It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 33:

Since the manuscript was lost, Bai Hefei has never seen this roommate again.

He still remembered that he was preparing to post on Weibo, but he was squeezed by comments and private messages twice before boarding the backstage. In a confusion, he found his manuscripts appearing in others, and bit his consternation of plagiarism. And the feeling like an ice cellar.

“This is my manuscript. I haven’t copied it. I have a clear conscience.”

At the very beginning, Bai Hefei also fought hard for reasons. He felt that this kind of reversal of right and wrong was absurd and ridiculous. How could he be slandered by the other party as the original creator.

However, after more and more people attacked him and insulted him, Bai Hefei panicked after the Internet celebrity team took out “evidence” and began to prosecute him.

He found that he had no way to prove the creative process of this manuscript.

Because all the traces were deleted by the lost roommate, and the other party did not go back to school at all, and refused to answer the phone, it was useless to call the police.

-Isn’t it just a manuscript? Since you are the original creator, just draw another one.

——I think you have a problem for a long time. When others write about the year, you only talk about the moon. Isn’t it plagiarism or something? !

Bai Hefei was caught off guard, before he had time to think of an explanation, he was tortured by court subpoenas, breached contracts, and “informers” who stepped on the heat.

People like to watch the process of collapse and destruction. Whether they know the pigeon or not, they heard that there is a big v of millions of fans and plagiarism. No matter the three or seventy-one, first come over and release the hostility. Use some Honest words to cover up their jealousy and gloat.

Why can you have millions of fans by making a video, squeezing a clay figure or drawing two pictures?

It must be that this pigeon is very dirty and has taken some improper way. In short, just follow the procedure to spray.

The corrosive power of viciousness and curse is too hard to resist.

It only takes a hundred knives, which is enough to stab the hearts of millions of fans, and then defeat Bai Hefei countless times.

Bai Hefei fell down. He was covered in blood, with a frustrated grievance, and he could no longer see hope, and hid in the closed darkness.

Original, he was dead, he was broken, he didn’t even have ashes left.

Those who are eloquent and eloquent are triumphant, those who steal and **** both fame and fortune, they have the right to speak and are in the focus of their sight, and they can step on the tomb of the original creator from time to time. This is reality.

Using this trick, the Internet celebrity team continues to select prey, devouring the efforts and talents of others, and then, in front of most people who do not know, they are innocent and simple, as if they are always victims.

If Bai Hefei was seriously injured by the Internet celebrity team, then the one who came to join in the fun with the smell of blood wanted him to die.

Most of Bai Hefei’s fans are ordinary netizens who are gentle and Buddhist. They like and appreciate Bai Hefei’s talent. Every time a new work is released, the little seal claps and claps, just praise.

These fans, who have been with him for many years, certainly did not believe in the accusations of plagiarism.

However, the fans who are not good at chatting with others can’t say that many of those foul and dark sprays are still implicated in real life, and the angry also followed Baihefei to retreat.

In addition, the production line that Bai Hefei often cooperates with was temporarily suspended due to contract breach. Raw materials and products were thrown in the warehouse. The person in charge of the production line could only recognize the loss, smiled bitterly and patted him on the shoulder, and then dismissed the employees to find work again. .

When he moved his whole body, Bai Hefei was not knocked down by one thing. He was tortured and trampled over and over again, so he could not bear to hide in the Kyushu community.

Why can’t the original creator end well?

In the process of treatment, Bai Hefei checked a lot of information. The original author who read the comics was impoverished all his life. He waited for an apology, but died in depression. The plagiarism was well-known and praised as a pioneering new style of painting. By.

I have seen the original author of a fairy tale. In the first half of his life, he continued to create and work hard, but in the second half of his life he was forced to defend his rights. He just tried to get justice, but was scolded by others for being utilitarian and secular. .

From online literature, there are piracy and txt, to invention and design, copying makes the original creator bankrupt and commit suicide.

Oh, he is not the only hapless person, is this a bit of bitter self-comfort?

But, why!

What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. In terms of right and wrong, ambiguity and deliberate play of the golden mean is not a persuasion, but a **** accomplice.

When Lin Qing handed the tissue to Bai Hefei, he realized that his face was bursting with tears, and his eyes were so sore that he was a little sore.

“Brother, I’m really right, someone copied my manuscript.” Why is it so difficult to judge right or wrong? Bai Hefei stared at the roommate who was fighting with others, his hands were shaking.

“Yes, you’re right.” Gu Yusheng and the others knew that the comfort or persuasion now is useless, and it can only be done in vain.

Justice that is late is no longer justice, but the reality is so difficult that victims can only ask for such a judgment.

Huatang’s chubby cat was stuffed into Bai Hefei’s arms by Gu Yusheng to draw warmth.

The black cat had never seen Bai Hefei cry like this. He stretched out his paw and gave him the bottle cap he picked up. Then, he accidentally exposed the camera in working condition.

At this time, Bai Hefei still remembers the principle of in-camera shooting. When the camera was turned on in public, he almost had a nasal bubble. “Why is this bright? Oops, am I going to apologize for losing money?”

——I broke my tears and laughed at this time. How could the pigeon still remember the things that passers-by had to remedy if they didn’t mosaic in time?

——Woo, the pigeon who was bullied and injured is the one who adheres to the principle the most, but I testified that no one’s face was captured in the shooting just now, except for the big nasal bubble of the pigeon!

