It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 3:

All disguise and masks, in front of cats and dogs, will burst and disappear like bubbles.

After all, it would be too bitter, too humble, and too unworthy if you have to force a smile to pretend to be okay in front of plush.

Bai Hefei looked at the water in the bathroom, holding on to the bathtub, feeling scared, and hurriedly reached out to turn off the water valve to open the floor drain, and then ate the pills from the storage boxes everywhere in the house.

“Alive again.”

Wearing a rag T-shirt, Bai Hefei looked like crying and laughing. Regardless of Huatang’s passion, he wanted to bury his furry belly brazenly.

He is an optimistic depression patient.

Yes, an adjective that sounds ridiculous and contradictory is similar to Bai Hefei’s life at this stage.

From the beginning of kindergarten, Bai Hefei has demonstrated his hands-on ability far beyond ordinary people. Cutting window grilles and making buns and making dough at temple fairs are all junior talents. His hands seem to light up the “aura of the gods” and he can learn anything. Quickly, everything looks the same.

Since junior high school, Bai Hefei has successively uploaded some of his own works. Over the years, he is also a hand-made **** with more than 10 million fans.

However, the combination of craftsmanship and creativity is too easy to be related to the term infringement, especially Bai Hefei, who has a very wide range of subjects, and can be a “wizard” who can be a seven-to-eight imaging after reading it. It caters to the current Internet fever. Keywords for curiosity and hype.

Since Bai Hefei just entered university, he set up a bureau, bought his roommate, then cheated the manuscript and beat him up, stepping on the top of the “pigeon”.

The other party succeeded and forced Bai Hefei, who had no team and company, into a utterly indefatigable way, not knowing how to prove his innocence.

Wanting to explain, the other party sent a draft in advance and wanted to call the police, but Bai Hefei couldn’t find evidence.

The other party also pinched Bai Hefei’s single-handed weakness without background, and constantly used annoying prosecution to harass Bai Hefei, but paying some lawyer fees can make him disgusting to collapse.

The blogger with tens of millions of fans, deep in the door of plagiarism, almost caught the eye.

In addition, Bai Hefei has always been on a purely original path, and his inspiration seems to be inexhaustible, making many people jealous secretly. After being touched by the porcelain, many sunspots jumped out and complained that they were also poor people who were plagiarized by Bai Hefei, but they dare not say that they were threatened by Bai Hefei before.

Regardless of true or false, they are catching up to the heat anyway.

More importantly, several works that Bai Hefei sold before were so splashed with dirty water that the factory directly stopped the production line. According to the contract, the loss will ultimately be counted on Bai Hefei.

All the things are on Bai Hefei. Thousands of people accuse them of swearing. There are also extreme netizens who curse Bai Hefei for sending him blades and urns.

Lost all the money saved over the years, and temporarily suspended school work. After such a toss, Bai Hefei was diagnosed with depression and began to receive treatment with his family.

“Feifei, why are you sitting there crying suddenly, be strong.”

“Son, if you want to prescribe it, you don’t need to take medicine as long as you have a strong mentality.”

Bai Hefei’s family wanted to give him company and support, but ordinary people still have a hazy feeling about depression. Seeing that he is usually joking and joking and there is no major problem, it is always easy to casually say a few words. , I can’t figure out why Bai Hefei is related to depression.

Isn’t it depression that crying every day and making suicide?

His words are also sharp. For Bai Hefei, who habitually doesn’t let others worry, and uses a joking mask to hide his anxiety and fear, the pressure is too great.

He is in an abnormal state, just sick, not hypocritical and weak.

Just like when you have a bad cold, others tell him not to cough. However, Bai Hefei’s body has no way. He can’t do this, let alone coughing.

Ill understand? It’s not that you can get sick just by smiling!

Therefore, after communicating with the doctor, Bai Hefei simply moved out and lived in a small house he bought two years ago.

Take medicine on time, live a regular life, call family doctors every day, and earnestly complete daily tasks, even if he coaxes himself, Bai Hefei must work hard to overcome the disease and be positive and optimistic.

Just, sometimes when depression comes up, he will suddenly lose control of himself, even curious about the feeling of death.

When Bai Hefei saw Huatang for the first time, his daily task was to make brick carvings. When he was stepping on mud at home, Yu Guang stared at the charcoal basin next to him, and his thoughts became more and more dangerous.

Then, a black cat that turned his face on the glass and turned into a round cake awakened Bai Hefei, and asked him to subconsciously open the window and let the cat in, watching the black cat leap into the mud in faith, looking at its paws. After getting dirty, he started to climb up and down and happily gave his house a cat paw decoration.

Breaking his usual routine, Bai Hefei wiped the furniture and walls with a rag for three hours that day, and fell into a sweet dream without taking any medicine.

This is a cat, an ancestor!

Bai Hefei pulled out the household guide given to him by the community at the time and finally found the name of the black cat. Then, not afraid of the exhaustion of wiping the floor again, he opened the small window all year round, looking forward to Huatang’s reappearance.

Not to mention, after the cat came, the frequency of Bai Hefei’s cleaning and hands-on cooking increased sharply, which is of great benefit to physical and mental health. The amount of medicine was reduced twice under the doctor’s advice, and the condition was much better.

