It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 32:

Huatang is not the first cat to broadcast live.

Not to mention anything else, just talk about the live broadcast software used by Huatang. In the top ten of the cute pet channel, there are six celebrity cats with no fewer than one million fans.

In terms of appearance, there are expensive breeds of cats, and the beautiful ones are worthy of walking renminbi.

Regarding cleverness, whether it’s owner training or shooting skills, opening a can and counting numbers to listen to foreign languages ​​seems like no cat can’t do it.

In terms of popularity, the main pet collocation is to frequently participate in various activities, and sometimes will also co-brand with the brand to advertise, so that the popularity can be improved.

In short, Huatang is an ordinary black cat in the garden. There is no host to explain nearby, and there is no talent that shocks the audience. Except for the residents of the community who are willing to sign in in Huatang’s live broadcast room, basically no new audience comes in. .

Everyone should look at the beautiful, smart, cute cats around the owner.

Some spectators who accidentally clicked in were dizzy by the camera and couldn’t see the cat itself. They just quit in confusion, and occasionally cursed and left rubbish.

Then, the rude audience will be blackened by Bai Hefei’s room pipe, guarding Huatang’s most dizzying shot.

Other cats broadcast live, focusing on interacting with the owner’s cute system. Huatang’s live broadcast is purely to urge her to lose weight.

So, don’t worry too much about popularity.

After being screened in this way, the ones who stayed in the live broadcast room are basically the iron fans in the community, as well as the melon-eating viewers with sleep problems.

Among other things, the lens of Huatang is too rhythmic. If you can’t fall asleep or sleep irregularly at night, you can’t open your eyelids after seeing it for less than five minutes. It’s better than melatonin.

The daily number of viewers stays in the early 100s, and does not increase or decrease. Sometimes there will be a few words on the bullet screen. It can be said that it is the most ambiguous cat and cat anchor in the live broadcast software and the most Buddha’s live broadcast viewer.

After being dizzy for a few days, Huatang also reacted to the serious problem that she would be hungry faster when she bounced around, and finally she was willing to walk well, and the picture on the camera became clear.

What is the life of the evil cat?

The greening of the Kyushu community is specially made by designers. Different vegetation can show multi-layered effects with the change of the seasons, but few residents will pay attention to these deliberately, and they will at most glance at it. This flower bloomed pretty well, and then left in a hurry.

Huatang is different, her lens will capture these.

The Kyushu community is already a large area for cats, and patrolling is her daily activity that consumes the most energy.

The reason for persistence is probably that the community is different every day.

The velvety grass blades are round, rolling with two drops of dew in the early morning, reflecting the golden light in the morning.

The plants by the lake are denser, and occasionally they will crawl over two small beetles, and then ask the cat to step back, squeeze its ears to find two “killers”, and let the birds eat the insects.

The pace of adults is hurried, but the elderly and children are slow. Huatang likes to walk around the toddler and deliberately wriggling, and then looking at the child staring at her, she is attracted by her, wow! Cry out.

Looking at the cat, he only remembered how to walk the four legs, but forgot how to walk the two legs.

Cats don’t like to run among the crowds, squatting in the canopy of trees, hanging beside the lake, hiding in the grass, it is Huatang’s little happiness without human interference.

The one who most often appears in the camera should be a man with long legs with nice hands. According to Huatang’s height, he can’t really take a picture of his face. He will be responsible for Huatang’s lunch. He will temporarily set the camera after each fixed weighing. Put it down, you can only hear the cat eating in the live broadcast room, and put it on the cat after eating.

Considering that Huatang’s lack of taboos is a special situation, which is a wrong guide for ordinary cats or dogs, so Gu Yusheng would not let the camera capture what the black cat ate.

So that viewers who have never kept pets accidentally feed other small animals with heavy oil and salt.

Occasionally, Bai Hefei also appears in the camera, but he is to help Huatang adjust the camera, or switch a bgm, will not show his full face, only see the upper body, and then be bullied by Huatang. .

Many viewers can remember that among the familiar faces of cats, the housekeeper is a soft-character young man who is probably still in school and is regarded as a technician in the cat’s live broadcast room.

