It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 31:

Faced with a black cat who knows how to curse online cats and knows that she lost her little green orange when passing by, will everyone sympathize with Bai Hefei?

Of course not, Bai Hefei’s senior brothers and sisters threw the junior brother aside when they were in the cat cafe, and they became more interested in Huatang.

What kind of fairy cat is this! Want to modify a storage box robot?

No, it’s too simple.

In addition to loading things, at least it needs to be offensive and defensive. It has flexible off-road mobility and strong protection. It is best to add the function of carrying cats. They think the concept of “mobile fortress” is quite good.

Those who have a good relationship with the hand-made gods are basically modified crazy demons.

The anti-shake camera that Bai Hefei took out is just one of their works, and it is the least technically difficult to modify.

There are many thumb-sized sports cameras on the market, and there are countless tools available for live streaming. Bai Hefei and the others combine and optimize the two functions, which is not a particularly difficult task.

What really worries them is the low practicality of the finished products of the “mobile fortress”, or they are fully functional and cover a large area, or the finished products are bulky and cannot be streamlined.

In terms of structure and materials, there are still problems to be solved urgently.

At the very beginning, Bai Hefei had the courage to go back to school and contact the seniors in order to transform the box robots for Huatang.

So even if he went back to school and found that the roommate who framed him and betrayed him had been retributed, and the school gave him a document certifying his innocence, I was delighted and did not forget this incident.

“We made a semi-finished product, made of aluminum alloy, and a highly maneuverable wheeled chassis. It has good maneuverability. In addition to driving on land, it also uses a hydro-pneumatic suspension structure. The wheels are retracted and replaced with water jet propulsion. Across the river and the lake with Huatang.”

When Bai Hefei talked about the results of their transformation, he was extremely excited.

It’s a pity that aluminum alloy is too heavy. If such a big guy is handed to Huatang, no matter how he runs around such a heavy object, Huatang may not be able to escape in case of an overturn or an accident.

Thinking of this, Bai Hefei looked low, and could not find a good way to face the dilemma of transformation.

I can only take an anti-shake camera and give Huatang alive to use it.

Wait, Gu Yusheng’s expression has gradually become more complicated. Highly maneuverable wheeled chassis, hydro-pneumatic suspension structure and amphibious design. Is this preparing a “special vehicle” for the black cat or designing an amphibious armored vehicle?

Coupled with enough firepower, Huatang can drive to attack the city.

Are you the ultimate destination of transformation madmen aiming at military weapons?

In fact, regardless of Bai Hefei and his group of hand-made gods or transforming crazy demons, they are all students in their early twenties, but some models or design concepts can really be sold to large companies or even research institutes.

A few of them had not waited until they graduated before they got some letters of appointment from confidential units.

Otherwise, ordinary students would not be able to find enough experimental materials to make “mobile fortresses” for cats. This is not a question of financial resources, but without platforms and channels, there will be no laboratories or specializing in these things. The research team has no access to new materials.

Bai Hefei prefers craftsmanship and creative handwork, and his style is more civilized. His senior brothers and sisters are technical talents who can really optimize machinery and even innovate weapons and equipment. The two are completely different development directions. .

It’s just that laymen don’t understand the difference, and think that Bai Hefei is a big fan of millions of fans. He has his own brand and special product line. The scenery is great, but from the perspective of comprehensive ability, the seniors are more professional.

This time the “cat fortress” is also a rare collaboration between the seniors and senior sisters in their short free time before graduation, thinking about going to separate things or temporarily losing contact.

Bai Hefei laid hands next to him, that is, a mascot who made miniature furniture for the “fortress” and stitched a small quilt or pillow.

But in any case, knowledge has greatly expanded the pigeons, and the advancement of technology has allowed basic combat units to talk in front of the evil cats.

Huatang was attracted by the “cat fortress” and was particularly satisfied with the function of “launching”. It seems that the key to territorial expansion lies in this “cat fortress”.

Unfortunately, the fortress is still a semi-finished product, Huatang now only has an anti-shake camera.

Bai Hefei is not too afraid of Gu Yusheng, but he is still a little confused. After eating two meals, he ran home quickly, stuffed his laptop and lens and other things into his schoolbag, and moved quickly like moving cheese. Jerry.

“Okay, after putting this on, you can shoot automatically.” Before the small restaurant opened, Bai Hefei spread the things on the table, then turned the notebook over and asked Huatang which piece of music he liked.

The black cat was puzzled, and Gu Yusheng didn’t understand why the live broadcast had to be accompanied by music.

“Oh, I forgot to say it.” Bai Hefei patted his head, thinking that he had forgotten the key things. “This is to prevent sneak shots and to remind passersby who accidentally enter the mirror.”

The lens can be made smaller and smaller, but there should be more and more specifications.

Bai Hefei and the others who make original creations and play transformations are not only familiar with the intellectual property law. Even if there are no laws and regulations specifically for illegal shooting and privacy protection in China, these young people have their own insistence.

