It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

Chapter 5:

After a few words in the dialect, after being recalled by Gu’s fist, the macho crouched in the corner and cried.

What about retiring? This is not the fist you should have when you retire!

Gu Yusheng tidied up the second floor, watching the dialect, squatting there to dig the wall, walked over and kicked, “Go, go downstairs and help me wash the vegetables. I will make lunch for lunch.”

“Hey, that’s great~” The dialect was resurrected with blood, and he went downstairs and rushed to the kitchen, as if he was not the one who opposed Gu Ge’s restaurant.

Dialect himself is a retired soldier. Knowing how hard it is for the brothers to return to society after they shed their blood in the army but left with injuries or disabilities.

It’s okay to say that they are hard-headed, or that they are stubborn and stubborn. Most of the comrades-in-arms have averaged past lives, and they still refuse to let their brothers help.

Peers in their thirties have achieved fame, drive a famous car to live in a bungalow, and their children can still go to private schools, but they are a bit reluctant. The money they get back is either to change the house at home or to cure their parents. If you want to get rich Difficult.

Society is changing with each passing day. In the relatively closed environment of the army, many of their ideas and consciousness are out of touch.

In addition, I have ordinary family conditions and the pain I may bring on my body. I don’t even have a lack of academic qualifications. I don’t have any work experience. Many people who beat Quanlian invincible at the time of 23rd and 23rd can only give people a chance Watch the gate as a security guard.

After retiring, dialects can start a company on their own.

Therefore, knowing that Gu Ge is going to open a small restaurant, there is nothing to look down upon in the dialect, but he feels distressed, and his heart is angry.

As long as you know Gu Yusheng, which soldier does not worship him?

Physical stamina, consciousness, and comprehensive strength are all convinced by them. When the dialect retires, they cry like a dog. When thinking about the future when Gu will wear a star on his shoulder, he can be very proud to tell people if he sees it. I used to be General Gu’s soldier, and he saved my life.

But who would have thought that Gu Ge was only twenty-nine years old, so he had to quit.

The layman watched the excitement, the expert watched the doorway, how familiar with Gu Yusheng’s dialect, he knew at first glance that the opponent was in his peak state, how could he leave the army?

He tried to find a way to ask for some relations, and wanted to see if there was a villain who stumbled Gu Ge, but only heard some small news, saying that Gu Ge’s departure had something to do with his previous tragic victory.

As for the specifics, they are all sealed in confidential files.

Dialect chivalrous heart, dared to cry and laugh, thinking that Gu Ge was going to pack his things and leave the army, crying at home, making the neighbors think he was fighting with Huskies at home.

When Gu Yusheng came out, he followed Gu Yusheng with his tears in the dialect, determined to be the best chicken mother and protect their Gu brother.

Gu Yusheng knew that the dialect was worried about him, but many things could not be explained during the confidentiality period. His departure was really not that complicated. If it was not suitable, he just left.

As soon as the ingredients were limited, Gu Yusheng fried a plate of fried pork with chili and cooked a portion of marinated noodles, each with a bowl and a pot, and the food was delicious.

“Brother Gu, it’s delicious.” The more the dialect was eaten, the more moved he was, thinking of the days when they were in the army before Gu Yusheng would start a small kitchen for everyone.

As long as the ingredients are sufficient, and the taste that has been eaten, at most two or three times, Gu Yusheng can make it. Relying on his skill at the bottom of the box, he often moved a group of young men to his mother.

The food from Brother Gu has mother’s taste.

Of course, Gu Yusheng all pulled out and beaten them one by one afterwards, but when they were beaten back, the meal was really delicious.

Gu Yusheng has no family members. He eats slowly with the bowls and chopsticks. It is funny to see the dialect snoring and snoring to serve the pot. “Okay, when the store is cleaned up next week, call Erpeng and they all come to gather.”

He used to be in the army and could not communicate well with the outside world. Now that he leaves, he can often meet for a meal.

Gu Yusheng has no relatives. Dialect and Erpeng are both comrades in arms, brothers and family members.

“By the way, Brother Gu, why do you want to open a restaurant in the community?” The dialect knew that Gu Yusheng would not be able to persuade him after he made a decision, so he thought from another angle. How much!

Even if the Kyushu community is well-known for its mid-to-high end positioning, but there are only so many residents and limited passenger flow, when will it be possible to make a fortune and reach the peak of life?

Dialect can be said to be broken for Gu Yusheng, thinking that I would follow Gu to enter the community, and fill in a lot of information, I feel that Gu’s craftsmanship needs a better platform.

“There are fewer people and it’s not tired.” Contrary to what the dialect thought, Gu Yusheng took a fancy to the corner of the Kyushu community. The entrance and exit are strict, and there is basically no advantage of disturbing people. He is still in serious hearing voices and stays here. Better.

Is it okay to do business with fewer people? The dialect was stunned, and I felt that Gu Ge deserves to be Gu Ge. He was so different from the others. He had a steady stream of rainbow farts, and he wanted to talk to Erpeng and the others.

However, Gu Ge wants to rest, and the dialect also thinks that it is better to have fewer guests. When doing business, it is better not to be fame and fortune, but to be happy. He is Gu’s top pick.