Because Huatang’s legs are limited and the lens is relatively low, except for some small insects on the ground, basically no clear front face of anyone can be photographed, so the residents in the community don’t mind the lens, sometimes they hear bgm, Will also beckon and shout Huatang.

After being exposed to music and failing lurking, the black cat will yawn or stretch. At this time, the audience will be able to see Huatang’s fluffy small front paws, like a small steamed bun.

This is an era when you are fighting for time and you are chasing me. The shots and images that appear in front of the public are also anxious and anxious.

However, Huatang’s live broadcast room has the sluggishness that cats can only enjoy, and the precious tenderness.

——I was recommended by a colleague, and everyone’s sleep quality was very poor after working overtime some time ago. He said that this live broadcast room is very hypnotic.

——It was the days when the camera was the most trembling before, Huatang’s current shooting level has improved, and it’s no longer too high~

——So gentle, is the world of cats so comfortable and cozy? All the residents in this community like cats!

There is no difference in live broadcast style, only the difference between audiences.

However, more and more viewers click into the Maomao live broadcast room, and then relax in a daze from Huatang’s perspective, feeling the tenderness of the years and good times, making Huatang, the most ambiguous cat and cat anchor in all live streaming software, also succeeded in becoming popular. , The number of fans has reached about 100,000.

Compared with the most popular celebrity cat on the channel, there is a big gap. However, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room is very good. The Buddhist audiences are warm and talkative, and Bai Hefei is rarely sent out.

Of course, whether it’s the most muddy or becoming popular, it makes no difference to Huatang.

In order to be naughty in front of the camera, Huatang’s exercise volume has increased a lot. Coupled with the fact that the audience supervises Huatang to eat small snacks in the live broadcast room, Gu Yusheng has less strict control over her three meals.

Two days ago, he also cooked a small hot pot with tomato soup for Huatang, which was regarded as a reward.

Bai Hefei has also been a frequent visitor to a small restaurant recently. By virtue of being a technician in the live broadcast room, he has a cheeky meal and rubbed his stomach happily. He was convinced by Gu Yusheng’s cooking skills.

In the world, there are really little Chinese masters who can perfectly replicate what they have eaten.

With the help of people, Bai Hefei is afraid that in order to avoid the crowd, he will miss the meal every time. Gu Yusheng sometimes divides his dishes or pots that are not sold in the store. Anyway, the pigeon has a large appetite. It’s a little more than Huatang, and it doesn’t take much effort.

Bai Hefei didn’t take advantage of it in vain. He helped the small restaurant to make a lot of adjustments to optimize the design of the storage space as much as possible to make the entire store look more comfortable and more convenient to use.

“By the way, Brother Gu, there is a food festival for cultural exchanges this afternoon, do you go?” Actually, the food festival is the busiest at night, but Bai Hefei saw the crowd a little bit embarrassed and greedy the food festival snacks. Ask Gu Yusheng if he wants to go to the food festival in the afternoon.

The main business hour of the small restaurant is noon. In the afternoon, most of the residents are still willing to buy vegetables home and have a home-cooked meal with their family members. Therefore, Bai Hefei thought that the food festival is a rare opportunity, so he might as well invite Gu to go with him.

This food festival is a cultural exchange between cities. There will be many foreign chefs to participate. Bai Hefei also waited early before grabbing several admission tickets on the official website on time.

Bai Hefei also naturally knew Lin Qinghe dialect for the Cengfan Party. Xiaoshe was afraid that he would get along well with these older brothers. The news of the food festival has already been sent, and now he is missing the rest of his life to go with him.

Lin Qinghe dialect checked the chefs who will be attending today, and they called and warmly invited Gu Yusheng to go.

It’s a rare opportunity. How about eating delicious food once?

At this time, of course I have to send Gu Ge out, and after tasting it, I can come back and copy it for them.

When Huatang heard that the food festival was also coming, her fixed sleepiness disappeared after the afternoon nap, and she waited for Gu Yusheng to nod her head.

The expectation of eating goods always made the chef unable to refuse. Gu Yusheng touched Huatang’s ear, and agreed. It was only agreed that Huatang should not run around, and she should wear a positioning collar on her body so as not to find her.

