It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 30:

Life is ups and downs, cats are fattening.

Even Bai Hefei can’t eat snacks here. Huatang has completely fried her hair, losing weight and distorting the evil cat gradually, and stops sleeping at night. He took a small iron spoon on the coffee table in the living room and squatted at the door of Bai Hefei’s bedroom and knocked on the floor. .


Bai Hefei turned over, pretending that the cat doesn’t exist. He is now an otaku with a regular life schedule. He can’t stay up late and can’t play with his mobile phone. The black cat next to him knocks on the floor and lets her knock on the floor. The soundproof earplugs are very effective.

“Ding Ding—”

The soundproof earplugs are not temporarily disconnecting the auditory nerve. The unique quietness in the middle of the night always makes a little noise especially obvious. Huatang can’t sleep and refuses to go, just stay so that Bai Hefei who snatched the beef jerky can’t sleep.

No, this is not the cat staying as he imagined.

Bai Hefei buried his face in the quilt painfully, trying not to touch Huatang, so as not to open the kitchen door with the key and find Huatang snacks.

The imaginary “ding, ding, ding—” did not appear, and before Bai Hefei breathed a sigh of relief, he was leaped onto his back by Huatang, almost being pressed to vomit blood.

Rolling quickly from the bed to the carpet, Bai Hefei turned on the bedroom light, took off his eye mask and earplugs, and surrendered to Huatang, “Little ancestor, I will let the bedroom out. Can you sleep?”

Oh, what’s the point of sleeping at night without supper?

Huatang looked at Bai Hefei squatting on the carpet with autism, feeling a little balanced, and continued to tap the metal on the edge of the bed with a small iron spoon, “ding-ding ding-ding -“

She is not full and can’t sleep~

Alas, the evil cat’s appeal is actually very simple. As long as she prepares a supper for her, she can find a fragrant and soft bed and fall asleep.

Gu Yusheng’s sleep quality has improved, but his sleep time is still short. If Huatang dared to knock with a small iron spoon in a small restaurant, it would be better. Gu Yusheng will probably be taken out for a run at two or three in the morning.

The evil cat must bully the soft and be afraid of the hard, she dare not make trouble in the small restaurant, then make a noise in Baihefei.

She is so hungry, she wants to eat, she doesn’t want to lose weight.

Bai Hefei let the bedroom out, and as soon as he lay down on the sofa with the quilt rolled up, the black cat dragged the small iron spoon, appeared beside him quietly, and continued to knock on the floor.

Can evil cats deduct three meals at will?

Huatang wants Bai Hefei to know what the villain’s anger is!

Fortunately, Bai Hefei has many years of practical experience in staying up late. After applying two drops of Fengyoujing, Huatang was forced into trouble.

Carefully placing the black cat in the center of the bed, Bai Hefei tiptoed out of the bedroom, bitterly and humblely got into the bed on the sofa, vowing that tomorrow he must find the warrior who controls Huatang’s three meals.

Then, complain.

Before Bai Hefei was busy attending classes and dealing with matters at school, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to the owner group at all times. Now that he missed the sleepiness, he became energetic and started to look through the chat history.

Soon, Bai Hefei found the newly opened small restaurant in Hongwafang, and it was basically certain that the store manager was one of the souls who helped Huatang on a diet.

Hey, as the basic unit of the battle, the pigeon is too big to withstand Huatang’s magic sound attack, and he won’t go to the **** teammate with a full wink?

The days of losing weight have been so difficult, so breakfast is not to be missed.

Huatang, who has forgotten when he fell asleep, got stuck on time when Gu Yu was preparing breakfast after kicking the quilt.

Looking at the sky, Huatang jumped out of bed “boom”, and found that she was late to the office worker, she squeezed out of the small window and dashed.

Bai Hefei was awakened by this movement, and he crawled from the floor back to the sofa in a daze. He didn’t know why he fell asleep when he fell asleep, but where did Huatang go in a hurry?

After yawning, when Bai Hefei slept on the bed and was about to go to sleep, he suddenly woke up, did Huatang go to breakfast?

This anxious little appearance is simply the last class of high school that year was dragged by the teacher, and he saw hot meals and hot dishes be sold out!

You can sleep again when you are lazy, but you can’t wait for the complaint. Bai Hefei, the company feared, touched his dark circles in the mirror, and saw that the sky was just getting dark and there were basically no people outside, so he immediately changed his clothes and went straight to the small restaurant.

I don’t know if the small restaurant sells breakfast or not. After pitting Huatang, he can still bring up a breakfast and come back to sleep~

Gu Yusheng didn’t know that there was a young man who would hurt each other with Huatang. He ran back in the morning and opened the back door. As soon as he fryed the pan, he saw the black cat making a sudden stop and appearing at the door on time. He jumped in and squatted on the table waiting for the meal.

Ask, what is the top speed of the black cat?

Answer, it should depend on how fragrant the food is.

Now the residents in the community do not give Huatang food. Black cats can only eat in small restaurants, so they are very concerned about the time of three meals. Gu Yusheng doesn’t have to look for cats everywhere. The cats will appear on time when they come out.

For the health of her teeth, Huatang also needs to brush her teeth. Sister Ye caught cats all over the house for a long time before she developed the habit of brushing her teeth.

But Huatang has never liked it very much, so every time she brushes her teeth, she is not very active. That is to say, children like Yu Biscuits are patient and take good care of the black cat, otherwise Huatang will not take the initiative to brush her teeth.

But now, in order to eat quickly, Huatang also endured the humiliation and started brushing her teeth, squatting on the wash table, trying her best to open her mouth to rub the small electric toothbrush, and did not forget to squeeze some cat toothpaste.

