It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 34:

As long as the yogurt bottle is drawn wide enough, Huatang will not be fat!

The painters gathered together worked in turn, and finally finalized the final draft of the emblem. Looking at the black cat probing jio on the chubby and chubby edge, they felt that their painting skills had been improved.

“I thought the pastoral cats are more vigorous, some are like little leopards, but I didn’t expect that they really have short-legged genes.”

“Ah, what are you talking about? It’s the lens resolution that makes the cat look fatter. By the way, the pigeon is bigger. Has the cat found a long-term meal ticket? I think I can~”

What do you think?

Huatang has no shortage of long-term meal tickets. She is a cat who sees through the world’s meal tickets. A cat with experience and experience will not easily be bought by a family meal ticket.

Wait, looking at the photo, Bai Hefei was also lost in thought.

As one of the long-term meal tickets, what’s the matter of suddenly feeling sad?

The truth is revealed is something to be celebrated, but for the original creator to reverse the case, Huatang also missed the deceptive meal of his heart.

In order to compensate for the black cat, Bai Hefei found a way to find a few more admission tickets, and on the last day of the five-day food festival, they sent Huatang to make up for their regrets.

Without the lens this time, Huatang went directly to the guard room and got a fluorescent yellow headscarf. After putting it on, there was no need to position it, and the shiny headscarf could be seen everywhere.

The weather was good, the sunlight left a little bit of light on Huatang’s black fur, plus the fluorescent yellow turban with its own blinding effect, Lin Qing and the others only felt that the picture was flashing and they couldn’t look directly at it. This cat was simply lethal.

Fortunately, Gu Yusheng didn’t say anything. He took a cat bag from Lin Qing that could be half-opened so that Huatang could stay in it. If he felt it was exposed to the sun, he could turn the upper half of the bag into a small pergola. Huatang black skin is too heat-absorbing.

Huatang stepped on her front paws, without even looking at the cat bag, she wanted to hang on Gu Yusheng’s clothes with great interest.

Lin Qinghe dialect is relatively boring. Before watching cute pet videos with black cats, some small milk cats or small milk dogs can be stuffed into the coat by the owner, and then a small head pops out of the neckline.

Huatang thought this action was fun, and the unexpected evil cat poked out his head, surely it would scare others, so she wanted to try it too.

Unfortunately, the biggest difference between Huatang and Little Milk Cat or Little Milk Dog is…density.

The quality of Gu Yusheng’s clothes was medium to high, but Huatang couldn’t bear it either. Either he pulled the jacket a bit deformed, or the fabric at the collar of the jacket was about to collapse.

The atmosphere was embarrassing for a while, and the black cat gradually became irritable, and was about to move his paws angrily. Lin Qing quickly hugged him away, lest Huatang ruined his clothes on the spot.

“It’s the fault of the clothes. Look, I can’t catch the sweet shrimp.”

The dialect brought the sweet shrimp that was passing by and hung it in front of Gu’s jacket, successfully opening a crack in the jacket that had just collapsed.

Pressing on the sweet shrimp who tried to take the opportunity to wash his face for the owner, Gu Yusheng, who ruined a coat, really didn’t want to care about them. After returning the sweet shrimp to the second floor, he changed his clothes, came down and carried the cat on his back, and waited for the black cat. Jumped into the backpack and sank before heading out.

Cats don’t worry, dogs don’t worry, Lin Qing and the others join in the fun, Gu Yusheng’s life is so busy.

The life of an evil cat is to eat and drink like this, and to know two friends who drink and drink.

When the group came back from the food festival, Lin Qinghe dialect went out to find a barbecue stall to continue the supper. Gu Yusheng held the black cat who wanted to go, and stepped on the light of the street lamp to take the cat back to the community.

It’s almost ten o’clock when I look at the watch. After the time when the residents of the community are off work and school, the community is much quieter. Even the residents who come out for a walk are more willing to go to the lake for a walk.

The warm yellow light in the guard room was on, Huatang was too lazy to move when he was full, threw the fluorescent yellow headscarf on the window, and then yawned at the smiling security uncle.

Gu Yusheng picked up the turban and folded it. After passing it to the uncle, he chatted with the other person. After hearing that Gu Yusheng and the others went to the food festival, the uncle took a plastic bag and asked them to grab a handful of hawthorn.

“This is sent from my hometown. The fruit from the old hawthorn tree is not acrid but delicious.”

“Thanks, uncle, I have time to eat.” They are all in the same community, so you don’t have to be too polite. I will collect some hawthorns from the uncle today, and tomorrow uncle will come to the store for dinner and add an extra egg.

When Huatang heard what she was eating, she got excited, stepped on Gu Yusheng’s shoulder probe and stretched her claws to Bala Hawthorn.

Gu Yusheng picked the reddest one and handed it to the cat, then watched the black cat tremble with the sweet and sour taste. After smacking his lips, he asked for another one.

This smell is a bit on the top~

When she arrived at the entrance of the small restaurant, Huatang had already eaten three of them in a row. Gu Yusheng would not give it to her when she wanted to eat more. There was enough food at the food festival, and the cat was not hungry after eating. a feeling of.

Huatang flipped out of the cat bag, jumped off Gu Yusheng’s shoulder, and flicked her tail like farewell.

Hey, some people come back and need to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow’s small restaurant, take sweet shrimp to run at night, and then clean up two floors before they can take a bath and sleep.

However, when some cats came back, the fragrant and soft blankets in the community had been waiting for her a long time ago. They didn’t need to do anything, just set off for happiness.

The food is fragrant when eating at the food festival. Huatang is going to find Yu Biscuit and enjoy the best bathing technique in the community.

