It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 37:

A person’s life is long and short, and short.

Professor Wang’s memory in the past two years has shown signs of decline, and there are many things that he can’t remember, especially when he talks with Professor Li, he may not be able to pick up the words.

It was obviously the past that I participated in, but I can’t remember it clearly.

Despite the fact that Professor Wang is usually optimistic and open-minded, the memory decline still caused him indescribable panic and panic.

If he forgets everything, what should Yinghua do?

Professor Wang checked the information of many patients and knew that memory loss is often more painful for family members.

Because sick old people forget more and more, it is like cutting meat with a slow knife. The family members who remember everything are always heartbroken.

The children are nearly 50 years old, they are married, and their grandchildren are all grown-ups, and they have their own families, so Professor Wang doesn’t worry too much, but Professor Li always makes him feel uneasy.

Especially his state of health made Professor Wang even more afraid. He made Yinghua sad, but there was no way to comfort his wife.

Yinghua is a very assertive woman who is soft on the outside and strong on the inside. Professor Wang respects and loves her all his life, but he also knows that Yinghua sometimes pretends to be strong, afraid of the dark in a thunderstorm, and loves to cry after reading.

When they first got married, Professor Wang took the students to a field survey. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Yinghua came to see them with food. During the heavy rain at night, they worried that the mudslides would hold the camp, so they took their tents to the high ground in advance. go.

Yinghua hugged her backpack and did not speak, and followed him firmly along the way, until she found a safe place and sat in the tent, she said aloud that she was scared just now.

It’s just that Professor Wang has been holding her hands tightly, and she won’t worry about being alone, so she calmed down.

“Don’t be afraid, I will explore the way ahead, and you will come later.”

Unexpectedly, after a few decades, they have all become gray-haired old people. This sentence may still be effective.

Only this time, Professor Wang was afraid that he would never go back. He couldn’t tell Yinghua where he should go after the person disappeared, and he couldn’t worry about her.

“Comrade Yinghua, I am really happy to meet you. It would be great if I could spend another hundred years with you. In this life, it would be too short to meet you. I also want to watch the sunrise with you, recite poems and read books with you. “

The hidden wounds left by his youth did not make Professor Wang’s old age very good. Sometimes he was deliberately lazy and refused to walk, because he really couldn’t move his legs and couldn’t move forward.

Therefore, Professor Wang was anxious in his heart. He wanted to do something when he hadn’t forgotten everything and could barely walk around.

Having dealt with ore crystals for a lifetime, he was deeply impressed with the blue cone ore mark, not because of scientific research value or collection investment.

It’s just because Professor Li liked it at a glance. At that time, he was surprised and joyful holding a small mine mark. He praised this type of crystal, it was so beautiful.

It is a pity that the only place of origin of gem-grade blue cone is in the United States. Japan has also found a small number of blue cone samples, but it is still a rare encounter.

Professor Li supported his cause, even if he liked it, he did not stop Professor Wang from donating the mining standard for research.

Otherwise, how is it called Wang Shitou~

But Professor Wang always remembered this incident and had been paying attention to the mining label collection market, but he never saw a blue-purple mining label similar to the one that was hidden in the white associated mine.

The formation of gem crystals may take tens of thousands of years, and a person’s life spans a fleeting hundred years.

In this gap, it is reluctant to say that there is no fate.

Professor Wang once thought that he had only met Blue Cone Stone once, and that he would leave a regret for Yinghua after all.

Unexpectedly, after turning around, he actually saw the blue cone again in the little gift Huatang gave him.

Less than a carat, hidden in the white associated mine, but it is an unshielded blue-violet.

Professor Wang wants to buy it. In any case, he must give this gift that has been decades late to Yinghua. Even if he leaves, this small gift can be accompanied by Yinghua.

If Yinghua encounters any problems or troubles, it can also sell the blue cone ore mark for emergency.

Professor Wang will consider these matters for Yinghua according to the worst-case scenario.

From the processing method of the acrylic block, it can be seen that the original owner of the blue cone stone should not know the true value of this thing.

The facet of blue cone stone is extremely small, and the shape is easy to be confused with other ore bodies. Without special inspection tools, laymen may not take it seriously.

After all, there is a big difference between the rough mineral crystal and the finished gemstone. If you don’t understand these, it is normal to admit your mistakes.

But Professor Wang found the true value of this small gift, so he couldn’t accept it comfortably. He wanted to contact the person who took care of Huatang to make up the difference.

When Gu Yusheng knew about this, he was also a little surprised. He looked at the confused black cat carrying a small satchel beside him, so he could only contact Sister Ye.

This is a small birthday gift from Ye Yulan to Huatang, and it was sent out by the cat. It is better to contact Ye sister directly.

It is different from the original yucca which was processed randomly and sealed up the beautiful little stones or wax blocks. After being sent for testing, the blue cone stone has been preserved in a new way, which looks completely different from the handicrafts on the roadside stalls before. It seems to be an expensive specimen in a museum.

When Ye Yulan received the picture, she hadn’t recognized it. It took a long time before she realized it. This should be when she and her friend rescued two children in the hunting area when she and her friend were abroad, and the other parent took it out and gave it to her.

She didn’t understand this very well, looking at a little bit, it was still shining in the sun, and she gathered up and sent other gadgets to Huatang.

“However, after this is made into a mining standard, the market price will be at least tens of thousands.” Professor Wang is quite insistent here, hoping to replenish the price difference to Ye Yulan, otherwise they would feel ashamed of taking it away.

