slightly and her eyes gradually became dangerous.

Today, she is going to turn pigeon big into cuckoo soup to let him know how terrible it is to **** beef jerky from the evil cat’s mouth.

Fortunately, Bai Hefei cleaned up the house yesterday. There were no stools or cartons in the way. Otherwise, he didn’t even have a place to escape today.

A pigeon wrapped in a quilt like a cloak, running around the room, basically contracted his one month’s exercise volume, and the otaku was out of breath, and his muscles seemed to have been exercised.

This is probably the reason why the black cat loses weight, the cat has not changed much, but the people around him are lighter than before~

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