The cat is so small and conscientious, Sa Huan leaves, and Gu Yusheng returns to the small restaurant to solve the energetic sweet shrimp first. This little guy is facing unemployment because of his personality, but his physical fitness has maintained the usual good standards of military dogs.

If you don’t take it out to Sahuan, then Gu Yusheng should stop going to bed at night and spend the entire night looking for the sweet shrimp to hide.

The aboriginal people of Hei Pi Xing may be more joyful. The sweet shrimp has grown up with a sense of burning and cuteness. You can already see the embryonic form of a healthy dog ​​like Dorje. However, their enthusiasm for jumping into the lake is unabated, every time they run to the lake , Joyous like a dog-shaped fish, you have to swim back in the water.

The sweet shrimp ran to tiredness and spread out on the ground to carry it back. Gu Yusheng carried the sweet shrimp and returned with a load, put the sweet shrimp in the doghouse, and started to go downstairs to prepare ingredients and clean.

It was almost eleven o’clock before Gu Yusheng could take a bath and lay back in his cot to prepare for bed.

He is so busy every day, and his sleep quality is rising linearly when he is tired.

The doctor who has been paying attention to Gu Yusheng has been chatting with Gu Yusheng for the past two days, asking him how he sleeps and whether his auditory hallucinations have improved. Gu Yusheng squeezed a somewhat sour upper arm before he realized that he had been experiencing problems during this period of time. It’s hard to have dreams and hallucinations when the life is regular.

Maintaining the operation of a small restaurant on his own was originally a matter of physical exertion, not to mention the chaos caused by Huatang and Sweet Shrimp, Gu Yusheng was really busy, and he rarely thought of the nightmare that once trapped him.

Although the current life is completely different from the lonely and lonely ordinary Gu Yusheng imagined.

However, it can be regarded as a crooked fight, and it is not disgusting and resisting.

Huatang, swimming in the small water basin, suddenly got a little itchy nose, hehe, who is behind her secretly complimenting her bad.

Yu Bibi crouched next to him, watching the black cat whispering, and hurriedly stood up and called Doctor Hu to ask his mother to take the cat out, and then she would catch a cold.

“No, it’s less than five centimeters of water. Is this air swimming?” Yu Dong twitched at the corner of his mouth next to him. He really didn’t understand. There was a shallow bottom in the basin. How did Huatang make a freestyle cat? Posture?

Doctor Hu took the towel and took the black cat out, dried Huatang with her daughter, and after enjoying the parent-child time, sent Yu Biscuit and Huatang to bed.

It’s great that the black cat can come to the house. In order to set an example for Huatang, Yu Biscuit does not need his parents to worry about taking a bath and brushing his teeth.

Maomao is simply a good helper for parents to take their children.

Both Yu Dong and Dr. Hu are more nostalgic for their families. They don’t need to be busy at work, but when they have some free time, they will find ways to stay at home with Yu Biscuit.

Huatang woke up earlier than Yu Biscuit, got out of the bedroom, and after punching a set of cat punches with Yu Dong, she became refreshed.

A good day really starts with bullying.

Unfortunately, Dr. Hu also knew about Huatang’s weight loss. He didn’t prepare breakfast for the black cat. He could only let Huatang step on the meal and go to a small restaurant to eat, then put on a lens like a small badge, and enjoy the cat’s after he was full. country.

After the weather gets hot, the lake is very comfortable. Huatang is afraid of the water but likes to be cool. He walks in the middle of the road with small confident steps to enjoy the morning for the residents.

Professor Li’s house is also by the lake, Huatang turned temporarily, thinking that he still has a fixed asset planted there~

Some time ago, when Professor Li was planting flowers, he asked Huatang upright to pick out a Pterisia vulgaris. I don’t know how the bald orchids with stalks and a few leaves are now growing.

Because it was planted on a branch, and the Phoenix orchid was well taken care of. When Huatang found the wooden sign with cat paw prints, she was almost taken aback by the thick green sword-shaped leaves in front of her.

Although it was only a small clump, it was completely different from the bald stalks that were planted back then.

The leaves of the Phoenix-tail orchid are relatively hard, long and pointed. Watching them explode like a small spear, Huatang is afraid of hitting herself, and turns around the Phoenix-tail orchid twice, then silently stepped away.

Very, very good, it deserves to be the asset she obtained by her ability according to the selection of the biggest strain!

“Huatang?” Professor Wang just went out, and as soon as he lowered his head, he saw the conspicuous black cat, beckoning cheerfully in his wheelchair.

Don’t walk well, Professor Wang in a wheelchair secretly?

The nurse who usually followed Professor Wang was away, and Professor Li did not come out. Huatang tilted his head and ran towards Professor Wang.

Professor Wang patted the blanket on his knees and signaled that Huatang could come up on his stomach. He was struggling to walk a little bit. It was lazy to sit in a wheelchair, and he could take the cat with him to save energy.

Huatang refused. What if Professor Wang is crushed by her? The elderly are the most vulnerable.

The black cat followed the wheelchair and looked in the direction of the house curiously, wondering why Professor Wang was alone.

“Hey, don’t tell them, I’m going to run away from home.” When Professor Wang mentioned this, he realized that he was going to run with a wheelchair, so he greeted Huatang and started to run away together.

He is getting better recently, and he wants to go abroad to see a mine, but his children disagree, and Professor Li did not nod. The sad Professor Wang is ready to express his anger with practical actions.

So Professor Wang was going to sit in an electric wheelchair and ran away to the lake.

After Huatang listened, she turned her head and left. She disliked the elderly who had not run more than two hundred meters away from home.

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