After all, toothpaste is chicken flavor~

What makes black cats live independently? It’s to eat quickly!

Before meals, Huatang was picked up by Gu Yusheng and placed on the scale. She secretly lifted her air in a vain attempt to be lighter. I don’t know if it was used to lift the trachea or the trouble wasted last night. This time she was 60 grams lighter.

Ok? Huatang chuckled secretly, was hugged by Gu Yusheng and waited for the scale to be cleared, and weighed it again. It was really sixty grams.

Yesterday I lost 50 grams and added an extra flat food. Today I lost 60 grams. Is it possible to forcibly round up and add two more flat foods?

Losing weight forces the evil cat’s mathematical ability to gradually improve, and the mental arithmetic ability also rises exponentially.

It seems that eating less is the best way to lose weight. Gu Yusheng wrote down his new weight in a notebook and watched the black cat squat down on the table. His round eyes were filled with hope, and he was a little shaken, “To reward you yesterday. Didn’t you eat snacks, will I take a chicken wing for you in the morning?”

The chicken wings have no meat! Can’t you take a chicken leg?

Maomao sighed. It is better to have chicken wings than no chicken wings. Huatang stretched out her front paws and pulled Gu Yusheng’s wrist, urging him to get the chicken wings quickly and pick the bigger one.

“Hands, keep wings under your hands?!”

Went around the red tile house twice and saw that the front door of the store hadn’t opened yet. He hesitated to find Bai Hefei at the back door. He just heard this, poked his head out and looked inside, and then intercepted Huatang’s chicken wings for dinner. The black cat was there yesterday and ate a pack of beef jerky.

Gu Yusheng is tall and cold, with deep eyebrows. Standing there is easy to think of mountains, peaks and the like. The contrast with Bai Hefei’s white, soft, bullying, temperamental, and white bread-like student party is obvious.

Therefore, Bai Hefei was a little embarrassed, looking at Gu Yusheng a little bit frustrated.

But the appearance of the other party getting along with Huatang really made him unprepared, so the Xiaoshe was afraid to file a complaint and cut off Hu’s chicken wings.

This is probably, if you hurt my intact eye circles, I will abolish your snack paradise~

Boiled chicken wings will fly away with patters?

Huatang looked at the small breakfast bowl in disbelief, without the appearance of chicken wings, and fought hard according to reason, meowing.

I didn’t buy breakfast, but Bai Hefei, who complained that the prize was awarded, got a free meal and was drinking porridge with joy.

How can beef jerky be considered a snack? This, this is clearly the staple food, is it wrong for the evil cat to eat the staple food? She has also lost 60 grams!

Even if he secretly inhales and put his tail to the side to falsely lighten by 30 grams, 30 grams is actually reduced.

Huatang looked at her small bowl and then at the big bowl in front of Bai Hefei, planning to grab a couple of mouthfuls while Gu Yusheng was not paying attention.

It’s a pity that Gu Yusheng was too familiar with Huatang’s behavior when it came to eating. He could turn around in time with his back to the cat, hug the cat in mid-air, and accurately blocked the “cat bomb” and saved it. Holding the bowl, Bai Hefei was startled.

The cat who cannot eat chicken wings is incomplete. After Huatang was stopped, she fell into a low level, and the irritability caused by controlling her appetite broke out completely. With her back to Gu Yusheng and Bai Hefei, she was motionless, pretending to be a black cat on the table. Sculpture, online refused to communicate with the outside world.

“The store, the manager, is Huatang angry?” Bai Hefei pointed to the black cat, and asked Gu Yusheng in a low voice. He was joking before, and Gu Yusheng didn’t take off Huatang’s chicken wings.

It’s just that the chicken wings need to be heated and placed on another plate. Huatang’s angle didn’t see it. Bai Hefei could see the chicken wings.

Gu Yusheng touched Huatang’s ear. The black cat did not hide or respond. It was obviously sulking, unwilling to get up and coax badly.

…Of course, if Gu Yusheng is willing to use two chicken wings to make amends, Huatang can still consider it.

“The manager, otherwise, how about letting Huatang wear an anti-shake camera?” The collar must not stop the black cat from having a meal, but the shots taken around the clock are fine.

According to the recorded data of taking care of the rest of his life, Huatang used to be 50 grams lighter a day at most, and today it can be 60 grams lighter. This may be related to the good combination of diet and exercise when the black cat was at Bai Hefei yesterday.

Cats should be the animals with the strongest rebellious psychology. The more they are not allowed to do anything, the more they want to do.

Gu Yusheng couldn’t watch Huatang all day, so he could only strictly enforce the appetite for three meals, so that Huatang could not get fat.

This reminded Bai Hefei of the anti-shake camera that he had modified with his brother and sister two days ago. The button size is very light. As long as it is within a certain signal range, it can be shot and shared in real time, that is, live broadcast.

Hanging this lens with staggered straps like a small badge on Huatang’s body, you can see Huatang’s perspective supervision at any time.

When Gu Yusheng didn’t have time to stare, he could still let Ye Yusheng, Bai Hefei, and even the residents of the community come and watch, and guard the black cat to look for a buffet.

On the basis of not eating snacks, Gu Yusheng can also relax Huatang’s three meals, so that the strict control will not make the black cat feel wronged.

As for the fact that opening a live broadcast room for cats to lose weight, will it infringe on Huatang’s privacy?

“Huatang, this is an anti-shake camera…”

Before eating, wearing a button-sized camera was not a difficult task. Before Bai Hefei could finish explaining, Huatang slapped her claw and asked Gu Yusheng to bring her chicken wings.

Close the camera with one claw and hand over chicken wings.

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