The design of the upper and lower merchants is quite suitable for a single male like Gu Yusheng. Many years of military life have made him and the dialect very neat and diligent, and the shop was cleaned up in less than half a day.

“Brother Gu, pay attention to the phone in the afternoon and I will bring something over.”

The dialect guy ran upstairs and downstairs twice, looking at the things in the store is just enough to survive, life needs convenience and enjoyment, and he is ready to send something over.

“The property in this community is too strict. I have to contact you every time I go in and out, absolutely.”

Tucao in dialect returns to Tucao, but he still recognizes the management method of the Kyushu community. He suspects that the guard in the guard room has recorded all the residents. Otherwise, how can he know that he is a foreigner at a glance?

“The Jiuzhou community is also considered an Internet celebrity community. I remember it was always on the news for a while.” After eating and drinking in dialects, he moved a chair and sat beside the store to digest, and pointed out the road and infrastructure outside to Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng looked at the past and found some differences. Unlike the ordinary design, Jiuzhou Community has added a lot of renovations?

“Hey, yes, this is all built for a black cat. It is estimated that the developer is the ultimate cat slave.”

In the dialect, Gu Yusheng also thought that when he bought a store, the contract also mentioned a cat named Huatang, and the cat-related accessories had three or four pages.

Gu Yusheng didn’t know much about cats, but he touched the identification card he was carrying and thought of his other comrade.

The mission that was narrowly won before retiring took away Gu Yusheng’s five comrades in arms, one of which was a military dog ​​named “Douji”.

Five people plus a Duoji mission team, only Gu Yusheng was left alive, and he was retired from the army due to severe PTSD.

The remains of the other four comrades in arms were sent home to their family members, but the identification tag of “Douji” was left by Gu Yusheng. When he heard the cat mentioned in the dialect, he thought of the descendants of “Douji”, there was an unqualified child. Puppies.

Pure black is the most similar to “Douji”, but the character is too lively, and it is not suitable to be a military dog ​​because he is too lively.

Gu Yusheng’s doctor asked him before if he wanted to take the little guy away. Anyway, unemployed puppies are usually taken away to restore their normal dog status.

Gu Yusheng was in a bad state during that time, and he didn’t agree with him. Now he wants to contact him again. If the puppy hasn’t found the owner, he can bring it back and take good care of it.

After sending away the dialect, Gu Yusheng went back upstairs and took out the “Douji” identification card, rubbing the mark on it, as if he could still see the black army dog ​​guarding them loyally among the gunfire.

The ticking of clocks, the sound of water flowing in pipes, and the sound of conversation outside the window made Gu Yusheng clenched the identification card and began to force himself to calm down and take a deep breath.

No, it’s not, there is no countdown to the bombs, there are no hard-wounded and bleeding civilians breathing hard, and no teammates leave him with the quest object to go away.

The edges and corners of the stainless steel sheet hurt in the palm of his hand, but Gu Yusheng’s condition eased a lot, and he took out his cell phone and made a call.

The offspring dog of “Doji” whose painting style is off-track. After losing his job, he can continue to eat and drink munitions. Up to now, he has not found a meal ticket, and he urgently needs a rich owner to take it away. Gu Yusheng’s phone number was just right when he called .

It seems that everything is too late.

After making an appointment with the other party about the time to bring the pup back home, Gu Yusheng went to wash his face with cold water, with a bit of refusal to himself who hadn’t looked up in the mirror, and planned to go out to buy some dog toys and other things.

Different from the imagination in dialects, what Gu Yusheng lacks is not money. He just wants to find a relatively quiet and closed place where he can heal himself.

There is no sign on the store, but the decoration partition outside has been removed. I think it will open soon. This makes many residents take a look when they pass by.

“Red Tile House” has three houses here, one is the community housekeeper center and the other is a large supermarket. I don’t know what the new store will be.

It has been renovated for two or three years. If it doesn’t open, the residents of the community think that this is not a storefront, but a shape designed specifically to stay here.

Anyway, the whole community let a cat ancestor Sa Huan things are true, there is no problem with putting up a decorated store here for styling!

Gu Yusheng locked the shop and wore sound-proof headphones to the pet shop next to the south gate to buy things. He always sympathized with the puppies he had never met before, thinking that “Douji” would perform tasks with them outside. After suffering, I can’t help being better to the puppy.

Regardless of the price, pick the most expensive one. On the recommendation of the smiling shop assistant, Gu Yusheng thanked the delivery service, and took two bags with him.

The security of the Jiuzhou community is doing well. In the afternoon, Gu Yusheng noticed that many four or five-year-old children gathered not far away to play together. The grandparents who looked after them relaxed chatting in the pavilion next to them.

Gu Yusheng had broad shoulders and long legs, and he had very long steps. When passing by, Yu Guang saw the children jumping around.

Life is precious, and Gu Yusheng has a little more tenderness for these children. He took off the soundproof headphones, took a closer look, and then twitched the corners of his mouth.

Like the koi in the pond, a group of children were caught by the black cat lying on the sculpture with its tail.

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