It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 36:

Obviously I didn’t eat any snacks, but I don’t know why, when Huatang returned to the small restaurant at noon, she was a little bit brave.

Gu Yusheng made tomato sirloin, which was stewed and thick, and then mixed with a little rice. Huatang usually eats a bowl and a half.

However, I only ate a small bowl today, which surprised Gu Yusheng and looked at it twice.

Han Lan’s advertisements have brought exaggerated passenger flow to small restaurants and pet hospitals. Fortunately, the popularity has passed, and the Kyushu community is not easy to enter, and the fans who specially come to check in gradually decrease.

But Gu Yusheng, a store manager with an overly prominent image and temperament, still attracts a group of fans who will appear in a short time. Don’t underestimate the dedication of foodies to food, not to mention that the store manager has a good appearance.

This led to the fact that the small restaurant was very busy during the noon period. Gu Yusheng didn’t say to look at Huatang’s live broadcast room. He had to take time to look for opportunities to go upstairs to see the sweet shrimp.

Fortunately, Bai Hefei considered this situation before and helped Gu Yusheng push information. Only when Huatang successfully ate small snacks, would he remind Gu Yusheng.

No reminder on the phone means that Huatang did not find the buffet, and that bowl has changed into a bowl. Is the weight loss finally breaking through the plateau and returning to normal appetite?

Obviously, the plateau period has nothing to do with the evil cat. Soon, Huatang’s appetite returned to normal at dinner, and even because he ate a little less at noon, he wanted to add more food.

As Huatang’s weight dropped steadily and slowly, Gu Yusheng would not be too harsh sometimes.

However, don’t even think about the good thing about filling a bowl of rice. He washed a small bowl of cherry tomatoes and divided Huatang a few.

Maybe the aborigines of Hei Pi Xing love to eat cherry tomatoes, and sweet shrimps also like it. Gu Yusheng rubbed the lake jumper who was smoking a stick recently, and gave some sweet shrimps.

There is a special dog meal for sweet shrimp, but as long as this kind of small fruit is well cooked and washed, it is okay to eat a small amount.

Growth is definitely a matter of choosing.

The sweet shrimp just brought back is still a cute puppies, but as the growth period changes, it gradually burns and a sense of cuteness begins to develop. Some of the black velvet on the body also turns into slightly lighter bristles. The black turns into a wolf-blue color, gradually revealing the peculiar physical signs of elite breed dogs.

Of course, Gu Yusheng knows very well that this little guy is a deceitful person. He eats a lot and plays a lot every day. He is still heartbroken about jumping into the lake. Sooner or later, when he avoids the crowd and takes sweet shrimp out for a run, Control the dog wisely.

In the evening, he would go down to the lake to fish for sweet shrimp.

The difference in body size between Huatang and Sweet Shrimp has appeared, but it does not affect Huatang’s bullying of Sweet Shrimp. Every time after eating a full meal, the black cat squats on a high place to let the Sweet Shrimp chase and bite the ball.

Gu Yusheng didn’t experience the joy of raising a dog a few times, but Huatang picked it up.

“Huatang, Sister Ye sent you a courier.” The space on the second floor can be played. Even Gu Yusheng’s bed can make Huatang step on the quilt. The cats and cats can be free and silly. You can also chase the ball all over the house, only the hard-working store manager has to clean up.

Before going downstairs, Gu Yusheng thought of the newly received courier and said to Huatang.

Ye Yulan only knows the month when Huatang was born, but she didn’t know the specific date. When she took the kitten ball all the way, she agreed with Huatang a birthday.

On her previous birthday, Ye Yusheng was able to accompany Huatang, but this time she went to a place with some friends far away. She couldn’t come back temporarily abroad, so she sent a gift directly and asked Gu Yusheng to sign for it.

Leaving the sweet shrimp chasing the tail in circles, Huatang stepped on the edge of the table and jumped onto Gu Yusheng’s shoulder, ready to see what the express delivery was.

Hehe, Evil Cat usually only saw Bai Hefei disassemble the courier, and he has not disassembled it.

The front hall of the shop on the first floor was closed, leaving the lights on the kitchen and the back door. Gu Yusheng went to bring a shoebox-sized courier, and helped Huatang remove the outer packaging and sealant, and let the cat unpack it by himself .

Raising her paw to open the box, Ye Yulan sent Huatang a small bag of glitter and a customized black cat pillow.

Wow, cats like it.

Huatang took out the small bag and pillow with her front paws, then put the things aside, and got into the box by herself.

It’s just right, it can hold the whole black cat, it is a small space that cats like.

Gu Yusheng can see that in Huatang’s place, the order of the gifts should be that the express box is larger than the glitter and the pillow.

After the black cat got into the box perfectly, he was satisfied, stretched out his paw and flicked the small bag, not knowing what the glitter was inside.

“There are stones, tree wax and sand in it.” They are all handicrafts that Ye Yulan picked up or bought. They are not worth much, but they are all colorful. Some are sealed in cube transparent acrylic blocks. good-looking.

Huatang prefers bright and shiny colors. She also likes these purple stones and pink sand. The evil cats hold the small bags like treasures, all of them.

Gu Yusheng gestured with the pillow, and found that Huatang was actually a little fatter than the pillow. His mood was a bit complicated. Thinking about the black cat’s great cause of weight loss, he still had a long way to go.