——I hope that Ge Da and other original creators can come back to the public again. Cuckoo soup has been waiting for you for a long, long time.

Temporarily returning the black cat to Gu Yusheng, Bai Hefei hurriedly took out his mobile phone to watch the live broadcast, wondering when the camera was opened, how many passers-by who didn’t know it, and whether he was going bankrupt for Huatang.

I was worried that I would miss the live broadcast of Huatang, Bai Hefei made a small program that can automatically download the start of the live broadcast for cats and save them on the cloud disk.

Undried tears were still muzzling his eyes. Bai Hefei nervously clicked on the saved video. He didn’t see passers-by who strayed into the camera, but found the “audiovisual evidence” recorded by Huatang completely and clearly.

The black cat, who was taken away after digging out the bottle cap, occupies the best radio position and onlooker angle in the audience.

Although only half of the faces of two people were photographed because they were too short, they clearly photographed Bai Hefei’s roommate, holding evidence of the previous transaction, and demanding one million rejections from each other.

Pure audio and video evidence may be difficult to reverse the case for Bai Hefei and other original creators, but the middle-aged people yelled about Bai Hefei’s roommates for extortion and the crowds around so many guests eating supper all turned things around.

Not to mention, Huatang’s current live broadcast population has exceeded 8 million, and it is still rising.

Even if it takes a long time to protect rights through the law, public opinion and hot spots will not make the Internet celebrity team any better.

The east wind has arrived, and Bai Hefei is not really a soft bun to be slaughtered. He immediately contacted the lawyer he consulted some time ago and began to follow up on the reversal.

At the same time, he is ready to contact other victimized original creators. If one person’s voice is not enough, then they will accompany each other and their voices will always be louder.

The bottle cap that Huatang had been digging out for a long time was held in Bai Hefei’s palm. He put his hands together and rua Huatang. Before the black cat jumped up and waited on him, he immediately fled, drawing strength to deal with these things.

The live broadcast room is closed normally, but this matter will not be over.

Ge Da and the fans of other original creators fought with grief and indignation. That night, they ranked this matter among the top three in the hot search. They wanted to tear the robber team while it was hot, and nail the thieves and scum to the pillar of shame.

Fans have also accumulated anger and heartache during this period, and come up with plans and plans. It is bound to let Ge Da and other original creators know that the original is not dead and they will not go out.

Yes, the advantage of fans is not that they are more hostile and dirty than trolls. What they are better at is how to accompany the original creators to go further.

If there are not enough complete and detailed laws and regulations to protect them, then fans should make suggestions, write opinions, and work hard to promote this matter, so that they can be heard from above. The formation of the law takes time, so come out first Industry norms can also be used.

If the original creator’s personal ability is limited and he has been framed by malicious litigation and compensated for more than 100,000, then fans will be motivated to help the original creator collect evidence and materials. Crowdfunding attorney fees can also be used. Please ask the best lawyer to beat the other party. ruthless.

Justice in this world is only when minor grievances are redressed again and again, so that the subsequent victims can be illuminated and show the way.

Whether it’s being mocked for idealism, it doesn’t matter if it’s being coldly made a fuss.

This world was originally saved and pushed forward by the most determined and brave group of people.

“The pigeon is big, I received a letter from a fan, and she wants to send me a toy bear.” The little bear was given to her by the fan’s late grandmother. She has been sleeping with the fan for more than ten years. Now, she wants to give the bear to The blogger she supports.

The suicide attempt left traces like a sharp scar on the wrist, but the fans did not mention it. She wanted to lend the original creator the bravery through the bear.

“Me too. Many fans asked me if I could still eat enough, and asked me to get a red envelope to buy something delicious.” The original creator who was gathered together by Bai Hefei received all kinds of care and was moved to hold his head. Cry bitterly.

Those who have been wronged are the best satisfied. They only need a little bit of sweetness.

“It’s better, let’s put the extra money into a foundation for mutual help among original creators!”

The accounts need to be calculated a little bit, and all the losses they have eaten have to be recovered. Bai Hefei and the others have roughly the final say. They can also spare a fee without the money raised by fans for them.

The foundation can specifically help the rights of original creators suffer, no matter what, it can always give the entire creative environment more protection, and also give those unscrupulous speculators a certain deterrent.

“By the way, how about we make the black cats that broadcast live broadcasts into an emblem?” The foundation needs professionals to manage. These original creators don’t know anything about it, so they simply look for places where they can play.

The Huatang who played the live broadcast by mistake gave them a good opportunity to reverse the case. It is better to use the black cat as the emblem.

Bai Hefei, as Huatang’s special rainbow fart player, of course gladly agreed, and sent a hundred pictures to the painter. After they saw it, the one with the highest support rate was Huatang holding the bottle cap and watching the melon. Figure.

“Wait, the pigeon is big, have you really never seen this picture?” Does this picture look like the black cat is too round? Painter seriously suspected that Bai Hefei deliberately fattened the black cat in order to be cute.


Bai Hefei was wronged, Huatang is absolutely as fat as the picture.

Cross it out, why is this black cat’s fault? The camera must have widened the cat to make Huatang look like a cat cake.

“Ah, otherwise, let the black cat hold the yogurt bottle. If the reference is enlarged, it will look thin.”

The image of Huatang is guarded by them.

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