As long as you can go to the food festival, everything is good, the evil cat can do that…no principle.

“You don’t need to buy a collar separately, this camera has a positioning mode, let me adjust it!” The food festival is crowded and live broadcast is not suitable, so Bai Hefei and the crying audience in the live broadcast room explained it and turned it off. With the live broadcast function, the positioning mode of the “small badge” is called out.

How do you think about making the anti-shake camera not only live broadcast, waterproof, but also positioning?

Gu Yusheng understands a little bit now, why Bai Hefei insists on the bgm design of the lens to prevent sneak shots. If these young people don’t insist on self-discipline, it is really easy to be frantically tested on the edge of illegality.

Dialect specially drove to the Kyushu community to pick them up. He looked at Huatang who was squatting in the cat’s safety seat, and smiled with white teeth, “I’m not going to lose weight today, it’s a crime meal.”

“…Brother Yan, that is a cheating meal.” After Bai Hefei finished speaking, he suddenly felt that cheating meal might be a crime meal for the cat who lost weight.

But Huatang ignored the two of them. Gu Yusheng nodded, saying that the weight loss effect during this period was good and he could indulge occasionally.

Huatang is already ready to eat until she can’t go. The evil cat must have this aura when eating.

The food festival is more lively than expected. Huatang is more likely to be hit by others when being held. Gu Yusheng stretches out his hand to protect the black cat and can’t squeeze the crowd. In the end, they can only think of a compromise. They act in two groups, one group. With Huatang waiting in the rest area, another group went to queue to buy things, and then exchanged after eating.

Since Bai Hefei had done food festival strategy, Gu Yusheng was very sensitive to taste, so Lin Qinghe dialect took Huatang to the rest area first.

The positioning of this food festival is still relatively high-end. Except for some beautiful dining places that are not enough, the official does not prepare a rest area. Or the nearby businesses see opportunities to make money and specially set up tables, chairs and umbrellas, and sell some drinks or small items. Snacks are similar to roadside stalls in night markets.

Lin Qing and the others sat down at a relatively small table, bought two plates of boiled peanuts and two bottles of cold beer, and then bought bottles of yogurt for Huatang and Bai Hefei.

The black cat who failed to visit the food festival squatted aside. There was a boring bottle cap that didn’t match each other. The round bottle cap accidentally fell off. Huatang stretched her body and tried to get it back with her front paws.

The bottle cap was stuck on the corner of another table and chair. Huatang took a few digs without success. He jumped down in a huff and changed his position to continue digging.

Other cats may be liquid, but Huatang is temporarily in a solid state, a little bit close to the bottle cap, just can’t get it out.

So angry, it must be the small badge he was wearing that hindered her performance, Huatang forcibly tossed the pot, and then touched the small badge with her front paws to keep the camera out of the way.

Huatang accidentally turned the camera into a live broadcast mode. The viewers who received the reminder from the start of the broadcast watched the little black claws trying to pull out the bottle cap, stretched left and right to reach the out of reach of the lens, and they all reacted. Tang accidentally pressed the lens switch.

——I just said, I said before that Huatang would come out to play in the afternoon, so the live broadcast would not be started. Why would there be a reminder to start the broadcast.

——Hahaha, help the cat, this little claw is trying to get out the bottle cap, how can it be out of reach, it looks too cute~

——Huatang’s short legs are in a dilemma. It is estimated that when he squeezed the gap to get the bottle cap, he accidentally opened the lens. Hahaha, the short legs are sad.

Soon, when the audience called for their friends and asked everyone to come to see the cat picking up the bottle cap, the tables and chairs next to it were also seated with new guests.

The empty tables and chairs could barely be squeezed away by Huatang, slowly pushing the gap away and getting closer to the bottle cap, but when someone else sat on it, Huatang could not move.

The black cat was not convinced, and tried to push the stool leg with its front paws, but it didn’t move, and it was only half a paw away from the bottle cap.

——I feel so distressed. I was almost digging out the bottle cap just now, but I was sat on by someone else, hahaha~

——What kind of roadside stall should this be? Someone will help Huatang. It’s too difficult. It was a little bit close just now.

