It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 35:

“Hey, Huatang, don’t go!”

The operation of the electric wheelchair is quite convenient. Professor Wang dialed the joystick on the armrest, the driving device started to work, and the wheelchair moved forward at a constant speed.

Huatang didn’t look back, she continued to walk forward, and then found that the electric wheelchair was actually slightly faster than her?

Oh, evil cat, this **** heart of victory.

The black cat speeded up and soon surpassed the electric wheelchair by half his body position. However, before Huatang could maintain the advantage, the electric wheelchair overtook the black cat and took the lead temporarily.

The slow-walking black cat and the slowly-moving electric wheelchair were caught in a game that was not intense and not tense.

Three minutes later, Huatang and Professor Wang walked no more than ten meters in total in their eyes.

The battle situation was stalemate, so that the viewers who could only see the wheels of the electric wheelchair in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but yawn. They were really sleepy if they were not careful~

Fortunately, Professor Wang also felt that the electric wheelchair was somewhat invincible. He lost the battle ahead of time and took Huatang to the lake to stop, which was regarded as a successful run away from home to reach the destination.

Huatang jumped on the rest bench next to him, not wanting to pay attention to the rebellious old man.

She estimated that at this time, Professor Li and the nurse might not know that Professor Wang came out in a wheelchair.

It turns out that the old version of the rebellion is kept secret all the way. Maybe when Professor Wang goes home, no one will know about running away from home.

“This is what Yinghua said before to film the show!” Huatang ignored Professor Wang, but couldn’t stop Professor Wang from taking the initiative to talk to the cat. He listened to the music that Huatang was wearing for three or four minutes. He happily greeted the audience who couldn’t see it, “Hello, I am Huatang’s friend, Lao Wang.”

Wait, why did you add someone else?

——Hahaha, hello grandpa Wang~

——Is Huatang’s new friend? We Huatang really have a lot of friends, and we have made friends every year.

——The old man is so cute, hello, I’m Xiao Pan.

The evil cat suffers from being unable to speak, and is too lazy to refute. He lay his paws on the bench, squinted his eyes slightly, and let the lake breeze blow gently.

Professor Wang also took out a small blanket and spread it on his knees, as peaceful as Huatang, looking at the slightly wrinkled lake surface, “Oh, when you are old, you can’t do anything you want.”

Obviously, Professor Wang was still worried about his failure to go abroad to watch the mines, not enough to complain to Huatang, and interacting with the audience on the camera side.

It’s just that Professor Wang doesn’t know how to broadcast live, and he doesn’t have a mobile phone around him, so he can’t see the netizens who interact with him with bullet screens and comments.

But this does not affect Professor Wang’s enthusiasm. He imagined other audiences sitting in the living room watching TV. He certainly didn’t want the picture to be stared at one place, so he introduced it next to Huatang.

He is involved in geological research. In addition to going to the field for mineral exploration, he actually made geological hazard predictions for urban development areas.

“The development of the city definitely cannot bypass the groundwater. At that time, I followed my instructor to measure the reserves, whereabouts and direction of the groundwater. There are still rotten swamps around here, and there is no development.”

Professor Wang is a local. After mentioning the changes in his hometown over the past few decades, his tone has been a little higher, and he has switched from Lao Wang to professor mode.

All traces of human activities are inseparable from water control. Professor Wang is not an expert in hydrology, but he remembers that the area of ​​the Kyushu community used to have too much groundwater reserves, there were many rotten swamps, and it was difficult to cultivate and develop.

“There were still two rivers passing through here, but only a dozen years ago, in order to cooperate with the flood control project, the river was diverted and bypassed.”

Looking at this beautiful ecological lake now, how can I think that this place was full of rotten swamps before, and during the flood season, the river could flood this whole area.

Time has brought senescence, but in itself, Professor Wang has also witnessed history. Huatang likes to hear what he said about the past, and the tips of her ears are turned up.

Since the story of Ge Da and other original creators got an opportunity to reverse the verdict, Huatang is no longer an obscure three-point cat cat anchor. Even when everyone goes to work and school in the morning, many viewers hang out in the cat cat studio. Take a peek at the fish.

——I like this old gentleman so much. The way I talk is like the teacher I like most when I am studying!

——Hahaha, Lao Wang should be a local. The place where our city goes south was indeed a rotten swamp. My grandma also said that when I was young, I went to dig wild lotus root and loach.

——Cough cough, the discussion goes to the discussion, everyone pays attention to the pigeon house management prompt, you can not mention any specific place names, we Huatang also have the right to privacy~

Professor Wang has taught books for decades, and telling stories is even more vivid. Huatang listened with gusto, and together with the audience in the live broadcast room, he was completely immersed in the history depicted by Professor Wang.

It’s just that, as I talked, these stories started to go wrong.

“Oh, if you want to tell stories, it’s better for Yinghua. She is a history major, and she has a good knowledge of ancient and modern poetry.” Yinghua is the name of Professor Li, even if the audience in the live broadcast room does not know it, she can still learn from Wang The intimacy in the professor’s tone judged.

“Yinghua has been excellent since she was a child. When she was studying, she was quiet and independent. She spoke good English and handled things beautifully. When I first met her, I was very nervous and my heart jumped out.”