“Without the consent of the other party, it should be the default of the other party’s rejection of the camera.” Bai Hefei worried that Huatang and Gu Yusheng did not understand, so he hurriedly opened the browser and found some publicly filmed images, which covered passersby with mosaics.

The live images were shared in time, and there was no way to do mosaic processing. Bai Hefei made timed music on the camera to remind passersby that there is a cat here with a camera taking pictures.

This function is similar to that some cameras cannot cancel the clicking sound. If you refuse to take photos, you must start with the cat.

Even if according to Huatang’s line of sight, the estimation of the lens is someone else’s legs or shoes, but actively reminding the existence of the camera is not directly omitted because the photographer is a black cat.

Besides, playing ten or twenty seconds of music every three minutes, you can also equip Huatang’s live studio with exclusive bgm, which is lovely.

Gu Yusheng didn’t know much about these things, but watching Bai Hefei searched out a lot of secretly filmed news, he also realized how much harm this kind of behavior would cause.

Huatang usually doesn’t get into the crowd very much, and it is estimated that she can’t take a picture with the lens, but the photographer can’t report a fluke. It is a good design to add music as a reminder.

Maomao’s live broadcast is upright, and I don’t mind adding a bgm.

In the end, Huatang chose the theme song of “Black Cat Sheriff”. After putting it on, she heard the music regularly sounded, and she felt satisfied and felt that the image of the villain evil cat became more three-dimensional.

“The eyes are staring like copper bells, the lightning-like cleverness is shot out, the ears are erected like antennas, listening to all the suspicious sounds, sharpening the sharp claws to patrol everywhere, you have brought us peace of life -“

Every three minutes, there will be such a sentence, Huatang lowered his head and used his front paws to touch the camera, which was very interesting.

It happened that Ye Yulan received some new news from her friends and wanted to start again. When she left, she could also watch the live broadcast on her mobile phone to check if Huatang was losing weight.

Gu Yusheng and Bai Hefei posted the new poster on the bulletin board, and also wrote Huatang’s cat with the live room number to remind the residents that the camera will play music regularly. If you want to avoid the camera, you can find Huatang after hearing the bgm , And then go around behind the black cat.

Of course, evil cats also need free time to let themselves go.

The live broadcast is from after breakfast to before dinner. At other times, Huatang does not wear a camera.

After putting on the lens, what Huatang sees will be broadcast in Bai Hefei’s live broadcast room. This makes the evil cat feel very interesting. After deliberately jumping in place twice, it will be more fun to watch Bai Hefei’s halo lens. I couldn’t even walk well, so I jumped forward.

Huatang was originally a little shorter than cats of the same age. In addition, she has recently been patronizing fat and hasn’t grown up, so she is even lower when she hangs on the camera. If it wasn’t for the name of the live broadcast room marked with cats, she accidentally clicked in and thought What tall ferns are in the mirror, even flowers can occupy more than half of the screen.

After seeing the new poster, the residents in the community rubbed their hands and clicked into the live broadcast room. They were first spotted by this ultra-low-altitude shooting perspective and guessed the length of Huatang’s legs.

——Ten centimeters, it can’t be higher.

——Oh, even the long legs have to be mixed with water these years. I bet on eight centimeters, and the legs are short and fearless.

In fact, the best way to lose weight is to divert your attention. Don’t think about eating all day. Huatang stepped on the puddles and jumped through the grass while wearing the camera, and then listened to the regularly sounding music and bounced on the spot with satisfaction.

Unconsciously, the amount of exercise soared.

Huatang squatted next to the weeping willow gently swinging by the lake. He felt good when listening to bgm. Thinking of Bai Hefei’s halo shots before, it is not forgetting the job of the evil cat.

Hee hee, experience the feeling that the camera can fly~

Soon, the residents who discussed the length of Huatang’s legs were unable to continue the conversation, because the camera began to shake violently, and then bounced from the ground to the canopy, and then jumped directly off the canopy. The zoomed-in picture changed extremely quickly. Seeing people’s unconscious vision dizziness.

——Do cats and cats move so fast?

——No, I’m so dizzy, I feel hypnotized and sleepy.

Cats are good players who lurch forward. The first time they look back, the cat is still ten meters away from him, and the second time he looks back, the cat may be only two meters away from him.

As a perfect parkour master, Huatang, like a black shadow, deliberately climbed up and down, jumped up and down, using the lens to hurt the residents who watched the live broadcast.

Come on, let’s faint together~

Residents who secretly observed Huatang’s weight loss but were tragically hurt by the halo picture, resolutely took a screenshot of the most dazzling scene, and then changed the cover of the black cat to the cute and adorable cover of the years, and generously shared it with friends.

“Isn’t there a black cat in our community, it’s super cute, yes, this is a cute recording video, thanks!”

“Hey, don’t the cloud **** the cat? The Huatang I told you before has a new video that is super cute. The link is sent to you~”

Qualified evil cats must continue to spread the scope of damage, super bad~

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