Huatang didn’t know that Gu Yusheng was thinking about such a dangerous issue. She pressed the small bag for a while and felt that some of the stones and acrylic blocks in it were too hard, so she moved silently and pushed the bag aside.

The black cat flicked Gu Yusheng’s arm with its tail, poured out the contents of the bag, and then squatted down next to it, with the tips of its ears slightly pursed.

“Let me choose one?” Huatang nodded, anyway, she has a lot of glitter, and it’s okay to go out separately.

As long as it wasn’t food, Huatang was actually quite generous. Gu Yusheng chose for a while, and picked out a standard round tender yellow stone.

The river can wash the stones into various round shapes, but the natural tender yellow is relatively rare. Gu Yusheng thinks this is a bit like the egg yolk on Huatang’s poached egg turban, so he chose it.

The stone was not too big, Huatang took a look, then put the rest back into the small bag.

Bai Hefei’s storage robot was transformed into a cat-cat fortress, and was temporarily caught in a technical dilemma. As a result, Huatang could only dig out the small satchel, and asked Gu Yusheng to put the small bag into the small satchel, and she wanted to take it with her.

Gu Yusheng guessed that this should be Huatang who wanted to distribute all the other things in the small bag to others, so he helped her carry the small satchel well and let her go after making sure that it would not hinder the cat’s movement.

Biscuit Yu, Doctor Hu, Hefei Bai, Professor Li, Professor Wang, Yao Xiaomiao, Uncle Security…

Huatang usually has a lot of places to eat and drink, and now she has to work for two or three days to distribute gifts.

Because the camera and the small satchel were a bit of a looting, the Maomao live studio was unable to continue filming. Bai Hefei helped to hang up the announcement, saying that the black cat was going to the countryside to send warmth and was suspended for two days.

The evil cat didn’t even know that he had been victimized by the critics, and went on the road carrying a small satchel.

The little flower picked up can be used as a gift, and the stone Huatang likes is also natural. The black cat appears on the cat box with a small satchel on his back, and when he knocks on the glass with his front paws to send surprises, who can refuse?

Even if a small stone is not worth much, but this is a gift from a cat.

Bai Hefei picked a translucent tree wax block in it, moved to stay up late at night, took more than a thousand photos, then picked the most perfect nine and posted it on Weibo.

At one time fans thought that their pigeons would change their course and pursue natural beauty.

Cat Express, sleeping and sleeping, Huatang walked for two days and appeared on the wall of Professor Li’s house.

Because of the previous history of running away from home, Professor Wang has temporarily lost his freedom. He has been accompanied by a nurse. While sitting by the window thinking about the briskness of the lake, he saw the black cat on the flower wall of the yard.

Beckoning, Professor Wang went out in a wheelchair to pick up the black cat and walked around in the yard, which was considered his outing.

Huatang carried a small satchel and dropped the hospitable Professor Wang. After entering the house, he stepped on the ash on the paw pad, and then stuck to Professor Li. The angry Professor Wang also came to Rua Cat.

The old lady took off the reading glasses and watched Huatang carrying her small satchel, gently touching the black cat, and helping her to remove the bag.

The black cat was turned into a cat cake by Professor Li’s rua, his tail flicked, and the contents of the small bag were poured onto the table, letting the second old man pick one.

After thanking Huatang, Professor Li and Professor Wang picked one each, then packed the rest of the cat and stuffed it back into the small satchel.

In order to step on the meal and go back to eat, Huatang didn’t stay for too long, and left with a small satchel. Only when he was full, could he continue to deliver the cat and cat express.

Whether it is a child or an elderly person, when he receives a gift, he is always in a good mood. Professor Wang sits by the window and looks at the white and blue irregular crystals sealed in acrylic blocks. The more he looks at it, the more familiar he becomes.

As if thinking of something, Professor Wang quickly contacted Sun Xian and asked the nurse to help send the crystal for identification.

Sun Xian’s eyes have been raised, and she reported to her teacher last week that she is safe, so Professor Wang wanted to borrow the testing equipment from the students.

A rough crystal can’t be judged by observation alone. Professor Wang only discovered that there was a little familiar blue in the crystal, and he barely suppressed his expectations, waiting for Sun Xian’s identification result.

“Teacher, this is the rough and associated mine of blue cone stone. Although blue cone stone is less than one carat, it does have faceted edge ghosting.”

Sun Xian remembered that when the teacher was in his thirties, he encountered a blue cone mine mark once when he went to Japan to prospect for mines, but there were too few things. The teacher donated the mine mark for research. Decades later, I encountered the blue cone stone again.

This kind of extremely rare ore body is produced in serpentinite and is quite beautiful. It has also been praised by his mother, Professor Li, like a condensed galaxy sprinkled among white clouds.

Professor Wang took a deep breath and asked the nurse to contact Gu Yusheng who was taking care of Huatang.

Since it was determined that it was a rough blue cone stone, it could not be sent as an ordinary small stone. He wanted to buy it at the market price.

Wang Shitou, who has been dealing with minerals all his life, always thinks of his wife’s only heartbeat, “This mine label is so beautiful, even if it can’t be made into gems, it’s beautiful to collect like this.”

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