—— Laughing and choked by the water, the guests who sat down looked at the trouser legs and shoes. They should be two men sitting on the stool in front of Huatang. They are not light. Hahaha, our Xiaohuatang must not be able to move.

Next to the rest area is a lively night market. Even if it’s still a while before dark, the small shops are basically in place, and the first batch of guests for supper and shopping have arrived.

Therefore, the bgm that comes with Huatang’s live camera is mixed with this noisy background sound, and it is not too abrupt, on the contrary, it looks like the sound effect that comes with a claw machine, which still can’t hold the doll.

And Huatang’s action that he couldn’t pull out the bottle cap had the same effect.

The black cat couldn’t take out the bottle cap, and couldn’t push it to sit on the guest’s stool. He became irritable, glanced at the bottle cap dangerously, and was about to turn his head to file a complaint. Let Gu Yusheng pick up the bottle cap. The kind of pause.

Before Huatang went to find a helper, the two guests who were drinking and chatting on the stool suddenly smashed the wine bottle on the table with a bang, which scared Huatang.

The black cat flicked with the camera, and the audience was shocked. They also forgot that Huatang couldn’t see the barrage and comments. He was busy leaving a message and asked Huatang to run away, stay away, and sometimes come for supper and drink. The guests, it’s easy to fight and smash things and hurt others by mistake.

Huatang is just a little cat, what if he gets hurt?

Some of the audience members were residents of the Jiuzhou community. They became nervous when they heard the noise and called Gu Yusheng directly. They all knew that Huatang mainly eats in a small restaurant now, so it must be right to find Gu Yusheng.

Before Gu Yusheng came back, among the two guests who smashed the bottle, the young man among them suddenly got emotional and stood up and cursed another middle-aged man.

The stool was also dropped, exposing the bottle cap, but it almost hit Huatang’s front paw.

The viewers who watched the live broadcast were really heartbroken, and Lin Qinghe dialect next to him turned his head to look over, and hurriedly got up and carried the black cat back.

Little ancestor, why are you so curious onlookers when others quarrel, and you are not afraid of being injured by mistake.

When Huatang was taken away, she did not forget to remove the cap of the bottle. It can be said that she was very persistent.

And the emotional young man was so loud that he couldn’t wait to hear it clearly, “…I said it at that time, I stole Bai Hefei’s manuscript, you give Lao Tzu a million, what kind of money?!”

“Lao Tzu was expelled, his studies were gone, his reputation in the circle was also stinking, don’t give money, don’t think about it…”

The middle-aged person on the opposite side may be responsible for contacting this part of the team. Seeing him screaming and losing his mind, his face is also dark, especially some of the guests who are eating supper next to him are ready to take out their mobile phones curiously.

Now in this society, anyone can take a video and post it on the Internet. I like this kind of excitement the most.

“Don’t shoot, we’ll sue you if you dare to do it, I see who dares to do it!” The middle-aged man was so arrogant that he would put the lawyer’s letter to his lips whenever he waved his hand. , The arrogant look was so scared to watch the excitement that everyone took two steps back, not daring to continue shooting.

However, the young man who was drunk and smashed would not be obedient. He saw the other side scolding others at will, thinking of how much time it took him to make an appointment with the Internet celebrity team to contact him. , Also furious.

With a sound of “Crack—”, the drunken roommate smashed the bottle in half and pointed at him with a sharp crack, “Give me the money, otherwise you don’t think about it. What kind of handcrafted rookies, and hype about stealing others. Lao Tzu’s manuscript has been spelled with you.

The middle-aged person of the Internet celebrity team is not a good stubborn, scared the guests next to dinner, and looked at the desolate Bai Hefei roommate with disdain and mockery, “Oh, what kind of justice now? If you didn’t steal Bai Hefei Who else can force Bai Hefei to suffer from depression?”

Lin Qinghe didn’t hear the name of Bai Hefei at the beginning, but this time, they heard clearly. They thought that Bai Hefei, who always came to the small restaurant, was also a college student with great handicraft. It may not be too high.

Since it was the Bai Hefei they knew, it was time to ask where the two strong men of personality stood, and prepared to separate them as if they were a chicken, and ask them clearly.