When Professor Wang talked about his lover, his face was gentle. He is a young man who can be married to Yinghua and stay together for a lifetime. Even if he has gray hair, he still feels Good and satisfying things.

“It is really the luckiest thing for me to know Yinghua.”

——Yinghua, should it be the old man’s wife?

——Elderly sugar is the deadliest. It feels sweet when you mention your wife’s name. It’s too good~

——Lao Wang should be a teacher or a doctor. His speech and temperament are very intellectual. It is really not easy to stay with his wife for decades and still have such a good relationship.

Alas, although his going abroad to watch the mine was blocked, Professor Wang was sad to want to run away from home, but he missed the separation when he thought that Yinghua was still at home. Professor Wang still had to go home quickly.

The plan to run away from home was temporarily cancelled. Professor Wang found a nice little flower by the lake. After taking a closer look, he planned to go back and ask the housekeeper center of the community what kind of flower it was. He thought it was planted in Yinghua’s small flower garden. Right next to it.

Within half an hour of running away from home, Professor Wang was about to go home again, Liu Huatang lay down on the chair with his paws, and fell into confusion.

She seems to be used as a tool.

How can evil cats allow this to happen? She left Professor Wang who was walking back in an electric wheelchair, and ran to Professor Li to complain.

Obviously, she and Bai Hefei learned this trick.

Not to mention, as long as you are not the unlucky one, the feeling of complaining is really good~

It should not be the first time that Professor Li and the nurse had encountered Professor Wang running away from home, and they were not panicked. After confirming that there was no one at home, they went straight to look outside, just in time to see Huatang who came to complain.

The black cat squatted in front of Professor Li, extended its front paws, pointed at the lakeside, and then patted the ground with his tail dissatisfied.

Reaching out and patted Huatang, Professor Li was going to be fair for the black cat. Of course, she was still very angry about Professor Wang’s silent move. Knowing that she was sick, she dared to run out. Anyone with gentle temperament would do it. He sank his face.

Hehe, Professor Wang, it’s over~

Huatang looked at Professor Li’s expression, in a clear mood, followed up nicely, ready to watch the excitement.

The nurse also followed the direction Huatang pointed, and saw Professor Wang walking this way, he was relieved and hurriedly prepared to run over.

“Yinghua, I miss you so much!”

The worrying Professor Wang came back in an electric wheelchair. Before Professor Li could speak, he spread out his palms like a treasure and showed Professor Li the little flowers he picked up.

Professor Li loves flowers and plants, and Professor Wang also loves houses and black trees. Even the unknown flowers used for decoration in the community are reluctant to pick them. After looking through the grass for a long time, he found a few more intact flowers.

Reaching out to take the flowers, Professor Li took the handkerchief and wiped the dirt on his wife’s palm. He was a little annoyed, “You ran around again and ran away again, I’m so angry.”

“No running around, no running around.” Professor Wang happily took Professor Li’s hand, not forgetting Huatang’s tool, “Huatang and I went to the lake to see the scenery, right, Huatang?”

The black cat squatted aside, silently stretched out his paws to cover his ears, don’t call her, she didn’t know anything.

——Lao Wang’s ability to adapt to changes, I am also convinced.

——Hahaha, what did Huatang do wrong again, why is the old cue cat?

——Wow, the relationship between the two elders is so good, envious.

Fortunately, Professor Li was not deceived. After putting the little flowers away, she frowned, “Not letting you go abroad to visit mines is also worried about your health. Why are you sulking with us?”

It is indeed a couple who have been with him for decades. As soon as he guessed it, he guessed the reason why Professor Wang left home two hundred meters in anger.

“Yinghua, I am not angry with you, you are good for me, I will be angry with Ying Aihua and them.” The Zhiying and Aihua mentioned by Professor Wang are their children. At this time, turn the pot to the children. Just push on the body.

Professor Wang was reluctant to bear his Yinghua. He ran away from home for a short time and felt missed. After his memory was damaged, some of his memories were easily confused, but he remembered quite deeply when he was young. He pointed to Xiaohua. Just think of Professor Li using falling flowers as bookmarks when he was studying.

“It’s nice that you are standing in the corridor and looking out the window to recite poems.”

“Stupid, it’s not that you are riding a bicycle and staring at me under a tree.” Professor Li took over the control of the electric wheelchair and retorted.

Had it not been for a young man who sang good Russian songs, with thick eyebrows and big eyes in a white shirt, just waiting under the tree, she would not have stood by the window for that long.

Professor Wang always feels that he is very lucky to be a husband and wife with Yinghua.

Coincidentally, Professor Li also felt that Professor Wang was the one who walked along the way, making her a worthwhile life.

It seemed that it was not enough for cats to cover their ears. Hua Tang silently stretched out her paws to cover her eyes, and then she and the nurse who was also sweet enough to say that she didn’t know what to say, and she looked a lot beside her, very background.

——I, I thought it was not easy for a dog, but I didn’t expect that when a cat would have to eat food.

——If the elderly want to live a long and healthy life, continue to accompany them~

——I am like Huatang, so sweet to cover my eyes, ah ah ah!

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