This time he almost drowned, because Bai Hefei was a little big, feeling that he was emotionally stable during this period, so it is better to take a bath and relax.

Since he fell ill, Bai Hefei has not dared to approach the fire source and the bathtub. He even uses children’s knives for cooking. Otherwise, the cat rice that Huatang makes every time is Western style. He dare not make Chinese style. The fire is another meal with a kitchen knife.

Unexpectedly, when he was in the bath, he was suddenly controlled by depression. The whole person was buried underwater and immersed in the feeling of floating in the air after suffocation. He couldn’t get out. Fortunately, Huatang was pulled back to reality in time.

Seeing the black cat with its real chubby and chubby fur being wet, Bai Hefei’s face that wanted to bury his belly was rejected by Huatang Sijio, and the pads on his front paws even touched his eyebrows, exuding all over his body. “Don’t suffer from Laozi” breath.

Bai Hefei’s face was pushed away and took a breath of air. Hey, sure enough, he returned to reality, still unable to absorb the reality of cats.

Pulling back from the erratic state, Bai Hefei went to change into dry clothes, and then the little **** took a towel and waited for the master to dry it.

Then, Huatang monopolized the sofa and watched Bai Hefei kneel down on the carpet and apologize to her sincerely. At last she stopped meowing and began to stretch her claws and take the small pillow on the sofa to exhale.

One left paw, fly away!

Bai Hefei hurriedly caught it, and continued to express his regrets. He knew how much Huatang hated water. Think about the black cat stepping on the water and pulling him out of the bathtub. He was splashed wet again. He should admit his mistake. .

One right paw, continue to fly!

Like a baseball player, Bai Hefei caught it again, continued self-analysis, citing classics and sincere feelings, and pretending to shed tears of regret. Although his acting skills were poor, he finally satisfied the black cat.

“By the way, I bought the big cherries online, I’ll wash them and bring them here!” Bai Hefei asked the housekeeper of the community before, knowing that Huatang is special and can eat everything, so he thought of the sweet cherries he bought two days ago.

Not to mention, it is more pleasing to cut the fruit by hand.

After washing, use a knife to cut and shave the nucleus. When the black cat’s tail pats the sofa cushion, it will be delivered to her mouth immediately. Bai Hefei is like a happy little eunuch, let Huatang eat a full stomach before leaving.

No way, the cold and cruel villain, the evil cat, never gave the spare tire the delusion of “I can have a cat”. It is impossible to raise a house.

Bai Hefei was also used to it. He opened the small window and watched Huatang leave lightly before turning around to wash off the cherry juice on the toilet handle.

“Huh?” Just after washing his hands, Bai Hefei found in the mirror that two big holes had been bitten out where the tub faucet was connected to the hose. He was taken aback and laughed.

This must be done by Huatang slipping into the bathroom while he was washing the cherries. The cat didn’t understand why Bai Hefei had to take a bath to drown herself, but she could bite the tubing hose and make him use it.

Bai Hefei touched the broken hose closely, and gestured for height, as if he could imagine the black cat half-hooking the edge of the bathtub, half-stretching his body, trying to stretch his head to bite the somewhat high hose.

It’s not easy!

He took out his phone and took two serious shots, and Bai Hefei sent it to the circle of friends happily, and he was in a very good mood and added the expression of Little Sun.

By the way, today when Huatang was meowing, he also specially recorded the sound. Alarm clocks, text messages and incoming call ringtones can all be arranged. Cats are really cute creatures in everything.

I don’t know that what I recorded was Bai Hefei who was “cat yelling”. I can only say that he is young and thinks very beautifully. I guess only when I meet another cat, I know that Meow Meow is not a coquettish passion. Welcome message.

After Huatang left Bai Hefei’s house, she looked up at the sky, and quickly jumped onto the eaves of the “red tile house” and crouched to watch the sunset on time.

She is a wicked cat with only life interest. The sunrise, the wind, the scattered clouds and the snow are all good scenery that cannot be missed casually.

The “Red Tile House” is on the same central axis as the main entrance of the community. Huatang is grouped together in black, and the red eaves are as conspicuous as black briquettes.

At this time, residents returning home, whether they drive in or walk in, can see a little black “briquet” in the red after swiping their card to verify their identity.

“Mom, look Huatang is waiting for us to go home again!” The pupil carrying a schoolbag happily took his mother’s hand, pointed at the black cat who would often squat in the “red-tile room”, and smiled at the small dimples on his face .

Hearing the voice of the child, the workers after work also raised their heads, and looked at the black cat who remained motionless, and felt in a good mood.

Even if you’re not a cat lover, it’s hard to resist having a cat, who is gentle and punctual waiting for you at the gate of the community~

Well, as long as the cat does not deny it, residents of the Kyushu community can pretend that Huatang is waiting for them.

It may be that Huatang’s posture is too leisurely. Many people who rushed home also stopped and stood outside to watch the sunset. The fatigue and hard work of the day seemed to disappear temporarily, and they could face tomorrow with confidence. Up.

Vehicles entered and exited, residents went back and forth, and young people rarely saw Huatang staying in one place and ran over to take two photos.

The district’s favorite, well-deserved reputation.

As for Huatang?

The cat with squinting eyes happily, the tip of its tail happily curls up and down, today’s sunset looks like duck egg yolk~

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