Unexpectedly, Bai Hefei’s roommate was drunk, and he was ridiculed by the other party to some extent. He actually held up half of the wine bottle and went up.

It was useless, so the sharp glass only scratched half of his face, and blood began to appear from the skin.

But the middle-aged man wiped his face with his hand, sucked in a cold breath, and screamed, and rushed to fight the young man.

If it was a regular fight, Lin Qing and the others could still pull a frame, but this kind of mixed fight with the king and eight punches, three punches, and probably one punch to stop him, the pull frame is not easy to pull.

The young man was frustrated and decadent during this period. The drunken man had little strength. The middle-aged man was accustomed to the shrewd forces. I never thought that anyone would fight with him. The two who were not strong in fighting would fight together. They scolded and said angrily. Many internet celebrity teams’ show operations, and how to frame Bai Hefei and other bloggers.

“Quickly, who made the video just now? Did they just say that they copied other people’s work and almost forced the original creator to commit suicide?”

“I have already called the police, but I didn’t take the photo just now, and I heard it clearly. There was also stealing other people’s design drafts and leaving the original owner to suspend their studies.”

Bai Hefei is not the only victim of a trap set by the Internet celebrity team. He is relatively lucky.

Realizing that he could take the initiative to receive treatment after being sick, and there were seniors and sisters who were willing to believe in him, and even after moving to the Kyushu community, he met Huatang, the transport cat.

But the other victims were not as lucky as Bai Hefei. There was an original creator who not only lost the lawsuit and lost a lot of money, but was even forced to commit suicide.

This net celebrity team is very professional in marketing. Every time it sets a trap, it carefully selects its prey, so it succeeds in succession.

However, plagiarism is plagiarism, and framing is framing.

Trying to kill the original and squeeze the efforts of others, this kind of injustice should be redressed.

After the plagiarism took away the right to speak and attention, it was very difficult for the Qings to clear themselves, and they would even be beaten up, but they would be compensated for hundreds of thousands. They would also be attacked by some extreme netizens, online violence plus verbal curses, I can’t wait. Let the real original creator die.

Even when Bai Hefei returned to school, he had obtained the notice document to prove his innocence, and he resumed his normal life. He did not dare to return to the Internet. He could not think of a good way to clarify his innocence.

Because it was too difficult. The dirty water team had planned for a long time, but the panicked victims could only swallow bitterness. Unfair and futile anger, placed in front of these familiar rules and enthusiastic masters, were ridiculously fragile.

Kindness without protection, originality without minions, is too easy to be dragged into other people’s traps and traps and get hurt.

However, all things are not done because of the difficulty of correcting mistakes.

What is wrong is wrong, and if you steal from others, you have to pay it back.

This innocence is difficult for Bai Hefei to prove himself. Huatang came to find a way. All the onlookers here today are also willing to testify for Bai Hefei and other injured original creators.

Gu Yusheng and Bai Hefei who received the call just rushed back, and happened to hear this.

Bai Hefei, who hadn’t seen her roommate for a long time, was a little stunned. He listened blankly to the two people who were fighting each other, swearing at each other, thinking that he was one of the prey in their description, and his eyes were a little red.

“That’s my manuscript, I didn’t plagiarize, they are the copyists.”

Bai Hefei clenched his fists, not knowing what he was repeating, until Gu Yusheng and Lin Qing patted their shoulders, “Yes, you are right, they should be punished.”

Even if there is no complete video to capture the image just now, so many witnesses will not let the plagiarism pass through.

-Is the pigeon big? ! Fuck, I can testify!

——I burst into tears, the bully housekeeper is actually a pigeon! The pigeon is big, your cuckoo soup has been waiting for you.

—— Ma Dan, when the pigeon retired from the blog, I said it must be fake, so he would not plagiarize, and the messy netizens cursed me, ooh, I feel sorry for the pigeon.

Maomao’s live broadcast room exploded directly. I still remember that Ge Da got into the plagiarism door back then, and the millions of fans who were angry at midnight arguing with others all rushed in.

Today is the day when the pigeons were so innocent and crushed the plagiarism team.

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