“But I have already given it to Huatang, so she can handle it.”

Ye Yulan really doesn’t care about this. She can invest in a supermarket chain. For more than ten years, she can ignore economic issues. She has been on the way to find her sister. She will definitely not be short of money.

A woman who can work in Yu Dong’s company for three or four years and who can directly become a senior executive from an assistant is no worse than others in any industry.

However, she had already given this little gift to Huatang. Whether it was a stone or a gem, just let Huatang accept it.

Huatang grabbed Gu Yusheng’s hand, and was quite satisfied with Ye Yusheng’s words. She uttered a rare meow. Yes, this is the evil cat’s.

Does a cat really make the decision?

Professor Wang was inconvenient. He asked his granddaughter to contact Ye Yulan on his behalf. There were two assistants beside him who helped to sign some contracts or documents.

Upon hearing Ye Yulan’s words on the phone, the two assistants couldn’t help but look at the black cat twice. Could it be that this year’s lucky cat is black?

There is news about the death of a wealthy man abroad and leaving his inheritance to pets. I did not expect that there are similarly rich people in China. The valuable Blue Cone said that if you give a cat, you will give it to a cat.

Then, let Huatang give a collection account?

The seller and the buyer of the sales contract are directly replaced by the seller and the buyer. Where is Party A’s signature, let the black cat print a paw?

Their contracts are the true meaning of the buyer and the seller. Does this contract record how cute the cat’s paw prints are?

Regardless of the secretly messy assistant next to him, Huatang was beaten twice by Professor Wang’s granddaughter, Rua, and after enjoying the family’s family tradition for a while, he realized.

Wait, where the cat usually doesn’t use money, she will take it directly, and the King’s meal will go all over the world, and she has never given money.

Money is needed only if there is an exchange demand.

The villainous cat with a house and a land just squeezed out everything he fancyed, and didn’t need money at all~

It’s better to let Professor Wang and the others directly replace them with something else, bury the cat with snacks and let her swim freely in it.

Unfortunately, in front of Gu Yusheng, the sea of ​​snacks had no possibility of being realized. Huatang flung his tail and lost interest in making up the money, and began to urge Gu Yusheng to eat early.

It didn’t make any difference to Huatang whether it was a blue cone or a small stone. Anyway, she sent Bright Shining out without considering any price difference.

Watching Huatang look through her small bowl and wait for the meal, Gu Yusheng helped her explain that the cat’s gift does not need to be repaid, just let the elderly accept it.

How embarrassing this is, Professor Wang’s granddaughter changed his mind. It is rare to synchronize with Huatang’s thinking, and is ready to convert the supplement into a snack that Huatang can eat.

However, Gu Yusheng didn’t give Huatang a chance to get fat. Before the black cat heard this sentence, he explained the cat’s weight loss.

The young woman immediately realized that a set of weight-loss equipment for cats was delivered that evening, which was privately customized and expensive.

Look, what the devil is all this.

When Huatang saw the sweet shrimp squeezed into the roller to run from a distance, he stopped his front paws, turned and ran.

Whoever prefers to use it, anyway, the evil cat shouldn’t push the roller.

It’s bad enough not to eat small snacks. Now we need to strengthen exercise. Do you want the dignity of the evil cat?

Ye Silan, who was far abroad, also received a gift from the Wang family. Others declined the price difference, but it didn’t mean they could accept it with peace of mind.

Professor Wang’s granddaughter specifically inquired about Ye Yulan’s frequent field trips, and picked out suitable field equipment. Ye Yulan tried it out and liked it.

Ye Yulan has a thoughtful and proper personality, accepting gifts from others, and remember to visit her second elder after returning home.

Anyway, she was in the same community, and she would certainly not let Huatang eat and drink less often. She was about the same age as the second elder’s child. As a junior, it should be a visit.

In addition, Ye Silan listened to Professor Wang as teaching geology, and she often took her students to go deep in the mountains and wilderness, so she couldn’t help but feel a little moved. She wanted to ask if they had been to a more remote village and inquire about her sister.

This piece of land is really too big. Ye Yulan has been away for more than ten years, but there are still many places that have not been visited. You need to inquire with others.

“Go, Huatang.”

Ye Yulan let Huatang lead the way, and watching the black cat flicking its tail, familiar with the road, you know that this cat usually goes to the second old house.

She had contacted Professor Wang’s granddaughter before, so the two elderly people also knew that there were guests coming to the house today. They were all waiting in the yard, watering the flowers and basking in the sun.

As soon as Professor Li put down the kettle, he saw a middle-aged woman behind the black cat, guessing that this was the Xiaoye on the phone before.

They are all easy to get along with. After Ye Yulan said hello to the second elder, she helped carry the kettle and prepared to go in, but saw Huatang meow anxiously and asked her to wait.

Evil cat hasn’t revealed her new assets yet~

The flower buds have been hung on the Phoenix orchid, a large cluster, lush and vigorous, Huatang wants to show Ye Yucca the “beautiful” that she has never seen before.

Unexpectedly, the black cat showing off only got a tacit smile from Ye Yulan and Professor Li.


Huatang pressed her ears into airplane ears a little dissatisfied, wondering why they laughed.

“Little stupid cat, my name is Ye Yulan.” How could Ye Yulan not recognize Phoenix.

Obviously, Professor Wang didn’t quite understand it, and Professor Li explained to the side, “Phoenix sylvestris also has a name, called Yucca Thickleaf. Xiaoye must have seen many of them.

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